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Monday, February 1, 2010

Day #409 - Stress Management

How was your day? In my class last week we discussed some of the factors why people are unhappy with their lives. In the research cited, Job Dissatisfaction was the highest ranking factor. What are your thoughts about YOUR job?

Although I may sometimes gripe about my work, it is rewarding when you see the “lightbulbs” go on with the students. Today we had a “hands on” learning experience. There was a visiting speaker scheduled. At one minute before my class was to begin, someone ran in, handed me a stack of papers, told me the speaker was not going to be there (due to an emergency call), and wished me luck with the presentation! That meant suddenly a 45 minute impromptu lecture! And the subject matter - Stress Management! The immediate situation provided ample subject matter as the students could see my stress level rise. Then we proceeded to discuss various types of stress and positive actions to deal with it.


Tonight I was shutting down at work around 8 PM. Realized I had not even thought about Penny Finding today. I’ve heard and read that it takes 30-40 days to develop a new habit. You’d think after 400 days, this would for sure be a habit!’

I passed by the vending machines and checked both student study rooms. Lots of activities going on, but no coins to be found. So I said, “OK Penny Angels, let’s try something new.” I will detour around the library instead of going directly to my truck. The Starbucks at the library looked open! So I walked around the outside tables. No coins. A student recognized me and said, “Bet I know what you are doing!” I laughed and told him it was Day #409 and handed him and the other student a Penny Card. They smiled. As I was walking away, I heard the one student say to the other, “Do you know her story?” J

I entered the Starbucks and said to the Penny Angels, “It would be really fun if you chose to provide a coin to add emphasis to what I just told those two students.” Sure enough, there was a coin! And it was a nickel - the rarest of the four major coins. Yipee! Of course I went back outside and showed the coin. That was fun!


When I arrived home, Doc had completed the 3 tasks I had asked for help with today (about 30 minutes of effort). Joy! And there was a Love Note on the dining table:

His first “chore” was to mail the bills I paid last night.

One penny on the sidewalk about 6 ft. past the mailbox at the post office.

One penny in the center divider which was retrieved during the red light.

One dime near a check out lane at the grocery store.

And he got chocolate treats. J L

Total: 4 Coins P (2), N (1), D (1), Q (0) = $0.17

Thoughts: What do you do for Stress Relief?

The students suggested things like: eating, exercising, yoga, listening to music, playing video games, talking to friends, playing with animals, getting out in nature. They forgot one -- Penny Finding!

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