In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Day #269 - Penny Fever is Contagious

Where do I even begin with today’s story? There is sooooo much good stuff to share. Don’t want to spam you, but some of this is just such great stuff. Wish you could be a mouse in my pocket or a fly on the wall. You’d be grinning big time! If it were a movie, it would be classified under “Fictional - Family (G)” versus documentary (which it truly is).

Some of you have been “on board” for many months and hopefully you are enjoying these stories as they are continuing to unfold. It is encouraging to read how you, too, are benefiting by the Angel Lessons.


This morning began with a call to someone interested in Advancing the Penny Finders project and concepts. That was an exciting brainstorming session. There were some resulting calls and Action Items, then it was off to the bank.

Doc made his requisite stop at Starbucks. Long line there. Doc got coffee, I got a dime and a nickel. (Coins #1&2). Good start.

By now it was lunch time, so the next stop was McDonalds. Line of 10-12

cars ;-( Doc placed his order, I hopped out and did a few hundred steps up and down on the curb. Picked up four pennies before even arriving at the pay window. (Coins #3-6) Maybe we have been too successful with our Penny Finding at various McDonalds over the past few months. They now have a collection tray at the window where Change can be tossed to help their Charity. I did not notice the new tray and was picking up the coins at the window, when the cashier said “Those coins are for the Charity”. Ooops! I guess McDonalds is no longer a Finding Option.


When is the property officially “Ours?” When escrow receives our money?

When the documents are recorded? We wired the money today. The security guard at the bank questioned me when I took a photo. I pleaded, "It's for my Memory Book!"

Then we went to Cal Poly Pomona to get some work done. School

starts next week and neither one of us is as prepared as we should be. (Too many fire hydrant opportunities).


We had a 6 PM meeting with the Realtor to sign the Final Escrow Papers. But we were in the area by 5:53, so Doc detoured through another Starbucks. I collected a dime, a penny and a Quarter!! (Coins #7-9) Yippee! Another Hit for the Cycle. It has been a while.

We signed the final paperwork for the Deer Creek Lot. The documents should record on Wednesday.


On the way home we stopped for dinner at the Old World Deli (owned by Penny Pals). They have built their own house and have been our cheerleaders these past few years as we have been working on ours.

Here’s where the manifesting really comes in …

This morning I had been thinking about John (who retired from CPP two years ago). Not someone I knew really well, yet he came to mind very strongly this morning. He was seated and having dinner at the deli! I had also been thinking this past weekend of Terri Jo and her story of courage. She was having dinner with him! Talk about “coincidence?”

Of course I told them about Penny Finders and shared a few of the Penny Tales. Doc also shared a few of his favorite Tales. They smiled and seemed excited (or perhaps super

-saturated) by our stories.

J & T left, but returned within a few minutes. They had found SIX pennies in the parking lot next to their car after dark! They were excited to share that Find with us! I think they now believe in Penny Angels. Penny Fever is spreading.


We were stopped at the red light on the freeway exit ramp. Dog gone if there wasn’t a penny outside my window! The signal turned green and there was a car behind us, so we had to move. Doc pulled over and I ran back to the offramp to search in the dark (I forgot to take along a flashlight). So it took the headlights of a few oncoming cars before I spotted it again, but it was retrieved and tenderly carried home. This one has been terribly abused and could be an entry in the Ugly Penny Contest. (Coin #10)


Not sure what today’s Angel Lesson is. The default on any day is always “In God We Trust”.

Things are sure Happening - at a rapid rate!

Today’s Total: 10 coins P (6), N (1), D (2), Q (1) = $0.56 Hit for the Cycle

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Mandy said...

Talk about quick manifesting. The angels love to prove themselves don't they!!!