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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day #449 - Date Night

Doc and I had planned to spend the day working on our taxes, but I had schoolwork to do.

In the morning we spent an hour having coffee with our son and his finacee. On the way to the coffee shop to meet them, Doc detoured to San Dimas High School to look for coins. He walked the parking lot and found a penny, nickel and two dimes. (Coins #1-4) I didn’t find any coins.

After the coffee break, we drove to the LaVerne High School parking lot so I could find a coin. There was an event underway and all the parking stalls were filled. Too hard to search. But I did hop out and quickly walk through the skateboard park. Just as I was giving up and leaving, there was a penny. (Coin #5). Done for today.


In the afternoon I went to school to work. It was Saturday and the parking lot was full! Friday it had been deserted. Students are cramming for final exams. I was ‘nudged’ to take the long way to my office and pass through the Starbucks. The store was open and I collected a penny! (Coin #6)


At 6 p.m. Doc called to check on me. We agreed that if I finished grading a certain amount of reports by 7:30, we would rendezvous for dinner and have a Date Night. We met at a Mexican restaurant, found a dime upon arrival, held hands, and acted like we were dating again. Such fun! J (Coin #7)


When we got home I did chores for a short time, then made the mistake of sitting on the sofa to pet the dogs. My four guys were all having a great time watching the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I sat down and fell asleep! That’s why this Penny Tale was not written last night. Such an exciting ‘Date’!

This morning I woke up to read Doc’s Love Note from yesterday:

Went to WalMart in the afternoon

1¢ when he entered the store to do an item return

1¢ at the cash register as he was checking out

1¢ plus one dime when exiting the store

Stopped to rent a move: Beverly Hills Chihuahua

1¢ in the doorway when leaving the store

Total: 12 Coins P (7), N (1), D (4), Q (0) = $0.52

Lesson: Love isn’t necessarily found in skyrockets and late nights or expensive dates. It can be found on an old worn out couch with 4 trusty and faithful companions.

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