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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day #464 - Fun, but No Rest

This morning we woke up at the cabin. That was nice. The Blue Jays were on the deck wanting to be fed. We partially fixed the gas lamp out front, did some planning for the upcoming month, Doc read the newspaper, I did some paper work and then by late-morning we were ready to leave (and get breakfast).


We decided to make a few stops before breakfast/lunch. Our first stop was at 7-11 to look for today’s coin. I found it at a picnic table outside the store. Done. But I couldn’t resist going inside to look for more coins. Looked carefully and did not see any coins. I was leaving the store and there was the quarter I had asked for last night! Those Penny Angels have no clue about earth time. The quarter was supposed to be found before midnight yesterday! I stretched way deep under the counter to get the quarter - plus 2 dimes! (Coins #1-4)

Next we went to the hardware store to look for replacement parts for the gas lamp. Doc asked if I had turned off the water at the cabin. Oops! So we headed back. And we saw a few patches of snow! As I hopped out of the van in the carport, there was a run-over penny! (Coin #5).


On the way down the mountain we stopped at some fast food place for lunch. Why? Because it looked busy there (maybe good food), yet the drive through lane was empty. I quickly hopped out of the van to search. No coins in the driveway. Lots of trash and stuff in the planter - and something at the very end. I thought maybe it was a foreign coin. Doc used some ketchup to clean it - ANOTHER quarter! (Coin #6)

We were just a few miles from home when Doc insisted upon stopping at Starbucks. There were 6-8 cars waiting in line and Doc needed to use the restroom, so he parked the car and went inside while I searched for coins. I found a dime in one of the planter areas which was barely recognizable as a dime. As I retrieved it, I found two nearby pennies. When Doc emerged I was pointing to where I found the coins. He replied that was an odd place to find them, and “Why didn’t you also get that obvious one right there which you just walked past?” (Coins #7-10).

We next needed to stop for petrol. Doc was making a U-turn, but I encouraged him to make a left turn instead. That way he could swing around a donut shop on the corner. He did. I hopped out of the van to collect a penny. The air temperature was in the high 80s, so the asphalt was a little soft and the penny was slightly stuck. (Coin #11).

Doc drove off and left me to walk down to the gas station! I did. While he filled the gas tank, I headed into the convenience store. He told me to find a nickel today. I found a dime and a penny to the left of the front door, one penny when I walked into the store, then another dime and penny under the counter. That was 5 coins, but not a nickel. (Coins #12-16).

Doc was not quite done fuelling, so I went next door to the Jack in the Box drive through window - to collect 2 pennies there (Coins #17-18)

That is plenty of coins for a supposed Day of Rest!


We were home for only a little while - to unpack the ice chest and overnight bags, then to feed the dogs. Two of the dogs were not speaking to us at first since we had not taken them along with us to the cabin!

Doc said it was time for the weekly grocery shopping. I dread the chore, yet he seems to enjoy it! I was telling him (and the Penny Angels) that we had plenty of coins today and did not need any more to write about - except for maybe one nickel please?

We stopped at the 7-11 to look for a nickel. Emerged with a quarter, dime and penny! ANOTHER almost hit for the cycle there! (Coins #19-21).

At Trader Joe’s Doc collected a penny just a few feet from the car, then one inside at the check out area. After shopping there was a penny outside the store and then as I was telling Doc about that one, he rolled across another penny with the shopping cart. (Coins #22-25).

At Sprouts I found a penny as I hopped out of the van. (Coin #26)

At the next shopping center, Doc walked through parking spaces while I quickly peeked inside the coin laundry. There was a man who looked familiar. It was Chuck whom I had met there on Day #365. He participated in that day’s celebration by donating the pennies he had in his pocket -- all 62 of them!

As we walked into the grocery store Doc said, “Three!” We laughed as I dove into that check out lane for the three pennies. And then there were two in the next Check out lane. That was 5 pennies within just a few feet of each other. Once again I had to remind the Penny Angels - in this case 5 pennies does not equal the Nickel we are searching for! (Coins #27-31).

The cashier as we were checking out was really nice. He shared about his grandfather who used to collect pennies and even after his passing has continued to send coins. Even an extra special U.S. penny found while visiting Grandpa’s homeland in Ireland.

At the 99¢ store we looked for coins. Doc found one penny near our van, I found one under a wire display outside the store, Doc found one in a parking stall, then a penny and dime next door. Again I told the Penny Angels that five coins was not the same as a nickel! (Coins #32-36)


I was tired of Penny Finding and wanted to go home. Doc pulled into another shopping center. I found a penny in the walkway by a burger place. (Coin #37)

We were just two blocks away from home…Doc has severe Penny Fever (and was avoiding his class prep). He pulled into another self-serve car wash. I began searching the wash bays and yelled, “I found a penny!” and Doc shouted back, “OK, but you walked right over this one!”. We found 3 more pennies in the area. Again - 5 pennies does not equal a nickel! (Coins #38-42)

Then there was the final 2¢ worth at the gas pumping area. (Coins #43-44)


The Spring Term begins at school tomorrow, so maybe like the squirrels, we are “storing” up for leaner days ahead.

Total morning: 18 Coins P (11), N (0), D (5), Q (2) = $1.11

Total evening: 26 Coins P (23), N (0), D (2), Q (1) = $0.68

Total for day: 44 Coins P (34), N (0), D (7), Q (3) = $1.79

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