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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day #456 - Wasted Time

This evening I’m grading some of the Final Papers for my class. Just taking a break in order to write to you.

This morning Sparky and Doc went for pancakes to Johnny’s Burgers. Yesterday one worker there had slipped Sparky two pieces of bacon, so he was very anxious to go back for more today. They brought home a penny for me. (Coin #1)


Late this afternoon Doc and I went to school to do some work. Doc insisted upon stopping at Starbucks for a coffee. The line was long and seemed to take an eternity. I was frustrated at all the wasted time and wishing I had brought some work to do. I hopped out of the car and at least got some step-up exercises on the curb. Doc pointed out a very crusted over penny in the dirt planter which I fetched for him. (Coin #2).

As the car in front of us moved away from the pay window, Doc blocked for me while I gobbled up the coins I spotted. There was a nickel! And a Quarter! The gal at the window gave me a questioning look. I gave her a Penny Card to explain my behavior. When she turned to fill Doc’s order, I quickly gobbled up more coins - a dime, a nickel, a penny and four more dimes! Score!

A Hit for the Cycle all at one location! 9 coins under the window! (Coins #3-11). Maybe the time waiting was not wasted time after all.


We worked at school for a few hours. As we were leaving, Doc found a penny in the hallway by the Materials lab. (Coin #12)

Total: 12 Coins P (4), N (2), D (5), Q (1) = $0.89

Ponderings: When things don’t happen quickly like we want them to is it Wasted Time or Waiting Time?

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