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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day #460 - Hi Five

Short and sweet tonight.

As we were driving home from work, Doc said, “We need to get today’s coins before we get home. We have much to do this evening and so we need to find a coin now!” He pulled into the Park & Ride lot by the freeway. He said, “Let’s walk until we have 5 coins.” I replied, “NO! One coins and then I am outta here!”

I wandered up and down the rows in the parking lot. Finally I went out to the bus stop area adjacent to the freeway. I found a penny under a bench! (Coin #1). I phoned Doc to tell him it was time to go. He had found a penny as well! (Coin #2) By the time I met up with him (about 2 minutes later) he had found Coin #3. I walked quickly to get in the car, but he stopped to pick up Penny #4.

We did not want any hassle of dirty dishes tonight, so we ate Mexican food on the way home. There was a bright shiny penny on the floor mat - just waiting for us! Yes - the 5th Penny as per his request.

Thoughts: I asked for ONE penny - and that is what I got.

Doc asked for us to find FIVE coins - and that is what he got.

What does that teach us?

Lesson: Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Total: 5 pennies

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