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Monday, August 27, 2012

Day #1,347 - Working at Home

Penny Palace Guest
Today I resolved to get work done at home.  My office has become almost impenetrable as I have shifted things from other areas of the house to my area where no one else dares to go.

There were calls and emails regarding the solar panel energy credit, ME potluck invitations, Open House activities, mom’s knee, and more.

Rockin and Rollin
Chaz requested a photo of Doc and I to put into the Open House invitation, so I asked neighbor Gladys if she would come over around noon to take a few pictures.

The afternoon seemed to fly by.  Neighbor Craig had recommended the floor cleaning system which he uses at his house.  When I asked him more about his equipment, he offered to bring it over to show me.  The lighting on the house was different by that time of day, so we had Craig also take a few photos.

I have eyes for you
Neighbor Gladys called after 5 to say her daughter Natalie was good with a camera; could she come over and take a few photos for fun?  OK.  Natalie was great!  She did not just point and shoot.  She had Doc and I taking photos as if those were our engagement photos or something!

I took a few photos of the front of the house which Chaz had requested for the Open House invitations.

At 7:30 p.m. I realized I did not have any coin finds for today. (How could I if I had not left the house)?  Doc wanted to get a chicken for his dinner, so I offered to keep him company on the trip.  I grabbed my purse and felt a slight nudging, “Take the camera”.  I argued back, “Nahh.  I will find a penny or two.  Nothing worth photographing”.

We were a mile from home when Doc said, “Let’s stop at the carwash and get you a coin mine.”  (A coin mine is more than 12 coins at one location).  I did not want to be negative out loud, but I thought to myself, “Yeah, sure.  Your just gonna pull into the parking lot of the closed car wash when it is nearly dark outside and scoop up 12 coins.  Dream on!”

To save time, Doc let me hop out of the van by the wash area while he drove a little further to park the car.  The car door had barely shut when I found a penny.  I tried to signal Doc, but he was parking.  By the time he parked, I had found a second penny.  I signaled to him that we could leave.  His body language told me to keep looking.  At which point the sun shone on a dime!  Then the sun glistened on a penny.  That penny led me close to a planter area near the street.  Quite a way from where any customers would be or where washing activities would take place.  I spotted a penny in the planter; then another and another.  Doc came over to see what I was doing in the dirt.  Then he started finding coins too!  The sun was going down and it was getting too dark to see any more, so we headed back to the van.  I was counting the coins in my hand - 24 coins!  That means a Coin Mine for Each of Us!  That was simply mind boggling!

I said out loud to the Angels,  “OK.  You sure proved me wrong - and you DOUBLED it!”  Awesome.  Then I got sassy.  “But you KNOW my favorite number is 25, not 24.  If you are listening, then how about one more?”  Before I reached the van, there was an additional penny.
(Coins #1-25)

This morning Doc found a penny when he went for coffee (Coin #26) and this evening we collected a penny at our second stop.  (Coin #27)

Total:   27 Coins        P (23), N (2), D (2), Q (0) = $0.53

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JR said...

Never found a coin in the yard behind 17, until today (it pays to help move furniture).