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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day #1,247 - Bruised

This morning I completed various chores, then headed out to the Penny Palace.  The first stop was the lingerie store for laundry soap to hand-wash 5 or 6 buckets of clothing.  I hate hand-washing the sweaters, bras, delicate shirts, etc. and put it off as long as I can.  The next stop was to deliver the damaged kitchen drawer to the cabinet shop. Hopefully it can be fixed (in a few days) versus a new one ordered (a few weeks).  One penny found in the parking lot there.  (Coin #1).

At the Penny Palace I had grand expectations for today.  I was going to paint, and vacuum and clean and organize.   My body however, was not cooperating and still protesting from yesterday’s abuse.  I could barely lift the smallest items without aching.  I gave up on the painting idea.

Pippy at the Car Spa
By 4:30 p.m. I headed home.  I saw a sign advertising $6 car wash - exterior only.  Pippy was so dirty I could barely see through her windshield.  She has been working hard this week as well, so I treated her to a rinse off.  As I stepped out of the truck, I stepped on a penny.  (Coin #2).  Then while waiting for Pippy to be rubbed down, I spotted another 3 pennies in that area.  (Coins #3-5).

Doc called this evening from the retreat after his dinner of tri tip roast, rolls, vegetables, and cheese cake.  He was headed to the evening movie.  He did manage to grade a few student papers this afternoon before falling asleep.

This evening I am just doing laundry, dishes, watering plants, paying bills, packing some little things, drinking vinegar tonic and nursing the bruises.  Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive.

9 p.m.  Doc called in for a debriefing to see what I had accomplished in the second part of the day.  At sign off I said, “Relax and enjoy so that when you return you will be re-energized, loving, patient, productive, cheerful, and eager to pack up with me.”  Doc’s response:  “You get ONE of those. Decide which!”  LOL

11 p.m.  Neighbor Craig called to say the driveway gate at the PP was open and the motion lights had been activated.  He was calling to see if I knew anything.  He then called the police.

Two officers responded and cleared the house.  One French door was shut, but not locked.  Officer Kane called to tell me that everything looked tidy and in order.  I replied, “Well then for sure someone has been there because when I left this afternoon, the place was in disarray!”

Total:   5 Pennies

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