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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day #1,048 - Adjustments

Today was a day of making “Adjustments”. Other ways of phrasing that might include “fixing things”, “resolving issues”, or “coming up with creative solutions”. Don’t those phrases sound a whole lot better than “dealing with incoming STUFF”? (Rated G version), Hope you are laughing at this point.

I was dreading the thought of seeing that tile picket fence this morning. As I stepped out of my truck, Project Manager Daryl said, “so what is your decision?” (He reads Penny Tales). I asked what he meant. “Do you want the tile guy to rip it all out and start over? It will cost $500 and he wants a notarized letter saying he is not responsible for any damage to the tub”. I looked at the ‘fence’ and said, “No. It is not worth that. A shower curtain to hide the flaw is a whole lot less expensive”. Then I walked out. Daryl made a very dangerous move. He overruled the Dragon Lady!! He did some heavy ‘negotiating’ with the tile guy and emerged a few minutes later to report that Bob was chipping off the tiles. I didn’t know what to say or think. Kinda numb at that point. Three hours later the tile had been removed and “Adjusted”. It now looks great!!!!

All day long I have been trying to figure out why such a stupid, trivial thing like tile spacing could bug me so much? It had been irritating me like a splinter. I finally concluded that it must be the ‘engineering’ part of the brain. It just could not handle seeing support members “floating in the air”! Fence posts don’t sit on air gaps as their supports! It did not compute in my brain and left things very ‘unsettled’.


At 9:30 I headed out to exchange the doors for the guest room. The wrong ones had been sent last month with the order of interior doors and the new ones had been on order since then. Adjustment made.

When I returned to the jobsite, Daryl and the cabinet installer met me with “Glad you are back. We have issues to discuss with you”. I don’t want any more “issues”, thank you. I had ordered one 36” cabinet for over the toilet. Now the doors casings have been installed leaving us only 35”. So I proposed we Adjust that door molding and put 2” molding there instead of the 3”. Or we can use that cabinet in the garage.

Next the solar crew approached. “Glad you are back. We have a problem”. I wanted to say: “Your ‘problems’ can go with the previous ‘issues’ -- somewhere else!” They continued: “We can place 14 solar panels on the garage, no problem. However, the 14 panels planned for the second story roof will not fit up there”. Adjustments to be made. “You can have the panels on the front side of the house where we can access wiring in the garage, or you can place them out of site on the South side of the house - we just need to rip into the drywall of the Grand Room! Which do want?” Uggg. Decision time.


By 11 a.m. I was exhausted in making “Adjustments”. At noon, Rick arrived to spray sealer on the fireplace. He had no issues with it - it went well! The fireplace looks even better now!

Before leaving Rick discussed a little bit about the driveway and exterior things. He said the price of concrete has just been Adjusted. It is now $10/yd higher than when it was bid.


Side note: This afternoon Neighbor Craig walked over and graciously said, “You should have called me to help you yesterday”. I was perplexed. He reads Penny Tales. “I would have come over to help you chisel off and replace those tiles!”


I locked the gate at 3:30 and headed for the tile store. Several weeks ago I had obtained four tiles - one of each color choice available in the tile I selected. I am almost ready to place the order, but something was bugging me. Two of the four tiles look the same, yet have different names labeled on them. So I went to the store to compare with the display board. Sure enough, one of the tiles (the one I wanted to order) was mismarked. Adjustment made. Thanks Angels for helping me avoid that costly mistake.

I rushed home to place some end-of-the day calls and emails: more stone veneer to be delivered tomorrow morning, mirror ordered for one door, door hardware to be picked up 75 miles from here by a sub I met this morning who just happened to mention that he lived out that direction, responses and monthly justification documents to the funding company and more…


Doc arrived home and at 7:30 we realized the fridge was just about totally empty! We had not conducted our usual Sunday night grocery shopping. So tonight we headed out to the usual three stores. A penny in the first store, and three pennies in the third store. (Coins #1-4)

Thought for today: Each day is a series of “adjustments”. It is our decision how we choose to deal with them.

Total: 4 Pennies

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