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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day #1,073 - Recovery Mode

The house and I were both in recovery mode today. Yesterday the house was bulging with people. As a result, today there were dishes to wash, furniture to bring back into living areas, area rugs to put down, rocks to get out of the pond, damaged plants needing an apology, linens to wash, etc., etc.

The Claremont lot closed escrow last week, so now we are faced with the 45 day time frame in which to find replacement properties. Thus, today we spent 6 hours with our realtor, Adrie, and visited 8 potential houses. Doc and I must make decisions tonight and see if we want to submit any offers to the banks tomorrow morning.

While we were house hunting, we were also keeping our eyes open for coins. Keep in mind that these properties are Bank Owned, deserted houses. People are not currently living in them. Throughout the day we collected: six pennies and two dimes at House #2, one penny at House #3, three pennies and two dimes at House #5, one dime at House #6, three pennies at our McDonalds stop, and a dime and a penny at House #7.

House #2 is one we are seriously considering. We found 8 coins there. Is that a good omen?

Total: 20 Coins P (14), N (1), D (5), Q (0) = $0.69

1 comment:

JR said...

Should have found 1 fewer penny at house #2 for it to be an omen.