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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day #1,129 - Paradise

This morning Doc took me to Paradise … Cafe. He was there to eat. I was there to do our weekly planning session.

At Rental House #1 Doc did a walk-through with the contractor while I broomed overhead dirt and cobwebs out of the garage trusses. Yucky. Then we met with a potential renter. We liked him and hopefully that arrangement will begin February 1.

Doc and I stopped at a 99¢ store on our way home. Doc wanted a calendar. I searched and searched for a coin. Nothing. I said, “Look Angels, with all this trash and stuff there MUST be a coin here”. Behind me and way under a counter, was a quarter! Yesterday I told Doc we hadn’t found a quarter yet this month - something was amiss.

We arrived home at Noon and Doc headed for his man cave and the football games. I was just getting started on some tax stuff when an email from the Phantom Plumber arrived. “I am on site now, do you want to come out and discuss things?” Needless to say, I grabbed my gear and headed to the Penny Palace. Plumber Bryan had installed the tub and shower fixtures.

After leaving the Penny Palace, I stopped at Home Depot for lumber and supplies. Then Michael’s Crafts for the bonding agent to create the Aussie Seashell Blocks. By 7 p.m. I was home, hungry, tired and grumpy and Doc was asking me “What’s for dinner?”. He could eat dog food as far as I was concerned.

Tomorrow morning we have an on-site meeting with the contractor for Rental House #2. Documents need to be prepared tonight for that new project.

Total: 1 Quarter

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