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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day #1,371 - In Escrow

When I checked emails this morning there was a message from Realtor Adrie -- the Escrow Instructions would be ready by 10 a.m. When could we meet with her in the next three days?  Since we have an out-of-state guest arriving tomorrow and one the following morning, it needed to happen today. Doc needed to be at school by 12:30, so we agreed to meet Adrie at 11 a.m.

Doc had a (coffee) stop to make on the way to the meeting.  I also had several stops to make.  The Angels were really helping out.  They kept signals green when asked, and found very close,  shady parking spots several times for me. At the first bank when I hopped out of the truck , there was a penny. I was satisfied.  That took care of that issue for the day.  Moments later I found a dime in the lobby of the bank!  (Coins #1&2)

At the second bank, I emerged to find a penny near the truck. (Coin #3)

Sale Now Pending
We met Adrie at the Pomona house. It took about an hour to review and sign the escrow documents.  She said the only remaining action item (other than removing all the furniture, wall hangings, cleaning items, and other personal effects from the house) would be to get the Grant Deed notarized.  But that could be done any time in the next few weeks before escrow closed. 

Doc with Notary Tony
Doc said, “Let’s get that done today!”  I called ahead to be sure Banker Tony would be available and not out to lunch.  We rushed to meet him shortly after noon.  Adrie followed us.  We notarized the Document and she took the completed package to the escrow company.  A three hour turnaround time!  This sale is moving VERY rapidly.

As Doc headed to school he noted, “My goal was to have the house sold before school started. My first lecture is in three hours!”  Example of Goal-setting.

I stopped at a whole series of places and it seemed like the Angels were having a good time tagging along.  I fuelled Pippy, hand-delivered invitations, mailed bills, and more.  At the office supply place I let two gentlemen go ahead of me because it looked as though they were in a hurry.  One man was returning an item (lengthy process) while the other man was ‘hanging around’.  Since I had nothing better to do, I started up a Penny Finders conversation and gave him a Penny Card.  Shared stories and JOY.

While traveling to the next destination I was ‘nudged’ to shift one lane to the left.  As soon as I did that, a lady blew through the ‘right-turn-only’ lane and would likely have hit me had I still been in that lane.

Upon entering the thrift store I asked the Angels to help find appropriate items for my Elves.  I primarily wanted some black shoes.  I made several passes through the aisles and did not really find much.  So I asked the angels for creativity and imagination; to open my eyes and mind for ideas.  Emerged with black shoes, bedding (sheet, comforter, pillow), bowls, and a table, for the elves. Plus two pennies!  (Coins #4&5)

3 Weeks of Pennies to Log
Temperatures were near 100 degrees.  I was very hot and uncomfortable driving around.  I noticed a guy on a bicycle and wondered how he could even breathe in such heat.  Then I noticed he was also smoking a cigarette!  Crazy.  Guess he was not biking for health reasons.

I arrived home after a full work day.  Spent an hour on rentals of the tables, chairs and linens for the upcoming Open House events.  Spent two hours logging penny finds and catching up.  There was laundry to do, emails from Realtor Adrie with data needed, and more.

Doc did not arrive home from work until 11 p.m.  I dared not ask him to download photos or create a video tonight.

Total:  5 Coins        P (4), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.14

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