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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day #1,378 - Higher Gear

Hello Neighbor

Only 9 days until the first Potluck here. I need at least 9 weeks to get things ready!   I need to shift my production into a higher gear.

New Poster

We have moved from Construction Phase, to Moving Phase, to Previous House Fix-Up.  Now we are in New House Detailing Phase. Looking forward to the Organized and Settled in Phase.  Hopefully Soon?


This morning:  Cleaning, organizing, getting things prepared for the upcoming events.  Doc helped me take down the front yard banner and put up the new poster.  A neighbor walked past while we were working and stopped to chat.

Doc went off to school to do his prep and then teach classes.

This afternoon I visited 11 places  in order to mail invitations, order the Elf sign, get nametags, get fix up items, deposit checks, get dog food, etc.   Two pennies at one store and two pennies at the pet store.

This evening I was responding to phone calls and emails, working with the photographer and volunteers for the events, editing Verision 3 of the Event Program, moving furniture and of course, writing Penny Tales!

Total:  4 Pennies

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