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Friday, September 21, 2012

Day #1,372 - Doing Time

9 a.m.  Just conquered a Procrastination Project - the boxes in the Aussie Foyer.  Why am I finally tackling that? Because Doc is on his way to the airport to meet an incoming out-of-state guest who will be here later today.  Doc stopped for coffee at 7-11 before going to the airport.  Two pennies and a token of some sort there.  All three coins were very run over.  I stayed home to prepare the Guest Room and tidy the house just a wee bit.

Tablet Training

I expected the guys to head straight to Orange County for the scheduled meetings. Instead I stepped out of the shower to find them walking up to the front door!  Yikes.  Guest Dan spent and hour showing us his Tablet and telling us about the pilot program at his College.

Dan was here to meet with organizers at the Orange County Great Park where the Solar Decathlon will be held next year.

Shelf Moving
The guys left around 11:30 a.m. and I figured I had a good 6-7 hours to work on various projects - especially the upcoming Open House activities.  The guys called just after 2 p.m. and said they were on their way home! 

By the time the guys returned to the house, I had a “To Do List for them”.  They leveled the fridge, hung skeletons, adjusted shelving, etc.  At 5:30 p.m. we headed out to the Pomona house.  I wouldn’t feed Dan until he had “done an hour” of packing.

Delicate Moves
Doc stopped en route for a Starbucks coffee.  I found my penny in the parking lot there.  As we exited the freeway, Doc collected a Sit-n-Find penny.  Dan thought us insane.  We packed boxes at the Pomona house then headed home.  Stopped for a Hawaiian take away dinner on the way home.

Total:  5 Coins        P (4), N (0), D (0), Q (0) + a token = $0.04 + ???

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