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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day #1,012 - Camera Malfunction

Both the plaster and the drywall crews were working again today. The plaster crew was taking off all the plastic and cleaning up the jobsite. They will continue with the color coat of stucco in 2-3 weeks. The drywall crew continued the mudding and sanding process.

I must have had the video camera on instead of off, so today there was 15 minutes of garbage video. Then it was full when I needed it.

I left the jobsite for my 9:30 meeting to finalize and write up the cabinetry order. Since we have already spent dozens and dozens of hours designing the cabinets, I figured 2-3 hours to write up the order. Wrong! 5.5 hours!

During that marathon ordering session, Doc called me. I told him I was really busy and so he had 60 seconds to tell me just the most important aspects of what he needed to say. He replied, ”I love you, You are intelligent, I like being married to you, Thanks for taking care of the house stuff while I go off to work ….” I was laughing. Gotta love that man!

At 3 p.m. I stopped quickly to refill the water jugs for the workers. Then it was back to the jobsite. After that I stopped at the painter’s house to pick up some of his leftover paints from other jobs so tonight I can make up some sample boards and explore color options. Made it to the tile shop just before they closed in order to get the 4 sample pieces which arrived today. Need to design those bathroom layouts.

By 6 p.m. I was getting hungry for some lunch. Doc had prepared eggs and sausage this morning which was very sweet of him. After 9 hours though, it had worn off. I stopped at a 7-11 store (yes, I was also looking for coins). I spotted a white blob. Tina: “That is either paint or gum” Nudging: “Go look”. Tina: “I tell you it’s bird poop!” Nudging: “So take a few steps and verify that”. Tina: “OK. It’s a dime” (Coin #1)

I went inside the store to purchase a piece of beef jerky (and look for coins). Nothing. I left the store saying, “Penny Angels, how can I write PENNY Tales without a penny? I looked back into the store through the glass windows and there was a penny under the counter which could not be seen in a typical customer position inside the store. Back I went to make a quick rescue dive. (Coin #2)

This evening’s activities include scrubbing laundry, painting color samples, preparing for tomorrow’s meetings, responding to emails, etc.

Doc arrived home after 10 p.m. with a penny he found on a break between his lecture classes. Good thing he does not expect a meal when he arrives home. He walked into the kitchen to find paint sample boards drying on cooktop. I was unable to get the big 5 gallon bucket open, so he had to help with that. His comment, “All this work and it’s not even something to eat!”

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