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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day #992 - Combo Inspection

Yipee! Major Milestone today. For weeks we have been working toward the Combo Inspection. That is where the City Inspector checks the electrical system, heating/air conditioning, plumbing, framing and stucco wrapping to ensure all the “behind the scenes” aspects are in proper order.

We had Danny the framer, Stan and David on electrical, Brian and Alex on HVAC, and others on site. Inspector Mike looked at the various systems of the Penny Palace. He had one or two suggestions. Those were things such as adding support blocking next to the shower in case we might want to add shower glass in the future. (We are planning to just hang a curtain).

There were zero corrections and he signed off! We can now proceed with the insulation and then drywall.


Other actions today:

We met with a tile guy on the countertops and showers. We got the contract for the solar system and were ready to sign it when the solar rep discovered a potential new credit. More investigations are now needed before proceeding. There were calls and emails about the stucco work, laminate flooring, stone work, fireplace, and more. Busy day.


Penny Finding:

A few people emailed with suggestions for Day 1000 Activities. Interesting…

On the way to the jobsite Doc stopped for his coffee. I collected a quarter and three pennies at that stop. A very good start for the day. (Coins #1-4)

We endured the combo inspection which made Doc nervous and wanting to eat. He went foraging at the 7-11 store for coffee, two hot dogs, two pennies, one nickel and one dime. (Coins #5-8) That made a Hit for the Cycle. Good Day.

On the way home we stopped at the 99¢ store for a quick item exchange and one penny. (Coin #9). This afternoon Doc went out for a hair cut, petrol and munchies. He found a nickel and a penny. (Coins #10&11)

Total: 11 Coins P (7), N (2), D (1), Q (1) = $0.52

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