In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Joyfully, Tina

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Today the power company scheduled an all-day outage in the neighborhood.  Doc’s response to the situation was to head out for breakfast and then to stay away from the house.  I had a list of things I could work on without needing power.

Around noon-time, we were heading home (where I was anxious to use the bathroom).  Doc said, “we can’t go home without at least one coin!”  So he detoured into a gas station and a closed car wash.  (Today was a rainy day). 

Doc spotted a silver coin down in a drain grate.  I pulled out our 18 inch back scratcher (which we keep in the van for just such purposes).  It was about ½ inch too short, so I had to stretch my fingers just a little bit longer.  Was able to capture the nickel!  That success got us going … we started walking around the building.  Found a few pennies and dimes in a planter, then a nickel under a bush, then more pennies.  We were laughing and having fun.  We hit “Coin Mine”  (at least 12 coins at one location).

We kept finding more and more coins. It was such fun.  At one point Doc was leaning on a railing looking for coins in the planter.  I said, “What about that penny below you?”  He could not see it.  I said, “It is right under you nose!  Draw a line from your nose down to the ground.  It’s right there!”  Finally he saw it.  There was a leaf blocking his line of sight.

THOUGHT:  Sometimes we can’t see things that are so obviously in our path.  It does not mean they are not there. A slightly different angle on the issue may lead to a better understanding.

Doc was on a roll.  He was saying, “We just need a quarter to get a “Hit for the Cycle” here.  I replied, “Sure honey!  You just expect a quarter to be right here for you?  Can’t you be satisfied with the handful of coins you already have?”  He kept searching the parking lot.  I headed for the van grumbling, “Angel can you just get the man his  &^&^  quarter so I can go home and empty my bladder?  Please?”  Within one minute I spotted a quarter by the van! Awesome.

When Doc counted the coins in his hand he said, “Guess what!  Your favorite number: 25 coins!”

Coins Found:   (18) P,  (4) N, (2) D, (1) Q = 25 coins     Value:  $0.93

Friday, January 25, 2013


Yesterday I ‘centsed’ that a friend might need some ‘walk and talk’ time.  The weather on the previous day had been overcast with heavy rain and the same was expect for the following three days.  Not the greatest conditions for taking a long walk.

In the morning Doc and I were on our way to fix a leaky toilet at one of the rental houses.  He stopped for his for his coffee and asked if I was going to get out of the van to look for coins.  I had a bad attitude at the time and replied,  “Who gives a ____ about a wet penny?  It doesn’t matter if I find one today or not.  It’s raining outside, so I will just sit here in the van and wait for you.”  Doc headed out and had traveled about 20 ft. before he picked up a penny and flashed it back at me.  I was “nudged” to get off my butt and penny hunt.  My attitude was still confrontational.  I said, “Hi Penny Angels, if I’m out in this rain, you had better deliver!”  Then I softened and said, “If my friend does need some walk time today, then: a) confirm that for me with a penny and b)  arrange our day accordingly”.  Within 5 minutes I had three pennies in hand: one from the sidewalk, one from the courtyard, and one from in front of the bank!  Was that a “yes”?

After fixing the toilet, I texted my friend to see his schedule for the day.  He was very busy and not sure about having time together.  I asked the angels to take over to do what was best.

Around noon, my friend texted to say he was on his way. I told him I would be at his office in an hour.  He replied that he was on his way to my house!  Eeks!  NOT what I had planned.  There were dirty dishes, the house was a mess, I had planned several errands over in his area, etc.  Poop!

Friend arrived and I was able to show him some things at the Penny Palace.  That was nice.  Then we went for a walk!  The skies were so incredibly clear, blue and picture-perfect with white puffy clouds.  What a dramatic change from earlier in the day.  Absolutely amazing!  It was a comforting sign that there are ‘blue skies ahead’.  After the walk, the clouds started forming again.  Throughout the night and next day there were heavy rains.

There’s more:  After friend left, I gathered my gear to go run those errands.  I hopped into the truck and it would not start!  I spent the next two hours trying to get Pippy going.  Had that happened earlier in the day when I was planning to meet friend at His office, our meeting would have been aborted and we would not have had that great time together.  I guess the Angels WERE arranging my day for the Best.  J

Coins Found:   3 Pennies