In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Joyfully, Tina

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day #589 - 3 and 1

Another full month of Penny Finding. Fun to look at this year’s calendar and see the Titles of all those Penny Tales.

Yesterday’s “energizing” helped move us today. Got up early to work at the rental house. Stopped at Starbucks, then Home Depot. No coins in either place. Worked for much of the day. Stopped at the grocery store on the way home - Doc for ice cream and me for coins. Doc found a penny on the floor as we walked in, then a dime in the reject chute of the coin counting kiosk. I collected two coins at the check out area.

Total: 4 Coins P (3), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = 13¢

Doc likes to play with the numbers: 3 and 1 Today

1 dime, 3 pennies

That makes 13¢

It is the 31st

Workers at the townhouse: 1 female (the boss), 3 males

Data for July:

285 coins: P (213), N (18), D (43), Q (11) = $10.08

Friday, July 30, 2010

Day #588 - Energized

This morning Doc was a bit grumpy since he did not get good sleep last night (my dog took up too much of the bed). So he went off to breakfast. On the way to check his postal box, he stopped at Vons to use the bathroom. At the coin counting machine in the reject slot were three pennies and a dime! Those did not look like rejects to him. (Doc coins #1-4).

Doc next went to Starbucks. The drive up window had a long line, so he went inside. The line of people inside was to the door, so he left. He went to Staters grocery for a coffee and groceries. He parked the car and spotted something; it was a bottle cap. But then he spotted a penny 6” from the tire, then one penny in the run off area, then one penny at the entrance to the store. (Doc coins #5-7).

Doc then walked the parking lot at the high school. He found a dime there (Doc coin #8). He stopped at a Circle K for a lottery ticket and found another dime outside by the trash can. (Coin #9)


I spent the day on household tasks, things for the new house, and assorted projects. Then at noon there was our monthly physical therapy. That was Energizing.

The architect called to say our revised plans were ready so at 4 PM I drove over to fetch them. That was Energizing. She had also received the T-24 Energy Report. That was Energizing.


On the way home I said, “Hi Penny Angels, I need a coin, where should I look?” They suggested a gas station. I asked which one? I was ‘nudged’ to one with a car wash (or maybe it was because I couldn’t see through the dirt on the windshield)? I was fuelling the truck and searching for coins. Didn’t find any at the pumps so I went into the convenience store. None in there either. Rats! “Penny Angels, where is my coin?” I was approaching my truck and spotted a card. “I’m not looking for trash”. I looked closer. The card seemed to be a real credit VISA card! Wow! That is definitely worth more than a penny! I was very anxious to call the credit card company ASAP to let them know I had found the card so they could notify the owner. It would not be necessary for her to cancel the account because I would get the card back to her. I pulled the truck into the car wash line so I could make the call. I was so anxious to make the call, that I forgot to get my car wash code number. So I walked back to the pump to get the code -- and there was a dime where I had been pumping! (Tina Coin #1) Blessings.

I called the credit card company and asked them to notify the owner and give her my phone number. They asked me to shred the card and said they would not take any of my information. They would notify the owner and let her know the account had been compromised. That is ridiculous! I did not want this lady to have to shut down her account - especially if they are linked to auto charges and such. What a lot of hassle. So I went home and did an internet search. Within minutes I had her phone number and address. She was very happy to get my call. That was energizing. Glad I was “nudged” to find that card for her.


This evening Doc and I went for a Friday night date - to Lowe’s. Building Supplies. We “danced” in almost every aisle until closing time. Bought lots of things - including batteries. That should keep us energized.

We did not find any coins at Lowe’s and our “date night” would not be complete without a Coin Find, so on the way home, Doc pulled into a Circle K - for a coffee and coin. Neither one of spotted anything in the parking lot or the aisles of the store. I then asked the Penny Angels for a coin and found one in between the ice cream freezer and wall! (Tina Coin #2).

Thought: We are energized and ready to proceed at full speed!

Think of 3 things from today which “Energized” you. (It’s really just another way of saying ‘Count Your Blessings’)

Total: 11 Coins P (6), N (0), D (5), Q (0) = 56¢

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day #587 - Cleaning Up

Today Doc and I were just cleaning up stuff.

Doc and Sparky went for their morning Starbucks run. They cleaned up a Nickel and Quarter at the drive through. (Coins #1&2) Doc came home and said, “I got the two difficult coins, now you get the other two so we can have a ‘Hit for the Cycle’”.


At noon on our way to school, Doc stopped for a coffee and burger at McDonalds. There was a penny there. (Coin #3).

Doc and I spent the first few hours in our respective offices. He was working on packages for graduate students while I was cleaning up in my office. The second part of the day we spent cleaning up solar rayce car artifacts, technical reports, equipment, memory albums and more. That was tough on both of us. We were both looking for a dime when we took a load of things to the dumpster. We deposited one box in a lab where I had seen a few coins last week. The coins were still on the work table (they have been there for many weeks).

So I took one of the dimes. (Coin #4). Hit for the Cycle. The faculty who runs the lab had actually given his OK for me to take the coins, but somehow they did not feel like “real” finds.

This afternoon Doc wandered into one classroom just to look for coins. He found a token which said “Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center Grand Opening 2010” That was a unique coin.


On the way home from work this evening, Doc said, “Let’s stop at the Chevron station so you can get your dime”. I thought that was a pretty bold statement. Before entering the convenience store I spotted a shiny penny inside on the floor! I entered the store, bent to pick up the penny, and spotted a dime! (Coins #5&6). It was really mind-boggling. Our requested dime was boldly sitting in the middle of the floor. One customer walked over it before I reached it. I picked it up, turned around, and a guy with a mop began mopping the floor right there! Cleaning Up! Timing is so important.


Doc and I stopped for dinner on the way home. There was a shiny shield penny between our van and the door of the Mexican restaurant. (Coin #7). As we were reading the menu Doc whispered, “There is a coin under the chair of the little boy to your left. You can wait until they leave and just lean over to get it.” But much of the JOY in Penny Finding is in the Sharing of the Finds. I had not Shared the story yet today.

The lady at the next table made eye contact with me twice and smiled. I just KNEW she and her husband would appreciate the Penny Finders story. I thought her son would also have fun playing along, but I didn’t think he’d be thrilled if I just leaned over and reached under his backside! So I pulled out a Penny Card, apologized for interrupting their dinner and asked if I might trade the penny under the table, for the penny on the card. I just wanted to Clean Up. (Coin #8) J

The little boy, Emilio, was satisfied with our trade agreement. The parents seemed to enjoy the story, and JOY was Shared. THAT is the best part of Penny Finding; the Smiles and JOY.

Penny Fever is spreading … Do YOUR part to keep it going.

Total: 8 Coins P (4), N (1), D (2), Q (1) = 54¢ + one Red Rock token

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day #586 - Balanced

Wake up alarms at 5 AM? This is NOT how I envisioned my “Leave of Absence”.

We needed to be at the cabin by 7 AM this morning for the delivery of the new fridge (within a window of 7-11 AM). By 6 AM we were at Starbucks. Doc said to the Penny Angels, “Gotta have a coin here”. He found a nickel by the trashcan outside. (Coin #1)

Meanwhile I was searching the Chick-fil-A, but didn’t find any coins. So I did a SingSong. (It almost always works). “Hey Penny Angels won’t you come out to play, come out to play …” and there was a nickel in my pathway in the parking lot! (Coin #2) I said “Thank You! Would you like to play it again?” “Hey Penny Angels won’t you come out to play? ….” And there was a penny balanced on top of the curb of a planter bed. (Coin #3)

Then I walked past the Carl’s Jr. drive up window. No coins there either! So I kept walking and found a drowned penny in the gutter. (Coin #4)


At 8:45 the new fridge was delivered. It took them less than 10- minutes to carry out the old fridge, uncrate the new one, carry it into the cabin, change the door swing, clean it up, plug it in, and complete the paper work. The two guys carefully balanced and carried the fridge on a strap between them. It was an impressive performance. (Which was good since their big parked truck was blocking all traffic on the narrow mountain road).


Doc said we should not just go home and leave the new fridge untested. So he forced me to go to breakfast with him. I made him stop at 7-11 to search for coins. Two pennies at the air hose area before going into the store, then three pennies under the counter. (Coins #5-9)

We ate breakfast (where Doc had more coffee), then headed back to the cabin to check the fridge. All was well, so at 11:15 we headed down the mountain. Doc stopped at Starbucks before getting on the freeway. We collected a dime and a penny (Coins #10&11).

This afternoon we needed to repair the window we cracked yesterday. We had to carefully balance the window in the van so that we would not have shattered glass everywhere. Then we replaced a lock, met with another contractor, met the door installer at the townhouse, worked on funding for the new house and so forth and so on. Much progress.

Total: 11 Coins P (8), N (2), D (1), Q (0) = 28¢

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day #585 - Sharing

Sunburned and sore.

We needed to be in Duarte at the condo by 8:15 this morning for carpet removal. Ugg. We stopped at Starbucks. It was amazingly deserted in there - except for the penny shining blatantly on the floor by the register! (Coin #1) While Doc “doctored his coffee” I went out and searched the patio area. There were two ladies who asked if I was searching for something. I told them “Today’s Penny” and one of the ladies tossed a penny out for me. I told her that was considered cheating and shared what Penny Finding was all about… Gave them each Penny Cards. Smiles. Joy Shared.

We arrived at the condo and there were two pennies in my pathway before I reached the front door! It gave me the opportunity to speak with two new neighbors and share the Penny Finding story with them. (Coins #2&3).

We were scrubbing, cleaning out things, replacing screens, etc. One dresser had been moved several times, the drawers had been removed, I had beaten each drawer upside down over a trash can, and was ready to have it hauled away. As I inserted the last drawer, there was a penny lodged in it! I took the drawer to Doc and told him to look at it. He looked and looked and didn’t see the penny! Only a tiny portion of it was showing in the corner of the drawer! (Coin #4). Shared that Find with a few people.

Next I was dealing with a pile of debris in the back yard. I said, “Penny Angels, maybe you could put a penny here to make this job more fun.” And there was a penny in the dirt under the leaves! (Coin #5).

I was so tired that I laid down on the filthy floor for 15 minutes and fell asleep. To Doc that indicated that I was in desperate need of food, so he went to Carl’s Jr. for lunch and returned with 2 dimes and a penny. (Coins #6-8).

On the way home we stopped to fuel the van. I was pooped and did not want to get out of the car. But the Penny Angels nudged me out. Doc had almost finished fueling so I asked the Penny Angles to please show me the penny I was supposed to find. At that moment there was a brilliantly lit penny near a gas pump. (Coin #9). I shared a Penny Card with the attendant.

Penny Fever is spreading. Several people today shared how they have been finding coins.

Total: 9 Coins P (7), N (0), D (2), Q (0) = 27¢

Monday, July 26, 2010

Day #584 - 2 By 2

Friday Doc and I picked up the latest Grading Plan and a set of drawings from the architect - the Plans for Bids. Last night I was editing those drawings until 3 AM. This morning by 7:45 AM I was at the blueprint shop running lots and lots of copies to send out. There were two ladies at the shop who each said they had coin finds yesterday. Shared stories and Joy for a Monday morning.

At 9 AM Sparky had an appointment with the vet. After his treatment I was paying the bill while he and Doc went for a walk. Doc was about to head back to the car, but was ‘nudged’ to look in one additional parking stall - where he found a dime! (Coin #1).

I didn’t have a coin yet, so we drove through the grocery store parking lot where I collected MY Penny. (Coin #2).

At 10:40 we got a return call that Matthew, and Engineer from Building and Safety would meet with us - at 11 AM (It is a 25 minute drive). Scramble! We had a great meeting. Retaining wall eliminated and earth berm approved! Doc was excited and hungry. Stopped at McDonald’s where we got 2 burgers for him and 2 coins for me! (Coins #3&4)

Next, Doc and I went out to the lot to take some required height measurements of the existing walls. A golden dragonfly flew over to say hello to me - good omen.

At 1:30 we took the data and the notes from the City meeting to the architect. She thinks we can have our package ready to re-submit to the City by Friday.

This afternoon and evening were spent talking to loan officers, arranging work on the Duarte rental, and numerous other minor projects.

Doc and I were laughing. I was asking “Is it Friday yet”? I told him “not-working” is exhausting. Doc replied, “Retirement is a Tough Job!”

Total: 4 Coins P (2), N (0), D (2), Q (0) = 22¢

The coins came in 2 by 2 today. Tina’s ARK is coming together!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day #583 - Walkin' and Rockin'

This morning son Brian and his fiancée came over. Doc and Brian worked on the 38 Chevy while Celeste and I did some work on my Neighborhood Watch project. After the guys installed the new fuel pump, Celeste was treated to her first ride in the car. Joyous moment.


This evening we were invited to join some friends at a local Concert in the Park: a cappella Doo-Wop music by The Alley Cats. When we arrived at the park, Doc dropped me off to carry the chairs and ice chest while he parked the car. He found a dime in the street gutter while walking back to join me. (Coin #1).

We had 20 minutes before the 6 PM concert would begin and Doc was getting cranky for a coffee. We were told there was one just 2 blocks away. I wanted to get back to our seats, but Doc insisted we go for the coffee! We walked, and walked, and walked …I was mumbling to the Penny Angels out loud, “Penny Angels you had better get me a coin on this walk! I am here under protest, but obeying my husband. I am expecting to find a coin!” We finally arrived at the coffee shop to find they close at 3 PM on Sundays. I was not a Happy Hiker. I said, “Look Penny Angels, I am going to go 10 ft. in that direction, then I am returning to the concert.” At the end of the 10 ft. was a dime! (Coin #2).

As Doc and I were walking back to the park, he said, “There really ought to be more than one coin on this long walk.” At that moment he looked to his left in a planter bed and spotted a face-up quarter! (Coin #3).


After the concert Doc needed to use a restroom, so we stopped at a grocery store. Before getting out of the van Doc said, “We don’t have a penny yet today, so you really ought to go in and get one of those”. Inside the store I was talking to the Angels: “This store is kept way too clean. No chance of coins on this floor!” And then I collected a Penny. (Coin #4).

After getting his coffee, Doc found me and asked if I had found any coins. I told him the floors were too clean to find much in that store. He then began searching in earnest. Spotted something under a coin changing machine and tried to show me. I could not see it. So he got down on both knees, set down his coffee, reached under the machine and pulled out a dime! (Coin #5) He’s good!


We came home and did some work on the New House plans. This should be a Rockin’ Week ahead.

Total: 5 Coins P (1), N (0), D (3), Q (1) = 56¢

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day #582 - Super Helpful

Our day was filled with Super Helpful people every place we went. It was wonderful!

Doc and Sparky began their day with a quick run to Starbucks. Doc got his coffee, Sparky brought me a penny and a nickel. (Coins #1&2). According to Doc, the little guy is quite the Chick Magnet.


One delay after another this morning, so we did not get out the door until 10:30. We donated some items at the Goodwill store, then Doc swung into the 7-11 parking lot so I could find a coin. I didn’t see any inside the store, but Doc “knew” there was a coin in the planters. (Coin #3). He is getting pretty good at this game.

We were passing a Kinko’s and even though I was planning to do that task after working on the condo this afternoon, Doc suggested we do it then. As Doc hoped out of the van, he spotted an embedded penny. Since our van was loaded with tools, he was able to pry out the penny. (Coin #4).

I have been working on the Neighborhood Maps for 2 months and need to get them out this weekend. Super Helpful gal at Kinko’s. Saved me time and money. Some local group was holding a car wash in the lot, so Doc managed to get the car rinsed as well during that time. Very productive! Doc also found a penny in planter as he was sitting around waiting! (Coin #5)

Our next stop was Home Depot to order the new range for the condo. Jim was Super Helpful in the electrical department with the new electrical plug.

Quick detours to the CVS Pharmacy and Italian Deli for lunch, then FINALLY on our way to work at the condo.


We stopped at the flooring warehouse to get samples. Dave was Super Helpful. He let us take 12-15 big pieces of linoleum out of the display racks, plus two books of carpets. No deposits, didn’t even ask our name.

We went to the condo and laid out all the flooring options. Marriage is all about ‘teamwork’ (negotiating / compromise). Same thing, different words.

We made our decisions and then returned the flooring samples and placed our order.

At 4 PM we met with a plumber. Fred was Super Helpful in telling us what to do with the plumbing.


After the plumber left. Doc and I took care of some yucky jobs. Doc also put in a new 220 electrical plug. By 7 PM it was time for a Home Depot run. A Super Helpful sales associate helped Doc with the needed circuit breaker. I spotted a penny at a closed check out line. (Coin #6). Had to ‘nudge’ the gate aside in order to get to the coin. We were checking out in the Self Service line, but the machine would not cooperate. Turns out the previous customer had left an item on the sensor. So I went chasing after him in the parking lot. Was rewarded with a dime upon my return. (Coin #7).


At 8:30 we realized how late it was and did a mad-dash pack up job. Made it to Trader Joe’s at 8:51 with 9 minutes to shop. (We have guests coming for breakfast in the morning). Doc spotted a penny in a check out lane where I had looked three times! (Coin #8) And it was a super duper shiny one!

As we were loading the groceries into the van, Doc said, “Is that a penny near your door?” It was. We just looked at each other. We were each too tired and sore to bend over and pick it up! (Coin #9)


We made significant progress on the rental place today, but the new construction drawings are still sitting in a roll just waiting to be unfurled.

Total: 9 Coins P (7), N (1), D (1), Q (0) = 22¢

Friday, July 23, 2010

Day #581 - Construction Plans

This morning we called the architect to see if we could meet directly with her regarding the Grading plan for the new house. She agreed to a 10:30 meeting. Doc stopped for coffee on the way to the meeting and spotted a penny before we even parked the van. (Coin #1 Sit-N-Find). The meeting went well and Debbie said she would get to work on the plan.

We made a few other stops (the paint store for color swatches, Lowe’s for supplies, etc.), then headed out to Rancho Cucamonga to order the bathroom vanity for the Duarte Rental.


The next few hours were spent at Cal Poly Pomona cleaning up and “consolidating” the solar car artifacts. That was difficult for us. Sentimental attachments to so many of the items …

Doc went to the vending machine for a coffee. He spotted a penny just out of reach and called me to bring a tool for him. My ‘Arm Extender’ (back scratcher) is kept next to my desk for just that purpose. I met him at the vending machine and we collected that penny - plus two more! (Coins #2-4).

We resumed our work and things were, uhhh…. intense. An Angel appeared in the form of another faculty member. He spent a few minutes with us and we made considerable progress with his help. Plus he took one cart of stuff away with him! Joy.

We took several carts of stuff to the dumpsters and one lab. Found a penny, nickel and dime in the lab! (Coins #5-7).

Around 5 PM we received at call from the architect. She had our grading plan ready for pick up -- plus a set of Construction drawings! Yipee!!!!! We put our clean-up session into high gear and got out of work at 6 PM to fetch those drawings. Anxious now to look at them ….

Total: 7 Coins P (5), N (1), D (1), Q (0) = 20¢

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day #580 - Special Deliveries

The first major task this morning was to transport some very heavy concrete slabs from our house to my mom’s house. It took both Doc and I to lift each into a wheelbarrow, then into the truck. After that exertion, Doc needed a coffee fix. We pulled through Starbucks en route to Mom’s house. The cashier at this store had said I was not permitted to collect coins there. So I remained buckled in even though we saw a coin. As we departed the Starbucks area there was a dime in the roadway. Doc laughed. “I guess if the Penny Angels want you to have a coin, they’ll make sure you have it!” (Coin #1). Special Delivery.

When we arrived at Mom’s place, Doc and I put on our work gloves, unstrapped the wheelbarrow and were preparing to unload the concrete slabs. Mom lives in a seniors only complex. At that moment, a young guy came walking by with his uncle who was in a walker. With the lad’s bizarre hairdo and attire, if I had been alone and seen him, I would have been quite nervous and uncomfortable. Wish I had a photo for you. He approached us and said, “Let me assist you with those.” He hand carried the heavy slabs to Mom’s back yard! No gloves, no wheelbarrow, no sweat! Special Delivery. I gave Paul a Penny Card and thanked him for his ARK.

Lesson: Do not make assumptions about people based on their looks!


The afternoon was spent at the rental condo getting bids from painters, taking out wall vents, etc.

On the way home, we stopped to pick up my Penny Pendent which was getting a polishing. Doc went next door to the 99¢ store and saw a penny at the end of the check out lane beyond the two customers ahead of him. The customer in front of Doc moved forward to stand on the penny. When he left, Doc bent to retrieve the penny and also found a dime. Then outside as he was walking to the van, there was a crusty planter penny. (Coins #2-4)


This evening Doc wanted to go out for dinner, but we had already been out for lunch (Hawaiian BBQ Anniversary Celebration #??) and I refused to go out with him. I wanted to get some things summarized from Today’s meetings and get ready for tomorrow’s tasks. Doc headed out alone.

Doc walked the high school parking lot for some steps on his pedometer. He spotted something shiny in front of the van. A penny, then another, and another at the North end of the lot. (Coins #5-7). Then a nickel in the driving lane. (Coin #8).

Doc’s next stop was the grocery store where he collected a dime by the coffee station. (Coin #9)


At 10 PM I had just finished the first draft of today’s Penny Tale to this point. I had no ideas for today’s Title. Then the doorbell rang…

Doc realized that we had not confirmed our Saturday morning Chevy work session with our son, Brian. We were hesitant to call him at this late hour, but we did. Doc was on the phone telling Brian that the ordered car parts had not yet arrived. At that very moment, the doorbell rang! It was the UPS guy with our car parts. At 10 PM??? Special Delivery Service.

Total: 9 Coins P (5), N (1), D (3), Q (0) = 40¢

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day #579 - Diggin' It

Today we had a special day planned. We were taking the niece and nephews to the Science Center for dinosaur hunting and the new Grossology Exhibit and the Tinkertoy Zone and the 3D Planet You movie … We arrived to get the kids at 9 AM so we could be at the Center when it opened at 10 AM. As we drove away from their house, the brakes on our van started making noise! No - please not today. But those noises were definitely not sounding good. So our first stop (within a mile of the house) was an automotive place. One of the boys said, “This could ruin our whole day.” I told him only if he let it. We could have fun together no matter what happened.

Lesson we learned: JOY is a choice. We are the ones who determine if our day is ruined or enriched.

We requested a brake inspection and then tried to be patient. The kids were not diggin’ this detour. We wandered the store aisles, the service areas, and the surrounding parking lot. It got a little more interesting when the van was finally hoisted and the tires removed. Doc and Nicholas continued to wait for the brake check while Brandon, Ashley and I went coin hunting across the street.

I was telling Brandon about searching for coins in cracks. He is a quick learner. Within a few moments he pulled a penny out of a sidewalk crack! (Coin #1). We were in front of the CVS pharmacy, so we quickly searched through there where Ashley picked up a penny by the registers. (Coin #2).

We were returning to the auto center, but could not resist walking past the Burger King window since there were no cars in line. At first I didn’t see any coins, but then found a penny. (Coin #3). Now we each had a coin. We were walking away when Brandon said, “There’s a penny in the crack! And another! And another!” He found a stick and started prying them out. We were laughing saying we were supposed to be diggin’ fossils at the Science Discovery Center, but instead we were diggin’ pennies! Brandon and Ashley “discovered” ten pennies in there! (Coins #4-13). Two even had yellow paint on them from when the building was painted last year - so they had been in that crack a long time.

At that point Uncle Doc and Nicholas were ready to leave. The brakes had been inspected and blown clean. The mechanic said they looked fine. Whew!


We arrived at the Science Center slightly after 11 AM. Found a dime as I was buying the tickets. (Coin #14). We headed straight to the Dino Quest and went diggin’ for clues.

The kids went non stop the whole day in running from one activity to another. They worked up considerable appetites. We found a penny when buying lunch. (Coin #15). Then Doc found another penny later in the afternoon. (Coin #16).

I laid on a bed of nails which then lifted me off the table. Doc quipped, "You are supposed to be DRIVING nails (at the new house) not laying on them!" The lady at the control lever said to let her know if the nails became too painful. She then said it was over! -- I was still waiting for her to get started! Doc quipped, "I always knew were a hard A##" and had a hard head. (The next person didn't complete the lift).

At 5 PM the Center closed and we began the drive home. The kids were not diggin’ the rush hour traffic. We learned so many factoids (like how much snot, farts, or belches your body produces in a day). But the most important lesson we learned today was that WE can choose if our day is ruined or wonderful. It is not the circumstances we encounter, but our attitude which matters.

We stopped for an all-you-can-eat dinner. The kids were definitely diggin’ it. Then, shortly before arriving home, Doc dropped the kids and I off so we could walk and talk the final few blocks. Have you ever noticed what interesting things come out when you go for a walk with someone versus sitting in a car or at a restaurant or more confined setting? I was definitely diggin’ it.

Total: 16 Coins P (15), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = 25¢ My favorite number!

P.S. I DEFINITELY needed today’s Lesson because when we arrived home tonight there were some incoming emails which, uhhh…. Shall we say left me less than smiling.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day #578 - Mushrooms

A morning full of calls and tasks. By mid-afternoon we’d had enough WORK and went to school to relax and enjoy the air conditioning.

Left work at 4:15 to head to the rental house. We spent some time shopping for flooring and then around 5:30 Doc said he needed “a snack”. Der Wienerschnitzel was in his line of sight. We pulled in there. We were in the drive through, but I got out to look for coins. Looked in the planter bed a dozen times. Nothing. Doc said, “There has to be a coin in there”. I replied, “I KNOW there is one here.” And suddenly there was a penny right behind me! (Coin #1). Mushroom coin.

We pulled up to the pick up window and collected two pennies there. (Coins #2&3). I gave the curious cashier a Penny Card and received a smile in return. We drove a few feet when Doc stopped the van, hopped out, and retrieved a penny. (Coin #4)


When we arrived at the condo, there was a dime in the dirt by the front door! (Coin #5).

Once inside, I was laying out flooring samples. I looked under the staircase three times to see if there were any more coins where we had found the quarter the other night by flashlight. No additional coins. I turned away, turned back and suddenly there was a penny there! (Coin #6) Mushroom coin.

We went upstairs to measure the bathroom countertop and sink (which were in the closet of bedroom #3). There was a penny in the closet door track! (Coin #7) How could we or all the other people not seen it when opening that door all the previous times? Mushroom coin.


For dinner we wanted to try something new, so we found a little Armenian diner. We were the only ones there and the owner was the host, waiter, busboy, chef, dishwasher, entertainment, etc. Nice hour. Anniversary celebration #17? Doc thinks maybe married couples should celebrate their anniversary for the number of years they are married. So 28 years means we get to celebrate 28 days this year!

When we arrived home the dogs seemed unusually thirsty. We went to the garage to check their water bowl. A shelf had collapsed with boxes and contents strewn all about. The dogs’ bowl was covered over and they must have thought the sky was falling! New weekend fix-it project.

Total: 7 Coins P (6), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.16

Monday, July 19, 2010

Day #577 - 65+

This morning we awoke at the cabin. Nice to hear the bird’s singing. On our last visit to the cabin we noticed a funny smell and thought it might be the motor on the refrigerator, so we unplugged it when we left. We were testing it this weekend and it looks like it is in need of repair. L

As we headed for home, we stopped at the 7-11 store in town merely to look for coins. I spotted a shiny under the counter. Waited for a clearing in the customers, got down on both knees, retrieved two pennies and a quarter (very long stretch), and was back in the car within minutes. (Coins #1-3).

We then stopped at McDonalds so Doc could get coffee. The cashier asked if Doc qualified for their senior coffee price (over 55 years old). Yes, Doc is 55 +++++


Doc had the brilliant idea of measuring the mileage from our cabin to Home Depot. If it was under 20 miles, perhaps Home Depot would have free delivery on a new fridge? We got to the parking lot and I said, “As long as we are this close, let me just run in and ask about their delivery charges.” I hopped out of the van saying out loud, “Penny Angels, Penny Angels won’t you come out to play, come out to play…” and found a penny at that moment. (Coin #4) I was laughing. I said to the Angels, “That was cute! See those park benches outside the store? There are maybe 6-7 of them, but they are chained together for display purposes. There are not likely to be coins under them, but it would make for a cute story …” There was a penny under one of the benches! (Coin #5).

L.C., the sales associate in the Appliance section of the store was sooooo helpful! I asked him one or two questions and he photocopied all the information about the model I was considering. That way Doc could see everything and we could call back and easily place the order. Doc and I were estimating a new fridge would cost $400-$500 with possible fees for delivery (way up in the mountains) and hauling away of the old fridge. The price sheet on the door read: $499 - 10% sale - $50 Instant Rebate - $200 State Refund = $199 Wow! Plus FREE delivery and Free Haul away! Laws of Verbalizing and Manifestating.


Doc did not have any coins yet today, so when we neared home, he found a Starbucks drive through. He found a penny in the dirt planter after placing his order. (Coin #6). Then at the window, he found a dime and a quarter! (Coins #7&8).

That totals 65¢ for the morning! (Doc is 65 + one day today)


We got home, unpacked the dogs and gear, and then completed a few items. (Doc’s primary task was a nap! Then the house became too warm so we went off in search of air conditioning. Our first stop was the bank. Nice air conditioning. Second stop was another bank. More air conditioning.

Doc found a penny behind a parked car in the parking lot. (Coin #9). That penny was found on Route 66 making the total 66¢ at that point.


Next we headed to Home Depot for supplies and to order that fridge for the cabin. It took a good part of an hour to do that, but it was air conditioned in there! Plus, Doc found two pennies as we walked in. (Coins #10&11)

Doc agreed to buy the supplies while I went to begin the appliance order process. Doc found another penny when paying at the register, then another penny at the exit door. (Coins #12&13).

It was taking a while to place my order, so Doc went on a Penny Finding Walk About. He found a dime in a planter bed, then a penny under a bench. (Coins #14&15).


After that, we were both hungry so we stopped at an Italian deli for supper. Anniversary meal Day 16???

Total: 15 Coins P (11), N (0), D (2), Q (2) = $0.81

There are some advantages to being 65+ (naps and cheaper coffee)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day #576 - Doc's Birthday

Doc’s 65th Birthday today. A sleep-in Sunday morning. I actually made Doc breakfast this morning! (Mostly leftovers from our lunch with the boys yesterday).


Doc insisted upon his Starbucks coffee. I went with him merely to keep him company. While he obtained his coffee, I walked through the patio area. There were several people enjoying there refreshments. One lady in particular gave me that “what the heck are you doing?” look. (and it was not all that friendly). I sent a thought to the Angels: “Knowing you guys, you are likely to plant a penny smack dab underneath this lady and drive me nutty in trying to get to it!” There is a big oak tree in this patio which drops little brown leaves which have fooled me many times in thinking they were pennies. I saw what looked like a penny near this ladies’ foot. “No, I’m sure it is just an oak leaf”. But in looking again, it was a penny! Wouldn’t you know it. I laughed. The Penny Angels have such a warped sense of humor!

The lady gruffly asked if there was something funny? (Since I was essentially looking right at her and laughing). I replied, “Well, yes, there is. There is a penny underneath you. As a matter-of-fact, there are Three! Are they yours?” She replied, “No, but I am keeping them.” I was disappointed with that. I explained about Penny Tales and gave her a Penny Card. The conversation opened up after that. Sue shared that she had come on some hard times and those pennies were a positive symbol for her. There was a lot more to her story. I told her I would be right back. I went to my car, retrieved my wallet, and offered to “buy” one of the pennies for today’s story. She would keep two pennies, I would get one. She would not be accepting charity, because I was buying the penny from her. She was nearly in tears and blessing me over and over.

(Coins #1-3).


For Doc’s birthday gift, we stopped at the Auto Zone store to get him a new car mat. (After 7 years he has worn a hole clear through the current car mat). As we entered the store we were greeted by a really helpful clerk who spent much time showing Doc all the choices of plain and fancy mats. I was getting impatient and walking the store. Two other clerks asked if they could help me find anything? I said I was just hanging around waiting. “But on Second thought, YES. You can help me find today’s coin!” I gave each clerk a Penny Card and explained the story. They each began looking around. One of them searched through the candy bars and found a penny! (Coin #4). Such smiles and JOY. I turned around and noticed Doc leaving the store. Guess he bought his own birthday gift! Two mats at $1.99 each. (Big spender).

At this point Doc did not have any coins, so he detoured to CVS. He found a penny in the dirt of a planter bed before going into the store, then two more pennies in that flower bed on the way out! (Coins #5-7)


This weekend we were having the land at the cabin cleared in order to comply with the county fire hazard regulations. So at 7 PM this evening we went to the cabin to inspect the work. The people had missed part of the property, so we called them to discuss a plan of action. They arrived shortly to finish the work. Wow! On a Sunday night! While the guys were weed whacking, Doc and I invited Brandi back to the house and got to know her. When the guys finished, they too came into the house and we had a really great time getting to know them.

A bit of paper work after that, a game of Suduko, then all 5 of us (Doc, 3 dogs and I) snuggled for a very warm (and crowded) birthday evening together.

Total: 7 Pennies

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day #575 - Birthday Blessings

A few weeks ago we met Wes - an Angel who knows about

old Chevy cars. Wes offered to work with us today from 8-12 AM on our 1938 Chevy. What a blessing. This project is something Doc and Brian have been working on for +/- 13 years and which has been dormant for the past 4 years.

Before Wes arrived, I ran to the gas station for gasoline so we could start up the car.There was a penny at the register area of the station. (Coin #1) I boldly claimed it and the told the cashier about PennyFinders while giving him a Penny Card. He smiled. As I turned to leave, there was a penny in the doorway near where I had been standing! Mushroom coin. (Coin #2).

Brian and his fiancee arrived at 7:25 AM with Doc’s required Starbucks coffee in hand. We then spent the next 2.5 hours focused on the Chevy. Wes was so thoughtful, he drove over in his 1940 Chevy so that we could refer to it as needed!


By 10 AM we had done everything we could and needed to order some parts. Wes left and the rest of us wondered what to do until Stephen (other son) arrived at Noon for Doc’s Birthday lunch.

We worked next on our bedroom window air conditioner. The nights have been unbearably hot. We pulled the love seat away from the wall in order to gain access to the unit, and there were a penny and quarter under it! (Coins #3&4).

We did a few other things and then met son, Stephen and Grandson, Ethan for a wonderful Italian Birthday lunch.


Later this afternoon Doc and I went to a home supply store to look for repair items for the rental townhouse. We were headed to the bank for some cash, but Doc insisted upon cruising through the high school parking lot first. We were just about at the end of the lot when Doc said, “I don’t see any coins today … except for this dime!” He stopped the van opened his door, leaned out and collected a dime - and a penny! (Coins #5&6)

At the bank there was a penny under the bench by the door. (Coin #7)

There were some other wonderful manifestations and incoming things as well, but they aren’t coin related.

Total: 7 Coins P (5), N (0), D (1), Q (1) = $0.40