In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Joyfully, Tina

Friday, August 31, 2012

Day #1,351 - Conquered

Many assorted things conquered today.  This morning I spent an hour on the phone with Drapery Bryan to finalize the order for the window cell shades and get the fabrics ordered.  Then I finalized a package of retirement papers which I had been working on for a week or so.

Doc headed to school around noon to try and resuscitate his computer which died yesterday.
Solar Collectors

I put a clear finish coat on the bookcase and worked on things pertaining to the Open Houses.  At 2 p.m. I headed out to run errands and get today’s coins.  First stop was the post office.  I was dreading going there.  It is a Friday, it is the last day of the month, and it is the first day of a holiday weekend.  Triple negative.  I walked in to find no one in line!  Walked right up to an available clerk!  I commented how unexpected that was.  A customer at the other booth (only two were open)  said there were four clerks working this morning and the line of customers was still out the door!  Thank You Angels.

The bank was a quick and easy stop.  Then I went to a sign shop to brainstorm regarding the shower room wall hanging.  Sign Jim was swamped with work since the LA Fair starts today.  I will need to return to the sign shop on another day. 

On my way to the Pomona house, traffic was stop and go due to a local city Sobriety Check Point.  Pippy and I passed through there without question.  At the Pomona house, I filled the ponds, watered the interior plants and scrubbed the toilet.

I did not want to go home without my coin for the day, so I stopped briefly at a 7-11 store.  Two pennies, two dimes and two rolls of breathsavers obtained there.  (Coins #1-4)  (It is awkward to go up to the register and dive under the counter without making some sort of a purchase and excuse to be there).

Doc came home around 6 p.m. with a chicken, two potatoes, one dime and one penny (Doc Coins #1&2).   After a quick dinner, we began working on placecards for our friend’s wedding.  Originally I had planned to handwrite them all, but we figured out a way to feed the little cards through the printer.  Thank Goodness.  I’m sure I would have had numerous errors in those 300+ very long, mostly Indian names.

At 11 p.m. Doc checked out for his nightly TV session, then went to bed at midnight.  At 12:30 I was turning out all the lights to go to bed and then saw the pile of boxes under the staircase.  Doc keeps griping that I have not dealt with those yet.  So I flipped on the lights, put a CD in the player, grabbed a bottle of water, and started unpacking books.  Doc was surprised this morning when he woke up.  There were seven empty boxes near the staircase.  Only five more boxes of assorted contents remain to be conquered.

There’s a song which comes to mind here:
“One Box at a Time, Lord Jesus, that’s all I’m asking from you.  Just help me to cope …show me the way, one box at a time ….”

Total:   6 Coins        P (3), N (0), D (3), Q (0) = $0.33

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day #1,350 - Men, Men, Men

While Doc went to the office, I had lots of other men here at home wanting my attention.

Pond Miguel

At 9 a.m. there was the pond (pool) company guy.  I noticed the truck parked on the street (because that company cleans the pools to the North and South of our house), but the guy I had been talking to about our service a few weeks ago was not the same person I saw working today.  I left a note on his truck to please come see me when he was done with the other two  jobs.  Pool Miguel came over and we worked on the pond.  One hour was now gone from my morning.

The next task was to call CalCERTS, get registered, and continue our energy rating review process.
Solar Jose

Solar Robert called unexpectedly. He needed to send someone over and look at the solar panel monitoring system to see how they were going to do the final connections.  He would have someone over in 10 minutes!  Yikes.  Time to get out of pajamas.  I worked with Jose for the next hour.

The printing company emailed for final approval of the Open House invitations proof.  I tried and tired to do it on line, but finally decided their server was not cooperating, so I dealt directly with the rep on that issue.

Bookcase Staining
I finally said “all else is put aside until I get this @#$@# bookcase stained!”  I just applied the stain (to be wiped off immediately) when the front doorbell rang.  It was Pest Control Guy Kevin.  That was unexpected.  I had called the service yesterday.  I was told they would call back and let me know when a tech would be in the area.  Of course Kevin needed me to explain the situation and show him the affected areas.  But what about the stain which was setting on my bookcase!!!! 

Ant Killer Kevin
I thought the bookcase staining job would take 1.5 hours.  It probably extended across 4-5 hours due to interruptions such as calls from Drapery Bryan, Doc, etc.
Of course the three canine males also wanted attention.

When Doc came home we went out for dinner and my coins.  I wanted something quick - for both of those.  Doc suggested the car wash again!  No way.  We found four dirt pennies there.  (Coins #1-4).

Doc had found one dime at Subway when he went to Subway for our breakfast. Then he found a penny in the breezeway at school.  (Doc #1&2).

Total:  6 Coins        P (5), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.15

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day #1,349 - Visitors

Waking up to find hundreds of visitors (ants) walking along my kitchen walls does not start the day in a good direction.

My goal was to get the Open House Invitations to the printer by the end of the month.  They were submitted today!  They look great and I expect them to arrive September 7.

I did some catching up on writing and posting Penny Tales.  It seems strange that I am having more trouble keeping up with the writing now (being “retired”) than I did when we were under construction.

Welcomed Guests
Since before construction began on this new house, I always felt that it would be much more than merely a residence for Doc and I.  People often ask, “such a large house for just the two of you?”  “Yes” … and “no”.   It’s difficult to explain, but I ‘cents’ that it is a ‘tool’ to be used for good purposes.  For instance today Sister-in-law Marty needed to meet with someone to give her CPR Refresher training.  That’s not something you can do at a coffee shop or restaurant with mannequins for the needed practice sessions.  So with less that an hour’s warning before their arrival, I changed out of pajamas, cleared the dining table, contained the doggies, and wiped away dead ants.  As Marty and Andre ‘Rescue’ were working, my heart was happy.  Yes!  This is what the Penny Palace was built for -- teaching, training, learning, sharing, JOY!
50% Off Sale

Added bonus:  Marty is a great cook and she brought me some pasta she had made.  Free food for using my floor?  You bet!

I was not able to complete my errands yesterday (urgent need to return home to work with the electricians), so Doc and I headed out this afternoon.  We first returned the sample upholstery fabrics we had checked out last Saturday.  The fabrics had been on sale at 40% off at the time, but the sale ended Saturday and I was wrestling because we really liked the three fabrics we chose. But at full price, that would be outrageous.  My Mom called earlier to say she had a flyer indicating all 54” Home Decorating Fabrics this week were 50% off At that store!!!  That’s even better.  So I placed my order with Eddie and expect those within 7-10 days.

There was a penny as I was leaving the fabric store.  Good Omen (Coin #1).  And while I was inside, Doc found a nickel by the newspaper stands outside.  (Coin #2)

Doc next wanted to purchase some new shirts.  He likes to go to WalMart where they usually have a good selection of 2X sizes under $10.  While he was browsing, I looked for coins.  I found two pennies  (Coins #3&4).  I returned to show Doc the coins and then I bent over to put them in my shoe (so they don’t fall out of my pocket).  There was a dime about 1” from my shoe!  I had truly “stopped on a dime!”  (Coin #5).  I found one additional  penny as we were checking out.  (Coin #6).

Total:  6 Coins        P (4), N (1), D (1), Q (0) = $0.19

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day #1,348 - Coin Mining

On many days things seem to run behind schedule.  Today things ran ahead of schedule!  It was really nice how things ‘clicked’.  There were dozens and dozens of good things.  It would take pages to list them.

I had less than four hours sleep when the alarm when off this morning, and was really not prepared to begin this marathon day.

Rain Gutter Guys
I was expecting the gutter guys to come over later today after they completed their job across the street.  They were knocking at the door around 8 a.m.  They were here to add an additional length of gutter in front and tie that in with the drain system.

At 8:40 Maribel arrived for her housecleaning session.  Her four hours every other week barely makes a dent in the cleaning needed, but every bit helps.  I asked her today if she would work the Open House days, so you’ll get to meet her when you visit.

By 9:20 I was at the paper supply company to get border paper for the Engineering Potluck.  My strategy is this:  Doc will be motivated to help fix up the house for his department’s annual potluck which he agreed a year ago to host..  I have planned MY Open House for the week after that - October 13th & 14th.

At 9:40 I was at the Pomona house to add bleach to the ponds.  By 10 a.m. I was at Mom’s house to take her to the Doctor for her fractured knee.  Things went really quickly at the Ortho Clinic.  The doctor said she had made remarkable progress in the two weeks and no longer needed to wear the brace.  She had ‘graduated’.  Mom wanted to go to the post office, hardware store and lunch.  We were running ahead of my planned schedule, so I chauffeured her.  My next stop was at the party supply store to get place cards for the upcoming wedding. 

Just as I was getting into the truck, Graphic Designer Chaz called to say he had made the edits to the Open House program.  (Which I submitted to him at midnight last night).  That was motivating.  He said he needed a photo of the Penny Palace with better lighting than the photos I took yesterday.  I promised to try and take one if I got home in time tonight.

There was an accident on the freeway and temperatures were over 100 degrees, so by the time I arrive at my 1:30 meeting in Pasadena I was dripping and tense. I met with Drapery Brian at the store.  He only had 1.5 hours to work, so we needed to put it in high gear.  He LOVED the fabric Doc and I had found.  When I showed him the placemats I had also discovered, everything seemed to be falling into place.  He very much appreciated that I had spreadsheets, lists, etc. all prepared. (That was why I was working until 3 a.m. last night).

The fabric Drapery Brian had chosen for the TV room would have scored 80% if I were grading it.  The one or two I found at the other store would rate 90-92% and I was prepared to order one of those.  Once when Brian walked away, I hopped up to look around the store.  Found a fabric which I would give a 95-96%  Yipee!  We are now maybe half way to finalizing things.

I was planning to go three more places when Doc called.  The electricians were at the house to take care of some of the little glitches.  I have been trying to get them out to the house for the past three months!  I needed to rush home and pull out my list of fix its for them.

There was a magical photo shoot here.  See Special Story
By 6:30 I was exhausted.  Realized that I had not found any coins today!  Rats!  Needed to head out again.  Doc teasingly said, “the car wash paid well yesterday, maybe we should go there again.”  Doubting Tina said, “Those 25 coins we found yesterday had probably accumulated over several months and we scoured the area pretty thoroughly. We might find one or two coins and that would be enough for me ‘cause I don’t want to spend much time searching.  Plus I just want to write a short Tale tonight.
Coin Gobbling

For the first few moments as I walked around the closed car wash, I didn’t’ spot any coins.  Then the sun glistened on a penny, then another, then another, then another … I looked in the dirt planter and spotted several more pennies.  They had been there quite a while. How could we have missed them last night?  Doc came over and began picking up coins as well.  He found a nickel and two unrecognizable coins.  We collected 42 coins there!!!!!!  (Coins #1-42)  Coin Mine!

What a Haul!
As I walked down the driveway at the Jacks fast food, penny after penny kept appearing.  The sun was glowing on them and it seemed as if they were leading me somewhere.   Eight pennies there. (Coins #43-50)

Rainbow Dime
Doc had found a quarter and three pennies earlier in his day when he went for morning coffee and then his lunch.  (Doc #1 - 4).  So to get a Hit for the Cycle, we were just missing a dime.  I think Doc is beginning to BELIEVE in this hocus pocus.  He started saying out loud:  Dime, dime, dime, dime …. We walked over toward the van and the 7-11 store.  See Photo.  I found that dime -- under a Rainbow!  Plus a second dime and two pennies moments later inside the store.  (Coins #51-54).

Today was happening to me so quickly, I forgot to take photos (except for that Magical hour). You’ll just need to use your imagination.

Total:   58 Coins        P (52), N (1), D (2), Q (1) = $1.02 + 2 Chuck E Cheese’s tokens

Penny Palace Magic

I began writing today’s Penny Tale and had this story as part of the bigger incredible day. However, it is just a nice little “stand alone” story.

Today when I left the drapery store at 3 p.m. I looked at the perfectly clear skies, felt the 100+ temperature and said, “Penny Angels - Graphic Designer Chaz has requested a really good photo of the Penny Palace for the Open House invitations. The photo needs to be taken in the afternoon to get light on the front of the house.  The lighting needs to be ‘just right’. Yesterday the trees created such harsh shadows.  Chaz said those photos were not good enough. What we really need is adequate light, but with cloud cover!  Angels - PLEASE provide that”.

(Keep in mind we live in Southern California where afternoon clouds do not just Magically appear).

As I was driving home Doc called.  That was not expected, so I pulled off to return his call.  The electricians were at the Penny Palace to finish off their work! (I have been asking them to come out for three months now). 

When I got home at 4 p.m., I needed to work with the electricians instead of taking those house photos.  I did sneak to the front yard and take one or two photos, but the shadows were too harsh -- just like yesterday.  However, a few clouds were beginning to form!  Finally at 5 p.m. the electricians left and I grabbed my camera … For the next 45 minutes the skies became more overcast and the clouds more and more uniform as I took photos. 

At 6:30 p.m. I sent five of the photos off to Chaz not knowing what to expect.  His response just arrived.  Hopefully this will make you GRIN as it did me….

Dear Tina -
Did you shoot these at Disneyland?

M – I – C   See how pretty your house is!

K – E – Y   Why? Because it looks like it’s a Disney feature in Technicolor.

The sky looks like a scenic painting, and the house looks like something in Fairytaleland.

These are incredibly beautiful photos….. these really had Penny Angels rigging the lights.

Just one more Penny Palace COINcidence!

The Penny Palace Open House invitations will be sent to the printer in the next day or two.  Hold the dates …. October 13th and 14th

with JOY,  Tina

Monday, August 27, 2012

Day #1,347 - Working at Home

Penny Palace Guest
Today I resolved to get work done at home.  My office has become almost impenetrable as I have shifted things from other areas of the house to my area where no one else dares to go.

There were calls and emails regarding the solar panel energy credit, ME potluck invitations, Open House activities, mom’s knee, and more.

Rockin and Rollin
Chaz requested a photo of Doc and I to put into the Open House invitation, so I asked neighbor Gladys if she would come over around noon to take a few pictures.

The afternoon seemed to fly by.  Neighbor Craig had recommended the floor cleaning system which he uses at his house.  When I asked him more about his equipment, he offered to bring it over to show me.  The lighting on the house was different by that time of day, so we had Craig also take a few photos.

I have eyes for you
Neighbor Gladys called after 5 to say her daughter Natalie was good with a camera; could she come over and take a few photos for fun?  OK.  Natalie was great!  She did not just point and shoot.  She had Doc and I taking photos as if those were our engagement photos or something!

I took a few photos of the front of the house which Chaz had requested for the Open House invitations.

At 7:30 p.m. I realized I did not have any coin finds for today. (How could I if I had not left the house)?  Doc wanted to get a chicken for his dinner, so I offered to keep him company on the trip.  I grabbed my purse and felt a slight nudging, “Take the camera”.  I argued back, “Nahh.  I will find a penny or two.  Nothing worth photographing”.

We were a mile from home when Doc said, “Let’s stop at the carwash and get you a coin mine.”  (A coin mine is more than 12 coins at one location).  I did not want to be negative out loud, but I thought to myself, “Yeah, sure.  Your just gonna pull into the parking lot of the closed car wash when it is nearly dark outside and scoop up 12 coins.  Dream on!”

To save time, Doc let me hop out of the van by the wash area while he drove a little further to park the car.  The car door had barely shut when I found a penny.  I tried to signal Doc, but he was parking.  By the time he parked, I had found a second penny.  I signaled to him that we could leave.  His body language told me to keep looking.  At which point the sun shone on a dime!  Then the sun glistened on a penny.  That penny led me close to a planter area near the street.  Quite a way from where any customers would be or where washing activities would take place.  I spotted a penny in the planter; then another and another.  Doc came over to see what I was doing in the dirt.  Then he started finding coins too!  The sun was going down and it was getting too dark to see any more, so we headed back to the van.  I was counting the coins in my hand - 24 coins!  That means a Coin Mine for Each of Us!  That was simply mind boggling!

I said out loud to the Angels,  “OK.  You sure proved me wrong - and you DOUBLED it!”  Awesome.  Then I got sassy.  “But you KNOW my favorite number is 25, not 24.  If you are listening, then how about one more?”  Before I reached the van, there was an additional penny.
(Coins #1-25)

This morning Doc found a penny when he went for coffee (Coin #26) and this evening we collected a penny at our second stop.  (Coin #27)

Total:   27 Coins        P (23), N (2), D (2), Q (0) = $0.53

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day #1,346 - Flexible

This morning I scrambled to get a few things done around the house and then put on my “interior decorator” hat.  A friend is getting married next weekend.  It is customary to decorate the family home prior to the wedding for the many guests and festivities.  I had offered to help her decorate her mom’s house from 11 - 3 today.

When I arrived at the house with tools and gear, Nakita and her mom laughed at all the things I had brought.  Nakita asked if I would be willing to also help decorate her father’s house today.  She guesstimated we could be finished there by 5 p.m.  Then we could work on her Mom’s house which was more complex.  Gulp. I had a dozen things I was going to do from  3-7 before I met up with Doc this evening.  “Sure!  Lets’ go!”  (Sleep is very underrated). 
Decorating at Bride's Father's House

As we were decorating the first house we moved sofas and furniture. One penny under the couch.  I was granted permission to take that one.  (Coin #1).  By the time we left, the house looked beautiful with all the purple satin swags. 

Doc says I am so NOT flexible and always want things to go according to my plans.  As we were driving, Nakita thanked me for being so flexible.  I asked her to share that thought with Doc - to let him know that he is wrong once again!

Decorating at Bride's Mother's House

We next decorated Nakita’s mother’s house.  The challenge -- how to suspend yards and yards of yellow fabric from the ceiling without showing any means of support and without any lasting effects to the drywall ceiling.

At 5:40 p.m. I excused myself and left the other two ladies to finish the detail work.  I was not able to take care of some of my planned action items.  I did stop for petrol since I was running on fumes.  While the fuel was pumping I asked the Penny Angels for a second coin.  Found a penny within minutes (Coin #2).

Meanwhile today Doc went for breakfast, folded some laundry, went to an ATM for cash, and took out the garbage cans.  He found a dime.  (Doc Coin #1)

I arrived home at 7:30, unpacked my tools and wedding related supplies, hugged the dogs, grabbed Doc and headed out for the weekly grocery shopping.  Instead of driving back to our former stomping grounds we went to the same three named stores, but the local ones instead of the ones in the Pomona area.  I found a penny at the first store and a dime at the second.   (Coins #3&4).  At the third store I looked several times through the checkout area and found nothing.   So I said, “C’mon Angels, let’s go three-for-three”.  At checkout there was a quarter!  (Coin #5).

The rest of the evening was spent on the upcoming PP Open House.  Designer Chaz had eleven emails waiting for me to review.  I finally gave up at 2 a.m.

I think it is time to start talking to the Angels about Buyers for the Pomona house.  Let’s FIND the right family for that!  LOL

Total:   6 Coins        P (3), N (0), D (2), Q (1) = $0.48

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day #1,345 - Fabric Found

Sprinkler Repair
Doc and I had planned to leave the house at 8 a.m. to work on the sprinkler lines at the Pomona house.  There were several delays at home, plus en route we stopped at the bank.  There was a fabric store right next to the bank and I thought maybe I should just take a quick peek at their Fabrics-for-the-Home and their prices in order to compare with what Drapery Brian had proposed.  I should not have done that.  I found a dozen swatches I wanted to take home and see how they looked.  Unfortunately the store would only check out three at a time.  So Doc also checked out three.   Another glitch -- the fabrics are on sale for 40% off and the sale ends today!
Box Cutting

While I was inside the store, Doc went for a coffee, then wandered around the parking lot.  He found one dime and one penny.  I collected a penny inside the yardage store.  (Coins #1-3)

At the Pomona house Doc started by fixing the rear roll-up garage door cable.  Next we ran the various sprinkler lines to determine the problem areas.  We had no shovel, so called brother Mikey (who lives 3 houses away) to borrow one.  Then we made a run to the hardware store for needed components.  There were at least four areas to repair.

At 1:30 we headed to another fabric store where I had planned to purchase some of the window fabrics -- until I discovered the new set of swatches  this morning and plans changed.  After that, Doc needed lunch.

This afternoon was filled with laundry, HOA issues, retirement papers, cutting up the remaining cardboard boxes and other household stuff.  The fun stuff was playing with my newly-found fabric swatches.  Doc says the fabrics ‘glow’.  He likes them too.

At 7:30 this evening we took Dundee to get his nails trimmed.  Stopped at McDonalds on the way home for Doc to get his dinner.  At the drive-up window he reached left to get his burger, while I reached right to get a penny.  (Coin #4)

Total:   4 Coins        P (3), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.13

Friday, August 24, 2012

Day #1,344 - Loan Recorded

This morning Mandy and I squeezed out 45 minutes from our busy day and spent quality time with each other and with our canine babies.  This time we took Norman and Cashew.
Dog Walks

There was an overnight envelope delivery.  It contained the escrow documents and the check for the overage amount.  Our loan recorded today!

Window Covering Crew
Shortly after 10 a.m. Drapery Brian and Measuring Kevin arrived.  The measurements were completed in an hour, then we began looking at the fabric and cell shade options.

So Many Decisions

Gutter Marcos was giving an estimate at the house across the street.  (I had referred him).  There is one more section of gutter I’d like him to do, so I quickly met with him regarding that project.

By 2 p.m. Doc and I were both hungry, so we headed out for lunch.  Got one penny on that journey.

This evening Doc and I reviewed loan docs, played with the various drapery options, worked on retirement documents and so forth.

Total:   1 Penny

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day #1,343 - New Sofas

Doc laughed at me saying that I was doing the same things this week at the Penny Palace as I was doing at Cal Poly Pomona, but at least I there I got a paycheck at the end of each month.  Now I am doing these crazy things, but just for Love!


Much of today was spent on printed materials.  The First draft of the Open House Invitation was laid out.  I tried to devise a place card template for a friend’s wedding.  Some work was done on the Open House Tour Book and more of those sorts of things. is one site from which I get emails.  Great place to ‘gift’ (get rid of things) and help other people.  Two days ago Angie posted that she wanted Moving Boxes.  I’ve got just a few of those underfoot and Doc has been complaining about them.  He wanted them cut up and put in the Blue Recycle Bin.  I thought someone could probably use them instead.  So this morning Doc and I spent time in the Dungeon dragging out dozens and dozens of boxes.  I was not looking forward to cleaning the dungeon and would probably not have done it for several years.  However, since it was helping someone instead of merely cleaning, I was motivated.

Sofas Arrive
I finally got out of the house at 10 a.m.  Today’s focus was window coverings.  Went to a discount yardage store to get sample swatches.  Then went to Lowe’s to look through their books of shades and blinds.  Found one penny at that stop.

Needed to be home by 2 p.m. since the sofas were scheduled for delivery between 2 and 6.  At 2:30 they arrived.  They look great!  The Grand Room feels really good with some furniture in there instead of construction items and boxes.

Sofa Testing

a)  Today I called Chaz who is designing the Open House Invitations.  He had not yet received the Mock Up I mailed him TEN days ago!  Gr… he had not yet seen any of my ideas.  While we were on the phone he tried finding past files he had for me.  He asked to call me back after he had found my files.  Meanwhile he went out to his mailbox and my letter had arrived. Yipee!  Perfect Timing.

Looking Good

b) Today I was questioning my sanity and trying to figure out WHY I was creating such a complex and expensive event - pretty much like a wedding.  When I went out to meet the sofa delivery guys, a neighbor pulled up and introduced himself.  He asked about seeing the inside of the house.  I told him October for the General Open House and that I was considering a special session just for Neighbors. That might be a Potluck dinner so people could meet one another.  He seemed genuinely excited about that! 
Moving Boxes

COINcidence that he should introduce himself and express interest just as I am needing reassurances?  THIS is why the Open House needs to be more than a simple “open the front door and let people walk around”.  There is too much more involved here.

c)  When Angie came to collect the boxes around 4:45 she was quite Thankful.  I told her that the Penny Palace is a special place built on miracles and love.  She asked  “You mean THIS is the Penny Palace?  I heard you talk about this at a workshop we were attending together and have thought about your Penny Tales ever since then.  You are STILL finding the coins? It was such a neat story.” 

COINcidence that she should cross my path on a day when I needed reassurance?

There were lots of emails, calls and other things going on this evening, so no time for more Penny Finding.  I met the one penny minimum daily requirement.

Total:   1 Penny

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day #1,342 - Grand Day

Floor Cleaning

Today I finally conquered the last of those piles on the Grand Room Floor (well all except for the ones I moved under the staircase).  Then the screen guy came and installed screen doors on the French doors so now we can have exterior air flow in the Grand Room.  I moved the dining table into the Grand room.  That allowed me to “mock up” some furniture placements and decide what to order.

Screen guy Dale arrived at 8 a.m. and installed the five screens; finishing around 2 p.m.  I partially worked with him, partially with Doc, and partially on my other tasks.  Doc was willing to spend 30 minutes working together in his office!

Screen Dale
After dealing with some of the files and boxes in the Grand Room, it was fun to mock up the furniture layout.  Dragged the reading chair from the bedroom and the motion table from the Family Room, added boxes, Ramboard templates and other items to get a ‘feel’ for the room.  It’s feeling good!  J

At 5:30 Doc and I headed out for a 1-hour massage at the Foot Spa.  That felt Grand!  Before getting back into the van I collected two quarters and three pennies.  That was pretty Grand.   (Coins #1-5).   We were walking across the parking lot and Doc kept saying “I need to take off my shoe and rearrange my sock or something.”  It just did not feel very Grand.  He took off his shoe to find his hair comb there!  (He had stored it there while getting the massage).

My mom called with a debrief on her teeth.  After several weeks of procedures, today was to be the final installation of her new lower bridge.  The lab had made the bridge out of metal versus the porcelain we ordered.  When installed, Mom immediately went into spasms.  The dentist said they must begin the entire process again.  Not so Grand.  Hopefully it will not cost another Grand.

Doc and I next visited the furniture store I had discovered two weeks ago. I took Doc to ‘test sit” the sofa I liked.  He liked it too.  Yippee!  We ordered it and expect it delivery tomorrow.

We seldom go a day without visiting a home Improvement store and today was no exception.  We made a quick stop for some floor protectors to put under the dining table and chairs.  I collected one penny.  (Coin #6)

Total:   6 Coins        P (4), N (0), D (0), Q (2) = $0.54 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day #1,341 - Hindsight

This morning I was scrambling to get ready for today’s guests. 

Paying off the HVAC Man
We were expecting HVAC Jim to come over sometime today to pick up his deposit to get started on the Rental air conditioner tomorrow. I was going to tape the check to the front door so that we would not be interrupted when we had company.  Doc would not allow that.

Doc went to go fetch my mother.  I frantically cleaned house and then turned on the shower.  I heard the dogs barking.  Crud!  It must be Jim at the front door.  I could not ignore him after he drove all the way over here.  There wasn’t enough time to put all my clothes back on, so I grabbed a towel and answered the front door. Meanwhile Doc returned home and came through the back door.  He found me wrapped in a towel, at the front door, handing a strange man some money.  It’s good for a laugh -- in HINDsight.

Visitors: Father, Mom, Uncle

At 1 p.m. my father arrived with his step-brother from Germany.  My father shared how after WWII the town where the family was living was depressing and he did not foresee much potential there.  So at 15 years of age (much to his mother’s dismay), he was sponsored by his uncle to come to America in hopes of a better life.  He found a job, went to night school to learn English, and proceeded to establish himself in the new country.
Family Dinner

At 4 p.m. brother Mikey arrived with his family.  We all had a nice dinner together.  And I used the Oven!!!   The Penny Palace seems to be serving it’s purpose - welcoming visitors of various ages, interests, nationalities, etc.

Uncle at Bass Pro Shop
At 7:30 we shut down the party.  Brother took Mom and his family home.  Doc and I drove my father (who can no longer drive) and his brother home to Hemet (70 miles from here).  We detoured slightly to let them experience The Bass Pro Shop.  They were overwhelmed.

By 10 p.m. Doc and I had delivered our passengers and were headed back to the Penny Palace.  Oops!  Need a coin for today.  Stopped at a grocery store from some bottled water.  Found two dimes there. (Coins #1&2)  Thanks Angels, but this is PENNY Tales.  Stopped at a second grocery store because Doc wanted some beef jerky.  I said “C’mon Angels.  Do your Stuff!”  I found two more dimes there!  (Coins #3&4).

The grocery store did not have the kind of jerky Doc was seeking, so we drove across the street to a 7-11 store.  As we walked in, I spotted a coin.  At first I thought it was another dime, but it was a penny.  (Coin #5)  Whew!  While Doc made his selection, I wandered outside by the gas pumps.  It was a large station and I had searched almost the entire place.  So I said, “C’mon Angels.  In a place this large, there must be a penny out here.”  Within moments I found a penny which had been obstructed by a large stucco column.  (Coin #6)

Total:   6 Coins        P (2), N (0), D (4), Q (0) = $0.42