In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Joyfully, Tina

Saturday, January 19, 2019


Today was Day #5 of Doc’s knee surgery recovery.  We spent the entire day working his rehab procedures.  At 8 p.m. I realized I did not have today’s coin yet.  What to do? I settled Doc into his recliner, made him a cup of warm tea, had him swallow a Norco pill, and put the TV remote controller in his hand.  Then I headed out to the nearest grocery store.

Before his surgery, Doc mentioned that it would be nice to have some flowers around the house.  I grabbed a bunch of flowers at the store along with the bananas he requested. There was a penny at my feet as I was paying for those items.

I have this ongoing discussion with the Penny Angels that ONE penny in a day is a ‘fluke’.  Two pennies confirm that the coins are Heaven Sent.  That’s a sign of God’s Two Cents worth for the day.  I went to the second store (next door) to obtain fruit and a balloon (as far as anyone else knew), but really to seek a second penny.  I found a dime.  OK.  I’ll be satisfied with that.  Thank You angels.

The parking lot was darkand there was no one else around, so I began talking out loud to the Angels. “I realize coinage doesn’t mean much in heaven, but a dime does not equal a penny.  That is NOT God’s 2¢ worth for today.  Do you have anything to say about that?”  Within 2-3 seconds I saw something glisten.  I was laughing.  “Are you serious?  Is that a penny there?”  It was! “Well that was a quick reply.  Glad to see that you are listening tonight”  And instantly there was ANOTHER penny!  By then I was at my car.  It only took 40 minutes to get the groceries, flowers, a balloon and four coins.  Nice!

Reminder: The Angels are on duty at all times and they love to play!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Just ASK

As many of you know, Doc had a knee replacement three days ago.  The surgery went well.  Recovery is proceeding as expected: pain, fever, lack of appetite, constipation, impatience …

Since Doc needs assistance 24/7 right now, it has been challenging to continue the daily Penny Finding.  (It is Day #553). This morning a neighbor offered to sit with Doc so I could run out to get him a pair of slippers and find today’s coin. 

I was planning to go to Target (4 miles away), but was “nudged” to stop at the 7-11 store (2 miles away).  Upon pulling into the lot I said “Hi Angels!  Would you be so kind as to provide today’s penny rather quickly? I’d like to get back to Doc ASAP.” I parked the car and hopped out. Look what was right in front of me. A scattering of coins!! Many of you know my favorite number is 25.  Yup. There were 25 pennies there!  Is that COINcidence or what?

I walked into the 7-11 just for the fun of it.  There was ONE penny on the mat as I walked through the door.  I almost felt the Penny Angels saying, “This is the Penny YOU asked for and were expecting – THINK BIGGER!”

Driving to the Target Store I was talking to the Angels again … “So are you able to produce a pair of men’s slippers in the right size, low heeled, decent color, in a style which Doc would like, this far past Christmas?”  I searched at Target.  There were two fairly beaten up pairs and not in Doc’s size. OK Angels, I honestly didn’t expect to find any.  Thanks anyway.

I was “nudged” to walk to the department store next door.  I argued back. “It is pouring rain out here and I need to get back home because I asked the neighbor for just one hour of her time. There won’t be any slippers left anyhow.”  The angels said to try.

I walked in the store and asked for assistance.  
Tina: “Where would men’s slippers be, and do you have any remaining?” 
Sales Clerk: “By men’s underwear and I don’t believe we have any remaining”. 
Tina:  “See angels. I told you it wasn’t worth getting wet for!”

I ran to the back of the store to prove how wrong the Angels were. There were probably 25-30 pairs of slippers there!  Perhaps eight of them were in Doc’s size and there were three different colors – all of which Doc would like!  Talk about manifesting!

Lessons today:
Think Bigger.
Take the Angels shopping with you.
Ask and you shall receive.
Verbalizing leads to Manifesting

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Summary of 2018

WOW!  One week of 2019 has already been completed and I am just getting the 2018 data entered.  2018 was another 365 days of finding coins EVERY DAY – even when on a bus tour in Canada. That was NOT easy at all.

In summary we found: 
2066 Pennies, 160 Nickels, 523 Dimes and 162 Quarters plus some others. There were 2923 basic coins.
There were 72 Norman Pennies (2015D minted pennies) and 49 Hits for the Cycle.
There were 90 additional coins including ones from Portugal, Ireland, Mexico, the Czech Republic, India, Korea, Japan, China, Brazil, Columbia, Great Britain and of course, Canada.

Next week when Doc has his knee surgery, I’m arranging for “Doc Sitters” so that I can escape for an hour or two to find the daily coin(s).  Today is consecutive Day #544 and we can’t end the streak merely because Doc will be house bound.


On Monday, New Year’s Eve, Doc was “rehearsing” for New Year’s Day. That is when he sits in his recliner pretty much all day and watches TV.  Suddenly the chair totally collapsed!  Doc’s world was shattered!  What would he do without his chair for the Rose Bowl? He managed to survive using sofas and other chairs.  

On Friday a technician came out to repair the recliner.  Look what fell out – four coins in an exact Hit for the Cycle!  I don’t think those count as legitimate finds since they were already in the house, but it was fun!


Today Doc and I met the P.A. anesthesiologist for Doc’s upcoming knee surgery.  It was a small room with 3 chairs.  As we got up to leave, I noticed a quarter under my chair; and then a second one!  I KNOW those coins were not there when I sat down.  Was I laying coins?  

Doc is now “bubble wrapped” because in six days he will be undergoing knee surgery.  I doubt he will be doing much Penny Finding for a while after that.

May YOUR 2019 be filled with silly times and lots of Penny Finds.