In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Joyfully, Tina

Monday, September 11, 2017

Sassing Tom

This morning my first stop was at the UPS store to ship two packages on behalf of our Aussie guests.  When I walked in, Tom, the Owner teasingly said, “Hello. Have you found your penny today?”  I told him No - his was the first place I had visited.

I emerged from the UPS store and immediately began a conversation with the Penny Angels.  “Hey Angels.  Tom needs a dose of sassing right back.  Could you show me a coin between here and my truck?  Preferably something which will be noteworthy.” 

Within a few feet, Doc found a Quarter!  That is 25 times a penny!  I was tempted to go right back into the store, but knew that Tom would say something sassy such as “That is a quarter NOT a Penny!  I thought you do PENNY Finding?”  So I proceeded into the grocery store.

I spent maybe all of 60 seconds inside the grocery store and emerged with a handful of coins! (Someone had left them in the return of the coin counting machine).  There were:  4 Quarters, 6 Nickels, 3 Dimes and 13 Pennies.  WOWWW!!!  That qualifies as THREE hits for the cycle as well as a Coin Mine!

I hurried back to show Tom how the Angels had responded to his sassing.  We were all laughing.

Such good fun!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Real Estate Angels

Tonight after doing our weekly grocery shopping, Doc and I stopped at the local gas station for fuel in the van.  While Doc pumped the gas, I went penny finding at the car wash.  After extensive searching, I had found only ONE penny.  (Usually I find more there).  So I began talking to the angels – out loud.

Tonight’s conversation with the Angels:
Tina:  “I appreciate finding the penny as a sign of your presence, but right now I need some serious discussions with perhaps a Real Estate Angel.  I am in a real quandary over the sale of our Tennessee townhouse.”

Background for you here:  Although Doc and I had no intentions of selling our TN unit, we were somewhat ‘led’ into doing that for an unforeseen reason.  Then just before we listed it with an agent, I was ‘nudged’ to ask D.B. who lives in that Tennessee area if she knew anyone who might be interested in the unit.  She said her son and his fiancée might be interested!  Wow!  That was not expected. However, her son is not likely to qualify for a loan.  For the past two weeks it has been an up and down situation.  During this process, D.B. has found daily coins in the strangest places and perceives these as a sign to continue working on this effort.  See this coin which she found Friday.  Is that a sign or what?

Back to MY discussion with the Angels…

Tina:  “The chances of D.B.’s son getting a loan are looking pretty slim.  Am I wasting my time on this?  Doc is getting impatient with me and these Penny-led Delays.  I need something bigger than that penny to indicate that I should continue forward on this”.  Within seconds there was a quarter in front of me!  (Keep in mind I had already thoroughly searched this area).

I was laughing. 
“Hi Angels.  THAT was impressive!  Are you serious?  I’m really supposed to go on faith here?”  There was a shiny penny in front of me. 
“What??  Do I just continue forward as long as the pennies keep showing up?”  Another penny in front of me! 
“You are playing with me right now. This is IMPOSSIBLE to be finding this many coins in an area I have already searched!”  Another penny.
“I really can’t believe you are ‘talking’ to me like this”.  Another penny.
“Doc is waiting for me at the van.  I am ending this discussion with you.  I don’t want to do what you are asking of me”.  Another penny in front of me!

Have you ever wanted to tell that Nudging little voice to shut up and go away??  Except that I DID initiate the discussion and ask for input…

Hope you are laughing at this story.

Lesson:  Ask for Divine assistance with your dilemmas.  You might be surprised at the response.

Friday, September 1, 2017

TN Angels

Yesterday I wrote about the California Penny Angels who were playing with me.  It turns out that some Penny Angels were also playing with D.B. in Tennessee.  Here is her story:  
I'm so excited and went to bed pretty late myself.  I came into the bedroom about 11:45 pm to prep for bed, as I walked into the room laying next on the floor to my dresser was a penny... I though how did you get there at this time of the night?  Amazing Right!  After taking a pic of the penny, I went into my bathroom to prep as I stated, and at the sink on the rug was a dime and now I'm thinking Lord God what is really going on I'm seeing coins that shouldn't be there. I take another picture, and begin my prep for the night.. I then walk back into my bedroom to turn down the bed, and to my 3rd surprise is another dime laying on my nightstand!  At this point I am pretty sure I have been giving a divine message, so to say the least I'm really excited!!! 

So how do YOU choose to interpret that?  Merely COINcidence?  Or are there Divine messages being sent?


Our Aussie guests were WARMLY greeted today.  We saw temperatures as high as 115 F while travelling about. 
Pennies were discontinued in Australia back in 1964.  Thus, our Aussie guests enjoyed Penny Finding as we travelled along Route 66 and other places.  So where did we go for this Penny Finding Day? Dick’s Sporting Goods, the restored Cucamonga Richfield Service Station on Route 66, Big 5, Target, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, REI, Victoria Gardens Farmer’s Market, the Food Court, Bass Pro Shop, Lucky Feet Shoes, Ontario Mills Mall, California Welcome Center, 99¢ Store, Five Below Store, Traders Joe’s, Vons and other places.

Our guests have been avid readers of Penny Tales since Doc and I met them in Western Australia three years ago.  It is one thing to read about Penny Finding, but totally different to actually experience it.  We had such fun today collecting 32 coins:   20P, 3N, 6 D, and 3Q.     That makes THREE Hits for the cycle.  More fun (and sure a lot cheaper) than taking them to Disneyland!