In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Joyfully, Tina

Monday, May 31, 2010

Day #528 - Memorial Day Monday

Today I just really wanted to stay home and clean my office, do laundry, catch up on bills, etc.

By late morning I realized I should get out and look for a penny. I headed for the car wash. I paid the cashier and he returned my 5¢ of change saying, “A whole nickel”. I replied, “Every Penny Matters.” The cashier helped another customer in line and I headed out to wait for my truck. But I could not resist going back and giving the cashier a Penny Card while telling him the story. He asked if I had found today’s coin. I told him I had not. He said he would help me look, so we went out and sure enough there was a beautiful shiny penny just outside the front door! Nice! (Coin #1)

Stopped at a gas station. It had been over two months since I fuelled my truck. Wow! No coins there.

I next went to the office supply store. I paid the cashier and she returned my 1¢ of change saying, “Your Lucky Penny”. I replied, “No. I have already found that one and this one does NOT count as a found penny.” I told the cashier about Penny Tales and gave her a Penny Card. She asked me to tell her an example of one of my Tales. I told, she smiled. JOY shared.

Spent the rest of the day on household tasks plus 2-3 hours reviewing the Landscape plans for the new house.


Doc went out to deliver some documents to his realtor. He had seen a penny yesterday in a road depression (foregone), but there was too much traffic. Today he went back and retrieved one very battered coin. Sit-N-Find. Doc had a few minutes before his appointment, so he stopped at a Starbucks within a grocery store. He got coffee and a penny. After Doc’s meeting he went to school to work for a while. He was starving on the way home so he stopped at McDonalds for two burgers and two pennies. (Coins #2-5)

Total: 5 Pennies

Day #527 - Slow Lane Sunday

It seemed like I was in the slow lane today. Compared to the chaotic past week it was wonderful just to spend a few hours this afternoon with the family - at the home of our son, Brian!. We reviewed his recent home improvements and enjoyed a delicious and healthy BBQ. Then spent an entire hour just sitting on a picnic blanket doing nothing (except eating fruit juice popsicles).

We were assigned to bring a veggie platter to the BBQ today. We thought it would be easy to swing past a grocery store and grab a tray on our way to Pasadena. No veggie tray (or coins) at Traders Joe’s. No veggie tray (or coins) at the second store either! At the thirds store we at least found a penny! Finally at the fourth store, we acquired the veggie tray - and another penny!

It took an hour to hunt down this veggie tray - and Doc doesn’t even really like veggies. As we were driving away from the grocery store, son #2 called saying, “Don’t bother to buy a veggie tray, we’ve already brought one!” Timing is so important.

Total: 2 Pennies

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day #526 - Mushroom Coins

Nice day with not too many commitments.

Of course Doc began the day with a coffee at Starbucks, but he chose a walk-up one. I didn’t find any coins there, so next Doc stopped at In-N-Out and the grocery store. No coins. I walked back to the van saying, “C’mon Penny Angels, come out to play”. Within 10 seconds there was a dime where a car pulled out of a parking stall! Asphalt Coin. (Coin #1)

We went to school for a while so Doc could print out 3-D parts for some students’ projects. They go off and play for the weekend and leave him to print their work!

At noon we took a break to meet with a realtor. Doc made a quick stop at McDonald’s for an appetizer. I found a penny. (Coin #2) After our meeting, Doc wanted to stop at CVS to find HIS coin for today. He found a penny at the copy machine then another penny by the blood pressure tester. The score was now tied 2:2.

When we returned to campus, I was passing a study room and spotted a dime through the glass door. Captured! (Coin #5). I was “nudged” to check another study room. Could not believe it. There was no one in there. (The other study rooms and computer labs were all very busy). I turned on the light. It looked like a tornado had hit the room. There was trash and things all over the place. And there was a penny under a study table, then a second penny. Found a dime and quarter on the sofa. Penny under a computer station. Two pennies along the wall, a penny on a box, a penny on a table…. Every time I turned my head, there was a coin in sight. Mushroom coins! I collected 22 coins throughout the room! Coin Mine!

Total: 27 Coins P (20), N (3), D (3), Q (1) = $0.90

Friday, May 28, 2010

Day #525 - Project Symposium

New house progress: The results of our Fire Hydrant Test came in today’s mail - it passed! We are adequately pressurized.


Today was a big day at school. Approximately 400 Engineering students presented their senior projects in 16 simultaneous workshop sessoins.

There was a team of 8 student volunteers working with me this morning and when one of them arrived, she held out a penny saying “Found this on the way over”. That was a good start to the day.

Around noon I transported a load of gear to my office and was starting to feel wilt. There was one voicemail message on the phone - a friend from Texas who called to say, “Just found a bright, shiny penny outside my office. Thinking of you and sending you an energy hug”. What perfect timing! Thank You Penny Angels for that.

I shut down the morning workshops, moved dozens of desks, furniture and other gear back into place, then headed across campus for the afternoon portion of the event. I was half way there and thinking I needed to find a penny yet today. I was very tempted to detour through the Marketplace or Student Center to search for today’s coin, but realized I needed to be setting up for the 1:30 function. So I said (out loud), “Hello Penny Angels, I can’t detour right now. Then after the function I will be transporting gear with other people and by the time I shut down around 7 PM, I will NOT want to stop anywhere on my way home in order to search for a silly penny.” “So just what do YOU plan to do about THAT?” Within 10-15 ft. of uttering those words, there was a penny in the street in front of me! The question was answered in a matter of seconds! WOW! OK! I guess you made your point! (Coin #1)

During the event I found a second penny.

Once again, The Penny Angels provided their two cents worth!

Total: 2 Pennies

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day #524 - Fun Finds

Tomorrow is a big day at school. Approximately 400 Engineering students will be presenting their senior projects to industry guests as well as the campus audience . It is always an impressive event. So that meant today my focus was on event prep and lectures - not pennies.

At 6:45 PM Doc called to say it was time to leave. I packed up and waited for him at the street. After a few minutes he called and said he had been delayed, but was on his way.

Doc said, “So go find a penny while you are waiting for me”!

Picture me in business suite with 30 lbs. of gear (carrier bag full of folders, student papers, two lunch pouches, a bag of textbooks, a full handbag and some other misc. things.

I told him, “Honey. You are kidding, right? I realize my marriage vows said ‘Love, Honor, and Obey”, but you are REALLY pushing it here!”

Note: my wording may have been more of the PG version than the G version I have typed here.

So where could I go in 2-3 minutes to find a penny? Of course, I headed for the vending machine area. I walked all around talking out loud to the Penny Angels the whole time.

The logical “engineering” mind said, “What did you expect? Did you really think you could waltz down here and say ‘pretty please manifest me a penny’ and you’d have one? What is the reasonable probability of that?”

At that point I was “nudged” to check the coin return chute of the machine in front of me.

My reply, “No. Sorry Penny Angels, I just don’t do that. I am not that desperate.”

The nudging said, “Don’t argue. Shut up and check”.

There was a penny in the coin return! Since when do the vending machines give or take pennies? They only accept swipe cards, bills, or larger coins!

Doc was laughing when I obediently delivered the penny to him.


Doc and I stopped at the little Mexican restaurant on the way home. After placing our order our eyes went into “search mode”. I spied something.

Tina: “Honey is that a penny?”

Doc: “Definitely”

I walked past a few tables and did an up-close viewing - it was not a penny! Merely a blob! But there was a penny within a foot of the blob! (Coin #3). Doc and I were laughing.

Lesson: Listen to the “Nudgings”

Total: 3 Pennies

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day #523 - Finding Rate

Doc stopped for his Starbucks coffee on the way to school. I collected a penny (Coin #1).

I needed to run an errand across campus, so passed through the Marketplace and collected a penny (Coin #2).

This afternoon we had our bi-weekly playtime with the kids. The weather was absolutely breathtaking.. Blue skies, 70+ degree temperatures, the mountains were crystal clear and you could even see downtown LA from 20+ miles away. Gorgeous. We went to a local park and played for a while. Doc found one penny by the soda vending machines. (Coin #3). Our next stop was the library for some reading. Doc found a penny at the photocopier (Coin #4). All that activity made everyone hungry so we headed to downtown Pasadena for some noodles and Mongolian BBQ. Brandon found one penny at the Carl’s Jr. next door to where we had dinner. He found it not at the drive through window, but in the grass! (Coin #5). Then as we began driving away, I shouted “Penny”! So Uncle Doc put the van in reverse and I hopped out to retrieve Coin #6.

We had approximately one hour until the kids’ 8:30 PM curfew. Of course they wanted to spend the time at Chuck E. Cheese’s. While the kids and Uncle Doc were spending coins, I was seeking them. I collected one CEC token and four pennies. (Coins #7-10). Somehow my Finding Rate did not keep up with their Spending Rate!

The little kids were taken home on time then we headed back to school to clean up some additional tasks. The little kids and our College students are looking forward to the end of school -- and so are we!

Total: 10 Pennies + one game token

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day #522 - Hang On!

Doc started the day with a trip to Starbucks. He chose one without a drive through window, and thus, no coins found.

As we were driving to school I noticed the In-N-Out Burger place was not yet open, so Doc tossed me out of the van and I went walking. The place had just been hosed down, so coins not likely. But then I found one wet, bedraggled one. J find for the day. Then as I began walking away I spotted another one. It made me laugh. It looked like it was holding on for dear life to the side of the brick building! This poor penny must have gotten wedged there when the torrential floods came (the hose down) and it didn’t want to be washed into the drain grate. Of course I rescued it. (Coins #1&2).

Angel Lesson: Sometimes it may feel like you are drowning and just hanging on for dear life. HOLD ON and know that your situation is sure to CHANGE.

Doc had left the van and gone into the bank for some cash. So I had a few minutes before his return. I had spotted a few coins earlier in the week embedded in the floor wax around the coin counting kiosk. This time I was prepared … With screw driver in hand I went stalking my prey. Thought I might need more of a pry bar, but eventually emerged with 3 sticky pennies, one nickel, and one quarter. My arm was too short to get the additional 2 coins (foregones). (Coins #3-7).

Doc said we needed a dime to Hit for the Cycle, so he pulled into a gas station. I only found a penny. (Coin #8) Then it was time to get to school!

Total: 8 Coins P (6), N (1), D (0), Q (1) = $0.36

Monday, May 24, 2010

Day #521 - K.I.S.S.

Keep It Short and Simple.

I spotted a penny as I approached my building at school this morning. Then a student stood right on it! I mentally told him to “get off my penny!” and when he moved, I rescued the poor little coin.

Doc is not home from work yet, but he mentioned that he found a penny this morning at Starbucks - of course.

2 Pennies

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day #520 - Coin Mining

Yesterday we found one international coin, today - two!

Doc insisted upon a Starbucks run first thing this morning. He refused to do any work until I went for a coffee with him. He assured me that yesterday he had seen a penny or two in the planter and that I would for sure get coins if I accompanied him. He was correct! While placing his order at the speaker phone, he was motioning for me to hop out of the van and retrieve the penny at which he was pointing. I then just walked along side the van as he approached the pay window.

There was a coin, then a coin, then a coin, then a penny, then a coin, then a penny. I say coins because I honestly could not tell what they were. Some of them had dirt at least 1/8” thick on them. We have collected coins from that planter before and the soil is almost like concrete in there. I collected 19 coins and just wrapped them in a napkin to transport home. Coin Mine!


It was early so In-N-Out was not yet open. Couldn’t resist walking through. No coins by either window. But one penny in the approach driveway and another in a concrete expansion crack by the supply room. (Coins #20&21).

I returned to the parked van, but Doc was not there. So I hunted for him in the grocery store. Did not find Doc, but retrieved a penny. (Coin #22). Doc was outside walking with Sparky and had found his own penny at one of the kiddie rides. (Coin #23).


We went home to do our chores and paper grading. We also tried to clean our Starbucks coins with soap and water first, then white vinegar and salt, then ketchup, then a chisel, then CLR, then a wire brush. We were finally able to determine that we had 2 quarters, 15 US pennies and 2 foreign coins. The foreign coins were pretty scratched and etched by then. Could not tell what they were.


By late afternoon we needed a break. We headed to the grocery stores for our weekly shopping, but stopped first at the local coin shop. Neat old place which looks more like a museum than a store. Doc stepped out of the van and immediately found a penny. (Coin #24). We entered the shop to find bowls and bowls of pennies - wheat ones, old ones, new ones, etc. I’m sure the guys in the shop thought I was crazy for getting excited about one or two found pennies. Ed and Dennis were helpful and inspected our copper finds. One is an Irish penny with an angelic harp - how appropriate. Doc at first thought the coins showed wings.

The other coin is a British penny. The penny has a symbol of a portcullis (a latticed gate to fortify the entrance to a castle). Nice thought for our new house.

Are these symbols of travel on the horizon? Doc says he‘ll start packing ...

This is how the coins originally must have looked.

Our next stop was WalMart where we found three pennies in various check out lanes. (Coins #25-27) At Trader Joe’s we found a penny and at Sprouts grocery we found another. (Coins #28-29)

Total: 27 US Coins P (25), Q (2), = $0.75

+ one Irish penny and one British Penny

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day #519 - Grand Slam

I was just heading upstairs to go to bed and thinking, “My chores are done enough. I’m going to read a good book for a few minutes, then go to sleep early tonight.” Then I realized I hadn’t written today’s Penny Tale. You’d think after 500+ days it would be a habit almost impossible to break. (I thought the same thing after 10 weeks of regular exercise).
No in both cases.


This morning Doc went out with son and grandson to look at some property. Of course they stopped at Starbucks for fuel. One quarter found there (Doc Coin #1). They came home around 1 p.m. After lunch I headed out to run errands. Went to the post office and office supply store. No coins found. So I pulled into a self-serve car wash and asked the Penny Angels to find me a coin. There was a nickel on a high concrete pad supporting the vacuum hose. (Tina Coin #1).

There were zero cars in the Carl’s Jr. drive through line, so I could not resist the temptation to stop and look … Sure enough - a quarter! (Tina Coin #2)

I was in the mood for a new shirt or something (and to avoid grading exams and homework papers). So I spent a few minutes shopping. Emerged with 7 CDs, 3 blouses and 2 pennies. (Tina Coins #3&4).

I spent $22 to get 2¢ ! That is not a good return on investment.


This afternoon Doc took Sparky out for some “guy time”. As they were driving through dowtown La Verne, Doc spotted a penny in the street by the donut shop, but he did not stop.

Doc and Sparky wandered the high school parking lot and found a penny, then a penny, then two more pennies. Doc told Sparky they needed to find a dime to complete the “Hit for the Cycle”. Sparky stopped and pointed out all sorts of interesting things (burger wrappers, etc.), but walked right past a dime! (It made no scents to him). J Then Doc spotted a second dime! (Doc Coins #2-7).

Doc told Sparky they next needed a nickel to achieve a DOUBLE “Hit for the Cycle” today. They went to the bank for some cash and when they emerged they spotted the requested nickel under a bench in front of the new pizza place. -- he even did a one-knee retrieval for this one. (Doc Coin #8) Doc is getting pretty good at this game.

Doc went to use the restroom in the grocery store and spotted a penny deep into a check out station and another one ½ under the coin machine where there were people. He left both of those coins (forgones). As Doc was leaving the store he checked the coin changing machine. He found a 1979 5 pfennig German coin as well as a LazerStar game token. Symbolism of international and intergalactic travel? Then he spotted something big and shiny under the ATM machine. He said he just grabbed it (another one-knee retrieval) and walked out. Once in the van he looked - it was a golden one dollar coin! GRAND SLAM! (Doc Coin #9).

Doc could not resist going back through town to rescue that poor street penny. He parked the van and rescued it from being run over any further. And for his efforts the Penny Angels rewarded him with an additional quarter in a nearby tree well. Nice! (Doc Coins #10&11)

Total: 15 Coins P (7), N (2), D (2), Q (3), 1($) = $2.12

+ 5¢ German + 1 game token

DOUBLE Hit for the Cycle and a Grand Slam!

7 copper, 7 silver, 3 golden

Friday, May 21, 2010

Day #518 - Winged Penny Angel

This morning the line at Starbucks was extraordinarily long, so Doc got his coffee at the gas station across the street instead. I looked for a coin inside the store, but found none. This is a fairly large gas stations with 8 pumping bays and a huge expanse of concrete. There was a little sparrow pecking at an expansion crack in that vast sea of concrete. I thought it to be a little unusual. Then I thought, “Wouldn’t it be ‘really strange’ if that bird was trying to show my a coin”? That is not logical. I walked over to the bird. There was a dime in the crack!(Coin #1).

Then, as I returned to our parked van, I found today’s penny. (Coin #2).


Today was a furlough day (not supposed to be on campus working). So we only put in 5.5 hours before taking a break. As I went to meet Doc and leave campus, there was a dime in my path! (Coin #3)

We met with a realtor regarding the sales of our Claremont lot. Before returning to school to work a few more hours, we stopped at In-N-Out Burgers. As we drove up to the pay window I could see a bunch of copper scattered about. I felt like a chicken gobbling up feed.

One penny, two pennies, three pennies, four --five pennies, six pennies, could there be more?

I did not see any more, but Doc hopped out of the van to retrieve a nickel which I had missed! Doc needed to move the van and proceed to the pick up window and when he pulled away, there was another penny! (Mushroom coin) (Coins #4-11).


We had a fun (?) evening at school grading midterms and quizzes and ‘babysitting’ the 3-D printing machine which was fabricating parts. Engineering Nerds? Yes.

Total: 11 Coins P (8), N (1), D (2), Q (0) = $0.33

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day #517 - Rise N SHINE

Things are getting busier and busier as we approach the end of the school year. That alarm clock went off way too soon this morning. Felt like I had just turned out the lights when that irritating noise pierced my peaceful slumber. Time to Rise N SHINE!

One dime at Starbucks on the way to work. One penny at the Round Table pizza as I passed by there after attending a noon workshop. (Coins #1&2)

I attended a workshop today where the speaker talked about “feeling full inside” (and she wasn’t talking about a large pasta lunch). Do you take a moment or two each day to do even one tiny thing which “fills you?” How can we SHINE (or radiate) if we are empty inside?

On the way home from work, Doc and I decided to take an hour and “play”, so we stopped at a local street fair and just walked for a few minutes. There was one penny in a parking stall at the Circle K, then a nickel as we were exiting the same lot. (Coins #3&4). As we were walking back toward our parked van, I stopped to gaze over at some picnic tables. I said to Doc, “I don’t see any coins under those tables”. He replied, “How about the coin under your foot!” I was standing on a penny! (Coin #5).

Lesson: Sometimes what we are seeking may be closer than we realize.

Total: 5 Coins P (3), N (1), D (1), Q (0) = $0.18

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day #516 - Busy

One dime at Starbucks this morning.

I have 47 Student Scholarship Packages to read and rank before sunrise in the morning. No time to talk tonight.

Some pretty impressive students according to these applications and letters of recommendations.

1 Dime

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day #515 - ARKs = JOY

On the way to work Doc stopped at Starbucks. While we were waiting in the drive up line, I could tell there were several coins ahead. Anticipation! There was first a penny, then a nickel, a dime, another nickel and a quarter! Wow! A Hit for the Cycle all in one place! (Coins #1-5)

As Doc approached the freeway onramp he spotted IT - the penny which had been teasing him for at least a week! He had seen it several times, but there had been cars behind us or the signal had been green so we could not stop. Today the light was red and the cars behind us weren’t too intimidating, so he dove for it! Median Find. (Coin #6)


Doc found a penny in walking from his office to class. There was a Robot competition for elementary kids today and so there was ‘stuff’ all around when the event ended. Doc was merely helping to clean up one item. (Coin #7)

At work I had a thank you gift to deliver to a student. I went looking for him. He emerged from a room just as I was walking past. Thank you Angels. I handed him the gift and then noticed a dime slightly behind him. Thank You Angels. (Coin #8)

After that little boost, I decided to walk for a few more minutes and get off my … computer J

I walked through the Marketplace and collected a dime at Taco Bell, a penny at the Carl’s Jr. and a dime under the backside of a student having lunch (I did ask his permission before reaching there and gave him a Penny Card to ‘validate’ my actions). (Coins #9-11).


Class was really fun today. Showed some videos and gave them the midterm - which they created. After class during my office hour, I received a call from an instructor who was stuck in traffic and was going be late to his lecture. He asked if I could go post a note on the board of his class. Sure. That was an easy ARK to do. I went to the class 10 minutes before it began. There were already numerous students there. What would they do for 30 minutes? Since they were just texting and hanging around, I decided to take action. I basically gave them the condensed lecture I had just given my students! We were having fun. I was showing them videos of roller coaster designs, ice cream manufacturing and urine recycling. Plus discussions on solar cars, student leadership retreats, senior projects and numerous other topics. When the instructor finally arrived, the students told him to go away - we were having FUN learning!


One the way home Doc was ‘nudged’ to stop at the gas station to Penny Find. He unearthed two pennies (or so he first thought) in a planter. One turned out to be a nickel. I came to look at what he was doing and asked him why he didn’t take the dime as well! (Coins #12-14). I found a penny inside the store on the floor by the register (Coin #15).


We stopped at the little Mexican restaurant for a ‘quick’ dinner (which took over an hour)! Found a penny as we were walking in. (Coin #16). Dinner was taking an extremely long time so I began talking to the couple at the next table. We got to talking about ARKs and I gave them each a Penny Card.

Speaking of ARKs… Today I was involved with a co-worker on a project. We were conversing as we were working and the person shared a recent major setback in the plans they had been pursuing for many months. It was heartbreaking to hear. Words came out of me with a possible solution to the situation. The words surprised both of us! The words didn’t come from me, because they were not “logical”. They came from that ‘intuition’ (Spirit) side. The force of those words were powerful. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to do Acts of Random Kindness?

Total: 16 Coins P (7), N (3), D (5), Q (1) = $0.97

Lesson: ARKs = JOY (for all parties involved)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Day #514 - Plans Submitted

Today was another major milestone in the New House Project. We submitted our project to the City Planning Department. They now have 30 days in which to respond.

The morning began with three alarm clocks going off consecutively. I knew one would be insufficient to do the job. The third alarm finally got me out of bed.

Doc had received 8 sets of drawings from the architect on Friday, but I wanted one for our records, so at 7:45 AM I stopped at the copy center. By 8:25 AM I was at Mandy’s house to pick her up. Doc could not go with me this morning and I wanted someone with whom to celebrate! Mandy has been integral to this project for the past 10? years.

Mandy and I arrived at the City shortly before 9 AM. Spent the next hour going from one department to the next. At each station we were talking fervently to the Penny Angels to have the transaction run smoothly.

When we arrived at the Cashier window and were ready to pay, I noticed the forms had some family trust listed as the owner!

Lesson: Pay attention to the details!

Back we went to the previous desk for corrections. The clerk there sent us back to square one.

After paying several thousand dollars for our plans to be reviewed, we were given an update of what to expect next.

For starters we need to contact the water district and get a Fire Flow Test. Then we need a full Landscape Plan with irrigation lines, calculations of all water usage, and specific plants and spacing to be used. That will need to be reviewed by Fire Safety as well.

It took a little over an hour, but that is a milestone.

Upon returning to my parked truck, we discovered a love note on the windshield L $50 ticket for parking in an employee lot. There were no signs posted anywhere within the lot, just one sign at the entrance which I failed to see.

Lesson: Pay attention to the details!


As we were beginning the drive home Mandy and I both felt that the morning would not be complete withhout a Penny Find. So we asked the Penny Angels for a ‘nudging’. We were passing a car wash and both felt inclined to turn in. We needed to get to work, so we asked for a quick find. It was a drizzly morning, so the car wash was deserted. Mandy headed for the vacuuming station, while I headed for the waiting zone. We both pretty much at the same time raised our arms to get each other’s attention and indicate our finds! Synchronized Penny Finding - a new sport! Bruce, an attendant at the Car Wash, took our picture since he was standing there with no customers to worry about. Mandy and I each got our 2¢ worth.


When I arrived at campus at 11 AM I hopped out of the truck saying, “Thanks Penny Angels for being there today. That’s enough pennies because I don’t want to write so much tonight.” Within 60 seconds I found a penny.


Doc had a super full day at work but also managed to find a penny. He and Sparky visited the local McDonald’s for coffee and a bite before Doc headed to work.

Total: 6 Pennies

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day #513 - Pesky Angels

This morning the phone rang at 7 AM! WHO would dare call me that early on a Sunday? It was Doc calling to see if I was OK. Evidently he called last night and I did not answer. I came home from the conference around 8 p.m., fed the dogs and collapsed.

Now that Doc had me up and going it was time to do some household chores (laundry, mail, etc.) then class prep. I put away class stuff from this past week and tried to do some grading. Not in the mood for more School Stuff this morning! Enough already! So I took a break.


Around 11 a.m. I headed out. Just for a few minutes of “get away” time. I headed for a car wash. My truck was so dirty I could barely see through the windshield and the visibility was actually getting to be dangerous. After paying at the cash register, I headed for the waiting area saying, “Good Morning Penny Angels! How about a coin here this morning so I can get back home and get to work again?” I looked around all the benches and did not see anything. But I could FEEL that there should be a penny there. Continued discussion, “Look Angels, I can FEEL a coin. Please open my eyes to see it”. And immediately there was a penny under one of the benches.” (Coin #1)

At that point the workers had not even begun the vacuuming of my truck so I had plenty of time to go next door to the 99¢ store. I went in for ONE item. I looked for coins all around the register area as I entered the store. None found. After a few minutes my arms were full of items. One lady passed me saying, “You really do need to get a cart”. At that point I figured it was time to pay and leave. I also made the mistake of saying, “Penny Angels it would be just like you to put a penny in my path right now. With my arms full I’m not sure I would stop and bend over because all these items would avalanche!” You guessed it -- penny in my pathway in the greeting card aisle. Very careful retrieval! (Coin #2)

I walked away laughing and saying, “Penny Angels you are such BRATS!” That was uncalled for. I was really tempted to not bother with that little penny. At which point they replied with putting a dime in my path. “OK. At least now you are upping the reward”. (Coin #3)

I was back home within 35 minutes with a clean truck, 3 coins and renewed enthusiasm.


Doc came home from his weekend retreat around 2 PM. He had dropped off his friend at the airport, then stopped at a grocery store to make a call. He collected a penny under a bench outside the store, then a dime inside. (Doc Coins #1&2).


This evening at 7 PM Doc and I headed out for our weekly “date” (grocery shopping). En route I said, “Penny Angels I do not want to do a lot of writing tonight because I have homework papers to grade, exams to make up, etc. We have enough coins already today. Please don’t bug me any more today.” They laughed.

Our first stop was Trader Joe’s. I looked for coins in front of the burger place next door. There was a dime! I looked down the row of picnic tables, but did not see anything. Couldn’t resist walking just a few steps … spotted another dime. Wow! Bent over to pick it up and there was a quarter! Then a few feet away another dime! I turned back to meet up with Doc and there was a penny where I had just looked. (Mushroom Coin). (Coins #4-8).

Inside Traders Joe’s I carefully searched each check out lane because they were all vacant at the time. As we were checking out, Doc spotted a penny at the electric carts. (Doc #3). The gal behind me only had two items to purchase so I let her go ahead of me. ARK. Then I spotted a penny and a quarter! (Coins #9&10). Nice reward. As Doc pushed the shopping cart out to the van he spotted two pennies. When he bent to retrieve those, he spotted two more. (Doc coins #4-7)

At Sprouts I found a penny as we walked in. (Coin #11) Flashed it to Katie, a cashier with whom we had shared the Penny Finders story. She smiled. Shared Joy.

Doc said, “We just need a nickel to ‘Hit for the Cycle’”. We parked the van at Stater Bros. and headed across the parking lot. He bent over - and collected a nickel! (Doc Coin #8)


We had plenty of coins, but decided to stop at 7-11 and say hello to Tony. Doc spotted a Sit-N-Find penny in a parking stall as we drove into the lot (Doc Coin #9). As we walked in, Tony smiled and held up a penny and a nickel saying “These are for you!” I replied, “Thanks Tony, it is Day #513!” (Indirect Finds). There were three customers who wondered what we meant. I gave them Penny Cards and told them the story. One guy offered to give me a penny from his pocket, but I explained that was not a “found coin”. Must abide by Penny Protocol. After they left, I looked under the counter to find a penny. (Coin #12).

Total: 21 Coins P (13), N (1), D (5), Q (2) = $1.18

The Penny Angels were definitely not quiet this evening.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day #512 - Conference Day

I am not a morning person so I set 3 alarm clocks to make sure I wouldn’t oversleep today. Arrived at campus at 5:30 AM Here goes …

A few bunnies and birds greeted me as I arrived at school. Animals are always a nice start to the day. Some students were gathering last minute gear outside my office and soon we were headed with a load of gear across campus. We set up and by 6:50 were greeting guests.

The conference was going extremely well. We were using a new location, so that meant new things to learn and new adjustments. Approximately 250 students checked in. These are the ‘cream of the crop’ ones, so it is exciting. Both morning speakers were great and people thanked me for arranging those.

After I got off the stage I was thinking how much fun that was! Then I realized, “WOW! A few years ago I was one of those students. At that point in life I would have felt ill for a week if I had to do a 5 minute talk in front of even 10 people! There was nothing I feared more. Times have changed and so have I. I was having a blast on stage and sparring with one of the other speakers.

After all the guest were tucked into the various workshops and I was returning to the Check In area, I said, “Good Morning Penny Angels. Today my total focus is on the guests and speakers at this conference. If YOU want a Penny Tale today, then you will need to provide a very obvious penny, because I am not looking”. When I got to the Check In area, there was the shiniest penny you can imagine, right on the dark blue carpet in front of the card swipe table!


The afternoon activities went really well. There was learning, networking, and so much more. Wish I could share some of the absolutely hilarious antics - I think the Penny Angels must have been involved there as well.

After the conference the team had a debriefing session, then hauled all the carts of gear back to my building. Around 7:30 p.m. I finally tried to leave. I could barely move. Must have run 10 miles today. My body had seized up. I contemplated laying down on the floor of my office and just staying there until work begins on Monday. But the dogs needed feeding.

I began the lonnnnnng trek to my truck. It felt like a marathon. The thought of penny finding crossed my mind. The little voice said, “You have only ONE penny today! That is embarrassingly meager!” I told the voice to shut up and go away. I was focusing on taking the next step forward and just making it to my truck. Then I said OUT LOUD, “Penny Angels, if you want more than one coin found today, then you will need to make it really obvious and really accessible because I’m hurting and not even going to turn my head to look! Got it?” Within 60 seconds there was a very new, very shiny 2010 shield penny right in my path in a spot that made no sense for it being there.

I guess the Angels wanted to give their 2¢ worth today.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Day #511 - Long Day

The architect had called yesterday to say our 8 sets of plans were ready for pick up. There was no way I could get to her office during working hours today, so Doc got the drawings. Next step - submission to the City.


This morning as I approached my building at work, I saw a penny through the glass windows of a study room! Thank You Penny Angels. (Coin #1) Then as I emerged from that room, there was a dime by the vending machines,. (Coin #2).

The day was spent in class and then setting up for tomorrow’s conference. We hauled cases and cases of things across campus.

I graded student journals for a few hours (insightful). Took a break to witness the unveiling ceremony of the new Baja race car. The students are so proud of their accomplishments.


At 8:30 PM two students whom I did not know were desperately trying to get into a lab and test their bacteria counts on their water samples. I went with them to the lab and spent 15 minutes “babysitting”. It was frustrating because I had a 9 PM goal to get some things done. When the students were through, they thanked me. I gave them each a Penny Card and told them to go forth and do ARKs. As I headed back to my office I said, “so Penny Angels, do I get a reward for that ARK?” Within moments there was a penny! (Coin #3)

Lessons: Do ARKs even when they don’t ‘fit into your plans’.


Then it was back to grading journals. Doc called me around 10:30 and asked why I was still on campus.

Doc did not come to campus today. He had numerous calls to make and then he picked up the plans from the architect. He, of course, also stopped for lunch - fried chicken and chips. He found a penny right on a bench where plenty of people were standing around waiting for their orders. Within the store he found a dime stuck under the cash register - so he rescued it. Then when exiting the store he found another penny behind the bench. (Doc coins #1-3).

This afternoon Doc picked up a friend from the airport then headed for a Men’s Retreat for two nights. He called from the conference to say he had found a penny. Then within minutes he called to say he had found a dime. Then within another minutes he called to say he had found two quarters in the Pepsi machine near where he had found the penny. Looks like the Penny Angels are also along on the retreat. (Doc coins#4-7)

Later in the afternoon Doc was out walking with a friend around Arrowhead Lake; looking at the fish and ducks. He spotted something round in the planters where the ducks were nesting. When he investigated further he found a yellow quarter! (Doc Coin #8). Not quite a Golden Goose, but interesting anyhow.


I arrived home at 11:15 PM. fed the dogs and sat down at the computer to begin working on the latest set of student homework papers. The file was not on my flash drive as I expected! NO! It was on the Desktop of my computer at school. Poop! I had promised the students that I would have their problems posted for their review by Midnight tonight!

I grabbed one of the dogs for companionship (may as well make a field trip out of this) and headed back to school … Retrieved the needed file, then drove back home.

It’s now nearly 2 AM I have finished the student papers (slightly missing my midnight deadline). Must be back on campus in 3.5 hours for a huge all-day conference.

Talk to you later ….

Total: 11 Coins P (5), N (0), D (3), Q (3) = $1.10