In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Joyfully, Tina

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day #316 - Learn by Doing

Today was the second day of our L.O.V.E. work weekend. We did electrical wiring, satellite connections, cleaning … Around 3:30 PM things were getting a little tense so Doc declared it was time for a Starbucks run and Penny Finding lesson. We all hopped in the van for a ride. We again used the excuse that the driver’s side window on the van does not work, so I got out to pay and retrieve the beverages (and any wayward coins). I immediately spotted a dime, then a quarter. Bent to fetch those and saw a penny. Took a step back to see a bright shiny dime! (Coins #1-4).

After a few more hours of work, Doc wanted to watch football and Jim wanted to supply candy to the Trick-or-Treaters, so Charlene and I headed to the grocery store to get that chore off her To Do list. As we approached the entry door of the grocery store, I spotted a penny deeply stuck in a crack. (Coin #5). Inside the store after paying for our items, I couldn’t resist quickly searching the check stands. There was a penny in one aisle and when I retrieved it, I spotted a dime nearby. I noticed what could be a penny protruding from underneath a cabinet. Wasn’t sure even after looking closer. Finally bent down and pried on it slightly to obtain it. (Coins 6-8).

As we exited the store, Charlene was looking. I think since being directly exposed to Doc and I this weekend, she now has Penny Fever. She searched the cracks and found her very own penny! (Coin #9). Yes! Maybe Penny Finding is a teachable skill.

After everyone else went to bed, I checked emails, drafted some notes for the weekend Penny Tales and reviewed some of the statistical data for the website.

We just reached 1,000 Smiles on the Smile Counter!

Today’s Total: 9 coins P (5), N (0), D (3), Q (1) = $0.60

Friday, October 30, 2009

Day #315 - Putting Theory into Practice

We were traveling from Pomona to Vegas for our L.O.V.E. weekend. I knew I needed to find a penny before arrival at our destination, because once there, I might not leave the house until Sunday.

L.O.V.E. Weekend. Sound interesting?

L.O.V.E. = Laughing Over Virtually Everything.

We do work exchange weekends with another couple. Once a year at their house, then once a year at our house.

Doc and I found one penny at Stateline around 1:30 AM at Terrible’s Gas Stop. That place was huge. Looked inside the station and at the Starbucks. Walked by approximately 30 gas pumps. Was about to give up and get in the van when I spotted the day’s penny. A bright, shiny new Lincoln log cabin penny. Yippee! Coin for today. (Coin #1)

We arrived at 2 AM to the greetings of four toy poodles. My favorite one is Penny. (There are also Cash, Missy and Angel). We intended to get just a short rest, but ended up sleeping for 7 hours! Jim had to go to work for the day, but the rest of us did small tasks like connecting the dishwasher, installing a new door bell, etc. When Jim returned home, we got down to serious work.

Charlene has been faithfully reading Penny Tales for the past 18 months. In that time she has only Found one penny! I was determined to have her learn to Find this weekend! We were treated to a wonderful Korean dinner then the four of us made a late-night Home Depot run for supplies and Penny Finding.

There was a penny at the service counter as we walked in. (Penny #2). Jim and Charlene did not see the coin even after I pointed it out to them.

Lesson: Not everyone sees things the same way. What might be so obvious to one person, may be invisible to another.

The men took over an hour to design their electrical system and get parts. Charlene and I must have walked that entire Home Depot 5-6 times. I even went outside to search. Finally, as Charlene was making a purchase in the tool crib area, there was a penny. (Coin #3). She was learning.


Reflections: You can read recipe books for cooking, but until you get out the pots and pans and start assembling the ingredients, you don’t really “get it”. And if you share that meal with someone, the experience is even more enriching.

Same thing with Penny Finding. Reading the Penny Tales is one thing. Finding your own coin, “gleaning” a lesson or message from it, and then possibly sharing your experience with someone else, will generate such a totally different experience for you.

Today’s Total: 3 coins P (3) = $0.03

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day #314 - Too Busy, No Time, Leap of Faith

This morning before work Doc was filling the pond. He came in and informed me that the water pump was leaking significantly. Not a good start for the day. Situation needed to be remedied since we are going out of town tonight for a few days. I agreed to stop at the pool supply place for a new gasket.

Doc had pulled out his clothes to pack and then said I could pack them for him. He pulled out 12 shirts, 4 pairs of pants, 2 sets of pajamas and other stuff! We are only going for 3 days. My somewhat nasty reply to him, “Thank you very much -- you can jolly well pack them yourself! I have my own stuff to pack. You should have done that instead of watching TV last night!” and I left to go get the rubber gasket.

The gasket was purchased without incident. Yippee! I put all my gear in the pickup and noticed a new Thrift shop next door. Even though I was running fairly late, I did a quick 2- minute tour inside Gran’s Goodies. Found a penny (Coin #1).

Side note: For the past few days I have been wrestling more and more with the idea of leaving my job to pursue the Angel Nudgings. This is a very foolish time to give up a secure job with lots of medical and retirement benefits. People are being laid off. Why would I walk away from a job I love? Plus I want to build that new house. Won’t that take income? It would be really ~~~~ (the polite term would be foolish) to make such a CHANGE. That would take a Giant Leap of Faith.

I got back to my truck and started the engine.

Nudging, “Go back to the store and tell the new owners about your Penny Find and that it is a symbol of Blessing on their New Business.”

Tina, “You’ve got to be kidding. Right?”

Nudging, “You know better than to ask that”.

Tina, “Bug Off. I’m not in the mood for more delays.”

Nudging, “Go back”.

Tina, “I am Too Busy to listen to you right now”.

I went inside and told the owners about Penny Tales. They probably thought I was crazy. I said something stupid like, “maybe I should have taken a picture of YOU getting the penny, since this is your business.” Joe said,, “OK!” So I ran back to the pickup for my camera.

I took the photo of Joe and Quinn saying, “Bye! Now I really will be late for my Noon meeting”. I got to the truck to discover my keys - inside the locked truck. The keys must have fallen from my pocket when I reached across the front seat to get the camera. Grrrrrr!

I called Doc who was at school. He was frantically putting together two midterms which he was giving this afternoon. He said, “OK. I will be there as soon as I can in about 20 minutes.” I cringed when I realized how nasty I was this morning to him and how sweet he was being to me.

I now had 20 minutes to just talk to the Angels. Yes, they got my attention.

Lesson: Do not tell the Penny Angels you do not have time for them. They take offense to that. What other things do you have to do which are so important?

Doc finally arrived, unlocked my truck, and met Joe and family. Smiles exchanged.


On the way to my next appointment I exited the freeway and was stopped at a red light. I glanced to the right and left thinking, “Don’t dare look at the median.” “Don’t look!” Because what would happen if I saw one? But I looked. Whew! Nothing there.

Tina, “Penny Angels, it would be just like you to put a penny out there and torment me. Then I would be faced with a decision -- do I or don’t I? I spotted a blob.

Tina, “That surely is not a penny?”

Nudging, “Are you sure?”

Tina, “No.”

Tina, “This is a freeway offramp, that is probably not a penny and even if it was, the signal is about to turn and it’s not worth it!”

Nudging, “Are you SURE?”

Tina, “No. But who cares! Other people Toss their pennies and you are asking me to jump out and get that blob?”

Nudging, “It doesn’t matter what other people do”.

Tina, “That is Doc’s area of expertise. Not mine! I am not comfortable doing those alone.”

“Don’t ask me to do this!” “You’ve pushed me enough today!” “I don’t want to!”

Nudging, “Your choice. Free will.”

Tina, “But I’m not even sure this is a coin!”

Nudging, “And you won’t ever be sure if you sit there on your butt! Get out of your comfort zone.”

Tina, “Mild Expletive “. “OK. Here goes …..”

I was going out on a Leap of Faith.

I put the gear shift in neutral, applied the brakes, unbuckled, opened the door, ran 8 ft., hopped back in, and took off as the light turned green.

Yes, it was a penny.


At school I was walking down the hall minding my own business when a dime appeared in my path. I had crossed that spot 3-4 times in 5 minutes and there was absolutely no reason for a coin to be anywhere in that area. Mushroom Coin. (Coin #3).


After work I headed for City Hall to get a Business License. I went from one area to the next - back and forth several times. I spoke to 8-9 persons about Penny Finding. You are getting a business license for WHAT? At the last stop, the reviewer was on the phone and I was waiting, and pacing, and waiting. Went out to the lobby area and found a penny at the Public Works counter. That was fun to show everyone. Smiles and shared JOY. (Coin #4)


11 p.m. We were traveling from Pomona to Vegas for our L.O.V.E. Weekend. Stopped in Barstow for a break. While Doc got his coffee, I walked. I tried very hard to resist Searching. But I have Penny Fever. I walked the entire convenience store. Nothing. Whew! (I had drafted the day’s Penny Tale before leaving home, and it was already plenty long). I had my hand on the door and had taken one step out to leave the store when there was that nudging, “Go look at the Subway counter”. Tina, “Are you sure? I have enough for today.” There was a penny sitting blatantly on the floor in front of the counter. (Coin #5). Doc STILL wasn’t out of the bathroom, so I kept walking and found another Penny in the gas pump area (Coin #6).

Today’s Total: 6 coins P (5) + D (1) = $0.15

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day #313 - Jumpin for JOY

Driving home tonight I was asking Doc if any Penny Angel Lesson/Message came through for him today. Or what about a title for today’s Tale? So far, neither of us has ideas. But there are still a few minutes left of today …


Here is a question which arrived this morning from a Penny Pal:

Does finding a $1 dollar bill count for 100 days before or after? I found it yesterday on my way to class. Whew, I said to myself. I am covered for, 50/50, half before and half after. L


What would your answer be to LP?


Today I taught a class on Personal Financial Planning. Just a 75 minute very brief overview of the topic. I closed with the Value of a Penny … and of course, 2-3 minutes about Penny Finders. I know the students will ask more questions about it next week ;-) Fun to SHARE with them.


Busy at school. Running late. Arrived to pick up the Twins and Ashley for our bi-weekly Play Time and asked them what they wanted to do in our 4.5 hours this week. Olvera Street? China Town? A Park? We could do any of those as long as well also found Today’s Penny! They Chose Jump ‘n Jammin.

Brandon and I were busy studying spelling words in the back seat. As we were driving through the mall parking lot, Doc abruptly stopped the car, put on the emergency brake and hopped out. We wondered what was going on? Doc

came back with a smile and a penny he had spotted between the parked cars. “Uncle Doc has Penny Fever!” (Coin #1).

It was my first time at Jump ‘n Jammin - their second. A great indoor activity center. We Shared all about Penny Finders with the nice young gal who was checking us in. She had a tale of an interesting penny rreport she had written for a school project.

The kids ran at full speed for an hour. They ran and Jumped for the JOY of it. I played for a while. There were three other parents in there. All were men with their kids. That was good to see. Wished I hadn’t worn socks with so many holes in them. Doc went to the bathroom in the mall and came back with a nickel. (Coin #2).

When the play center closed at 6 p.m., we grabbed our reading homework and spelling words and headed to the food court. We were traveling down one aisle when I told the kids “let’s go down this other aisle because I have a feeling we should look there”. We found 2 pennies (Coins #3&4). The kids asked how I knew to look there. I told them “It was a feeling. Got to listen to those nudgings”

We selected various dinners so we could try new things. Fun times. Then we spent an hour in the kids section of Borders Bookstore. Home by 8:29 PM (They had an 8:30 curfew).


Doc wanted to stop at Walgreens before we got on the freeway. I did not want to. I told him if we stopped to get his item, we had better find a coin for me! We each searched the store with no success. I told the Penny Angels that I did not plan to leave the store until I had a coin! I then found one on the floor in the Halloween candy section. (Coin #5). Again, that verbalizing of a request seems to give it strength.

Reflections: The kids were running and jumping for the JOY of it and just because life is exciting. As adults, are we still Jumpin for JOY each day?

Today’s Total: 5 coins P (4) + N (1) = $0.09

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day #312 - Active vs. Passive

By 3:30 this afternoon I was needing a break from being in my office, so I went for a 15 minute walk. There were two pennies outside the campus Marketplace area plus two pennies in the C-store. (Coins #1-4)

A co-worker said he had spotted a dime at the Student Center, so I headed down there. Plus I wanted to get some dried seaweed. There was a penny at the Poly Store. There was one penny under the foot of a seated student so told him about Penny Tales as I was retrieving it. One more penny as I was leaving. (Coins #4-7). Those Finds were a result of my Active Searching for coins.

At 7:30 PM I needed another stretch break, so I went down to the student study room. Said hello to the kids and searched the room. One of the lads gave me a quizzical look. I smiled and said I was looking for today’s penny. He replied and pointed, “How about that one?” How could I have missed it? (Coin #8) We were having fun and I shared the Sunday story with them of the 6-coin stack and 42 coins.

On the drive home, the Low Fuel indicator started beeping so Doc and I detoured to the gas station. I walked the parking stalls and then into the convenience store while Doc pumped the fuel. I returned and told him, “Nothing here”. He held out his hand to show the penny from the curb where he was pumping. (Coin #9). (A Passive Find). Doc was not content with having found zero coins yesterday and only one today. So he headed for the bushes and the vacuum canister. He emerged with a smile and 2 pennies. (Coins #10&11)

Lesson: Sometimes we have to actively seek for answers we need. Other times we can be passive and just open to receiving them.

My mom called in this evening and asked what we’ve been doing in the past 3-4 weeks. I told her, “lots of hours at work, some progress on the new house, and Penny Finding”. She asked how long I planned to continue with this silliness. When was my deadline to quit? I told her, “I’m not sure it’s my choice”.

Today’s Total: 11 coins P (11) = $0.11

Monday, October 26, 2009

Day #311 - High Points

This morning we had our 4th (of 6) phone meetings with the Business Coach. More brainstorming on book ideas for Penny Tales.

As Doc slipped into his shoes to leave for work he found a quarter in one of them. Angel pranks? Or merely the hole in his pants pocket? I caught him this morning once again using duct tape to mend another worn pocket. I hate when he does that. The tape gets gooey in the washing machine. L This does not qualify as a real find.

As I was approaching my office, I noticed a colleague outside enjoying his morning coffee. I started to playfully say, “Are you out here searching for pennies?” when I saw the penny between us. I retrieved the penny and told him about Penny Tales. (Coin #1)

After my first class I was pondering this morning’s session with Pat and asking the Angels about what to do. There was a penny in my path at that moment. (Coin #2) I replied, “Cute. But I need more specifics than just a penny.” I proceeded walking for another minute and found another penny (Coin #3).

This evening after work we met with a contractor we had interviewed in January. We told him our budget and asked how we could adjust our new set of plans to meet that budget. We will see what he comes up with.

Today’s Total: 3 coins P (3) = $0.03

Today was an average school/work day. It was the before work meeting with the Business Coach regarding Penny Finders and the after work meeting with the Contractor which were the high points.

What were YOUR HIGH POINTS today? Be grateful for those (and dismiss the Low Points)


Example Findings from Others this past week

From HL:

Friday - "Penny Angels, please give me a break today since I'm with Bridezilla (my sister)." Within seconds I found a pile of pennies in the parking lot. 11 for now! :). (sent from iphone on location). And off to our first dress fitting.

Saturday I took the State Engineer in Training Exam. Found a penny at the liquor store afterward. I was hoping for one at the Fairplex for a good sign about the EIT.

Sunday, I slept in and went for brunch then a friend and I checked out a bamboo forest. Hiking in a skirt and flip flops is a silly idea. We trekked for an hour or two before returning to the car and the apartment. Found a penny in the parking lot. That makes three consecutive days!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day #310 - Penny Profusion

Side Note: I felt I needed to make a statement to the City of Claremont about their unreasonable property development demands. Thus, first thing this morning I put up a sign out on our Claremont parcel. Just a bit of “holiday decorating”!

On many days I have no idea for a story Title. Today it could be: Standing On It, 6 Stack, Coin Mine, Penny Profusion, Mind Boggling, Surrounded, etc.


Now back to Today’s Penny Finding Story …

The Findings happened several hours ago and I am still shaking my head in astonishment. My engineering brain says “Does not compute. Not logical”.

I expected today to be a quiet day. I planned to stay home and catch up on my past due homework assignments and then work on the ones due tomorrow and this week. Also to prepare for the meeting with a Contractor tomorrow night. The Penny Angels had a different plan.


This morning I went to Barnes and Noble Bookstore to do some research. “Penny Angels, Penny Angels, What do you Say? Shall we Make Some Progress on Our Book Today?”

As I walked in, there was a bright, shiny new log cabin penny at the Check Out line. (Coin #1). I interpreted that to mean my research at that store would be fruitful. I think it was. My brain was on overload all the way home. I typed 6-7 pages of (PennyFinders) ideas all afternoon. So much for getting any homework done for my other class.


Around 6 pm I told Doc I was quitting with the PennyFinding brainstorming session and was now going to focus on “real homework”. He said we needed to go for dinner and groceries (the fridge was really empty).

The first stop was the 99¢ Only store for supplies for class. There was a penny as we walked in. It was maybe 2 inches from the foot of a customer. I was in a hurry, so I grabbed the coin and kept moving. Didn’t bother to explain. There were two more pennies in the next check out lane before I did any shopping. As I was checking out, Doc whispered, “There is a penny behind you”. I was in the middle of paying for the transaction so I said, “You get it Honey. That way you have a coin for today.” He got it. When we were back in the car he said, “Nice of you to let me have that Find, but I had already found a dime in there”. (Coins #2-6 at that stop).

The second stop was Sprouts grocery. No coins there. That’ OK. We have enough for today.

I was hoping for a very short Penny Tale tonight. I was content with that first coin this morning.

The third stop was Trader Joes. Doc found one Penny as we walked in. As we were checking out there was a penny under the Cashier next to us. I asked permission to fetch that penny and then gave her a business card with the story. While I was paying, Doc found a dime in the exit walkway. (Coins #7-9) at that stop.

The fourth stop was Staters Bros. Grocery. Doc found a dime in the lot just outside the store. Then I found two pennies near the change counting machine and another shiny new log house penny as we began shopping. As we were leaving the store Doc said, “Check the water vending machine, there was someone using it when we arrived.” I saw a coin under the machine and tried to drag it with my shoe. Once, twice, didn’t get it. Do I really care? Do I really need to get down and look at this? Sure enough, there was a dime there. (Coins #10-14 at that stop).

Lesson: (According to Doc). Obey Your Husband and you will be rewarded.

Makes me wonder … if I had done it more cheerfully, would it have been even more than a dime?


By now I was hungry and wanting to go home to unload the groceries, feed the dogs (and myself), and get started on my class prep!! Doc wanted to stop at the convenience store for a coffee to keep him going. Growl. I was not pleased. But this is where the story gets interesting ….

Doc parked the van. Ours was the only car in the lot. Before he opened his door he said, “There is a penny right here.”I said, “No way."

Doc said. “Come look”.

I walked around the van and said, “You are BSing. I don’t see anything.

Doc said, “You are standing on top of it. Lift your foot!”I did. He said, “No, the other foot!” There was the penny!

Then he walked behind the van and said, “Look. Here’s a penny too.”

“And here is another one”. Then he walked to my side of the van and said, “Here’s one you missed.” And then to the front of the van “Here is another one you missed”. And then 3-4 feet away he said, "Pick up this one too."

Then I spotted a dime by the door as well. "And Look at this 6-Stack someone has piled on the sidewalk!” No way! Then I saw one penny by the trash can. Then another by the door. Then we walked to the side of the store where Doc picked one up and said, “Look here!” I said, “I’ll match you with this one!” We walked back to the parking stalls in front of the store to find several more pennies. We were laughing so hard. I had to sit down and leave a voicemail for Mandy, Norma, our son, and my brother to leave them an ‘on-the-scene broadcast’. While calling, I noticed a penny under my backside. The pennies were literally popping up all around us. We and our vehicle were being surrounded! It was mind-boggling!

We collected 23 pennies out there! Doc said, “25 is your favorite number, so let’s go inside and find two”. He walked the aisles while I looked under the register area. Nothing. Disappointed. Doc got his coffee. I looked at the register area again. In 30 seconds two coins had appeared. Doc and I were the only people in the store other than the cashier who was mopping the floors at the time. While Doc paid for the coffee, I collected a penny and a dime!

The cashier asked me about the PennyFinders shirt I was wearing so I told him about Penny Tales. Doc asked if we could have the penny he had spotted behind the counter. I scolded him for being so brazen. The friendly cashier gave Doc the penny! Then the man almost danced around the register area and collected another penny which he ceremoniously presented to us. 28 coins at that stop. Such fun!!!! We had a wonderful few moments of JOY shared with a total stranger.

Reflection: How can we capture that JOY and help other people spread it?

Today’s Total: 42 coins P (36), N (0), D (6), Q (0) = $0.96

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day #309 - Sleeping In

The BEST part of today -- Sleeping In! No alarm clock this morning! (That is also one of my definitions of “retired”).

Each year the City of Claremont has Village Venture on the last Saturday in October. Over 450 booths of crafts, food, information. I splurged today and spent 2 hours there ;-) I was also determined to log a few thousand steps and to find at least one coin there so I could go home and be done with that responsibility.

After 1-1/4 hours I had walked 6,000 steps, bumped into numerous people, said hello to several dogs, but found zero coins! Couldn’t believe it. I was headed to meet Doc (who was grading quizzes at the library) when I stopped to search through stacks of CDs for sale. Was paying for the CDs and found today’s penny (Coin #1). Yes, I spent $20 for 8 assorted CDs to get ONE penny! :-0 (Listening to one of them while writing this Tale).

On the way home Doc wanted to check his lottery ticket (and search for pennies) so we stopped at the AM/PM. I found one penny next door at the car wash area where people wait. (Coin #2).

Doc and I were just about home when we remembered yesterday’s Foregone Penny. We chuckled and said, “Let’s go for it!” We drove back to that intersection, approached it from a side street, watched the signal to maximize our approach time, and prayed for a break in traffic. We were carefully “stalking our prey”! We turned into the lane and slowly rolled into position. The penny was still there! Very abused, and not catching the sunlight as it did yesterday, but we knew where to look. (Coin #3)

The rest of the day was spent grading papers, doing class prep, watching football (Doc), paying bills, doing household chores, etc. (Tina). Actually just being home with the dogs was NICE!

Reflection: “Ordinary” Days are Pleasant and Appreciated.

Today’s Total: 3 coins P (3) = $0.03

Friday, October 23, 2009

Day #308 - Furlough Friday

This morning Doc and I had a meeting at 9:30. The freeway was stop and go the entire way making the 40-minute drive, 75 minutes instead. I was driving and quite frustrated (as well as a few minutes late). We disembarked from the van to immediately find a penny. Attitude Adjustment. Omen for a good day. (Coin #1)

Our meeting went until 12:15 and we were starving by then. We stopped at a nice little Thai restaurant. Doc insisted upon going next door to 99¢ World (to look for pennies). As I dropped off my briefcase at the van, there was a bright shiny beacon penny in my path. Doc found a penny in one of the aisles and I found one by the check out lines. (Coins #2-4).

After that, we ran some errands and then headed out for the new lot. I was driving and so Doc was looking out the passenger window when he spotted a penny. It was at least one car length in front of us and the signal was about to turn green, so I forbid Doc from getting out of the van (Foregone Penny).

We needed to deliver payment to the guy who cleared the lot for the weed abatement measures. We spent 30 minutes talking to the neighbor (retired Contractor) who once again gave us wonderful advice. We came home inspired and set up a meeting for next week with a contractor to brainstorm with him on some initial design parameters. One small step today.


This afternoon I was again questioning, “Penny Angels, WHY am I finding and writing these daily stories? What is the value in this? It seems trivial and at times bothersome.” A few hours later there was an email with the answer, “Tina - Good read for me today. As a wife, as a mother, as a working woman, as a friend… there is always more to give. Too often I think of myself, when my focus should always be on others. Thank you.” cj

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day #307 - P.S. for the Day

This was a very long day and grueling work week. This evening I vowed to write Penny Tales no matter how tired I was. Wanted to share with you the “magic” of a fabulous team which performed so eloquently today.

After writing the Tale, I tried for an hour to upload the story. The Blog site was not operational. I went to bed a bit disappointed. I tried to read for a few minutes. That lasted about 30 seconds before sheer exhaustion took over. I lay there thinking there was ZERO giving left in me today. Then I heard the trucks…

There was the sound of large trucks stopping very near by. I looked out the bedroom window to see an ambulance and fire trucks. I put on shoes and socks, grabbed house keys, notepad, phone and was out the front door within maybe 90 seconds. (My firefighter brother would have been proud).

The elderly gentleman next door was suffering with heart problems. Their daughter was staying there tonight. I held mom while husband was taken away, offered to stay home with mom, just tried to “Be there” while daughter was dealing with the situation.

I am laughing thinking that Doc will read this Blog in the morning to know what I was doing while he was sleeping. J

Mom needed to be at the hospital, so we got her ready. I went on a house-wide search for her eye glasses and Found a Penny! I had to laugh. I told daughter quickly about Penny Finders and that the Penny Angels would be with them tonight. She gave me the penny as a keepsake.

I ran back to my house for a few moments and packed up a care package with some nuts, crackers, food bars, etc. for the journey since there might not be food at the hospital at this hour. They were grateful as they drove off to the Emergency Room.

Lesson: Do not tell the Penny Angels you have Nothing Left to Give. They will prove you wrong and show you that You Can Always Give More. Love is Endless.

Question for Penny Angels, NOW may I be excused for the day? Please? …..

Day #307 - Beautiful Music

Imagine an orchestra where the players are performing for the love of it versus a paycheck. The music is heavenly…

That is a good analogy for today’s event at school. It was a “Welcome Fair” designed to greet new Engineering students, highlight the activities of 30 Engineering clubs, and strengthen the bonds both within and between groups. Players such as the race car teams, the honor societies, the special focus groups, the department secretaries, the data and computer specialists, the faculty and others all played together beautifully. There were even some “young and fresh talented artists” who performed some very intricate and complex parts. (Very proud of “my kids” - can you tell?)

I was not even thinking of Penny Finding. Figured I would have to deal with that on the way home tonight. In the middle of these hundreds of people, one of the Check In persons whispered to me, “Is that a penny under a co-worker over there?” YES!!!! So I said, “Excuse me, I’d like to retrieve the penny you are standing on”. Then a short time later when I returned to the area, another one of the Check In ladies said, “There is a penny under the chair of another co-worker”. As I bent to get that penny, another lady said, “There is another penny to your right as well! Mushroom pennies? There was a bit of a Cheer and lots of smiles. A bit of silliness and JOY Shared.


This morning when I left, Doc said, “Try and take it easy on that leg which has been hurting you. Sure! And conduct a major event for 700+ guests. Over 15,500 steps today. Living on adrenaline, Smiles and JOY!!! … and maybe an ice pack once I finish writing today’s Tale.


For the first 100 Consecutive Days of this Penny Finding saga(?) Doc was a fairly passive partner. Now he is active every day! Some times it’s fun, but sometimes it’s a bit irritating. I could be done with today’s Finding Story, but since “we are one” and he is “my other half”, he feels his Finds should count too! (Then shouldn’t he write his own portion of the Tale instead of just telling me and then going off to watch TV)?

This morning long after I went to work, Doc FINALLY got up. J (I can say all sorts of things if I’m doing the writing here). On his way to work he cruised through Starbucks and found two dirt pennies in the planter and three more pennies at the drive through window.

As we were caravaning home from work around 9 p.m. Doc detoured through McDonalds for his dinner. He arrived home with a dime, a quarter and his burgers. (More for me to write about!)


Penny Fever is spreading. I was in the elevator today when a Professor said, “Found two dimes by my car in the parking lot”. Reminder of you and “In God We Trust”. Shared JOY. I can’t tell you how much the smiles are needed around campus right now. With budget cuts, furlough days, pay cuts, key people leaving, shortages of classes, etc. those smiles are fuel for the soul.

Lesson: Gratefulness. To be surrounded by and working with a Winning Team!

Today’s Total: 10 coins P (8), N (0), D (1), Q (1) = $0.43

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day #306 - Synchronized Finding

This morning as I was driving home from work at 2 AM, I passed Starbucks and McDonalds. I was already past them when there was the Nudging. “Both businesses are closed. You could save time by searching when there are no lines and the lanes probably won’t be cleaned until daylight. Maybe some coins.

I drove ¼ mile before I could flip a U-turn, then drove to each place, parked so the headlights would light the drive through lanes, and quickly searched the areas. There was a quarter propped up boldly against the Starbucks curb. (Coin #1) Nice, easy find! At McDonalds there were no coins spotted at the first or second window - until I turned around and walked back to the truck. A dime caught the reflection of my headlights. (Coin #2)


While running to my first class there was a penny under one of the vending machines. (Coin #3) When running to my second class there was a dime at the vending machines. (Coin #4)

A little later in the afternoon I was walking with a co-worker past those same vending machines. She was checking the coin returns saying “It’ been a long time since I’ve found a penny”. I spotted a blob and kicked it. It was a dime. She had just walked over it - because she was focused on the penny in her path. It was funny. We both reached down in tandem to retrieve our Found Coins. It must have looked a bit like synchronized swimming, but it was Synchronized Finding! (Coins #5&6) Sharing Joy.


Doc was happy because he found a few coins today as well. This morning he visited the Starbucks on campus and was dismayed at the huge line. He spotted a penny on the floor mat before he placed his order. When he bent to retrieve it, he spotted a second penny. Then as his coffee was delivered he found 3 pennies on the wood frame of the glass partition wall. A sixth penny on the floor mat of the order pick up station. (Coins #7-12)

Today’s Total: 12 coins P (8), N (0), D (3), Q (1) = $0.63

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day #305 - Dinner with the Angels

This morning I told Penny Angels I would be too busy to actively search for pennies today.

Before I got to my office, I found a penny way deep under one of the vending machines in the breezeway. (Coin #1) Done for today?

Mid-morning I returned to my office to find a penny on the floor near my computer. Planted penny?

Did not think about pennies the rest of the day. Around 11:15 PM I was getting hungry for dinner. Headed to the vending machines for a granola bar. No coins. Whew! Stopped to say hello to the kids in the study room. No coins there. Peeked into another room and found a quarter deep under one of the computer stations! (Coin #2) Returned to the study room to Share the Find with them. They were studying for midterms and could use a smile. J Then when I exited that room I found a very shiny penny - where I had just walked at least three times! (Coin #3). Mushroom coin. Dinner with the Angels.

While leaving campus I was walking and talking out loud to the angels. (Mostly to keep myself awake). “Penny Angels, Show me some Shinies Tonight!”


Today’s Total: 3 coins P (2) + Q (1) = $0.27 + one planted penny

As I was driving home, I passed Starbucks and McDonalds. I was already past them when there was the Nudging. “It is 2 AM and both businesses are closed. You could save time by searching tonight when there are no lines. Plus, any Found Coins would count for Wednesday!”. So I drove ¼ mile before I could flip a U-turn, then drove to each place, parked so the headlights would light the drive through lanes, and quickly searched the areas. There were the Shinies!

Ponderings: Is that “Nudgings”, Logical Thinking, or Penny Fever?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Day #304 - Penny Reassurances

I collected two pennies from the breezeway by the vending machines while running between classes.

One sentence! How’s that for a short tale? God’s 2¢ worth on a busy day.


So let’s see what other people are doing:

Greg in Yuma-

FYI I have a penny I found in the barren desert behind our production space as I was nudged by the Angels to make the follow-up networking calls. I was pondering excuses for me not to call and stupidly looked down and saw a penny.

Hui in Orange-

I said, "Penny angels, where are you? I need a penny to tell Tina about..." 1 second later I found a dime. Whoo hoo! I needed to nuture my creative side today... Been off balance with work and studying draining me of ALL my energy.

Found my niece's favorite fruit snacks that I used to sneak when she wasn't looking. Bought 2 boxes. …Standing in line... Found a penny buried under the empty checkstand... Got down on one knee. The day is looking better. The EIT is starting to freak me out but I’ll be fine. Just need to zen out.


Reflections: Sounds like Penny Angels are providing Penny Reassurances to people as they are facing decision points in their lives. Hang in there and keep trusting that things are happening for the best.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day #303 - Narrow Minded

It’s Sunday evening and I’m wishing there were 3-4 more days to this weekend. I have not even opened the textbook for the two classes I am auditing, let alone attempted any of the homework. I used to be an A student and now if I was getting a grade it would be an F!

Penny Tales and many other things seem to come before homework.


Morning Findings: We went out for breakfast and then stopped to water mom’s plants. No pennies. So we walked through CVS and Doc found a penny in the picture frame aisle. (Coin #1). While I went to the bank ATM machine for cash, Doc walked the grocery store to find a penny in the snack area. (Coin #2)


This evening Doc declared that we did not yet have a respectable number of coins. Penny Fever. “The Readers want stories and more coins!” So we headed out for our weekly grocery shopping.

We stopped at the 7-11 because that is usually a target rich environment. I walked the parking lot uttering a SingSong, “Penny Angels, Penny Angels, What do you Say? Doc says we don’t have enough coins yet today”. Instantly I found a penny. I was recording that find and spotted a second penny. (Coins #3&4). Inside the store Doc was picking up a bright shiny, log house penny from right in the middle of the aisle. (Coin #5). Then he spotted a coin under the check out counter, so he bought a coffee while I dove for the dime. (Coin #6)

At Trader Joes I found a penny by the exit door as soon as we walked in. (Coin #7). Doc also spotted a penny in one of the check out lines, but it was underneath the cashier and the line was long. After shopping a while, we revisited that station when there was no line, so Doc swooped in for the taking. (Coin #8) As I was checking out, there was a penny in one of the cardboard candy holders on the counter (Coin #9).

At Sprouts groceries I searched all the check out lines when we arrived, then while we were shopping, then again when I went to pay. Nothing. While I paid for the groceries, Doc went to the bathroom. When he returned I was just finishing the transaction. He bent down and retrieved a dime which I had been standing over! Mushroom coin? (Coin #10). Doc’s comment, “That’s what you get for looking for pennies - you missed the dime!”

Today’s Lesson: “Don’t be so narrow minded (or blinded)”.

At Stater Bros. we didn’t see any coins. While I paid the bill, Doc walked outside to get more steps on his pedometer. (He has been achieving 10,000 steps nearly every day. I am so proud of him. I haven’t had a fitness goal in a while, so I haven’t even been wearing my pedometer.) Doc found a dime on a bench in front of the store. (Coin #11).

Today’s Total: 11 coins P (8) + D (3) = $0.38

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day #302 - Focus on Friends

Today was a day to Focus on Friends.

We had breakfast with friends who now live in Sacramento. He was best man at our wedding and She was the photographer. Our son Stephen and grandson Ethan joined us since this couple has known Stephen since his birth (and before).


We figured the day was going to be pretty full with friends and functions, so we actively searched for today’s penny on our morning errands. Doc and Stevie went to check on the progress of the clearing of the Alta Loma lot. No coins at Starbucks where they hungout for a while.

I searched as I was doing my errands: Nothing at the Post Office, pet store, grocery store, the parking lots, Target, the Starbucks there, the snack shop there.


In the afternoon we attended a 25th Sunday School Class Reunion. People flew in from Maryland, Alabama, Arizona, etc. It was fun to reconnect and hear where life has taken them. Much to be said for friendships which transcend the years and miles.

On the way to the reunion, Doc said, “We’d better stop at the gas station -- to look for pennies!” So we stopped to fuel up. I searched inside at the convenience store, around the pumps, and the air fill tanks. Nothing. Since I wasn’t having any luck today, I sent Doc forth like you would a Retriever, “Honey, Fetch!” “Search, Find, Retrieve”. He walked into the bushes, looked behind the air pumps and vacuum canisters, and emerged with 6 pennies. “Good job”! (Reminder to give dog biscuit tonight).

I did not yet have MY coin for the day, so we stopped at the Liquor Store near our house. One penny way out on the sidewalk by the street! (Penny #7).


Appetizers and Dinner (Round #1) were at the first potluck, then it was off to Studio City (an hour drive) for the next Potluck (Dinner Round #2 and Dessert). This is the one annual function for Doc’s Mechanical Engineering Department - a nice opportunity to re-connect with retired folks and spouses of co-workers. This year there were additional celebrations. There was a cake for one faculty member who turned 80 years old and a special Announcement by our dear friends Lita and Jagu - they are engaged to be married!

They had been shopping all day for the wedding rings. There was happiness abounding.


After 10 PM we were on our way home, but thirsty after so much eating and celebrating. We stopped at CVS for a beverage. It was a huge store and we were determined to find a coin there. We carefully searched every aisle. Nothing. As we left the store we looked in the parking lot. Nothing. We paused to open our beverages. There was a penny at our feet. (Coin #8).

It was 11 PM and Doc was still not satisfied. He wanted More! ;-) Definite Case of Penny Fever!

He detoured to WalMart. I couldn’t believe how crowded it was at that hour on a Saturday night. Doc found a penny at one of the check out stands when we arrived. He found a penny under one of the counter displays at the back of the store --- one knee retrieval. Then we spotted another penny at the exit doors (Pennies 9-11).

Today’s Total: 11 coins P (11) = $0.11