In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Joyfully, Tina

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Today was a very full day.  There were a few ‘chores’ sprinkled throughout, but much of the day was spent with friends.  I had a walk and lunch with one friend.  Turns out today was the final day of her divorce.  I was shocked to hear that.  Just one of those “coincidences” - and there were several more during the morning.   It was good to be with her today.

As I was rushing home to shower and change for my next appointment, I noticed Pippy’s fuel gauge at the 1/8 full level.  I knew I could make it to the next destination on that amount, but I would have greater peace of mind (and not have to fill up later tonight) if I fuelled then.

As I was pumping the gasoline, I was feeling guilty about spending several hours today just being with people who “fuel me”.  I should be working on taxes, repairing things around the house, dealing with rental properties, etc.  - not “goofing off”.  Then I thought about the truck and how it needs regular fuelling and servicing to keep it running.  Does our spirit need that as well?  I feel that when MY gas tank is full, then I have the energy to go places and do things for other people.

As I was returning the nozzle to its holder, I remembered about Penny Finding and spoke to the Angels.  “Hello.  Uhhh… I’ve got a pretty full day today and don’t really want to spend any time searching.  If you want a coin to be found, could you please do it here before I leave?  Thank You”.  I looked to the left of the pump and within 10 seconds I had a penny!  I walked to the Driver’s side of the truck, opened the door and began to sit down.  Then noticed a penny approximately 5 ft. from the truck.  That’s their 2¢ Worth for today!!!

This evening I spent time with a wonderful friend and it was non-stop discussions on dozens of topics.  For a few hours I was able to “Live in the Moment” and just enjoy the re-charging.

Question:  What re-refuels YOUR spirit?  A walk in a park? Time with an animal?  Exercise? Warming other people’s hearts?  ARKs  (Acts of Random Kindness)?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Last night on the late night news there was a segment on Financial Bullying and how detrimental it can be to a marriage.  Doc and I were expressing how grateful we were that we are so compatible in that area.  All our accounts are joint accounts; our values and priorities are similar.  Neither one of us “bullies” the other in financial aspects -- or so I thought until this afternoon…

Today I worked from home and was getting so much accomplished.  I did not want to leave the house, but realized I was not likely to find a coin or walk my 10,000 steps if I stayed at home.  Around 3 p.m. I called Doc (who was at school) to let him know I was going out for one hour to walk and find a coin.   His reply, “Find a dime and don’t come home without it.”  Was I being Bullied?

This morning while at the car wash, at the auto service center, and then at school Doc had found a nickel, quarter and some pennies.  He wanted to have a “Hit for the Cycle” today, so he was strongly insisting that I find a dime!

Around 4 p.m. I headed out to a nearby convenience store to find today’s coin.  I wanted it to be quick so I could get back home and continue my work.  I purchased two waters in order to dive for the two pennies on the floor near the register.    Not a good Return on Investment (ROI).

On the way back to the truck I found a quarter!  Yipee!  I was grateful for that.  Then I remembered Doc’s words.  “Angels - it needed to be a dime and not a quarter.  I can’t go home without one”.

So I went to another small shopping center.  Found a penny, then another quarter!  Geez!  “Angels I requested a Dime!”  They said, “and you are complaining that we gave you MORE than you asked for?”

I walked next door to the car wash and found a penny and a nickel in a planter bed.  Nickels are rare.  “Angels it is silver, but still not a dime!”  I looked across the lot at the Jack’s drive through window.  Usually there are 3-8 cars lined up there. One single car was pulling away from the window.  I jogged over there, spotted a penny, then a penny, then a penny … The gal in the window began talking to me.  I spotted two more pennies -- and a DIME!  I grabbed the dime, left the two remaining pennies (foregones) and made a hasty exit.

YIPEE!  When I took those marriage vows I promised to “Love, Honor, and Obey”.  I still try to do that.  (When it suites me).  LOL

Lesson Today?  You tell me

P.S. I had today’s Penny Tale all written and ready to post.  Doc came home from school and announced. “I stopped at the grocery store on the way home for bananas and I got that dime I requested!”  So from now on the man can get his own coins and stop bullying me!   LOL

            Coin Counts            Tina:  7  (P), 1 (N),  1 (D), 2 (Q) = $0.72
                        Doc:   7  (P), 1 (N),  1 (D), 1 (Q) = $0.47
                        DUAL Hit for the Cycles!!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Last Chance

It has now been another 200+ CONSECUTIVE days of Penny Finding.  This morning Doc and I went to several stores and places of business.  No coins were found.  From 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. I was with our son up on scaffolding which has been erected around his house for upcoming stucco work.  Needless to say my focus there was to balance, assist, and Hang On!  No coins were found up there.

In the evening Doc and I went grocery shopping. No coins at the first store.  At the second store I searched carefully as we arrived, then again as we were getting ready to check out.  After placing my items on the conveyor, I said: “Heads up Penny Angels.  I plan to pay for the groceries, walk out of this store and go directly home.  I am NOT stopping anywhere else, so if you want to play this Finding game today, you’d better deliver at least one coin in the next few minutes.  This is your Last Chance!”   As I swiped my card to electronically pay for my items, I couldn’t resist looking in the coin return tray.    Had to laugh!  There were 4 Pennies, a Nickel and two Dimes just waiting for me to give them a ride home!