In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Joyfully, Tina

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Prepping for Surgery

Sunday was Day #829 of consecutive penny finding.  Doc and I planned to get extra rest and to prepare him and the house for his Knee Replacement surgery on Monday.

Friday night we got a lead that the single female renter (V.S.) in our Montclair house was no longer living there and had removed all her belongings. She was living in a nearby city undergoing voluntary drug rehab.  Also that there had been police activity at the house earlier in the day.

Saturday morning Doc and I received a bill from Edison saying the electricity account had been closed two weeks ago and reverted to our name! Earlier in the week someone had asked us if we had new tenants because there were unfamiliar cars and people at the house.  It was time to take action.  I sent an email and a text to V.S. saying that as per our contract I was giving 24 hours notice that we would be entering the house to conduct some maintenance.  (I had been trying for six weeks to set an appointment for the annual walk through, but she would not set a date. No wonder!)  Within minutes V.S. responded.  She firmly told us that were not allowed to go in since that would be violating her privacy rights.  OK. That response proved she got my notice.

Sunday (24 hours after giving the notice to enter), Doc and I drove to the house. On the drive over there I was nervous. What if V.S. was at the house? What would I say? What if there were druggies in the house?  What if there was drug production going on?  What if there were weapons?  What if the place was trashed?

I was calling upon a verse from A Course in Miracles: “If you knew Who walks beside you on the way that you have chosen, fear would be impossible.”   I was determined not to let the “What If Fears” take control.  I needed to remember that Divine Powers are ALWAYS with us.

Doc and I had tools and were prepared to remove planks from the back fence to gain access to the house if the front door was bolted.

We called for Police Back Up because I was scared to go in without it. If there were people in the house, I wanted the invisible Angels with us as well as visible “Angels in uniform” behind me.
We are Coming In!
There were no cars in the driveway.  Three police arrived.  They asked for proof that we were the homeowners and had the right to enter the house.  Then they asked us to stay back as they entered the house with guns drawn …

After what seemed like a very long time, the officers came out with a barefoot female in shorts, a skimpy shirt, and handcuffs!  We were told she was under arrest for something not related to being in our house.  She was insisting she was a guest of our renter.  One kind officer went in to get her some shoes before they took her away.

The officers told us we were then welcome to enter the house and conduct our inspection.  The house was essentially empty of V.S.’s belongings -- no fridge, washer, dryer, furniture, food, clothing, bedding, etc.  In one bedroom we found a filthy mattress on the floor and clothing strewn about.  I looked under some of the clothing and found a box…

In the box were uncashed checks from various sources, checks with payees and amounts whited out, credit card authorization forms with signatures and blank amounts, credit cards, etc.  This looked like potential mail theft or identity fraud.  Doc and I locked up the house and transported the box to the police station.   The officer who accepted the box of evidence said to make sure I washed my hands well.  Why?  Because there was drug paraphernalia, heroine and meth in there! 
By now you are probably wondering “so what the heck does this have to do with Penny Finding?”

On the way home Doc and I needed to stop for some groceries since we would be “holed up” for 7-10 days after his surgery.  At the first store I found a nickel, then a dime.  I was ready to go home.

Doc wanted to make a stop at one more grocery store.  While driving there I was talking to the Angels.  “Not to sound ungrateful or anything, but here in the U.S. nickels and dimes do NOT count as pennies.  This is, after all, PENNY Tales”.  As we walked into the store, there was the requested penny. 

Then I got even bolder… Doc and I were exiting the store and I said “Penny Angels if you REALLY want me to believe that Divine Powers are always with us, then you will provide a Quarter to prove it and complete a Hit for the Cycle.” “Besides, it would make a really awesome story to post for other people to read”.

I was quietly thinking that the probability of finding a coin before getting to the car was pretty slim, let alone finding a Quarter.

Yup.  You guessed it.  There was something round under a shopping cart.  I pushed the cart aside … there was the quarter requested to “prove Divine presence”.

Monday, June 3, 2019

PAWsed on a Penny

Today Doc and I were in Escalon, CA to visit his brother.  Saturday we were in Tehachapi for the Annual joint birthday party for my nieces and nephews.  The boys turn 18 this year.

The dogs love this annual trip.  While Doc and his brother had breakfast, the doggies and I went out for a morning walk.  Sheila and Liesel walked happily for about 20 minutes, then suddenly Sheila came to a dead stop.  She would not budge!  I stepped back in order to lift and carry the little rascal.  Look what was at her feet.  She had PAWsed on a penny.  Good Girl!

After I picked up the penny, Sheila resumed her walking.  Pretty cute!  Together the three of us found an additional 7 pennies, 1 nickel, 1 dime and 1 quarter on the way back to the hotel.  A Hit for the Cycle and more!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Airport Antics

Today was the final day of our vacation.  EVERY day was magical and superseded our expectations.  The best part was being with our son and daughter-in-law on their honeymoon.  (They married five years ago, but had delayed their honeymoon).  All of us were acting like newlyweds again.

This morning we said goodbye to Brian and Celeste.  Then Doc and I called for an Uber ride to the nearest Fred Myers superstore for coffee, breakfast and Penny Finding!  The coffee, sandwich, fruit, etc. was under $10 for the two of us, but the ride to get there was $13!    LOL   We found 6 pennies and a dime inside the store, with an additional 5 pennies in the nearby gas station and car wash.   Mission accomplished.

While eating breakfast I realized I had not bought any souvenirs to take home.  I searched the entire superstore for something unique and memorable.  Finally found these Steve Madden socks – Penny Socks! And they were marked down from $14 to $5 for the 5 pairs.  OK. Splurge! 

One of the objectives of this trip was to test out Doc’s newly implanted knee.  He walked over 10,000 steps each day on this trip (usually 12,000-15,000) and yesterday logged over 18,000 steps!  It appears the new hardware is working quite well.  YAY!  The other knee however is complaining loudly and wanting replacement as well.

At noon it was time to head to the airport.  Going through security took a really long time for Doc to take off all his accessories, take apart the contents of his medical bag, etc.  We finally cleared that hurdle and Doc headed for Starbucks and lunch.  I went Penny Finding.

I spotted a penny on the floor – under a sleeping older gentleman.  Now just how was I going to get that penny from underneath him without waking him?  I assessed the situation and finally determined to approach from the aisle behind the man.   I was reaching and stretching and trying to coax that penny closer to me.  I emerged with penny in hand.  A man in the next aisle quipped: “That was sure a lot of effort for a penny!”  My reply: “It’s not the Money, It’s the Message.”  By now several other passengers were listening and I had an audience.  That led to a brief explanation of Penny Finding as well as a few short Penny Tales. Within a few minutes the other passengers were all smiling at the stories and at each other.  I skipped away saying “JOY is Contagious – Help spread It!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Canine Coin Finds

This morning we disembarked the American Empress Paddlewheeler in Clarkston and took a motorcoach sightseeing tour to Spokane, WA.

It was noon before I found the first penny.  It was at the Looff Carousel.  (Photo 1). That met the minimum daily requirement.

After checking into the historic Davenport hotel, son Brian, his wife Celeste, Doc and I walked the town.  First stop was for coffee, second stop for lunch.  Then it was time for sightseeing and Penny Finding!!!!

We rode the Gondolas across the Spokane River Falls.  While Doc was buying the tickets, I was finding another Penny.  God's 2 cents worth for today. (Photo 2)


As we were walking, Celeste spotted two more pennies.  Doc and Brian had now gone three hours without a coffee.  It was time for a fix.  While they went inside the Starbucks, Celeste and I stood on the sidewalk watching people go by.

Down the street came two good looking Chesapeake Bay Retrievers.  That got my attention.  Time for some canine therapy!  (Doc NEEDS coffee, I need canine hugs).  I made eye contact with Radar, the darker dog.  He pulled over toward me and stopped -- on a Penny!  Seriously.  His front paw was inches from a penny!

Radar was a birthday gift to Kenley,  She and I struck up a conversation about pennies and angels and such.  She wants to be a writer.  She spotted another penny, then I spotted one, then she spotted one.  She kept her two coins and I kept my two.

It was a few moments of sheer JOY!!!!
Perhaps I can train MY MUTTS to Penny Find?

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Midnight Crazy

Today Doc and I booked a shore excursion to the B Reactor which produced plutonium during WWII.  That tour would return us to the ship just in time to set sail at 5 p.m.

We realized there would be no time in the morning to go Penny Finding.  We wanted to have breakfast, hear the Riverlorian talk at 8 a.m., then take the first Hop on-Hop off bus at 9 a.m. around the loop.  Plus, one never knows how long it will take to find the daily coin.  It could take minutes or hours. It was too risky to wait until the morning to try and find a coin. 

Thus, Doc and I headed out around 11:15 p.m. last night.  We walked down the gangplank feeling like some of the young crew members who were heading out for a late Friday night on the town.  We walked and walked and walked.  It was dark and we traveled along a very busy highway, past closed businesses, a golf course, construction, etc.  Finally arrived at a 24 hr Winco Grocery Store.  The place was HUGE!!!!  And there was a penny as soon as we walked in the door.  YAY!  We found 2 more pennies and a dime.  Four coins a few minutes after midnight.  That qualifies for today! The streak continues!  Plus Doc completed a lap around the store (to make it over 15,000 steps for the day). His new knee hardware is doing really well. 

Had we not found a coin at that first store, we might have called Uber to go to the nearest Walmart for additional searching.  LOL

Are we crazy or What!?!?!?

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Expectations Exceeded

I have just walked through four floors of this vessel and did not see any other passengers!  It seems everyone else went to bed by 10 p.m.! LOL

Hi Penny Pals-
was not, Not, NOT going to spend time on the computer writing emails and such on this trip.  However, sometimes the JOY is so Huge, and the COINcidences such fun, that I have to share them with you or I might just burst if I tried to keep it all inside.

This morning we had a very informative walk along the shoreline with the ship's Riverlorian.  Great way to begin the day.

Then Doc, Brian, Celeste and I had a private tour of the Engine Room and Paddlewheel led by the Chief Engineer. (See Photo) Doc and Brian were relishing every moment of it.  That was even better than the unlimited coffee, cookies, fruit, popcorn, snacks, cheese, etc. on board.  And equivalent to having dinner with the Captain last night.  She was a wonderful host and we very much enjoyed that time with her.  

After a fantastic lunch it was time for Brian and Doc to go to the Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum where every vehicle and plane areeither already operational or being restored so that eventually they will also be.  Doc and Brian had fun in a 1914 four-seater.

Sorry for that slight detour.  It's just been such a great day!  Now on to the Penny Finding...

I went down the gangplank asking the Angels where I should go for today's coin.  They "nudged me" for KMart.  Turns out there is no Uber service in this town.  Alisia (one of the newer crew members whom I met last night) was standing out at the curb.  I asked her where she was headed.  She had just called for a taxi to take her to KMart!!!!  COINcidence?  I asked if I could share the ride and the fare.  She of course agreed.  When we arrived at the Kmart, we found the taxi driver did not have a card reader, so he wanted cash.  Alisia didn't have any cash, but I did.   COINcidence that the Angels put us together for that taxi ride???

After paying the fare to get to KMart, I found ZERO coins there.  Disappointment.  "So Angels, what now?  Why did you bring me here?  YOU are leading this dance.  Guide me!"

So I hit the streets of The Dalles, OR.  First stop -- Kentucky Fried Chicken drive up window.  Score! A Penny. "OK Angels that meets the Minimum Daily Requirement".  THANK YOU.  You know my motto "One coin is a Fluke, two is a sign from Heaven."  The next penny was found at a Chevron gas station.  "OK Angels.  I would be satisfied with that, but it is a 2.7 miles walk back to the ship, so feel free to throw in a few more coins if you want to play".

I kept walking.  While passing a local restaurant, I thought, "This is the kind of place Doc would like.  Looks like old folks would eat here and they would probably sit at those benches outside the entrance."  I detoured.  Sure enough, there was a penny under one of the benches.  The fourth penny was found at a car wash.

Conversation:  "Hey Angels, four coins is awesome.  You wanna shoot for FIVE and make it really impressive today?"  I walked across the street to the Fred Meyers Store.  "Angels, surely there is a penny here.  Please show me".  Within moments I saw a penny!  It was near the heels of a customer checking out.  He was distracted with the loading of his goods onto the belt.  I dove for the penny.  But then I spotted another penny and another!  How many could I grab before the man stepped back and onto my fingers?  I managed 7 pennies plus a quarter!!!!  "WOW Angels, that is Definitely a good haul!"  A few moments later there was a dime.  "Angels this is turning out to be really fun.  All we need is a nickel to complete the Hit for the Cycle (HFC)." (P,N, D, Q).  A few minutes later I spotted a silver shiny thing.  Sure enough - there was the requested nickel!"

That makes  11 Pennies, a nickel, a dime, and a quarter.  (H.F.C.)

I called for a taxi to return to the ship.  It was Jessie, the same driver from earlier.  He asked if I got what I needed in town.  "You Bet!"  That and MORE!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Brinx Delivery

Hi Penny Pals-
Doc and I are currently cruising up the Columbia River on the American Empress Paddlewheeler.  Today we are stopped in Stevenson WA.  I believe this is day #671 of continuous Penny Finding.  After walking through the very small town, we had found zero coins and I was getting nervous.

I put out a request:  "Hi Angels, I really need to find a penny today.  Please HELP!"  A moment later, Doc and I turned a corner and saw this.  I had to laugh!  A BRINX delivery of coins!  There is DEFINITELY a penny or two there!

When we first saw this deliveryman he had two cases of pennies on top of two cases of quarters!  Was he a Penny Angel?  I told the Angels, that their generosity was appreciated, but I really wanted a penny I could take home with me.  LOL  

P.S. Doc and I continued to walk around the town and found 2P, N, 3D, and a Q -- A HIT for the CYCLE!

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Goodbye Friend

Today is Consecutive Day #658 of Penny Finding. A month since the last Penny Tale was posted. 

Goodbye Friend
Doc and I are sad today in the passing of our good friend Dundee.  He adopted us, then was a faithful companion for nearly fourteen years.

On the day our dog Norman died in 2015, we found only one coin – a 2015 D penny.    Doc and I generally find several coins each day so that was unusual.  From that point on, we determined that 2015 Pennies would be Norman’s way of communicating with us.  And there have been numerous circumstances when a 2015 Penny was found precisely when needed.

Today after we put Dundee down, Doc said “Dundee strikes me more as a nickel kinda guy.  Perhaps today we will find a nickel for him.”  (Note that nickels are the most difficult to find of the four standard coins).

Doc and I stopped at a grocery store.  Can you guess what we found?  Yup!  A NICKEL.  And not just any nickel, but a beautiful new 2019 one!  Perhaps symbolizing Dundee’s beautiful new body in heaven?  PLUS there was a 2015 penny along with it!  And if THAT wasn’t awesome enough…25 is my favorite number, so there was also a quarter there!  

That’s a pretty special assortment of three coins.


Wednesday, April 3, 2019


Can you believe it has been over 10 weeks since the last Penny Tale?  It is now Consecutive Day #629, so I have been finding coins each day, just not writing about them.

Story #1
This morning after I parked my pickup truck at the Metrolink Station, I started talking ….
“Good Morning Penny Angels.  How about if YOU work on the coins for today, while God works on my Brother’s Trial? (* see more below if interested)    No offense intended Angels, but today we need the Big Guy in that courtroom.”  “And would you consider providing the coin early in the day, so I don’t have to think any more about it?”   Within 1-2 minutes there was my penny. YAY.  THANK YOU.

Doc and I have been meeting my mom each morning at the Metrolink station nearest her house in order for her to travel to the Courtroom with us.  I hop out for a few moments to find her and let her know where we are sitting.  This morning Doc was insistent that I NOT hop out to fetch mom because I might loose MY seat. I had a feeling I should go.  I hopped out of the Metro, waved at my mom, then dove past the passengers trying to embark.  I had spotted a dime and I was going to obtain it before getting back on board.  LOL.  I LISTENED to the NUDGING.

Story #2
While the jury was deliberating this morning, a group of my brother’s co-workers, friends and family hung out in the cafeteria. At lunchtime I got up to stretch. There were TWO dimes sitting on a table. (Reminder:  A single found coin is a fluke; two is a sign from above).  I danced a little happy jig and raised them up to show the team.  (Message: God is here with us).  A lady sitting at a nearby table smiled at my happy dance.

I went to sit down where Doc had just placed my lunch.  I caught the eye of that lady.  The “Nudging said: “Go talk to her”.  I argued back.

Tina: “My lunch will get cold.”  
Nudging: “GO. Talk to her.”
Tina:  “People will think I am crazy.”
Nudging: “Don’t care what PEOPLE think. Do it!”
Tina: “We are not supposed to talk about stuff around here.”
Nudging: “You won’t be talking about the case.”
Tina:  “What will I say to total strangers?”
Nudging: “Trust me”

I finally stopped arguing and went over to the lady saying, “I don’t know what you believe, but something is telling me to come over and talk to you”. We had a wonderful few moments together. I gave her a penny card and told her about the Impossible becoming Possible.  She had her own favorite phrase about overcoming the impossible, so our conversation was a confirmation to her to “keep the faith”.  We were both teary eyed.  I LISTENED to the Nudging and was so very blessed by doing that.

No photos today since those are not allowed anywhere on the Federal premises.

Story #3
In the Jury deliberations today of my brother’s court case (*), one juror REALLY LISTENED to the evidence. Due to his attention to the details, other jurors were refreshed with the facts in order to make their decisions. The vote of the jury this morning was 6-6 on all three charges.  By the end of the day it was:  Not Guilty on Charge #1: Obstruction of Justice. Hung Jury on Charges #2&3:  Lying to the FBI.

Lesson:  LISTEN!!!!


 (*) My brother has been on trial in Federal Court this past week.  He is a police officer.  A citizen filed a complaint about the way her juvenile son was arrested by the department.  Brother was assigned to investigate the case.  The son would not talk to him, family would not talk.  Thus my brother did interviews of 14 officers and 2 bystanders.  Family claiming biased investigation.  FBI called in.  FBI asked for documents on the case.  Brother sent memo to Police Chief and City Attorney asking for advice on which documents to release because he “did not want to jeopardize things”. (There were three ongoing trials and investigations related to the case.)  The FBI charged him with not cooperating, lying, and trying to hide evidence.

Saturday, January 19, 2019


Today was Day #5 of Doc’s knee surgery recovery.  We spent the entire day working his rehab procedures.  At 8 p.m. I realized I did not have today’s coin yet.  What to do? I settled Doc into his recliner, made him a cup of warm tea, had him swallow a Norco pill, and put the TV remote controller in his hand.  Then I headed out to the nearest grocery store.

Before his surgery, Doc mentioned that it would be nice to have some flowers around the house.  I grabbed a bunch of flowers at the store along with the bananas he requested. There was a penny at my feet as I was paying for those items.

I have this ongoing discussion with the Penny Angels that ONE penny in a day is a ‘fluke’.  Two pennies confirm that the coins are Heaven Sent.  That’s a sign of God’s Two Cents worth for the day.  I went to the second store (next door) to obtain fruit and a balloon (as far as anyone else knew), but really to seek a second penny.  I found a dime.  OK.  I’ll be satisfied with that.  Thank You angels.

The parking lot was darkand there was no one else around, so I began talking out loud to the Angels. “I realize coinage doesn’t mean much in heaven, but a dime does not equal a penny.  That is NOT God’s 2¢ worth for today.  Do you have anything to say about that?”  Within 2-3 seconds I saw something glisten.  I was laughing.  “Are you serious?  Is that a penny there?”  It was! “Well that was a quick reply.  Glad to see that you are listening tonight”  And instantly there was ANOTHER penny!  By then I was at my car.  It only took 40 minutes to get the groceries, flowers, a balloon and four coins.  Nice!

Reminder: The Angels are on duty at all times and they love to play!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Just ASK

As many of you know, Doc had a knee replacement three days ago.  The surgery went well.  Recovery is proceeding as expected: pain, fever, lack of appetite, constipation, impatience …

Since Doc needs assistance 24/7 right now, it has been challenging to continue the daily Penny Finding.  (It is Day #553). This morning a neighbor offered to sit with Doc so I could run out to get him a pair of slippers and find today’s coin. 

I was planning to go to Target (4 miles away), but was “nudged” to stop at the 7-11 store (2 miles away).  Upon pulling into the lot I said “Hi Angels!  Would you be so kind as to provide today’s penny rather quickly? I’d like to get back to Doc ASAP.” I parked the car and hopped out. Look what was right in front of me. A scattering of coins!! Many of you know my favorite number is 25.  Yup. There were 25 pennies there!  Is that COINcidence or what?

I walked into the 7-11 just for the fun of it.  There was ONE penny on the mat as I walked through the door.  I almost felt the Penny Angels saying, “This is the Penny YOU asked for and were expecting – THINK BIGGER!”

Driving to the Target Store I was talking to the Angels again … “So are you able to produce a pair of men’s slippers in the right size, low heeled, decent color, in a style which Doc would like, this far past Christmas?”  I searched at Target.  There were two fairly beaten up pairs and not in Doc’s size. OK Angels, I honestly didn’t expect to find any.  Thanks anyway.

I was “nudged” to walk to the department store next door.  I argued back. “It is pouring rain out here and I need to get back home because I asked the neighbor for just one hour of her time. There won’t be any slippers left anyhow.”  The angels said to try.

I walked in the store and asked for assistance.  
Tina: “Where would men’s slippers be, and do you have any remaining?” 
Sales Clerk: “By men’s underwear and I don’t believe we have any remaining”. 
Tina:  “See angels. I told you it wasn’t worth getting wet for!”

I ran to the back of the store to prove how wrong the Angels were. There were probably 25-30 pairs of slippers there!  Perhaps eight of them were in Doc’s size and there were three different colors – all of which Doc would like!  Talk about manifesting!

Lessons today:
Think Bigger.
Take the Angels shopping with you.
Ask and you shall receive.
Verbalizing leads to Manifesting

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Summary of 2018

WOW!  One week of 2019 has already been completed and I am just getting the 2018 data entered.  2018 was another 365 days of finding coins EVERY DAY – even when on a bus tour in Canada. That was NOT easy at all.

In summary we found: 
2066 Pennies, 160 Nickels, 523 Dimes and 162 Quarters plus some others. There were 2923 basic coins.
There were 72 Norman Pennies (2015D minted pennies) and 49 Hits for the Cycle.
There were 90 additional coins including ones from Portugal, Ireland, Mexico, the Czech Republic, India, Korea, Japan, China, Brazil, Columbia, Great Britain and of course, Canada.

Next week when Doc has his knee surgery, I’m arranging for “Doc Sitters” so that I can escape for an hour or two to find the daily coin(s).  Today is consecutive Day #544 and we can’t end the streak merely because Doc will be house bound.


On Monday, New Year’s Eve, Doc was “rehearsing” for New Year’s Day. That is when he sits in his recliner pretty much all day and watches TV.  Suddenly the chair totally collapsed!  Doc’s world was shattered!  What would he do without his chair for the Rose Bowl? He managed to survive using sofas and other chairs.  

On Friday a technician came out to repair the recliner.  Look what fell out – four coins in an exact Hit for the Cycle!  I don’t think those count as legitimate finds since they were already in the house, but it was fun!


Today Doc and I met the P.A. anesthesiologist for Doc’s upcoming knee surgery.  It was a small room with 3 chairs.  As we got up to leave, I noticed a quarter under my chair; and then a second one!  I KNOW those coins were not there when I sat down.  Was I laying coins?  

Doc is now “bubble wrapped” because in six days he will be undergoing knee surgery.  I doubt he will be doing much Penny Finding for a while after that.

May YOUR 2019 be filled with silly times and lots of Penny Finds.