In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Joyfully, Tina

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


The doggies have been anxious to go for a walk, so this morning Doc and I took them to the local car wash.  They helped us find 23 pennies and a dime!   We consider 12 coins to be a “Coin Mine” so this was a double mine.

Of course, Doc needed his daily “Starbucks Fix”, so we next went there.  Doc had been wanting to investigate the Pacific Electric walking Trail (PET) so we meandered along that for 2-3 miles.  After all that walking we had worked up an appetite.  The car was parked next to a Coco’s Restaurant, so that was an easy decision for lunch -- and Doc was wanting some turkey and stuffing.

While enjoying lunch we both thought “24 coins is OK, but 25 would be more appropriate for Christmas.  Besides, 25 is the magical Penny Palace number”.  So we asked the Angels for one more penny.  Got it as we returned to our van.  J  Manifesting.

Coins Today:  24 P, 1D = $0.34

Monday, December 23, 2013


Two Pennies -
can't be good for drainage
Very Gross "Log" of sludge
These past few weeks Doc and I have been fixing up our rental house in Montclair. Today we took apart the P-traps under the two bathroom sinks.  In each there was a solid black “log” of really smelly hair, crud and whatever else.  I was wearing rubber gloves and trying to relieve the “constipation” in the pipe piece.  Guess what I found?  Two Pennies!

On some days “God’s 2¢ Worth” is downright unappealing and I don’t even want to accept it.  Today’s Find was really gross!


On a nicer note ….
This morning on our first trip to Home Depot, I was “nudged” to get flowers for a couple with whom we had not spoken in several months.  We were supposed to be on the jobsite at 11 a.m., and Doc was anxious to get there.  Buying the flowers would mean driving back in the opposite direction for several miles not even knowing if the people were at home (they often spend holidays with family elsewhere).  So I argued with the Angels.

The Angels convinced me to get the flowers and that it was important.  As Doc drove, I phoned ahead to see if the couple was in town this morning.  Perfect timing. Our friends had just made a very difficult life-changing decision so some cheerful flowers (and a loving phone call) were greatly appreciated. Angels were “right on”.


And on a silly note…
On my afternoon run to Home Depot, we were losing daylight and I was in a hurry. I had on knee pads, dirt, sweat, remains of the P-Trap encounter and looked like something from a horror movie.  I hoped I would not see anyone I knew.  Of course when I parked the car, the driver of the van which pulled up right beside me was Barbara, a former colleague!  A very talented lady whom I have always admired.   We chatted as we walked across the parking lot into the store.  It wasn’t until I got home and took off the filthy clothes that I realized -- I was wearing the T-Shirt from the event which She and I coordinated for several years.  We hosted a Girl Scout Day at the University with the Theme “FINDing Your Spot in Engineering!”  COINcidence that at the very last minute this morning I changed to THAT shirt from the one I had intended to wear?  

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Under the Mark

These past few weeks Doc and I have been fixing up our rental house in Montclair. There have been daily trips to Home Depot and I have frequently wondered if I would see Mark (a former co-worker whom I greatly respect and admire) there since it is near his house.

This evening we stopped at Home Depot to shop and to find today's coin.  I was thinking VERY strongly of Mark as I was in the store.  I almost felt as though he were near.  I felt I should make contact with him.

There was no coin at the Home Depot or the gas station next door.  As we were driving home, Doc unexpectedly stopped at a Staters Grocery store so I could find a coin.  As we walked through the door, I spotted a penny.  Yipee! Then there was a dime.  Doc went for bananas while I headed to the check out area.  I found another penny - just behind (or under) my friend Mark!  That was a great Find!  Mark paid for his groceries and then we chatted for a while.  COINcidence???

We also found a Panamanian 1/10 Balboa today.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

FIVE Years of Penny Finding!

Today is the 5 Year Anniversary of the day I threw out the Challenge to the Universe … “I have given up on the Dream House Project -  it seems impossible given all the restrictions and setbacks.  Plus, it is neither a logical nor a financially wise course to take. If however, YOU deem that I am to continue working toward this goal, then YOU show me a sign -- maybe a penny or something to indicate I should proceed in that direction. ”

Look at what happened!!!  There was a penny that next day, and the next day … and the next … and the next.  After ten days, I began jotting down a few notes about the coin finds.  And thus, “Penny Tales” was born. 

On August 5, 2009, after 229 Days of Consecutive Penny Finding (and proceeding on Faith) we were unexpectedly led to a new bare parcel of land in a different city.  (I had presumed we were going to build on the bare land we already owned).  After a few days of research, we placed an offer on the new lot and the next day the offer was accepted!  After that, there was one miracle after another.

A penny (or more) every day as the dream (which became known as the Penny Palace) unfolded.  For 1,393 days (until the Open House)  the Angels delivered COINS and COINcidences.  Over that period, the Angel antics touched the lives of hundreds of people throughout the world.

Once we moved into the Penny Palace, the wonderful stories continued.  We put our previous Pomona “starter home” (of 31 years) up for sale.  Several times the deals fell through.  The escrow process with the final buyers was nothing short of frustrating, but it has proven to be such a blessing! The new owners frequently post family photos on Facebook which allow Doc and I to “visit” with some of the special aspects we built into the house (such as the Octagon skylight).  Just this week, the new owner sent me a picture of the Fireplace Mantel -- and her collection of ANGELS she had displayed there.  Is that COINcidence or what?  How Perfect!


What have we all learned this past year?  LISTEN to the NUDGINGS!  Here is today’s example:  While writing this note to you tonight, the phone rang at 10 p.m.  An unexpected guest would be arriving within the hour!  EEKS.  I scrambled to wash dishes and clean the house.  The Nudging said, “Forget the cleaning. find this man a Balloon!”  I argued, “What?  I have 45 minutes before he arrives, just where will I find a balloon?”  I searched my garage.  Found a bag with 6 or 7 balloons: a green frog, a cowboy boot, a Get Well, an I Love You , and a Rainbow.  I put the bag away thinking none of those were appropriate.  The Nudging said to blow up the Rainbow!   I argued.  “What Guy wants a Rainbow balloon?”  The Nudging said to hurry and inflate the balloon.
When Chaz arrived we chatted for quite a while in the front foyer.  He said he had been somewhat dismal lately, but that starting tomorrow he had a feeling things were going to take a turn for the better -- just like in his Rainbow story.  I asked him “What Rainbow Story”? He shared with Doc and I. Then I shared with the two of them about the Rainbow Balloon Nudging and ran to the other room to fetch the balloon.  COINcidence???


How do you condense the experience of FIVE YEARS of Penny Finding and hundreds of “miracles” into one posting?  It simply can not be done.

REMEMBER:     It’s not the Money that Matters, It’s the MESSAGES!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Radio Talk

Jesse Duran, Lita, Irma Blanco

My friend Lita asked me to accompany her to a promotional event hosted by KOLA 99.9 Radio this morning.  At the conclusion of the event, Lita wanted to meet the two DJs.  Lita was able to get a photo with Jesse Duran and Irma Blanco and then, while she had their attention, she startled me by proceeding to tell them about Penny Finders!  Irma and Jesse asked a few questions and shared how they often discuss The Laws of Attraction and Manifesting as well.  It was an enjoyable dialogue.  At the conclusion of the discussion, I looked down and a few feet behind where the DJs had been standing, there was a dime!  Guess those Penny Angels were right there with us.  

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Captain Norman

It’s been 9 days since Norman and I had that unexpected “date” at the Emergency Pet Hospital.  Despite the plastic cone on his head, he has devised some very ingenious ways to scratch his face and eye area.

Today Doc and I did a bit of work at the Montclair rental house.  As we exited the freeway and were stopped at the offramp red light, Doc flippantly asked, “Any coins on your side?” I spotted a penny, then a quarter!  Crud.  I was torn.  I told Doc I did not want to jump out of the car with the leg boot hindering me.  Dangerous enough with two good legs.  He insisted I retrieve the coins. I argued for a few more seconds, but then obeyed.
Captain Norman

Norman could not be left at home with the other dogs and could not be kept in his cage while we were gone, so he went to work with us today.  He loved it!  At Home Depot he looked like a proud Ship’s Captain as he steered our course from his position in the shopping cart.  He realized his cone was not a liability - it was an asset to attracting attention from people!  He was like a performer on stage and thoroughly enjoying himself.

At the rental house, Norman inspected our every move to make sure we did quality work. 

Norman’s “handicap” has him crashing into many things, but it has not affected his feisty attitude.  Plus our little “cone head” has come up with some hilarious ways to obtain his food!   A lesson we can learn from Norman:  “setbacks” can be major or minor depending on how we deal with them. Often times the needed “healing” is more in the form of an attitude adjustment versus a physical improvement.

Two coins found later in the day for a total of 3 Pennies and a Quarter

Monday, November 18, 2013

Nuts vs. Pennies

Today at Home Depot I let Doc do most of the running around while I stayed close to the front of the store.  (Having the soft cast on my leg slows me down a bit).  I stood near the cash registers hoping to find today’s coin.  I looked at each of the four self-check out stations numerous times during my 8-10 minute wait.  The closest register  (approximately 8 ft. away) had a metal nut on the ground.  My sassy comment to the Penny Angels, “I’m not looking for nuts and bolts, I’m looking for pennies.”  I blinked, looked away, looked back and there was a penny!!  I could not believe it.  I walked over to fetch the penny and there was a second one next to it!  BELIEVE.

The Penny Angel's 2¢ worth for today.

Friday, November 15, 2013


Yesterday was looking like a pretty mellow day.  Doc and I attended a training class in the morning.  Then in the afternoon there was a bit of a scramble, phone calls, FAXes and such regarding the final papers for the selling of Doc’s parents’ house. 

Doc left around 6:30 p.m. to work on his 10,000 steps/day goal and get a few groceries.  I was putting some Autumn decorations up around the house and just appreciating the tranquility and peacefulness.  Thinking it was nice to have such a mellow evening.  That was about to change.

Doc came home a few moments before 8 p.m.  The dogs got super excited when they heard his car and were rough housing with each other.  This time they were louder and more aggressive sounding than usual.  I ran to the door to find that Dundee had pinned Norman down by the neck and Norman’s right eye was bloody and popped out.  I didn’t know if I should restrain Dundee or try and get Norman off the floor.  I hollered as loudly as I could for Doc to come quickly to assist.  We separated the dogs, called the vet clinic (which closes at 8), got the address for the nearest Emergency Animal Hospital, threw some of the groceries in the freezer, locked down the house, and headed out.  That was not the plan for the evening.  SURPRISE!

We arrived at the Emergency Center.  Fortunately Doc was carrying Norman because just before we entered the building, I tripped on something and went down hard on the concrete.  SURPRISE!  The right ankle twisted and made a loud noise.  The left knee took the majority of the impact.  Got a huge hole in the knee of my jeans and painful road rash on the knee cap!

Poor Doc!  He wasn’t sure if he should leave me laying there, carry me inside, continue on with Norman or what?  I was able to lean on Doc and shuffle inside.  The attendants in the Admissions area didn’t know which patient to deal with first.  Of course I told them to work with Norman immediately!  Time was of the essence with his eye.

After Norman was taken in to ‘see’ the doctor, I was given ice packs and instructed to get off the leg.  Doc had performed gallantly to that point and hates paperwork, so he told me to take care of business while he got himself a coffee in the next room.

The vet was funny when he gave us his assessment. He said Norman had been sedated to make him more comfortable.  At that time Norman was “singing to the pink kitty cats dancing across the exam room ceiling”.

At 9 p.m. Norman was prepped for surgery and Doc and I went home.  At 1 a.m. we called the hospital.  The surgery had gone as expected and Norman was doing OK.

We planned to leave Norman at the Hospital until later today (Friday) in order to have him under professional care and away from Dundee.  The phone rang at 8:30 a.m.  Doc jokingly said, “It’s probably the hospital asking us to get the little monster out of there”.  Sure enough!  The physician’s assistance was calling to say Norman was not happy there and trying to bite everyone.  Could we please come get him?  Not really a SURPRISE.

On the way to get Norman we stopped briefly at a grocery store so Doc could get a coffee and I could look for coins.  (Got a penny and a quarter).  I ran into a former co-worker which was definitely a COINcidence story in itself.  A nice SURPRISE.

Next we stopped at a 7-11 store.  Doc looked for coins in the gas pump area while I went inside.  We both returned to the car without any coins.  I said, I didn’t find any pennies … except for THIS ONE next to the van!  And this one, and this one …”  There were 4 pennies a few feet from my door!  SURPRISE!
Going Home

By 10 a.m. we were at the Animal Hospital to retrieve Norman.  He was not pleased with the resort amenities or the treatments he had received and was letting people know his opinions.  The doctor was able to keep the eyeball in place, but Norman is not likely to regain sight in it.

Note:  Last Thursday I took Norman and Sparky (other Dog) to each get a physical exam and establish a relationship with a vet clinic in our new residence area.  I noted that Norman had an initial vet appointment when we adopted him 11 years ago, but none since. He was “cheap to keep”!  He quickly made up for that with this one little incident!

Before dinner this evening Doc went out to get more steps.  He called back to say, “Don’t’ send out your penny tale yet today …. I just found some coins. It means we got a Hit for the Cycle today.   SURPRISE!

Life is just full of SURPRISES -- some “good” some “not so good”, but each of them helping to create our “uniqueness”.

Coins Today:  9P (one 1943 wheat), 2N, D, Q and one Canadian penny.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


The Penny Angels continue their antics.  Although I don’t write down the story every day, there were Penny Finds EVERY day in July, August, September, October and November (so far).  Some days (like today) keep me and other people laughing!

This morning I washed the kitchen floor and did various other chores.  At 1 p.m. I headed out to the sign shop to pick up a door plaque I had ordered. It reads “Canine Cage and Commode” to mount over our doggie door.

After that I was heading home and talking to the Angels.  “So WHERE would you have me stop today for your coin?  How could today’s find be ‘beneficial’ to someone?”  I was passing a gas station and felt a slight ‘nudge’ to go there.  I argued, “Nah … I don’t feel like going there”.  I felt ‘nudged’ again as I was driving past the entrance, so I made a right turn at the signal and entered by another driveway.

Pippy (my pickup truck) needed fuel, so I filled her belly. Then I walked around the pumps and into the convenience store.  No coins to be found!  “So Penny Angels - what gives?  WHY am I here?”  I went back out to Pippy and was planning to leave.  There was a car wash area next door, so I walked over there.  Found a penny, said “Thanks Angels” and was preparing to leave.

Oscar, the Car Wash Check In Attendant, saw me and began offering me a deal.  (There were zero cars in the car wash, so he was looking for business).  I agreed to a car wash (Pippy was in desperate need of one) if Oscar would let me have the penny on the ground behind him!  He agreed.  I told him I found a penny every day for over 3 years!  I fetched Pippy and then began taking out all the ‘stuff’ she carries around with her.  I gave Oscar a Penny Card and told him that Penny Finding had to do with Miracles, Joy, Manifesting, etc.  If he wanted to hear more, I would tell him as my car went into the washer.

Oscar got my car moving into the washer and came back to hear the story.  I shared with him.   Then I asked the Universe/Source to PLEASE deliver a Penny in order to show Oscar some proof of all this.  Moments later there was a penny near where we had just been standing!  I went to pay for the wash, then returned.  There was another penny in that area.  Oscar was astonished!  He claimed he had recently carefully swept the area.  I told him surely he was mistaken because there was another penny!  I found a penny in the planter as well.  When the car was in the wipe down area, I spotted a very shiny penny over where Oscar had just walked.  I pointed to the coin and accused Oscar of “laying” it like a hen lays eggs!  I told him that from now on the Penny Angels were going to play with him as well and to share that JOY with his co-workers and customers.  He thanked me for the wonderful few moments we shared.

Eleven pennies were found with Oscar -  He kept 2 of them as his ‘reminder’ of possibilities ….

Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Trainees

In discussions with our neighbors, Doc and I had mentioned how much we enjoy going for Chinese Accupressure massages. A 1-hour treatment is so effective and fairly inexpensive.  Our neighbors, Paul and Jay were a little hesitant to try it out on their own, so this evening Doc and I “showed them the ropes”.  It was fun to introduce them to the process and besides, my body needed the treatment. 

It was around 8:30 p.m. and dark outside when we emerged from the Chinese massage session.  We were all heading back to the car when I realized I had not yet found a coin today and mentioned that to everyone.  They laughed and said they wanted to “see me in action” and see how this Penny Finding stuff really works.  I asked them if they were serious?  They said “Yes”.

Now the pressure was on … Doc and Jay walked around the parking area to look for coins, while Paul and I dashed into the grocery store.  No coins after 5 minutes of searching.  So I sent a quiet plea to the Penny Angels, “PLEASE show these guys that Manifesting really does work”.  I asked the guys if they wanted to look a few more minutes and they agreed.  While Paul looked at the new Halloween store, I quickly ran into the Trader Joe’s.  Sure enough!  There was one shiny penny there!  Thank you Angels.  Of course, when I emerged from the store, the guys were saying “Yeah, sure, you FOUND a penny in there. You probably just took it out of your purse!”
I asked the guys if they were willing to spend 10 more minutes searching and playing?  If so, we would go across the street to the closed car wash area where I was pretty sure each of them would be able to find a coin of their own (even in the dark). 

The guys agreed to go to the car wash.  I was desperately praying, “C’mon Angels, don’t let me down now.  Help them find coins”.  Doc parked the van, we got out flashlights, and began our searching.  At first I saw nothing in the usual main area.  Then on a raised curb, I noticed a pile of debris.  I shined the flashlight on it.  No way!!!  A PILE of pennies!  There were at least 25 pennies and one dime sitting in a pile!  That sure made believers of everyone.  We continued to look around in other areas.  Paul and Jay each found two pennies and Doc collected three.  We joked about what the guys would tell their coworkers.  “This weekend I experienced a Chinese Foot Massage followed by a Penny Finding Training Session”!  Life is Hilarious.

Coin Count:   41 Coins            38 (P), 0 (N),  3 (D), 0 (Q) = $0.68

Friday, September 13, 2013

Angel George

Do any of you know why Friday, the 13th is supposed to be a bad thing?  In our case, it was a Great Day!

We awoke in our St. George, UT hotel room and then enjoyed the free continental breakfast.  Biscuits and gravy (which Doc enjoys) were even included in the buffet.  Just as we were finishing our meal, the Realtor called to say a second offer had been made on the sale of Doc’s Parents’s house.  This was good news since the first offer was significantly lower than the amount for which we had listed the house.  A good way to start the day.

We packed our bags and headed for home.  A stop for petrol yielded a penny and a dime.  A stop at the Mad Greek CafĂ© in Baker provided another penny  (as well as a delicious meal).  A nice way to continue the day.

It was sunset and we were just a mile from home when Doc said, “Let’s stop at the car wash. It has been a week since we have been there.  Surely there will be a few coins.  Besides, I need more steps to make my 10,000 goal for today.  We have been sitting for too many hours”. 

I agreed to make a QUICK stop at the closed car wash.  We began searching.  There was a man servicing the advertising kiosk.  After a few minutes, he asked what I might be doing.  I said “walking to get more steps”.  Then I confessed I was really Penny Finding.  He said that would be good exercise.  I replied there was much more to the story.

George's Gift
The man said he had a few pennies in his truck and that I was welcome to take those.  I of course told him those coins would not be considered “Found” coins, but I would accept them and add them to the collection to donate.  He opened his truck door and said to go ahead and grab the coins. I took the coins and thanked him for the 4 pennies.  He said “Four?  No, I meant the ones in the cup holder”.  The holder was overflowing!  I could not hold all the pennies in one hand.  I ran back to my car, deposited the coins, fetched a Penny Card and ran back.  I gave George my card, he gave me one of his, and then he drove off before I could find Doc to get a picture of the Penny Angel.

Evidently Doc was off doing some serious penny finding of his own - including a Mexican 2 Peso piece.  Doc says perhaps that is an indicator of upcoming travel?  A nice way to end the day.

Coin Count:   26 Coins            22 (P), 1 (N),  2 (D), 0 (Q) + 1 Foreign = $0.47 + 2 Pesos

From Penny Angel George:                        88 Pennies

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Traveling Angels

Even though Doc and I are on vacation, the Penny Angels are traveling with us.
Rock Washing

Remember the red clay dirt covered rocks we collected last night and my mud saturated shoes?   Doc had a brilliant idea ... a self-serve car wash!  So this morning we headed out in search of one.  Within 1/2 mile from our hotel Doc turned down a road which lead to a dead end -- at a car wash!  It was a deluxe facility and worked spectacularly for cleaning my shoes and the rocks.  Doc and I were laughing.  For $2 we had such a fun morning!

Next Doc wanted to go to next door to WalMart for bananas.  I was not excited about going there and wasting our vacation time, but realized that coin finds would be much more likely in the store than in Snow Canyon State Park where we were planning to spend the afternoon.   We found 2 pennies and a dime at WalMart. (Coins #1-3).

We were trying to get a little bit of the feel for St. George, so we visited the Chamber of Commerce and embarked upon a walking tour of the Historic Downtown area. We made it one block before I found a wonderful consignment shop with some things I had been seeking for the Penny Palace!  Thanks Angels!    Had to then shuttle those goodies (and a few additional items) back to the van.

As we proceeded on our walking tour we found 3 pennies and a nickel.  Doc spotted one of the pennies under a bench at the old jail.  (Coin #4-7).  We discovered the Painted Pony Restaurant for lunch. Delicious!  Initially we were the only ones there.  Doc spied something glistening about 30 ft. away ... sure enough -- a shiny penny!  (Coin #8)

Doc  insisted upon getting a Starbucks coffee (it had been several days without one by now) before embarking on a hike of any sort.  So we drove to the outskirts of town.  While Doc got his 'fix', I walked the parking lot and found a penny (Coin #9).  I was disappointed to find no quarters.  Doc came out of the shop with his coffee -- and a quarter he had found on the floor inside!  (Coin #10 and Hit for the Cycle!)

Snow Canyon State Park was next on our agenda.  The young lady who checked us into the hotel recommended it.  Doc and I were not expecting much.  Wow. We were astonished.  Spectacular scenery.  Hiking trails of various distances and difficulty.  We were thrilled.

On our hike atop the Petrified Dunes we discovered little pellets all around us.  We wondered how those originated on top of the hills?  Surely the strong winds and rains would wash them off the slopes?  There was no one in sight in any direction.  An "Angel" appeared just then.  He told us about the Moki Marbles. He visits the park each year from Germany (where I was born) because the park calls to him.  Was that merely "COINcidence"  that this man should appear?  After providing our answer he was gone ...

Penny "In the Brush"
We only saw about a dozen other cars in the entire park.  On the brief hike along the Pioneer Names Trail Doc "went behind a bush for a moment".  I heard him laughing. He called to me "Come here.  You gotta see this".  Keep in mind we were 1/4 mile from the road and well into the brush.  I wondered What he could have discovered?  Sure enough, in the mud was a Penny!  (Coin #11)  The Penny Angels definitely have a "cents" of humor!

It was 7 p.m. and getting dark, but too early to go back to the hotel. Doc and I went cruising.  Stopped at a little country store in Ivins, UT for a sandwich and some fruit for dinner.  I spotted a penny even before opening the van door and Doc found a penny inside the store.  (Coins #12&13)

The Penny Angels make such Great Traveling Partners.  Penny Finding makes for inexpensive and hilarious entertainment.

Coin Count:   13 Coins            10 (P), 1 (N),  1 (D), 1 (Q) = $0.50

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Raining Pennies?

This morning Doc and I awoke in Zion National Park.  There is no way to adequately describe the beauty of this place and how the terrain and conditions are changing every minute.

Doc at Virgin River
After a delicious breakfast at the Zion Lodge, at 9 a.m. we met up with Ranger Erin for an interpretive tram tour along the scenic drive of the Canyon.  We returned to pack up our suitcases and check out. It was Noon and as I headed to the Check Out desk of the hotel, I was talking to the Angels.  "I can't believe with the thousands of people here from all nations, I haven't found one single coin within the park!  This place is pristine!"  As I stepped forward to turn in my keys, there was a penny by my foot!  Wow Angels, that was nice.  Then a second penny in the gift shop!  (Coins #1&2).
Flash Waterfall on Trail

Doc and I next went for a 2-mile walk along the Virgin River out to the Narrows.  Several trails were closed due to flash flood alerts. The previous three days had made for incredible flash waterfalls.  Even the simple trail we were on was affected.  We came around one corner to find an amazing cascade of water  and 60 mph gusts which other hikers told us had not been in existence just 15 minutes prior to our arrival.  We considered turning around, but chose instead to dive through it.  What an experience!

"Little Spider"
Doc hates spiders.  So he practically jumped out of his shoes when I said, "Be careful not to step on the tarantula in front of you!"

Doc and I were looking forward to driving through the tunnel since so many people recommended  that scenic drive.  The Rangers were just shutting down the highway due to the rains and slides.  :-(  We were very disappointed and headed instead to St. George for our next lodging place.

The next penny (Coin #3) was found at a roadside fruit stand near the Park.  Can you believe the produce was on the "honor system" stand?  We bought 3 pears.

As we approached the outskirts of Hurricane, UT the song playing on the radio was "Pennies from Heaven" - a version I had not heard before. Some of the words include "Every time it rains, it rains Penny from Heaven.  Every cloud contains ... Pennies from Heaven.  Be sure that your umbrella is upside down."  It was drizzling slightly at that point.

As Doc was driving down the street, I had a "nudging" and asked Doc to park the van.  I hopped out and found a penny on the sidewalk, then another, then another, then another... Doc joined me and we kept gobbling coins until we had collected 21 pennies and a dime!!!!  (Coins #4-26).  It truly felt like it had Rained Pennies from Heaven!

As Doc drove around the block to get back onto the highway, something caught his eye.  It was a nickel in the street!  (Coin #27).

Of course we were now saying we just needed a quarter for a "Hit for the Cycle.."

Next we checked into the hotel in St. George, UT.  The sun was setting and it was a beautiful evening, so of course we enjoyed that time.  There was a deserted vacant lot next to the hotel.  It seemed that truckloads of debris had been dumped there.  So I slipped and slid in the mud to collect some pretty rocks.  The rocks and my shoes were totally covered in mud.  Doc just shook his head and tried to find some plastic bags in the car so that the red dirt could be semi-contained.

The next phase of our "romantic evening" was a trip to KMart.  Doc instantly found a penny. (Coin #28)  I was still hoping for that Quarter ...  After paying for our merchandise, as we were leaving I could not resist checking the coin returns on the game machines.  Slots 1-3 yielded nothing, but the 4th return provided the requested quarter.  (Coin #28) Wow!  Thanks Angels for One Awesome Day!

Coin Count:   28 Coins            25 (P), 1 (N),  1 (D), 1 (Q) = $0.65

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Triple Play

Wow.  It has been nearly two months since I have written a Penny Tale.  Finding the daily Pennies (or other coins) is so easy; it is the writing which is difficult for me.

There were coin finds EVERY DAY in both July and August.  That’s at least 62 consecutive days.  I maintain a spreadsheet detailing the data of how many found each day and where.  (For any of you data nerds who want validation).  For the normal people here is a summary:

July Count:   397 Coins            329 (P), 18 (N),  37 (D), 7 (Q) + 6 Other = $9.64 + ?

August Count:   321 Coins            248 (P), 9 (N),  42 (D),  17 (Q) + 5 Other = $11.38 + ?

And of course there were numerous mind-boggling stories, escapades and encounters along the way along with some silly coins (like the taco quarter).


Today’s Penny Tale is an example of Walks and Talks with the Penny Angels …

Each Sunday morning Doc stops at Starbucks on his way to the Weight Watchers meeting.  He buys coffee, I walk the parking lot.  This morning I was saying Good Morning to the Penny Angels and telling them that I did not really want to walk because the asphalt was unbearably hot.  Within moments I found a dime and two pennies.  Thanks Angels for making that so quick.  (Coins #1-3).  I was satisfied for the day.

Later in the afternoon, Doc wanted to go for a walk in order to achieve his daily 10,000 Step Goal.  It was at sunset, so we decided to make it a scenic walk as well and wandered through the campus of the local community college.  I spotted two nickels under a soda vending machine.  (Coins #4&5) Wow!  Nickels.  That meant we just needed a quarter to score a Hit for the Cycle.  Doc looked in the coin return of another machine and immediately had a quarter!  Nice.  (Coin #6)

We walked around the campus a little longer and found four pennies.  (Coins #7-10). We were headed back to the van when Doc pointed out another soda vending machine and told me to go get a quarter. (Note: that was more of a directive versus a request).  I scampered off to go investigate.  When I returned to Doc he asked, “Did you find a quarter under that machine?  I answered, “No. Nothing UNDER the machine”.  “But I DID find a quarter in the coin return slot!”  (Coin #11).

By then I had caught Penny Fever.  We just needed another dime and we would have a Double Hit for the Cycle (H.F.C.)!  Although we were in a hurry to get our grocery shopping completed and get home, it was sunset and I KNEW there would be coins just glistening in the diminishing light for me at the closed car wash.  That must be how gamblers feel … just one more roll of the dice …

As we drove to the car wash, I was saying, “Dime, dime, dime …”  Doc parked the car. I hopped out and shut my door.  There was the dime gleaming in the sun!  With a penny next to it.  (After all, these are PENNY Angels fulfilling my DIME request.)  (Coins #12&13).  Wow.  What a great example of verbalizing and manifesting.

Since we had already parked at the car wash, I had to at least walk around a little bit.  We found a dime and five more pennies.  (Coins #14-19)

We finally made it to the first grocery store.  As I walked in, there was a penny.  Then in the coin return of a closed check out lane there were several coins.  I scooped them up and didn’t open my hand until reaching the produce section.  There were 4P, 1N, and THREE Dimes!  I had asked the Angels for Dimes tonight.  Wow.  One more penny as we paid for our groceries.  (Coins #20-29).

On the drive to the second grocery store I noted to Doc, “Three Nickels in a day is very rare.  Do you realize one more quarter would make a Triple Hit for the Cycle?  Where can we for sure find another quarter?”   His reply, “The only place I can guarantee you will find a quarter right now is in my pocket!”  We laughed.  I again reminded him that if EVER he planted a coin for me or lied to me about a coin find, it would be grounds for divorce.  He could mess around with another woman, but he’d better NEVER mess around with the integrity of my Penny Finding!   ;-)

When Doc parked the van, I hopped out repeating, “Quarter, quarter, quarter …”  Doc went into the grocery store and I walked around the parking lot.  Finally I headed to the grocery store (and air conditioning).  I was still talking to the Angels:  “I don’t know.  Maybe I’m being greedy asking for more, more, more.  Maybe I should minimize my desires/requests.  Should I give up?”  As I approached the doors to the store:  “Penny Angels, we are at the bottom of the 9th inning with bases loaded. One Quarter will make this a TRIPLE H.F.C. Day.  It will also make a compeling story for the readers and lesson about Asking and Manifesting.  It is YOUR decision.  I know you are capable of this.”  I walked past a row of newspaper dispensing machines.  In the coin return of very last one was the quarter!!!!  I stood there in awe. 
Guess the Angels wanted their story told today.

Coin Count:   31 Coins            19 (P), 3 (N),  6 (D), 3 (Q) = $1.69

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Doubting Tina

Today Doc and I had plenty of things to do, but no time-specific appointments.  After working in the yard, doing some chores, and having lunch, Doc gave me a choice: nap or Home Depot? I chose AND, not OR (both choices)! So we napped for an hour and then headed out after 3 p.m.

I told the Angels, “It’s OK to find a coin or two, but please nothing too interesting which I would then need to share with everyone.  I don’t want to write today.”  They were not cooperative.

Doc insisted upon getting a coffee before proceeding with our errands.  He lured me into Starbucks by promising to do a planning session with me.  That was actually productive in planning the next few weeks and projects. 

While we were seated inside Starbucks, I looked several times out the window at the drive thru area.  There were always cars there, but I could see a quarter!  Doc and I got back in the van and started driving away.  There was a gap in traffic at the drive thru window!  So I had Doc halt while I unbuckled and went back for the quarter .. and a nickel and a penny!  That meant we only needed a dime in order to have a Hit for the Cycle.

Target was the next store and we found 2 pennies.  Finally we made it to Home Depot for the plastic piping, air filters and one penny.

The windshield of the van was dangerously dirty, so we stopped at the gas station to wash it and quickly fuel the van.  I spotted a shiny penny before even getting out of the van, but still no dime.  So I began saying, “Dime, Dime, Dime, Dime …”  I repeated that request probably 50 times.  Inside the convenience store I found 4 pennies and the Dime!!  Yipee.   Done Deal.

The sun was setting and Doc romantically suggested that we walk next door to the car wash. I said, “We were there 2 days ago, found dozens of coins, and really did a thorough search.  I doubt we will find much there”.  Doc said, “You’ll see - we will”.

Instantly we found three pennies and a nickel before getting to the car wash.  For fun we went our separate ways.  While Doc searched the auto prep area, I searched the planters and waiting area.  I spotted a dime under a bench, then a second, then a third!  All under the same bench!  The Angels sure delivered on that dime request.

Doc came back to the van with one dime, one nickel and 13 pennies.  (15 coins).  I returned to the van with 11 pennies and my 3 dimes (14 coins).  There were 29 coins in total.  Coin Mine!

Lesson:  Do not doubt the capabilities of the Angels.  They enjoy a cheerful play session.

We made a quick stop at the grocery store.  There were 5 more coins outside that store and in the parking lot - including another dime!  That made a total of SIX dimes.

Lesson:  ASK!  The Universe will deliver.

Lesson:  Learn to think bigger.  I asked for one dime and the Angels delivered six!

Coin Count:   46 Coins            37 (P), 2 (N), 6 (D), 1 (Q) = $1.32
                                    Hit for the Cycle

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Popping Pennies

We have been living at the Penny Palace for over a year now.  In that time I have taken numerous walks around the neighborhood by myself or with various friends, but never with Doc. He does not like to walk.  This morning he surprised me by asking to go for a walk!  We did.  I found a shiny penny in the street of this quiet residential neighborhood!  My response was, “Thank You Angels.  You are correct.  My mind was thinking of a million other things.  I had not even thought about anything remotely ‘spiritual’ today.  Thanks for the reminder.  Good Morning!”

I figured that was my Penny Find for today.


Our patriotic celebrations today consisted of decorating our mailbox.  My heart was a little sad in thinking about Sasha.  Wish he was here.  He was to have attended a 4th of July BBQ and parade with Host Family #6 in Clayton, CA. 


This evening just after 7 p.m. Doc said he wanted to get out of the house.  He proposed going Penny Finding.  I told him to go alone since I had already found a penny today. (After being with him all day, I wanted some time to tackle a few of MY tasks).  PLUS I was concerned that the obnoxious Penny Angels would do something note worthy and then I would feel “Nudged” to write about it and today is a Holiday and I did not FEEL like spending a few hours writing a dog-gone Penny Tale!  However, Doc insisted I go with him to walk the streets.

Doc drove to the local car wash and gas station.  Within a few seconds of getting out of the van, I found a penny and told Doc we could go home.  He wanted to get 2,000 more steps on his pedometer, so he kept walking -- and finding coins.  I then found a quarter by the air pump, then a penny and dime inside the convenience store.  Of course I began repeating: “Nickel, Nickel, Nickel …” in order to have a “Hit for the Cycle”.

Meanwhile Doc was walking around the Car Wash area.  He had at least 18 coins in his hand. 

The sun was setting and most “normal” people were home enjoying 4th of July BBQs and preparing for fireworks.  I wanted to go home, but Doc wanted more steps so we kept Searching together.  A romantic sunset walk - through the Car Wash!

Detour here for a Side Story:  Yesterday for our 31st Anniversary we enjoyed an extravagant classy lunch.  Home Town Buffet all-you-can-eat Senior Special with Free Beverage for $7 each!  Then we went shopping together.  At the first store Doc said, “You can choose any 3 items in the whole store!”  (We were at the 99¢ Only store).

We spent a few hours at the next store where Doc picked up a few items.  It was an Apple Store and the items there are definitely more than $1 each.  My computer is seven years old and its operating system will no longer support newer software - including my webmail.  Thus, I had been planning a new computer this year, but still unsure about a desktop or a laptop.

Doc was intrigued by the capabilities of the new devices.  I dreaded the thought of trying to learn how to operate a new computer and didn’t want to think about it.  The knowledgeable, cute young Apple sales tech (Jenny) showed Doc how the iPad could navigate and ‘talk’ directions.  Doc said, “OK, we’ll take it”.

Additionally we found 5 pennies while at those stores.

I was laughing at how Doc was having me “Walk the Streets” today in order to earn money for that shopping spree we had yesterday.

I was ready to go home, but Doc was not yet satisfied.  He spotted three pennies deeply imbedded in cracks of the concrete driveway.  I took out my pocket knife to retrieve those.  So now I was using “special tools” to earn my money.  (Good for another laugh).

I was saying, “Angels, please find that Nickel so maybe Doc will let me go home”.  A few minutes later I found a nickel in a dirt planter!  Yipee!  I excitedly showed Doc and he said, “Find Another One”.  I replied with: “*##*#*”    The rated G version was, “Look.  We only found two nickels in the entire month of June and you expect me to find two within a few minutes today?”

Doc had to use the restroom, so I used the time to count the coins.  There were 48 coins!  Definitely a coin mine!  Plus the one from this morning made a total of 49.  I told Doc “We just need ONE more to make 50.  That would be a good number on this 4th of July to represent the 50 States.”  So we kept walking and searching.  I told Doc to find ONE coin, no extras please.

We took a quick 5 minute walk through the parking lot across the street.  I said, “C’mon Angels.  Just ONE more coin please to make that 50?  Within moments I had a dime!  Yay. The 50th coin.  But then another coin -- a NICKEL!  WOW!  That second Nickel!   Incredible.  OK.  That one can represent Washington D.C.   Then as I was walking back to the van, there was a dime. That makes three coins for 25¢ in that lot.  (25 is my favorite number).

I could almost hear the Penny Angels laughing.  We were probably their “dinner show” this evening.

Coin Count:   52 Coins            45 (P), 2 (N), 4 (D), 1 (Q) = $1.20