In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Joyfully, Tina

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day #1,259 - Doorbell Testing

The dogs again woke us before 6 a.m. since the daylight was streaming full strength into the bedroom.  Then once they went outside and then I fixed their breakfast, they pretty much slept the rest of the day.  Work Like a Dog.
Desk Assembly

This morning I was expecting Breck, the window repair guy to arrive at 8:30 a.m.  Doc always wants me to shower after he does so that I have to wipe down everything.  This morning at 7:45 he still had not taken his shower and I was getting frustrated with him.  Just before 8 a.m. Doc headed to take his shower.  At 8 a.m. the doorbell rang!  It was Breck ready to get to work.  I sure wasn’t!  I was still in pajamas!  Handyman George was OK to be in PJs ‘cause he’s almost getting to be like family.  But I was planning to be in “work mode” for this other guy. 

Breck and I began working on the faulty window replacement and down-sizing all the bug screens so that they would fit properly.  Around 8:20 the doorbell rang!  It was project Manager Daryl dropping in to see how the move was going.  Sure.  This was beginning to feel like a pajama party!

Window Repair
Doc went off to school around 11:30.  Shortly thereafter, the doorbell rang!  It was a Pest Control Serviceman trying to get new customers.  We spent quite a bit of time assessing the outside of the house for potential areas of insect or rodent infestations.

I was once again trying to get some work done when the doorbell rang. It was one of the roofing guys.  They were back to complete the roof repair work.

A short time later the doorbell rang!  It was a delivery service. Could not remember ordering anything to be shipped to this address.  Ahh yes!  It was the two oak coverplates for the posts on the spiral staircase.  Have not even thought about the staircase project in a week.  That one has moved off the top ten list.

Roof Repair
Finally at 2:30 I was able to leave and head to the Pomona house. It took me at least an hour to empty four little bathroom drawers.  Having a tough time just throwing things into the trash. But there is way too much stuff!  At one point I was getting very discouraged.  I stood up and found a $100 bill under my backside!  I must have stashed it away in one of the drawers for a special use.  Nice to hatch money.  I took that as encouragement from the Angels to Keep Cleaning!

Of course I checked emails and responded as needed.  Then I spent a few minutes trying to find a repair service for the glass cake top.

The next two hours were spent paying first of the month bills and taking care of financial stuff.

By 8:30 p.m. it was time to lock up and get some lunch.   Realized I still needed to find a coin for today.  Hmmm…  Where to go?

This morning after my shower I was searching for clean underwear.  The ones I had packed in my suitcase for the past few days were now all gone.  I could not find my packed box with the rest of them.  I have ALL of Doc’s clothes nicely hanging or put away on the shelves or properly placed in dresser drawers. My clothes are in about 7 boxes and I’m not sure where all those are.  Today I searched at the Pomona house thinking for sure the box I was seeking was still in the Master Bedroom there. No such luck.  It seems to have disappeared.  It makes me wonder ….  For months Doc has been threatening to throw away at least half my undies because they have holes and the elastic is so worn out.  Perhaps he really did it?  Anyhow, tonight I went to Target for a 6-pack of new ones.

As I walked from my truck into the store I was doing a SingSong.  Told the Angels I MUST find a coin there.  Upon entering the store I looked around the customer service area, the Starbucks coffee center, the snack area and past each of the 14 check-out lanes.  No coins!  I was getting a little nervous at this point.  So I was a little more stern with the Angels.  “Look guys.  You can not end this Penny Finding streak on a bland day like today.  You need to produce before I leave this store!”  Within moments, I spotted a very shiny new penny.  Whew!  Thanks.

I proceeded with purchasing the one item I came for.  There was a second beautiful and shiny penny at check-out.

God’s 2¢ worth for me today.

Around 9 p.m. Doc stopped at the grocery store on his way home from school for some ice cream - and two pennies.

God’s 2¢ worth for Doc today.

I thought we were all finished with the “construction phase” and could now slow down just a bit.  Between the window repair, screen replacement, roof repairs and numerous other projects, things have not slowed any!  There is still much to do such as putting in ceiling lights in Doc’s office, finishing the staircase, caulking, painting, and getting internet service here!

This evening I arrived home to find the waterfall gushing water.  It was gushing when I left this morning, but I thought it was the refill valve. Not the case.  Doc shut down the water line.  I texted the landscape architect and the project manager around 10 p.m.  Each of them replied within minutes and have corresponded numerous times since then.  This Penny Palace is a special place.  People use their hearts to deal with it regardless of the time clock.  Heavenly and Earthly Angels keep a watch over it.

Total:    4  Pennies

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day #1,258 - Emerita Award

Roof Repairs

This morning Doc and I did a few minor tasks around the house.  I did some report editing for a friend and more organizing.  The roofers arrived unexpectedly to fix some of the tiles broken by the solar panel installers.  Instead of carrying the tiles up to the roof, they tossed the tiles up!  Doc and I cringed as each tile flew through the air.

At 11:30 a.m. Doc and I headed out to run a series of errands.  We found three pennies at one store.

Emerita Award
We stopped for a short time at the Pomona house in order to edit and post Monday's Penny Tale.  Then it was off to school for the award ceremony.  We first stopped to get new ID cards.  Now we are entitled to 'big perks'.  Free parking and use of the library.  We found two pennies while on campus.  It was fun to stop and say hello (and goodbye?) to a number of co-workers whom I had not seen in a while.

Berry Picking
The Faculty Emeritus Awarding Ceremony recognized 31 retiring faculty.  Doc insisted upon posting the whole 75 second reading of my Proclamation. It is there if anyone wants to see it.

After the ceremony we went back to the Pomona house to post two more Penny Tales.  Doc also picked boysenberries.  Those plants were offspring from a friend who has since passed away.  We planted those little sprouts decades ago and Doc plans to take some offshoots to grow at the Penny Palace.

Total:    5  Pennies

Emerita Proclamation

The Faculty Emeritus Awarding Ceremony at Cal Poly Pomona today recognized 31 retiring faculty.  Doc insisted upon posting the whole 75 second reading of my Proclamation.
Emerita Award

WHEREAS,      Tina N. Shelton has been involved with the Cal Poly Pomona campus in various roles for 23 years, serving the College of Engineering as Engineering Advocate for 17 of those years (1995-2012); and

WHEREAS,       Tina has served the College as Engineering Advocate, Alumni Liaison, College Advancement representative, lecturer; and

WHEREAS,       Tina orchestrated many of the College of Engineering Events including the annual Open House, Merit Badge Day, Girl Scout Day, the Holiday Homecoming, the Grand Opening of Building 17, numerous engineering alumni events, activities for National Engineers Week and Engineering Project Symposiums; and 

WHEREAS,       Tina gained a world-wide reputation for the university through the CPP solar car projects.  She co-advised student teams which represented CPP and America in Japan, Australia, and across the United States.  The design, build and race teams won numerous awards and generated publicity in newspapers, magazines, technical journals, radio interviews, books, television appearances, and movies. She authored many solar car technical reports; and

WHEREAS,       Tina has served the University on the President’s Scholarship Committee, Alumni Professor for Day (earning the Alumni Inreach Award -1999), 3D Leadership Committee; and

WHEREAS,       Tina has assisted with events such as Showcase of Excellence, Poly Vue, Bronco Fest, Commencement, Distinguished Alumni Awards; and

WHEREAS,       Tina worked closely as Advisor to the Engineering Student Council earning her the Engineering Advisor of the Year Award - 2005.  She created the Annual Engineering Student Club Leadership Retreat to facilitate the enhanced transition of club officers; and

WHEREAS,       Tina undertook projects such as the Alumni Business Card Tree, Better World Books Project, the CaPSET Display booths at the Los Angeles County Fair and Los Angeles Auto Show, the Engineering Lobby Displays; and

WHEREAS,       Tina has reached out into local communities through speaking engagements to encourage support of “Brain Sports”; be it therefore

RESOLVED,     That the Academic Senate of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona unanimously expresses its deep appreciation for her many years of dedicated service to the students and faculty of the University; and be it further

RESOLVED,     That the title of “Lecturer Emeritus” be bestowed upon this distinguished scholar and educator; and be it further

RESOLVED,     That this resolution be presented to Tina N. Shelton in recognition of her many accomplishments and contributions, and that it be permanently recorded in the Minutes and Archives of the Academic Senate.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day #1,257 - Burner Testing

Burner Testing

Yesterday Doc tried out the airjet tub, today it was the gas cooktop.  He wiped out the bugs and dirt, then cooked some sausages.  All the burners seem to be working.

This morning around 10 a.m. Doc and I were assembling some shelves in my office.  Doc was on the ladder while I was trying to stabilize the assembly.  The doorbell rang. I wondered if it was a neighbor or perhaps a delivery person.  Should I ignore it?  Just let my go and leave Doc in limbo?  Should I even respond since Doc and I were both in pajamas?  It turned out to be Handyman George.  He had an hour to kill before his next appointment, so he came to hang out at the Penny Palace.  We told him to please ignore the pajamas, grab a drill motor and help assemble the shelves.  That task was done in a matter of minutes, so then we asked him to move some boxes and then finish staining the bare spots on the handrail.  Wonder if he will ever just ‘drop by’ again?   LOL

At noon Doc headed to school and I headed out to do some errands before going to the Pomona house.  After visiting several stores, but finding no coins, I started talking to the Angels.  Told them it was time for them to deliver.  I walked into the Target store and immediately spotted a quarter near the entryway.  There was a dime a few seconds later.  I told the Angels I really should have a penny as well since this is Penny Tales.  Within ten seconds I had a penny and then a second one.  There was also another quarter and another dime before leaving the store.  (Coins #1-6)  The Angels delivered more than I requested.

I worked for a few hours at the Pomona house.  Did some paperwork for the rental properties, checked emails, and packed 5-6 boxes of stuff.

I had a 7 pm haircut appointment.  When I took the leave of absence I vowed to make the time for a haircut every three months.  It has been four months and tomorrow is my Retirement Goodbye Handshake, so that provided a good excuse.  Found three pennies and a dime at that stop. (Coins #7-10).

I really wanted to get home to feed the dogs and unpack all the gear.  But I also wanted a nickel.  Made a quick stop at a 7-11 store, but only found three pennies. (Coins #11-13).

This evening as I am typing the Penny Tale I am enjoying the view of the City Lights.  Heck!  Let me see if my little camera can catch that for you so that YOU can enjoy too!

Total:    13  Coins        P (8), N (0), D (3), Q (2) = $0.88

Monday, May 28, 2012

Day #1,256 - Bathtub Testing

We were driving home (back to the Penny Palace) after midnight, so I playfully said to Doc that we should Find our Penny for today and have the job done before going to bed!  He said that was silly, but a few minutes later he pulled into a shopping center and we cruised through the parking lot.  I spotted a penny with a second one nearby; the Angel's 2 cents worth for today.  I hopped out of the van to collect those two coins and found two more!  (Coins #1-4).

Bathtub Testing
Doc and I tried to sleep in a little, but with no curtains on the windows, the dogs are awake at daylight and wanting attention.  We finally got up.  Doc wanted to try out the new bathtub and see if it relieved some of the aches and pains.  He seemed to enjoy the bath.  When he got out of the tub he insisted that I try it also.  Although the warm bubbly water felt nice, I was anxious to get on with my day and could not handle just sitting around on my butt!  A few minutes was all I could endure.

After a leisurely morning, Doc wanted a nice brunch.  He chose Islamorado at the Bass Pro Shop.  The interior waterfalls and nature-themed decor are incredible.  The hundreds of taxidermied animals and scenery are mind-boggling. One penny found there.  (Coin #5).

No day is complete without at Home Depot or Lowe's stop.  Needed electrical cords, brackets, and other stuff.  As we exited the freeway, Doc spotted a median find.  He hopped out of the van very quickly and was getting back in when he spotted a second one and again went diving out.  (Coins # 6&7)

Dundee Relaxing
We next drove past Rental House #1 to look at the new cedar fencing which Handyman George installed last week.  I found a nickel as I hopped out of the van and then a penny when returning to the van. (Coins #8&9)

Doc was hot and thirsty so he stopped for a soda.  I found two pennies there - one of which needed prying from the floor wax.  (Coins #10&11).

The afternoon was spent at the Pomona house where I did laundry, cleaned and packed more stuff while Doc graded student quizzes.

On the way home we stopped at a Tuesday Morning store where I found a cheap shower curtain and hooks while Doc found a penny (Coin #12).

Doc really enjoys his sunset cruises - through the high school parking lot.  He went up and down the rows until he got his penny.  (Coin #13).  He didn't even get out of the van to collect the coin.  (See video).

We were out of dog food, so stopped at a Trader Joe’s for a dozen cans and two pennies.  (Coins #14&15)

Total:    15  Coins        P (14), N (1), D (0), Q (0) = $0.19

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day #1,255 - Worn Out

Celeste Packing Dishes

We had an 8:30 appointment to meet son Brian and his fiancee, Celeste.  After a quick cup of coffee, we headed to the Pomona house to work.  For two hours the guys sorted and assessed automotive stuff and other gear in the garage; the threw out a few things and packed the rest in the van.  Celeste and I packed dishes, Doc’s clothing, checked emails, etc.  Then we all headed to the Penny Palace. 

Doc's Clothes
Glass Shelves
Doc and Brian unloaded garage stuff, then went shopping for shelving units.  Of course they stopped for a mid-morning coffee.  Celeste and I hung clothing and put dishes on the glass shelves.  After six months of visualizing these shelves and answering people’s questions about them, it was fun to finally see “the real thing”.
Garage Shelves

At 2 p.m. Roofer Bill arrived with his wife Chris and their two granddaughters. Bill was here to discuss the roofing tiles damaged by the solar installers while Chris (a devoted Penny Tale reader) wanted to finally see the house.  Chris said the photos do not adequately portray the features as well as the magic of the house.

This afternoon I had really hoped to get a nap.  That was the ‘logical brain’ saying the physical body needs rest.  The heart said: “Two hours of sleep or Blogs written?  Which is more important?”  Doc was more Worn Out than I was, so he volunteered to nap with the dogs, while I wrote the blogs.

Pampered Pooches
This evening at 7:30 we were locking the doors and heading to Home Depot.  Son Stephen and his family arrived to see how we survived the night and today's unpacking.  By the time they left, the store was closed and we headed straight for the Pomona house instead.  Doc had to re-energize by making one quick stop - for coffee.

As I rolled out of the van, there was a very run over penny.  I tried to pick it up, but my back and body would not cooperate.  Doc looked at me, then the penny and said, "That poor penny looks as Worn Out as you do!"  Then he found an equally Worn Out penny a few feet away.  We were laughing.  How representative of the way we both felt tonight.  I also found a dime.

At 8:30 p.m. we arrived at the Pomona house where Doc immediately went to work downloading pictures and assembling the videos.  I packed and cleaned.  Then for the next few hours I posted the Blogs.

Total:    3  Coins        P (2), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.12

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day #1,254 - 51% Moved

Deflated Bed

After a very late night, and a mushy air mattress, I was not happy to hear the alarm clock going off.  Doc took the first shower in the new house.  Since there are no shower curtains or doors yet, the bathroom floor was noticeably flooded.

We rushed off to meet the moving crew at the Pomona House.  Made a quick stop at Subway for breakfast sandwiches. While Doc was getting the food, I walked the parking lot while doing a Singsong.  Told the angels I was going to be busy with the movers all day, so they’d better provide the coin at that stop.  Two pennies collected there.  (Coins #1&2)

Paperwork Reduction
Dripping Fridge
The movers were supposed to arrive after 7:30, but we were called to say the were delayed until 10:30.  That was OK.  It gave us time to pack and clean the fridge, disconnect furniture strapping, pack more boxes and prepare more.  Then we were told the movers would arrive shortly after noon.  By 1 p.m. Doc was getting quite cranky and had to go for coffee and a snack. He collected a penny at McDonalds.  (Coin #3).

The movers finally arrived at 1:33.  It took until 2:30 to sign the contract, inventory the items to be moved and position the truck.  For the next 4 hours, Wayne and Mario moved, wrapped, carried, and loaded item after item.  Doc and I worked with them as best we could.  Every 5 minutes one of us had to wipe up after the fridge which kept puddling all over the kitchen floor as it was defrosting.  My desk and a few other pieces proved to be quite a challenge in getting them out of the house and into the truck.  Once the truck was loaded, we took a break for dinner.  Doc made a run for Mexican food where he also collected 2 pennies and a dime.  (Coins #4-6)

We arrived at the Penny Palace at 7 p.m.  I was just showing the movers the various rooms so they would know where to put things.  The doorbell rang.  It was neighbors Lallie and Sophia with a welcome hug and bottle of wine.  I said hello for a few moments, but I needed to get back to the movers who were adding minutes to their time clock and standing their waiting for me.  Doc generously decided to tour the guests around the house.  After a while I joked to the moving guys, “There is something wrong here.  Doc is entertaining two lovely ladies, while I am lifting and moving the heavy furniture!”

I had very carefully packed the can opener for the dog food, but in the chaos, I could not find it quickly enough for Doc and he grew frustrated with me.  So he headed to the store to go buy a new one.  He also stopped for coffee and petrol where he gathered 2 more pennies.  (Coins #7&8)

By 9:15 p.m. the movers had brought the final piece off the truck and were shutting down.  Doc and I were fully spent, tired, and very sore.  Son Stephen arrived unexpectedly - like a knight in shining armor!  It was a fantastic spirit booster!  He had the greatest smile and energizing hug.  He announced, “I’m here to help!  I’ve brought my tool box, cold water for Tina, and diet sodas for Dad.  Where can I start?”  For the next 1.5 hours he assembled furniture, unwrapped, moved, and joked - all of which were greatly appreciated.   Talk about Angels on Earth!

We were in need of a good night’s rest so it was wonderful to have our bed in which to collapse.  Doc gave up around midnight while “suggesting” I continue dealing with additional boxes and chores.

Total:    8  Coins        P (7), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.17

Friday, May 25, 2012

Penny Palace Blessing Ceremony

Thank You for all the wonderful messages of Congratulations and Shared Joy.  Yes, this 3 year, 10 year, or 30 year journey (depending on where you begin your timeline), has been filled with adventures.

A number of people who could not attend said to take photos or a video of the festivities.  Doc has compiled a one-minute video.

The evening began at 7:30 with appetizers in the garage.  Then we proceeded to cut the ribbon which was tied across the front walkway.  The group gathered at the front door where Rev. Shervington did a Bible reading and gave a prayer.  Then a candle was lit and everyone entered the home.  The group proceeded through the house, pausing for readings and blessings in some of the key rooms.  We concluded in the Grand Room with Rev. Shervington asking for blessings upon all who dwell in and who visit the Penny Palace.

Then guests gathered around the dining table for snacks and a celebratory toast.  We even used our real glasses (versus disposables)!  Everyone wanted a tour of the main house; some even wanted to see the Elves Quarters and Dungeon.

It was a long day, yet a befitting mile marker in this incredible journey.

with Joy and Gratitude,

Day #1,253

The Dogs Move In

Today was a busy day.  We made two trips to the Penny Palace.  In the first trip we took living essentials - suitcases, toiletries and for Doc - a TV.  (Which doesn’t make much sense since there is no reception>).  In the second trip we took Dog beds, bowls, cages, leashes and the dogs themselves.  THAT made the move official.  We can go without a bed, clothing, dishes, etc.  Those are not critical.  When the dogs and their gear arrived, THAT made the move official.

Sparky Oversees the Work
On the way to the PP Doc drove through Carl’s to get his lunch.  While waiting at the drive-up window, I collected two dirt pennies.  (Coins #1&2).

After dropping off the first load of gear, Doc stopped for coffee.  We collected three pennies and a dime at that stop.  (Coins #3-6).

As we returned to Pomona for the second load, I collected a very run-over penny. (Coin #7).

Appetizers in the Garage
By 5 p.m. we were back at the Penny Palace to set up for the evening ceremony.  The house was a mess.  By the time we unpacked gear, got out clean glasses, blew up the air mattress, changed clothes, put out some food, the guests were already arriving!  They were all either early or on time!  How could that be possible with Friday afternoon, Holiday weekend, going out of town traffic?

The Blessing Ceremony was joyous and appropriate.  There is a separate Video and Blog for that part of the day.  By 8:00 the Ceremony was completed and we had enjoyed some sweets and a toast of Sparkling Cider.  Some folks were new to the Penny Palace and so, of course, there was a house tour.  Some of the visitors even wanted to see the dungeon by flashlight.

Loving Friends
 By 9:30 all the guests had gone home and I was washing the dishes.  The motion lights in the front yard were activated and I saw movement on the front path.  I assumed it might be a new neighbor coming to say hello.  It was Feven, a favorite solar car student of ours from 20 years ago!   What a surprise!  She had felt “nudged” to visit!   Doc went to bed around 11 p.m. after a very exhausting day.  At first I was disappointed that Feven had missed the ceremony, but then glad because we were able to have time together until the wee hours of the morning.  After 1 a.m. we went outside and enjoyed the view of the city lights.  Then I took Feven on a real quick tour of the house before she left.
What a wonderful and exhausting day to have shared with special people.

Total:    7  Coins        P (6), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.16

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day #1,252 - Final Night

Yesterday the communications company rep assured us there would be someone at the Penny Palace promptly at 8 a.m. to begin pulling the underground wire to our house.  By 9:30 no one arrived, so I made a call.  I was told a technician would arrive shortly for the internet and TV service line.  Then between 1-5 someone else would come out for the phone line hook-up.

Cable Mike
At 10:30 a.m. Mike arrived to establish our new services.  He could not do that because we did not have wire to the house yet.  No kidding!  Didn’t we go through all this yesterday?  Mike checked records.  We are scheduled for underground laying in two weeks.  No!  He could not do anything today until we had the newer lines laid.  The current lines were placed in the 1980s when the development was first established.

Cabinet John
Cabinet John dropped by unexpectedly with the repaired kitchen drawer.  He thought it would be nice to have the drawer in place for tomorrow's House Blessing.  That was thoughtful.

Doc Grading Quizzes
Doc left the Penny Palace late morning to go teach his classes.  He found a nickel at his Jack's lunch stop.

At 1 p.m. a new communications crew arrived.  They confirmed that they will need to trench new lines in the equestrian area which will take a City permit, which will take 4-5 business days.  Since the City is closed on Friday, that means the end of next week to get the OK to work!  Which in turn means we will be going 10-14 days without phone, internet or TV service at the Penny Palace.  That will be rough to generate Penny Tales.  I can write the Tales, just unable to post them.

Writing First Penny Tale from PP
This afternoon I stained some shelving pieces and did more cleaning for tomorrow's Blessing Ceremony.  Got to at least move the ladders and drop cloths out of the way.

At 4 p.m. I shut down the PP to run some errands.  Doc wanted cash, so I stopped at an ATM.  Needed to find today's coin(s), so I wandered into the nearby grocery store for bananas and three pennies.

Penny Trunk
I had a 'nudging' to stop at the shoe repair and check on the status of the Penny Trunk.  My logical brain said, "The guy is supposed to call when it is ready.  Don't be a pest!"  The nudging got stronger.  I argued louder.  It persisted, so I stopped at the shoe repair.  The chest was right by the front door and the cobbler said he finished the job this morning and was about to call me!  As I was loading the chest into Pippy, there was a shiny penny under my foot.

Much packing to do tonight.  Been packing for hours in my office and almost have my desk cleaned off.

Total:    5  Coins        P (4), N (1), D (0), Q (0) = $0.09

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day #1,251 - Shattered

I never realized how attached I am to my computer and email.  While packing things in my office it seems every few minutes I was turning my head to look at the computer screen, but there was merely an empty spot there.

Doc collected one penny at McDonalds where he went for breakfast.  Then he stopped for a coffee at the Bad Ass Coffee Company where he also found a penny.  I walked next door to the pharmacy, grocery store and other areas.  No coins found.  Not a good start for the day.

Today’s main objective was to get internet, phone and cable service operating at the Penny Palace.  The appointment with the installers was from 10-12.

Doc and I packed up boxes and many delicate items for transport to the Penny Palace.  We arrived at 8:55 a.m. to give us time to unpack the van before the service company arrived.  However, they arrived at 9 a.m.!  Armando walked around looking at things.  He told us we did not have the right connections in the wall outlets and would need to have our electrician run the proper wiring.  That shattered my expectations.

While the tech and Doc were going over some things, I carried in the box with our wedding cake top and toasting glasses.  The box contents were rattling!  My heart sank.  I opened the box to find my prized pieces shattered.  I wanted to cry at that moment.
Shattered Glass

The communications tech went outside to look at things. He reported that we did not have lines running to the house yet.  Duh!  That is why I called a year ago to ask what we needed to do.  And again a few months ago, and again a few weeks ago…  He said their first appointment for undergrounding would be at least two weeks from now.  Two weeks without internet after I had made several calls to ensure things would be ready?  I was not pleased.  Going without Penny Tales for that long?  I was shattered.  He suggested I call a supervisor with my notes in hand.  So when I got home this afternoon I pulled out my journal and called.  Now, we are expecting installation to begin tomorrow at 8 a.m.  That’s faster.  However, Thursday and Friday were to be my packing days. The movers are scheduled for Saturday.  Can’t be in both houses at the same time.

Doc was very sweet the entire day.  He could see that I was not very happy.  He connected my computer and printer so that I can write Penny Tales, I just can’t post them.

This afternoon Doc was getting hungry and grumpy.  We stopped on the way home for a Chinese lunch.  Found a dime and a penny.

This evening Doc had a coffee date with one of his former students and current colleagues.  One penny found there.

Toasted Doc
I was at home trying to pack things in my office.  The tension kept growing.  Don’t know what to do with all the stuff.  Where to put it all?  Too much stuff.  Can’t put it all in boxes, ‘cause then it would not be readily accessible when needed. Not enough time or energy to figure it all out.  I grabbed a puppy dog, curled up in a ball, laid in the middle of the floor and just had a good cry.  Weary and tired of the details.  Feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Then I thought of a half dozen people I know who have been (or are currently) involved in situations which are truly overwhelming (Loss of a spouse or child, medical issues, foreclosures, abandonment, loss of a job, etc.)  Boy was that good for an Attitude Adjustment!

Total:    5  Coins        P (4), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.14 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day #1,250 - Unplugged

House Guests

Doc helped me transport all those shelving pieces I bought last night and a bunch of other stuff to the Penny Palace before he headed off to teach his classes today.

I met David and his new assistant, James at the PP at 9 a.m.  One of their projects was to get pegboard up on the wall of the garage.  When they began, I told James I was anxious to get my pipe wrenches, hammers and screw drivers hanging up there where I could easily get to them when I am working.  While those two were focused on some other projects, I hung my tools.  As they were packing their gear, James somewhat surprisingly said, “She wasn’t kidding!  She really does have tools, and she’s already got them up!”

This morning one of the solar guys, Josh, came to investigate the tiles his crew broke while doing the installation.  More items to ‘resolve’.

Maximizing Cupboards
After everyone else left at 1 p.m. I did some cleaning and unloading of the 6 boxes of kitchen gear we took over this morning.  Then I tried to assemble the new shelving units, but the shelves were too heavy for me to steady and lift simultaneously.  So instead, I worked in the kitchen pantry area and did more cleaning.

On the way home I made a quick stop at Target for a coins and one or two little items (new scrub brushes and things for the PP).  I walked through the check out area and did not see any coins.  So I did a SingSong for the Angels.  “Hey Penny Angels won’t you come out to play?”  Instantly I spotted two items. I did not think they were coins because they were so brilliantly colored!  I had to look closer. Sure enough - 2 pennies side-by-side. They were 2012 new coins and almost glowing!  One was face up, the other face down.  A shining pair.

When I was in the shampoo aisle, I spotted a blob. A lady walked right over it so it couldn’t be a coin because surely she would have picked it up.  It was a quarter. Nice.

This evening one word says it all … “Packing!”

Total:    3  Coins        P (2), N (0), D (0), Q (1) = $0.27  

Monday, May 21, 2012

Day #1,249 - Increasing Chaos

Curio Cabinet

This morning Maribel worked with me at the Pomona House to box up my glass collectibles and items in the curio cabinet.  Then we attacked one of the shelving units in my office.  I kept putting that off and putting that off.  So today I pretty much threw everything off the shelves and all over the room.  Maribel and I then tried to get the 89” tall cabinet down the hall and out the front door.  Tried several different ways; none of them worked.  Finally took the shelves out the back door and around the side of the house.

Family Room
At the Penny Palace Maribel cleaned the garage fridge.  Then we cleared out the stuff from the pantry and Maribel cleaned it.  It is now ready to accept the incoming food and cooking gear.  Although I preferred having the hand tools there and easily accessible.

Tina's Office
On the way home from the Penny Palace I made a quick stop at the store.  Doc wanted peanut butter and I needed more vinegar for my tonic.  One penny there.  (Coin #1)

I already have some shelving from IKEA in several rooms, but I needed some additional pieces.  I called the store to verify that they had some in stock. 16 minutes on hold.  They finally said OK, they had plenty.  I went to the store.  I emerged 2 wasted hours later without the shelves.  Yes, the store had the shelves, but they were up on the racks on a pallet.  Employees could not use a forklift in the aisles until after the store closed.  I was very frustrated and ready to do some damage.  I called Doc to vent.  “and there is not even a bloomin’ coin to be found anywhere here!”  Just then I spotted a penny.  (Coin #2)  OK.  Deep breath.  Attitude Adjustment.  The Angels are here right now.

This evening I headed back to the store at 9 p.m. in order to pick up the shelves at 9:30 when employees could finally use the forklift.

At 10 p.m. the phone rang.  It was Shirlee - our angel in Australia with a Care Call.  Her TLC is the best medicine.  Great Attitude Adjustment.

Total:    2 Pennies

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day #1,248 - He's Back

This morning my body did not want to uncurl and move.  However, I promised to meet a friend on campus and give her some of my time and assistance.  I showered, packed Pippy with ‘poop’ for the PP, took a quick unexpected call from another friend, replied to emails, dropped checks off at the bank, mailed all the bills I paid last night and arrived only 10 minutes late for our appointment.

Duck Family
One of the first things I spotted on campus was a duck family.  The wildlife at school always makes me smile.  That was good energy which I needed to drag myself up the long flights of stairs up to Lita’s office.  Lita has been working on her goal (BS degree) for twelve years!  Taking 1 or 2 classes each term.  Talk about dedication, that makes three years of Penny Palace construction pale in comparison.  I reviewed her Senior Project and made a few suggestions.  After 3 hours, there was red ink all over 6 pages - with 14 pages left untouched. But I had to leave.

Lita had saved 10 photocopy paper boxes for me and we loaded those into Pippy.  As I was about to get on the freeway, I noticed the passenger window was down and door unlocked.  I was going to just pull over to the curb, but was ‘nudged’ to stop at the gas station instead.  Of course while I was stopped I walked the gas pumping area.  Nudging, “Go inside”.  I went inside and did not see any coins.  Tina: “Angels you are wasting my time today.  Stop it”.  I looked around the store a second time.  Still no coins.  “OK Angels I am leaving”.  As I walked out of the store I glanced back to see a penny through the window, but under a magazine rack. I was just going to return quietly into the store and get the penny.  Nudging, “Go to the truck and get a Penny Card first”.  Tina, “I’m in a hurry and don’t wanna!”  Nudging: “Do It Anyway!”

I obtained a Penny Card from the truck and returned into the store.  Got down on both knees, nose almost to the floor and reached for the penny.  Came up with fingers full of dust.  Went outside again to get better visual coordinates.  Back down on the floor.  There were no customers when I started this adventure.  The cashier by now was wondering why I was stretching under the rack of men’s magazines?  I triumphantly retrieved the penny (Coin #1) and gave him the Penny Card in exchange saying, “I needed a penny today for my Penny Tale”.  I turned to walk away when he said, “WAIT!”

I stood aside as a customer walked up to the cash register, then another, then another.   The store had been empty when I reached for the penny the first time.  Suddenly there were at least 10 other persons in the store and trying to pay for their items.  The young Cashier, Romeo, kept gesturing for me to wait.  I was growing impatient and wanting to leave, but that would be rude.  Tina’s question: “Dear Angels - WHY am I standing here on pause like this when I have things to do?”

Finally another cashier took over and Romeo came over to speak with me.  He said, “PLEASE tell me more.  I felt something when you handed me that Penny Card”.  So I spoke with him for 10-15 minutes about various topics.  He shook my hand several times and said, “Thank you so much for this time of sharing”.  OK Angels, I guess maybe THAT was what I was supposed to be doing.

Lunch Munch
I arrived at the Penny Palace to find Doc and Jim having lunch.  Doc had found a nickel when stopping for their Hawaiian fast food lunch.  (Coin #2)  Evidently on the way down the mountain from the men’s retreat they were discussing job safety and how even tasks like painting could be dangerous.  Little did they know …  That’s about when Doc noticed my bruises.   “Well Honey … a few things happened while you were out of town…”

Doc took Jim to the airport and then returned to the Penny Palace.  We packed up, then locked all the doors (see yesterday’s Penny Tale). 

We were driving separate vehicles.  Doc motioned to me to stop at 7-11 for a beverage.  He picked up a quarter and two pennies as soon as he hopped out of the van.  (Coins #3-5)  His comment, “We make a good team. It’s good to be back together.  Now YOU just need to get a dime to complete the Hit for the Cycle for today.”  I walked into the store and immediately spotted one coin under a display. I quickly snatched it and kept walking.  Opened my hand to discover the requested dime!  (Coin #6)

Doc and I then spent several hours obtaining new cell phones. That task is even more undesirable than bra or shoe shopping.  It makes dentist visits seem fun in comparison.  We got the simplest phones we could find - which is about 10 times more complex than I want.

Total:    6  Coins        P (3), N (1), D (1), Q (1) = $0.43    Hit for the Cycle

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day #1,247 - Bruised

This morning I completed various chores, then headed out to the Penny Palace.  The first stop was the lingerie store for laundry soap to hand-wash 5 or 6 buckets of clothing.  I hate hand-washing the sweaters, bras, delicate shirts, etc. and put it off as long as I can.  The next stop was to deliver the damaged kitchen drawer to the cabinet shop. Hopefully it can be fixed (in a few days) versus a new one ordered (a few weeks).  One penny found in the parking lot there.  (Coin #1).

At the Penny Palace I had grand expectations for today.  I was going to paint, and vacuum and clean and organize.   My body however, was not cooperating and still protesting from yesterday’s abuse.  I could barely lift the smallest items without aching.  I gave up on the painting idea.

Pippy at the Car Spa
By 4:30 p.m. I headed home.  I saw a sign advertising $6 car wash - exterior only.  Pippy was so dirty I could barely see through her windshield.  She has been working hard this week as well, so I treated her to a rinse off.  As I stepped out of the truck, I stepped on a penny.  (Coin #2).  Then while waiting for Pippy to be rubbed down, I spotted another 3 pennies in that area.  (Coins #3-5).

Doc called this evening from the retreat after his dinner of tri tip roast, rolls, vegetables, and cheese cake.  He was headed to the evening movie.  He did manage to grade a few student papers this afternoon before falling asleep.

This evening I am just doing laundry, dishes, watering plants, paying bills, packing some little things, drinking vinegar tonic and nursing the bruises.  Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive.

9 p.m.  Doc called in for a debriefing to see what I had accomplished in the second part of the day.  At sign off I said, “Relax and enjoy so that when you return you will be re-energized, loving, patient, productive, cheerful, and eager to pack up with me.”  Doc’s response:  “You get ONE of those. Decide which!”  LOL

11 p.m.  Neighbor Craig called to say the driveway gate at the PP was open and the motion lights had been activated.  He was calling to see if I knew anything.  He then called the police.

Two officers responded and cleared the house.  One French door was shut, but not locked.  Officer Kane called to tell me that everything looked tidy and in order.  I replied, “Well then for sure someone has been there because when I left this afternoon, the place was in disarray!”

Total:   5 Pennies