In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Joyfully, Tina

Monday, August 31, 2009

Day #255 - Keep Things Simple

Silly side note: Last night when we arrived home I saw 3-4 ants on the kitchen counter and thought: “How nice. Usually we have ants at least once during the summer. This year has been good”. This morning I woke to discover rivers of ants at the dogs’ kibble. I don’t mean trails, I mean rivers. Three rivers leading to each bowl. L Not a pleasant detour to deal with first thing.


Fortunately I had taken today off as an additional vacation day. I figured time might be needed to recover from the past intense week. Understatement! I spent the morning dealing with first of the month bills, phone calls, other issues, and sore muscles!!! Doc went on line and investigated new pickup trucks and then went for coffee.

Doc wanted me to accompany him to Starbucks, but I wanted to use the air conditioned house to deal with things before it got so hot we would have to vacate. I should have gone with him. He returned with a stash. His words: “I found a penny buried in the dirt when I put in my order. Then there were coins sprinkled everywhere as I approached the window. I gathered 3 quarters, a dime, a nickel, and a penny there.” (Coins #1-7) Hit for the Cycle at the window!


We worked at the house until 3:30 when the heat was too much. Went to the Goodwill Store to donate some of the items from the cabin cleanup. The previous cabin owners had left lots of things behind and it was time finally to Share them with others. J I found a nickel at the loading dock which the deckhand kept walking past. I picked up the nickel and was told that was shoplifting. So I gave him a nickel from Doc’s pocket and kept the found coin. (Coin #8)

We went to school for a few hours this afternoon to avoid the heat at home. Doc organized some of the boxes he had hurriedly packed when he moved offices a year ago. I typed my notes from Days #252-254 of Penny Tales.

We stopped at McDonalds for dinner. Doc got a McDouble and a salad, I got two pennies (Coins #9&10).


At 7:30 we went truck shopping. Stopped at one dealer, but weren’t excited about the selection on the lot. Drove to Ontario to the Toyota dealer there. Surprisingly we enjoyed the salesman and the test drive! The truck had power windows and locks, the dashboard has lights at night, and there are all sorts of fancy features! I just want a basic truck! Don’t they make a truck with push down locks, metal key-fits-in-the-door entry, roll down the windows, etc.? What ever happened to Keep it Simple?

On the way home we stopped at a 7-11 to fuel the van. I think I was making the cashier nervous by approaching the counter from several directions to see if there were any coins under the counter. I spotted one, but it was deep and right where the line of customers was waiting. I waited until a customer somewhat paused to look enquiringly at me, then smiled, dove, retrieved a dime, flashed it, dropped a business card and said “today is Day #255” as I was leaving. Found a second dime on the way back to the van. (Coins #11&12).

Total for the day: 12 coins Q (3), D (3), N(2), P (4) = $1.19

Double hit for the Cycle.


I’m sitting here with no title for today’s story and no Lesson. I’m asking the Angels “What is the point in people reading today’s Tale if there is no lesson? Certainly they don’t just want to hear a “debrief” of my activities.

Lesson: Keep Things Simple. We don’t need fancy prayers, rituals in churches, ceremonies and trappings (like the fancy cars have). We actually need only basic transportation to get from point A to B. You might take a direct path or the scenic path to get there. It can take you a short time or a long time. It won’t matter if you arrive on a bike or in a limo. The important thing is to know your ultimate destination and make your way there as best you can. And it doesn’t hurt to bring a friend or two along for the ride.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day #254 - Work Angels

Our Work Angels were such a blessing and the cabin is now “sparkling” (at least on the main level). The plan was to set up and eat quietly from 7-8 AM, then activate the tools and work from 8-Noon. We accomplished much! There were four hours of intense work. Baseboards were laid in the kitchen and bathroom. Kitchen cabinets, furniture, walls, beams, lights, etc. were clean and polished. Then I insisted everyone quit and we go out for lunch. The guys would not cooperate – they wanted to set up the new tool cabinet in the car port. (See photo). Buggers! My camera is still at the cabin!

Around 1 PM we packed up our guests (Work Angels) and all their belongings and headed down the mountain. We stopped for lunch then showed them the new Deer Creek lot. Charlene wanted to see the “Before” because we could be under construction by their next visit. ;-)

The guests headed home to Vegas and Albuquerque while Doc and I headed to Home Depot for supplies. I had a list of about 20 “Honey Dos” waiting for us when we got back to the cabin. When we got off the freeway once again Doc looked out and said: “I don’t see any coins on my side”, to which I replied “but I do on my side!” De ja Vu! Same offramp; same conversation last week. I had to let it go since it was too dangerous. (Foregone penny - coin #1).

Starbucks stop was next – Doc needed the fuel to make it back up the mountain. I got a nickel and 2 pennies. (Coins #2-4).

We worked until 9 PM, packed and shut down the cabin by 11:15, and headed home.

Upon leaving the cabin and going through town, my truck would not let me shift into second gear. L The freeway drive was fine, but then approaching home, I could not shift into second, third, or fourth. Not good. Doc and I traded vehicles. He limped the truck home. I was soooooo grateful that he was shadowing me and this mechanical problem did not occur during last week when I was making all those trips alone.

Lesson: There are all sorts of Angels watching out for us.

Total for the day: 4 coins N(1), P (3) = $0.08

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day #253 - Love in Action

This recent goal / frenzy to fix up the cabin was triggered by friend, Jim when he and Doc went to a men’s retreat earlier this year. Jim suggested that he and his wife come over for a weekend and work on our cabin. A date was set for late August.


Background here:

We used to do 2-3 L.O.V.E. weekends each year with Jim and Charlene. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? We would go to their house in Las Vegas and work on their projects, they would come to our house and work on ours. Over the years we have cleared yard debris, laid a block wall, hung ceiling fans and lights, gutted a bathroom, dealt with wasp nest bulges at the cabin and many more things. Tasks which would cause friction in otherwise happy marriages, become “adventures”. Laughing Over Virtually Everything! We hadn’t done any such weekends for several years.

This past weekend Jim and Charlene really went out of their way – exemplifying love put into action. After a full day of work in Vegas, they drove out to the cabin in Crestline (several hundred miles). They paid for a dog sitter to watch their dogs and then packed tools, meals, Charlene’s sister Sharon from Albuquerque, snacks, prescription strength Ibuprofen, sleeping gear and linens --- all to help us out for a weekend! Talk about Love In Action!


Saturday morning we all got up ready to work hard. Doc and Jim needed coffee in order to function (as well as some nails for the pneumatic nail gun). Of course we had a coffee pot going in the kitchen, but for some reason Doc insists upon getting it elsewhere. (And for coffee he is allowed to do that) ;-) Doc and Jim went to Starbucks at the grocery store in Blue Jay. Doc spotted at dime from 15 ft. (Coin #1). Then at their McDonalds snack stop there were 4 pennies, a nickel, and three dimes at the first window, plus 3 pennies at the second window (Coins #2-12). The rookie is now teaching other people! (They did finally make it to the lumber yard for those nails).


The men focused on cutting and laying baseboard moldings throughout the loft and bedroom areas. (There had been none).

The ladies focused on essentially a top to bottom cleaning and polishing of everything. Got the bedroom finished and figured the bathroom should be a quick and easy task - it snowballed. There was a metal wall heater grate which I couldn’t seem to get clean. I asked for suggestions. Charlene asked if I really needed to keep the heater? Good point! I’d never tried using it! Duh! The coils were busted and it didn’t even work!

Lesson here: How many things around us aren’t working positively for us yet we don’t even notice them, we tolerate them, or perhaps we get irritated by them? What if we CHANGED them?

We made a bold decision to turn off the power, remove the wall heater and then deal with the gaping hole in the wall. There were numerous new ideas. We finally decided to install beadboard wainscoting. That would hide the hole as well as lighten the effect of the dark brown walnut paneling.

A trip to the lumber yard for materials was non-productive.

After so much expended energy, Sharon needed a chocolate fix. I figured a convenience store would provide that – and I prayed for some coins as well. Sharon did find a penny! (Coin #13) (See photo). Share the JOY. At least that provided some validation to this whole crazy story. Just what would YOU think if you were on vacation at your Sister’s house, but then got dragged several hundred miles across state line and forced to work from sunrise to well past sunset by a crazy woman with Penny Fever?

Charlene searched the exterior tables for a penny, but only saw blobs. I looked there and found that blob, but looked closer to see it was a penny. (Coin #14)

We headed down the mountain for Home Depot. Temperatures were over 100 F. We were tired, and Sharon was wedged in a little spot behind the passenger seat for the whole trip. Talk about Love in Action! But we found the wainscoting, molding and Liquid Nails. We were hoping our ideas would be attractive and functional. The project took a few hours, but the bathroom is better for it J

Another Lesson: CHANGE can improve function and aesthetics.

Charlene prepared a wonderful dinner so the rest of us could maximize our working time. The crew continued to work until they started dropping off one by one. By 9 PM the rest of them were all out for the night.

Total for the day: 14 coins Q (0), D (4), N(1), P (9) = $0.54

Friday, August 28, 2009

Day #252 - Mountain Climbing

Today the plan was to head back up the mountain and finish off the installation of the new flooring. Had several tasks to complete before that. Stopped at CVS to return one of the items bought yesterday. A nickel in my path as I entered the store. Nickels seem to be the most difficult to find, so that was a nice surprise. (Coin #1)

Doc insisted upon his Starbucks stop before we got on the freeway. Four dirt pennies in the planter, then a nickel at the window. (Coins #2-6).

Next stop was at OSH Hardware for an upright Lawn/Tool shed. While waiting for assistance, I wandered back and forth around the check out area. Nothing. Doc wandered over and pointed to my feet? I was almost standing on a dime. The floor was light colored and I didn’t see it! (Coin #7).

We stopped at 7-11 so Doc could get a lottery ticket. Doc pointed to a penny under the counter. I went diving (on the non-injured leg) and came up with that penny, a quarter, another penny, plus a dime. (Coins #8-11). So we went from seven (coins) to eleven at 7-11. J

Meanwhile Doc was turning in his $1 ticket for his $9 win. That is the biggest payoff he has ever had! (That would be 900 pennies!)


On the way up the mountain Doc made his stop at the San Bernardino McDonalds. Derrick was in the window and said “Hi Penny Lady” as I picked up two shiny pennies (Coins #12&13).

We arrived at the cabin mid afternoon just as the flooring crew was packing up. We inspected their work, helped them get all the furniture back in the house, put floor protectors under everything, paid them, and gave them PennyFinder pens as Thank Yous. J Then Doc and I got to work.

We had approximately 6 hours to make the place ready for our out-of-state visitors. The goal was to at least clean the loft area so they could have one small area to park their suitcases and sleep. Doc and I put it in high gear. Around 7 PM Doc demanded feeding. A quick run to the grocery store yielded some calories for Doc and a nickel and a penny to fuel me. J (Coins #14&15).

Our guests arrived around 10 PM to a reasonably clean environment. We chatted for quite a while and then it was off to bed.


Total for the day: 15 coins Q (1), D (2), N(3), P (9) = $0.69

Hit for the Cycle

Driving up the mountain I was doing some contemplating ….

WHY am I doing this? It is certainly not the monetary value of the coins.

Is it stubbornness?

Is it persistence?

Is it the rush of adrenalin when a coin is collected?

Is it the smiles generated?

Is it a calling?

Is it a “have to do?”

Is it ego gratification?

Expectations of others?

Not letting the Penny Pals down?

Like people who climb mountains.

Why do they subject themselves to the agony?

Because there are mountains to be climbed.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day #251 - Trust and Comply

Today was a nice, simple day. I worked with the flooring installers at the cabin. The materials came from 2 different die lots (which wasn’t noticed until several rows were laid down and things weren’t looking right). It took extra time and care to make sure things looked OK overall. The workers finished the kitchen and family room. Tomorrow the bedroom and bathroom.


By mid afternoon I was getting pretty hungry for lunch. I had brought my lunch, but felt rude by preparing it in the kitchen with the guys working right there. They hadn’t eaten, but didn’t want to waste time going all the way to town for food. So I took their food order and headed to the grocery store deli counter.

As I was leaving the cabin, I met Karyn who was preparing the next door cabin for renting. She was really nice. We exchanged business cards which gave me the opportunity to SHARE with someone new today. I told her the one Penny Tale of the Special Delivery Trader Joes penny. She seemed to enjoy that.

A few minutes later I was at the grocery store ordering the sandwiches. Karyn was there also! I said to the Penny Angles: “It would be fun if you delivered a penny right now, so this Penny Finding could be ‘validated’ for Karyn”. A penny was provided in a checkout lane within 30 seconds. I found Karyn and showed it to her. “See?” She held out her hand and said “Thanks!”. Gulp. I had to give it up. It would have been improper not to. That was difficult - I get somewhat attached to these finds.

As I left the market, I thought, “My coin bag labeled Day #251 will be empty! That’s not good. L So the Penny Angels gave me a beautiful, shiny penny before I reached the truck. Nice. (Coin #2).


Doc was doing his own penny finding today. He had a morning meeting in Fowland Heights. One the way to school, he stopped at that new drive thru Starbucks. No coins. So he went next door to McDonalds for a breakfast sandwich and a penny (Coin #3).

After work this evening, Doc went to the grocery store. One penny at Check Out (Penny #4).

Doc was determined to hit 10,000 steps today. (I was doing the opposite and trying to stay under 2500 steps to give my leg a rest). So Doc went to OSH hardward store - just to walk! (It is air conditioned in there). Upon entering the store he found a dime at the check out area. Then after considerable walking, he was rewarded with a nickel at the end of one aisle. (Coins #5&6).


Quiet days with moderate Sharing are nice. (Sounds a bit like a weather report!)

Today’s total: 6 coins D (1), N(1), P (4) = $0.19


I just listened to the cassette recorder. There are notes from this morning which I had forgotten about. I stopped at the CVS for a cold pack, pain killers and coins. Then I went for gasoline and coins. Then I walked over to the car wash. No coins there either! I was disappointed and hurting.

The thoughts at the time were: “Sometimes we are called for assignments which are not always comfortable. They may, in fact, be painful experiences. And we don’t always get immediate results or understanding of the situation. Ours is not to Question WHY? Ours is just to Trust and Comply”.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day #250 - Memorable Moments

Today is Day #250 of consecutive penny finding. It is 4:30 in the afternoon. I brought a laptop computer to the cabin thinking it might come in handy. I am downstairs using it to type to you while the flooring installers are upstairs working. All around me sawdust is falling like a light snowstorm. The vibrations the workers are creating, has caused a blanket of sawdust over everything down here – including me! Need to put on a dust mask.


This morning I asked the Penny Angels for something different, special, or maybe memorable. Remind me never to do that again. The day began nicely enough. The installers called to say their truck was loaded up at the warehouse and they would meet me in an hour. I arrived at the cabin 5 minutes before they did and got things unlocked and the water turned on.

The workers reviewed the job with me and then we all began moving furniture out on the deck. After pulling up the carpet and seeing the cupping of the wood planks underneath, it was suggested we put down a whole new subfloor. This “little job” of replacing the filthy living room carpet has now snowballed from $3,000 to triple that! Sticker shock, (Memorable Moment #1).

I agreed to proceed and Josh drove down the hill to get 23 sheets of plywood and his pneumatic nailer. Patrick and Donny continued the demolition work.


I set up an “office” (table, chair and laptop) in the carport in hopes of getting some work done. Didn’t happen. Instead, as I walked out there to begin working, something in my left calve snapped loudly. Excruciating pain! (Memorable Moment #2). I tried to stay off it, but still needed to do one or two things. And pulled it a second time. That sent me to the sofa in the downstairs room for the rest of the afternoon.

I got off the sofa just to use the toilet. As I left the bathroom, I heard water continuing to run. (I am slightly sensitive to the sound of running water since the flood we had in our Pomona house a few years ago. It took 9 months of reconstruction with that job). I turned back to see the toilet over flowing and not stopping! STUFF Happens. (Memorable Moment #3) I dove for the shut off valve while yelling for assistance from the guys upstairs. They quickly ran down. They were working in the kitchen and not doing anything with the water lines. It was a local problem. I shouted for TOWELS! and started mopping as fast as I could. I had put all the bathroom towels away to clear things for the workers. Rats. I had one hand towel and the shop rags from the guys to do all the mopping. My leg was screaming in pain, the towels were saturated, the guys were wondering how to best help and I was feeling a little overwhelmed at the time.

After mopping the flood, I found a toilet plunger and dealt with the situation. Just now I turned the shut off valve back on and am writing to you while cautiously staying within the vicinity.


During the worker’s lunch break I told them about Penny Tales. Josh said they almost always find several coins when moving furniture and ripping out old carpeting. Today they did not!

So far no coins today… L


11:30 PM I am home now with a pack of frozen peas on my leg. The workers left the cabin at 7 PM . I locked up and headed home.

While driving I was talking to the Angels about the manner in which they chose to make it a “Memorable Day”. Told them it was not what I meant. However, there was a wonderful and colorful sunset to enjoy on the drive.


I still needed to stop at Lowe’s for supplies and so half way home I stopped to call Doc and ask him to “make me a cold one” for when I got home. (I wanted him to freeze one of those first aide wraps for me).

When I arrived at Lowe’s, I expected to find coins. I “hopped” out of my truck and stepped on something. A lump - but it was chewing gum! EWWW! (Memorable Moment #4) Going up and down the aisles was really painful on the leg. At the check out stations I did not find any coins on the initial pass. Finally I PLEADED with the angels, “PLEASE. I can’t walk another step. It hurts too much. Just let me find at least one penny before I leave the building. I need to have a coin today and I can’t bear the thought of walking any more.” Thirty seconds later I found two shiny pennies. (Coins #1&2)

The cashier, Baby, asked me about my Penny Pendant. I gave her a card and told her about Penny Tales. She seemed to enjoy that. (A fourth opportunity to share today).


When I arrived home Doc said that he had found coins today. Yipee!

Doc’s story, “Sparky and I went to the LaVerne Freeway Starbucks. No coins! We checked the dirt planter and everything! I headed to the Fruit Street McDonalds. Stopped at a signal thinking ‘If I find a coin in the median, I won’t need to go buy a McBreakfast.’ There was a penny!” (Coin #3). So he retrieved the coin and aborted the McDonalds trip. J

Doc drove through town and then to the Shell station. He found a quarter while driving into the station - before even getting to the pumps. (Coin #4)

He went to school for most of the day. Then went through the Pomona McDonalds on this way home. Searched and had given up, but then found a single penny. (Coin #5).

Drove next door to the NEW Starbucks which just opened today! He was sooo excited to be there on Grand Opening Day.


Total: 5 coins Q (1), D (0), N(0), P (4) = $0.29

Today’s Lesson: Choose your words very carefully when issuing requests to the Universe.

The Laws of Manifestation are always in effect. However, the outcomes may not necessarily be what you expected. Try to be specific in your request.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day #249 - Enjoy the Moment

I wanted today’s Tale to be a short one. To be honest, I’ve had a nice day and I’d really like to enjoy that mellowness, change into pajamas, forget about Penny Tales and go directly to bed.

But I will fulfill my “assignment” and write Penny Tales, then go pack tools and gear for tomorrow’s flooring installation at the cabin.

So far I do not have a lesson or a title for this Tale. Hoping those will be delivered shortly.


New House Stuff:

The Realtor called at her standard 4:10 +/- time. She had contacted escrow to see why things are taking so long. Evidently the bank was submitting a different property address than what we were submitting, so the escrow company was confused. Maybe today things will get started for real?


Penny Tale:

This morning Doc and I were headed to the cabin to paint all those sections of baseboard molding which we hauled up there last night. I was anxious to get on the road since I had a 5 PM meeting at school this evening and knew we would need every possible minute to get that molding job finished. He insisted on a stop at Starbucks L (With promises that I would likely find today’s penny). The drive up line was super long, so he parked the van and walked in for this coffee. I got even grumpier - no drive through window? He told me to settle down and go take a hike - try next door at iHOP. I walked. Penny at the first parking stall in front of iHOP. Done for the Day J


We headed down the freeway to the cabin. At the offramp we again were laughing and joking about the foregone coin from many months ago. Doc suddenly exclaimed, “There IS one!” His specialty - Median Coins (Penny #2)

At the cabin, we spent an hour preparing the painting area and getting set up. Longer than anticipated. Then the painting took twice as long as Doc expected. Yet right in the middle of the job, I had a feeling of complete peace. The birds were talking, the sky was blue, the weather was perfect for painting and we were just chatting away on all sorts of subjects. For once I was “enjoying just that moment” instead of thinking of dozens of additional things.

On the way down the mountain, I was again anxious, looking at my watch, and counting the moments until my 5 PM meeting. Back to normal! And Doc wanted to stop at the San Bernardino McDonald’s! Grrrr….. I found a dime and penny at the pay window. The cashier said: “Hi Penny Finder. I remember you!” Yikes, is that good or bad? I looked back and forth at the Pickup window and did not see any coins. Doc was pointing to stress cracks in the pavement near a bollard. Sure enough, there were 3 pennies with only the very top edges showing. Almost needed tweezers for those. (Coins#3-7).


This evening for the first time, I had some off campus, one-on-one time with a friend. I found myself for the second time today just setting aside all other plans, concerns, action items, etc. and just enjoying the “here and now”. That happens during our Play Time with the Twins, but not usually with other people. Seems like a good skill / lesson to continue learning.

11:45 PM I was typing this note to you and almost finished at this point. Doc just came home. His love note which I had overlooked …. “Tina, I went to KFC for dinner. Found two pennies on the ground at the food drive up window. Then while waiting, I saw a nickel on a window ledge 4-5 feet to the side of the drive up window. Can’t figure out how it would get up there.” (Coins #8-10). Such poetic prose ;-)

Total: 10 coins Q (0), D (1), N(1), P (8) = $0.23

Lesson: Learning to be “in the moment”.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Day #248 - Role Reversal

I found only one coin today and was happy with that. Doc is seriously afflicted with Penny Fever. He is a CHANGED man! Reversed Roles. He is walking and now challenging me every day to match him in both steps walked and coins found! What a testimonial to the influence of Penny Angels J

Doc and Sparky went out for their morning date. A quick stop at Circle K to redeem Doc’s big $1 winning lottery ticket. On the floor at the register there was a bright shiny penny with only one customer standing in the way of retrieving it. Not a problem! (Coin #1). Short line at the LaVerne Starbucks. Found a quarter at the window. (Coin #2) Began driving away and spotted a penny just around the corner. Parked the van and walked back to get Coin #3.


I found a dime at school in the student union. Looked for coins twice through the dining area, had given up and was leaving when I spotted a dime. (Coin #4).


Doc spent the day doing some research and went to the County Records office. He exited the freeway to visit the West Covina Starbucks and found a Median Penny! (Coin #5). In the drive through, there were no cars behind him, so he collected a penny from the planter, then a dime behind him, then another dime 10 ft. in front of the car. (Coins #6-8).

Doc spotted a bright, shiny penny as he was getting on the freeway. He assessed the situation and decided not to accept this opportunity. Foregone Penny (Coin #9). He mourned that loss the rest of the evening.

Doc dropped by school to take care of a few tasks and deliver his precious coin finds. He then went to McDonalds on his way home for burgers, one quarter, one dime, and two pennies. (Coins #10-13).


When I arrived home at 7:15, Doc handed me some trail mix, a food bar, and a Doc McMuffin which he had made for me. We were out the door and on our way to get base molding. The flooring company wants $3/ft to install molding. We could buy it for 33¢/ft and install it with our out-of-state friends (Charlene and Jim) this weekend when they come to visit us. But the molding is 12ft long and so we need to rent the Home Depot truck to haul it! But the rental desk was closed so my little truck would have to carry the load. She did it faithfully.

I was speaking to Charlene about their arrival when Doc spotted another median coin just off the freeway as it was getting dark. (Coin #14) That man is talented! Two median coins today. And the Nickel makes it a Hit for the Cycle as well!

At Home Depot we got all the supplies, plus two pennies. I overlooked them, but Doc has eagle eyes. (Coins #15&16). Jordan, the cashier was really friendly as he rang up our order. Doc and I were leaving the building when I was “nudged” to turn back and give Jordan a Penny Finder card and quickly tell him the story. He said: “Hang on a moment”. Then he reached across and handed me a penny he had just found! (Indirect Find). Fun exchange. Joy SHARED.

I then realized the day did not seem “complete” until I had shared with someone.

We delivered the molding to the cabin then headed home. As we passed the San Bernardino Starbucks and then the McDonalds and other places, Doc asked: “Stop? Look?” (He could tell part of me was really tempted since I only had one coin today). I firmly told him: “NO!!!! I still need to go home and write about all these!” “STOP! Or else you can write your own darn Tales!” Reversed Roles.

Doc: 15 coins Q (2), D (3), N(1), P (8) + 1 Foregone Penny = $0.94

Tina: 1 coin Q (0), D (1), N(0), P (0) = $0.10

Combined: Q (2), D (4), N(1), P (8) + 1 Foregone Penny = $1.04

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day #247 - Meeting People

A great incoming story from Hui today. In a nutshell, she is faced with a major family dilemma and is wondering how to best resolve things. Her McDonald’s story for today: “

At the pay window, I found a quarter, 2 pennies, a dime and a nickel. At the pick up window, I found a penny in a crack and another dime.

Either way I ended up with at least one of each coin.

Penny Angels are giving me hope... and there's a nest of dragonflies outside, flying around my koi pond. I know I'm doing the right thing.


We had a 9 a.m. appointment with the surveyor so we headed out at 7:30 in order for Doc to get his coffee and then to get some steps under his belt. Doc got adventurous and went to a different Starbucks -- one between our current house and the lot! While Doc went inside, I walked around the parking lot to find Penny #1 for today.

Doc and I had 50 minutes remaining before our appointment, so we explored a shopping center where we would likely do much of our shopping. We walked our separate ways. I was walking saying: ‘Hi Penny Angels - What do you plan for today? Lead me, Guide me, Teach me, Train me.” “With whom will we share the story today?”

Wow! I had totally forgotten about that question until just now. I did share the Penny Finding story with several people today. When we stopped for lunch at

Coco’s, we saw a colleague and his wife. They sat down at our table and began telling us about their new house. I told them about Penny Tales.

I had emailed this woman a few weeks ago in regard to the book she has published. “The Floor is NOT an Option!” I wanted to ask her about

her publishing experience.

She suddenly appeared today and just sat down at our table! Interesting “Coincidence?”

Back to the Penny Finding: I walked through the Del Taco drive through figuring Doc would have already looked there. I was surprised to find a penny. Glanced back as I walked from the pickup window back toward the pay window. Spotted two more pennies! Once again, having the right perspective or angle on a situation makes all the difference. Then I got chased out by a large SUV who was expecting to have the right of way in that corridor. Found one penny while recording the finds of those previous pennies. (Coins #2-5)

Meanwhile Doc found a penny outside of Subway, a dime on the support frame of a paper rack and then a penny in the street in front of Vons. (Coins #6-8)


At the lot, several neighbors came out to chat with us. Very nice. As I was talking and walking the site with the Surveyor, a beautiful orange dragonfly kept buzzing and doing flybys with me. Nice omen.

We did meet with Carlos (the surveyor) and he said the job would be an easy one. We knew that already. Dimensions are a square 115 ft.
by 185 ft. We just need a topo map and to make sure the existing block walls are in the proper location.


While driving home and exiting the freeway, Doc spotted an embedded penny at the end of the freeway offramp. (Coin #9 - Embedded Foregone).


Later this afternoon Doc offered to look at my house designs - if I would first go with him to the store for peanut butter and groceries. L I wanted to stay home and make progress on some of the projects going on. (And get the piles off my floors).

When we arrived at the first grocery store, Doc surprised me by wanting to walk for a while before going in. I found an old beat up penny by the Baskin Robbins shop. Walked over it when entering the store and did not notice it. Noticed it when walking back the other direction.

Lesson Again: How vital it is to “Have the Proper Perspective”.

At the second grocery store I notice a penny by the boxes of fruit drinks. I summoned Doc to snap a photo. He was looking elsewhere. I asked him why he wasn’t even looking at the coin. He said he was! It was a different penny than I was looking at! (Coins #11&12)

As we were driving home and stopped at a red light, Doc searched the median. Yes, he found a penny. He retrieved it, buckled up, moved the van forward a few feet, and spotted a second penny! (Coins #13&14). A one signal, double dive maneuver. Pretty impressive.

Total for the day: 14 coins D (1), P (12) + one embedded = $0.23

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day #246 - Hydrant Choices

All this week I have been saying “I feel like a dog with a dozen inviting fire hydrants in front of me! Not sure where to start. The choices are overwhelming. So many great opportunities and not enough in me to take full advantage of these wonderful things. Too excited to waste time eating or sleeping.

It was the usual start for the day -- Starbucks for Doc’s coffee and Tina’s coins. One penny in the dirt planter while placing the order. A very obvious quarter under the pick up window, then a penny and a dime close by. Doc said to fetch the other dime as well. I asked him “What dime?” He pointed. I still did not see it even though I was only 2-3 ft. from it. He got out of the van and then showed me again. (Coins #1-5)

Lesson: Sometimes you need others to give clarity to a situation. You may be blinded or unaware of so many opportunities. They may not even be difficult or out of reach at all - you may just be clueless that they exist right next to you! One simple word, gesture, or bit of advice from someone may be just what you need.

Then YOU can be that signal / beacon / little voice for someone else!

Our next stop was Walmart for supplies and a new battery for the van. We found one penny by the payphones outside. We also spotted a gorgeous shiny penny - but out of reach deep behind the Coke vending machine by the front entrance. L After getting the car serviced, we used that backscratcher we now keep under the front seat of the car. Perfect tool to get the shiny penny. (See photo). It was one of the new Lincoln Cabin pennies. Very pretty. There was also another penny back there, but out of reach (Foregone coin). (Coins #6-8).

There were some picnic tables at the edge of the parking lot which are obviously used by the smoking employees. There just had to be coins in all that litter… I looked 3 times around the tables. Nothing! Then I looked by the fire hydrant. Remember the thoughts thi s week? Sure enough, there was 2¢ worth at the hydrant! (Coins #9&10) (See photo).

At Home Depot I checked the lines up and back when we first walked in. When checking out, there was a bright penny in the line we chose. The I noticed a second one a few feet away. These were two new Lincoln Studying pennies. First ones I have seen of those. As I was paying, Doc was finding a very grungy penny by the exit door. (Coins #11-13).

We headed home to work on lunch and house plans.


Thirteen coins is plenty to write about for one day. But we needed to take Dundee for his rabies shot and thus went out once again making ourselves vulnerable to the whims of the Penny Angels.

Circle K: We walked the whole parking lot, then inside. I did an additional lap around the lot before going to the van. Doc says “You missed this penny!” (Coin #14).

Petco: After Dundee got his shot and we were leaving, Doc found a penny by the front windows next to a display rack. (Coin #15).

Trader Joes: We were getting salads when Doc abruptly walked away toward the flower bouquets. He came back with a big smile, outstretched hand and a “gift” for me -- a bright shiny beautiful penny. (Coin #16) J Remember - it’s the thought that counts - not the dollar value. We were soooo laughing. After 28 years, the romance is still there!

We were parked in really big shopping center with lots of traffic. As we were driving out of the lot onto the main street and heading home, Doc said: “That could have been a penny we just drove over.” My response. “No Dear! Too dangerous and rude to hold up the cars behind us.” He pulled out into the street (opposite of the direction of home) and looped back into the lot! This time he did not spot the coin - but I looked out my window to see a silver thing. Not certain it was a coin, but 80% likely. I hopped out and grabbed it. Pulled a calf muscle in doing so. Gosh that hurt! But it was a nickel! (Coin #17) Hit for the Cycle! Yippee!

Total for the day: 17 coins Q (1), D (2), N(1), P (12) + 1 Foregone Penny = $0.63