In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Joyfully, Tina

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day #285 - Glorious Day

WOW! I am looking at the calendar hanging from the bookcase. ANOTHER month where EVERY square on the page has a Penny Find listed! And flipping backward: August, July, June, May, April, March, February, January … EVERY SQUARE on this year’s calendar has a Penny Find! It is truly amazing when put into visual terms like that. It sure defies “reasonableness” or “logic”!


This morning we awoke to Aussie guests in the kitchen. What a nice way to start the day. After quick hellos we headed to IHOP for Pancakes! (Breakfast pancakes are difficult to find in Australia). We decided there were 3 things to accomplish today: A haircut for Gloria, duplication of her handouts for the classes she is scheduled to teach, and of course, Penny Finding!


Detour here: Gloria is a world-renowned quilter whom we met through one of those miracle coincidences. She took up quilting when recovering from chemotherapy treatments and now travels the world sharing both her Journey and Unique Quilting Techniques. Her quilts look like beautiful paintings.


After breakfast, we took Tony back to the house and Doc went to teach class. Gloria and I discovered the first penny at Staples and then Pennies #2 and #3 in the parking lot after getting the haircut. Gloria can teach Quilting and I can teach Penny Finding!

In the parking lot I also met a neat lady (Judy) who SHARED the story of her mother’s Penny Planting. There are so many people who have special stories to share. Somehow we need to capture those and SHARE the JOY with even more people!


We retrieved Tony and headed for the Ontario Mills Mall. That place is huge! We had lunch, wandered the shops, bought a few things and had a coffee. Not a single coin to be found.

We met Doc for dinner at 5:15 at the Bass Pro shop and Fish Co. He immediately found a penny. (Coin #4). We noticed a schmush penny machine and had Tony use it on the found penny. Nice remembrance.

We had a lovely dinner as the sun was setting. When we emerged, Gloria found a nickel! I had walked right past it and had not noticed it. She is a fast learner. J (Coin #5)


The men went home (or so we thought) and we ladies stopped at the grocery store for breakfast fixings - and a penny. I had looked at each check out line two times for coins - once while we were shopping and then as we were getting ready to pay. I triple looked in the aisle we chose. Nothing - until Gloria stepped forward to pay and then suddenly there was a penny under her. Mushroom Coin. (Coin #6). Three cashiers were all smiling as we explained Penny Finders.

It turns out the men detoured and drove past our new property in Deer Creek. Motivation. The surveyor is due to go out there on Saturday ….;-) The Penny Angels are continuing to lead.


Basic Penny Finding = personally finding a coin and quietly appreciating the blessing

Intermediate Penny Finding = sharing the Find with someone and creating a Moment of Shared Joy

Advanced Penny Finding = teaching / involving others so they are active Penny Finders


Today’s Total: 6 coins P (5), N (1) = 10¢

and more international Penny Pals

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day #284 - Things Unseen

What a nice day today. Great weather and things just seemed to flow well. By mid afternoon neither Doc nor I had found any coins. So I announced to my co-worker that I was going for a walk and should be back in about 10 minutes with my coins. It took 12 minutes. I walked quickly to the cafeteria area finding one penny at the Taco Bell when I walked in. No more coins throughout the whole place! Not like yesterday’s Easy Pickens. So I said “C’mon Angels. Surely there are more here”. I did a second lap and found a penny again at the Taco Bell. OK. God’s 2¢ worth.

I found one more penny while walking back to my office. Stopped to Share the JOY in the student study room. The room is usually totally packed at that time of day. There was no one in the room and the lights were out. Ominous sign. But I spotted a blob of some sort in a dark corner. It was a dime!


After work I dashed home to change clothes, turn on the air conditioner, feed the dogs and put out the house key. We were expecting guests from Australia. We had them take a taxi to our house since we needed to be at a scholarship awarding this evening.

The Scholarship Ceremony was wonderful. You would be so impressed with the accomplishments of all of these students. Many of them have already been traveling around the world and making a difference.

The recipient of our scholarship is double majoring in Aerospace Engineering (like Doc) and in Physics. I gave him a PennyFinders pen and an angel penny. He smiled and told us that when he was younger he received an angel penny and has kept it in a special place ever since. So this was a nice omen for him (as well as the $2,500 check and gold medallion). Oops! I forgot to get a picture. Rats!


When we arrived home this evening the house was dark, the house key was inside, and there was a note from our Aussie guests “We were so tired. See you in the morning.” Doc and I stood there in the kitchen and held hands in a moment of GRATEFULNESS. Three years ago when we returned from awarding the Scholarship that night, we came home to find our house flooding. Our world for the following nine months was altered at the moment. Tonight we came home to find weary travelers for whom we could provide shelter. How wonderful.

Lesson: Remember to be grateful for some of the things unseen.

Today’s Total: 4 coins P (3), D (1) = 13¢

Monday, September 28, 2009

Day #283 - Easy Pickens

Lots of coins found today - but not by Doc. He returned home from Starbucks this morning as a very frustrated man. He spotted a dime, but it was lodged within the grating of a food display cabinet and could not be retrieved. Foregone Coin.


Around 3:30 this afternoon at work I decided to take a walk since I had been sitting at the computer for too long. Now that the cafeteria area is open again, it does make the coin finding much more likely to happen. (Target Rich Environment).

Within 5 minutes and a few hundred steps I collected:

2 (P), 1 (D), 1 (Q) at Taco Bell (spotted immediately as I was walking in the door)

1 Shiny (P) under the feet of a guy eating lunch. SHARED Penny Tales w/him.

1 (D) Carl’s Jr.

1 (P) at the muffin counter

1 (P) at Panda Express. In the middle of a white tile floor with 20+ people standing around it

Decided to approach the Carl’s Jr. from the other direction. 4 (P), 1(D), 1 (Q) SHARED the story with 3 Fraternity Guys in line.

So 9 (P), 3 (D), 2 (Q) at that stop. Where are all those nickels from last week?


I said’ “Penny Angels how about a nickel to ‘Hit for the Cycle?’” As I said that, a plastic bottle rolled across my path. Yes, there is a 5¢ redemption value on those, so I guess that is close to what I requested. I would still, however, prefer the coin.


I ventured down to the Student Center with the intention of finding that nickel.

2 (P) at the convenience store

5 (P) at Subway

1 (P) at Sushi station

1 (P), 1 (D) in the dining tables area

1 (D) and 1 (Q) at Round Table Pizza.

I stopped to speak with a colleague. Told him about Penny Tales and my search for a nickel today. As he walked away from our discussion, I spotted 1 (P), 1 (N), and 1 (D) on a nearby table. (No, he did not leave those). Then there was 1 (P) on the next table! I called for my colleague to turn around and take note of those! We spoke for a moment, then he again departed. I walked a few steps back to the table and there were 2 (P) pennies there! I would swear I saw no one in my peripheral vision coming anywhere close to where we were standing. I asked the student at the closest table if he had seen anyone pass there within the previous 2 minutes? “No”. Mushroom Coins?

So 13 (P), 1 (N), 3 (D), 1 (Q) at that stop. At least there was one nickel.


As I was exiting the Dining Areas, there was a penny in my path. Then another one when I left the building. There were two in the game room and one on the side walk. (5 more pennies).


Doc called home at 9 PM to say he was leaving campus and planning to stop at McDonalds. Did I want anything? I told him “No thanks - and DO NOT get any more coins because I am trying to write today’s Penny Tale before you get home and be done with it!”

Doc just walked in here with his burger. He said Hi to the dogs, gave me a kiss -- and handed me five pennies. Evidently it took a few minutes to cook his burger so he got out and walked some steps around the van - collecting pennies as he walked. Penny Fever

Lesson? Not sure today. Nothing is coming through to me, what about you?

Today’s Total: 42 coins P (32), N (1), D (6), Q (3) = $1.72

+ one foregone coin = $1.82

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day #282 - Work Before Play

Last night around 9 PM, I sat down to write the Daily Penny Tale. I woke up 10 hours later …

This morning we again worked in the yard for 2.5 hours until the heat made it miserably uncomfortable (and we got awfully grumpy). I spent most of the day working on a homework assignment due tomorrow. At 6 PM I realized that I only had 3,800 steps on my pedometer. I had been sitting on my butt at the computer all afternoon. Of course there were the numerous trips to the kitchen for snack breaks, lunch, nibblings, nervous eating, foraging, homework avoidance munching, etc. (That was how I got the steps to that point). Sitting around and eating all day - not a healthy combination.

It was time to take action! I needed pennies and steps! Doc had found one penny at the hardware store when he went for sprinkler repair parts in the afternoon. (Coin #1) One coin was not enough for today.

I headed to the High School for Coin Finding and to walk 5,000 Steps. Doc dropped me off and headed for Starbucks. I retrieved the first penny before Doc had even driven away. Great! First objective met. (Coin #2). The next penny was found after 5 minutes in a wide crack in a sidewalk (Coin #3)

Next I headed to the student parking lot. There was Penny #4 at the passenger loading area. (Eleven minutes into the walk). Pennies #5 and #6 a few minutes later. Losing daylight so walking faster. I had only completed 2,300 steps, but had found a loose marble! (Had I previously lost it?) J Dime (Coin #7) at 19 minutes into the walk. Another penny (Coin #8) found while talking to Doc as he called to ask what I needed from the grocery store.


I really enjoy the “Share” part of Penny Finding, but the school was deserted. So I created a SingSong as I walked through the lot:

Penny Angels, Penny Angels what do you say?

Are we going to include Other people today?

The nearby skateboard park closed and all the kids emerged. Most of them immediately departed, but a cluster of five remained and were “hanging”. I actually had the thought, “Penny Angels - Wouldn’t it be incredible if these boys were to find a coin?”

As I walked briskly past, one of them said “Hi!” That caught me by surprise, but was the perfect chance to enthusiastically say (while continuing to walk away) “Hi! I’m out Penny Finding and today is Day #282!” I heard numerous comments (which I won’t repeat), but

suffice it to say they were typical snide teenage boy talk. When I was at least 100 feet away, I heard “We have a penny here! Or maybe it’s a dime! And they were pointing at the ground!”

What fun. I returned and Shared with them about Penny Tales. One of the young lads shared an incredible penny story which he had. More Shared Joy! I had left my camera in the car, so we summoned Doc to come take a picture. (Coin #9). See photo.


I had planned only to go out only for the walk, but realized we needed some lunch fixings for the upcoming week. Next stop: Trader Joe’s.

When we first walked in, Doc searched the check out lines to find a nickel. (Coin #10). As we were in line to check out, he spotted a blob from about 15 feet and motioned for me to investigate. In order not to look too weird and bold, I took a circuitous route. Found an unexpected penny along that route and then the blob turned out to be a penny as well. (Coins #11&12). Shared Penny Tales and a business card with the Cashier.

We were almost out of the store when I spotted a nickel at a different check out line. (Coin #13) It was under the counter between the sandaled feet of two ladies. It would be really awkward to just reach down between their ankles, so I waited for the first one to finish her transaction and move away. She did not. The two were evidently shopping together. I “read” their faces and felt they would be receptive. I chose to be bold … “Hello Ladies (while putting a business card on the counter for them). I write daily Penny Tales, so if you’ll excuse me I’m reaching for this coin for today’s story!” They smiled. One of the ladies shared how she walks every day (showing me her pedometer) and finds lots of coins. We exchanged some additional conversation while exiting the store. Shared JOY!

While Doc was waiting outside, he found a penny by the picnic tables. (Coin #14)

Doc said I didn’t have enough steps yet, so at the next shopping center he dropped me off on one side and instructed me to hike to the other end. I did not find any coins - even around the Munchie Shack. Doc drove around and hopped out periodically to check around the newspaper stands and other likely areas. He used his car headlights (while I walked in the dark) to find another penny. (Coin #15)

Today’s Total: 15 coins P (11), N (2), D (2), Q (0) = 41¢ + one loose marble

Lesson: Too much play time (Penny Finding) so I don’t have my homework done yet. Next time: Work before Play!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day #281 - Shining Examples

Today’s temperatures were expected to reach over 100 degrees, yet our yard was demanding some attention. So, as much as I dread getting up early, we did - and spent two hours cleaning filters, fighting with the thorny berry plants and making a tiny bit of progress out there.

I had planned to spend the morning (while the house was cool) in dealing with paper work and preparing the house for arrival of guests later in the week. However, it was 10 AM and Doc insisted upon a Starbucks run … I agreed to go with him in order to Find Pennies. We added one additional stop, then another, then another … After 2.5 hours and ten stores, we were home with ten coins.

As we headed out from home, Doc wasted no time in finding his first penny. It was at the first intersection (about 2 minutes into our journey) when he said, “Penny in the Median!” I didn’t believe him, but he retrieved it. (Coin #1) I said, “OK. We are done for the day.”


Our first stop was for breakfast (with a ‘temporary’ coffee infusion). No coins there L

Next to Radio Shack to recycle batteries then a walk through Albertson’s to look for coins. Doc spotted a penny by the ATM machine. There was a person with lots of luggage using the machine for a very long time. Lesson: Patience! Finally retrieved that coin, then spotted another one by one of the cash registers. Again had to wait for people to move away. (Coins #2&3)


Our real purpose for stopping at this shopping center was the jeweler. I broke the chain on which I wear Penny Pendant. I’ve known for a while that chain was way too tiny to hold the weight, but it took breaking it in order for me to take action.

Lesson: We often don’t take the precautionary actions we should. Then when things “break” we are forced to reevaluate and fix, quit, or CHANGE our method of operation.

I had tried a half dozen products to make Penny Pendant shiny. Moderate success and each time the shine only lasted a few days. I asked the jeweler for advice … he took the tarnished penny away for a while, held it to the polishing wheel and returned with it gleaming!

Lesson: A bit of polishing by the hand of a loving expert can help us Shine!


Our third stopping point was the recycle center to turn in cans and bottles. I spotted Penny #4 before Doc had even parked the car. Then while he counted out bottles, I walked the parking lot.

Saw a spot in front of the pizza place, but didn’t think it was a penny. Investigated anyhow and collected Penny #5.

The SingSong Thursday was effective, so I did one today:

Penny Angels, Penny Angels what do you say?

How about guiding my steps today?

Found Penny #6 within a minute.

We went inside the grocery store to redeem the recycle voucher. (The money is being saved in a jar to donate later). Doc found Penny #6 by the toys. Just what was he doing there???


The fourth stopping point included the office supply store and CVS pharmacy. I completed my purchase at the office supply store and met Doc at CVS.

Conversation went as follows …

Tina: “I did not find any coins, what about you?”

Doc: “I walked up and down the aisles here and did not spot any. No coins here.”

Tina: “Will the nickel next to you count if we pick that one up?” (See photo)

We were laughing.

I was recording that Find when I added: “Why don’t you retrieve the dime there as well!”

I was teasing Doc about the quality of his searching.

He laughed saying, “I was looking along edges and under counters and shelves - not right in the middle of the darn aisle!”


We finally made it to Starbucks! I was hoping for a quarter to complete a “hit for the cycle”, but only found a penny (Coin #9). Coin #10 (a penny) at the gas station convenience store.

Today’s Total: 10 coins P (8), N (1), D (1), Q (0) = 23¢


Reflections: Newspaper Columnists don’t write EVERY day. And when they go on vacation, their columns can be printed a second time. The Penny Angels don’t grant vacation time or time off for good behavior. They expect daily interaction. I guess that is what we learn from any spiritual set of beliefs. Our connection with a higher Source is not something just to be done for a few hours each Sunday morning. Every hour of every day we need to strive to be “in the flow”, living by our values, making progress toward improving ourselves, trying to live as shining examples, and assisting as many other people as we can.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Day #280 - Making Way

Doc planned for his usual stop at Starbucks this morning. So I went with him in order to Penny Find. We stopped at the bank and within seconds of hopping out of the van, I spotted a penny - underneath a guy sitting on the bench near the door. I hoped he might be gone when I emerged from the bank - he wasn't. So I warned him I was going to reach under him and then Told the Story. JOY Shared. (Coin #1).

Doc said, "Great, but one penny is not enough! Let's see some silver today". (I pointed to his hair). At Starbucks I found a dirt penny in the planter while doing steps-ups on the curb. Then a nickel at the window. (There's the silver he meant). (Coins #2&3).


I went to work and Doc went home. At lunchtime he ventured forth to Taco Bell - and collected some silver. Two dimes and a penny there (Coins #4-6)


At work I was heading to the vending machines when I encountered a co-worker. He said, "No coins there, I just looked". I looked anyway and didn't see any - until I was headed back into the building and there was a nickel under the Pepsi machine! (Coin #7) Mushroom Coin.

As I was leaving work, co-worker said, "Happy Penny Hunting" I told him I would continue looking for the coins he missed (like the one earlier today). He grumbled on his way out. Half an hour later as I was leaving, I found another nickel under that same vending machine from earlier today. I left a message for co-worker in order to further irritate him! (Coin #8)


After work Doc went to Sprouts groceries and found another penny. (Coin #9)

Lesson: Pennies are all around us - just like other blessings. We just need to learn how to "attract" or "manifest" them. Baby steps. What things are you trying to attract in your life? Are you creating the right "magnet" or environment for them? Making Way for Them?

Today’s Total: 9 coins P (4), N (3), D (2), Q (0) = 39¢

Interesting ... the same coin distribution as yesterday!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day #279 - Quick Coins

I had numerous morning errands and chores to catch up with after having to be at work so early every day this week. After going to the bank, I decided to detour a few feet out of the way and look for coins at the grocery store. Realizing it had been a long time since I’d done a Singsong, I said” “Penny Angels, Penny Angels What do you Say? Can we quickly find a Coin for today?” Within 5 seconds there was a Nickel in my path! I said: “That was very fast” and pulled out the cassette recorder to take notes. At that point, I spotted a penny near the newspaper racks. (One of the new Lincoln series). I set down my notepad in order to call Doc and tell him about the Find when I spotted another Nickel under one of the newspaper racks. Wow. Three Quick Coins in response to today’s SingSong.


Doc spent the morning at home preparing for his first day of lecture. On the way to school he stopped at the convenience store to check his lottery ticket. He parked, walked around the back of the van and looked for coins. After going in the store and then returning to his car, he noticed a coin where he had just walked and searched! Mushroom Coin. Penny visible from a new perspective. (Coin #4)


At school I had some tasks I didn’t feel like doing. So my reward for completing them would be a ten minute walk. Around 4:00 PM I finally got to take the walk. Headed for the Marketplace / cafeteria which was finally open again after being closed all summer.

I noticed Kevin, one of my Engineering Council Officers in the Carl’s Jr. line. He smiled and said “I bet I know what you are doing.” I said: “Yes, I am Penny Finding. Would you please hand me the one you are standing on!” He had not noticed it. That was fun. (Coin #5). Shared Joy. I searched for a few more minutes when I noticed Kevin and two of his friends eating their food. Stopped to say hello. I noticed a penny 3-4 tables away. So I asked the student seated at the other table if I might reach by his foot to collect the penny there - to write today’s Penny Tale. He smiled. I gave him a business card and collected the penny - along with the dime that was there as well! (Coins #6&7).

When I returned to my building there was a dime at the top of the staircase. (Coin #8). I barely noticed it against the light flooring. As I was going home tonight, there was another nickel just outside the doors to the building. Lots of people walking over it. (Coin #9).

Today’s Total: 9 coins P (4), N (3), D (2), Q (0) = 39¢

Today’s Lesson: The Shared Finds are much more fun than the Solo Finds.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day #278 - Up and Down

9:50 PM Doc just called from Pasadena and said he is on his way home. He challenged me to write today’s Penny Tale before he gets home …

This morning we stopped at Circle K to look for coins. None found.

I was already running late and had a significant event to coordinate at work. So I did not appreciate when the Penny Angels “nudged” me to make another stop. I was already driving past the Shell gas station when I was nudged to make a U-Turn and go back.
Tina to Angels: “You are kidding, right?”
Angels: “Do you want today’s coin or not?”

I turned and went back. No coins found by the gas pumps, the parking area, the vacuum hose area (where Doc finds them), or in my first pass through the convenience store.
Tina to Angels: “Am I missing something? Why did you tell me to come here?”
Then I saw a dime under the register counter. A little bit awkward in retrieving it, but I was determined. (Coin #1)

Penny Fever is Spreading!
During today’s event, Emily, one of my Engineering Officers handed me a penny (presented with a huge smile). She was on the phone and excitedly talking about a job offer when she spotted the penny. Was that a sign to take that job?

Rats! Doc is home already. Guess I did not make his challenge.

After work tonight Doc returned to his van to find the driver’s window missing! Not something fun to Find. Recently Doc had not been able to move the van window down (thus our excuse for my hopping out of the van to get the fast food and Starbucks orders for him - while subtly collecting coins). Now Doc was having trouble getting it up!

He had a 6 PM dinner meeting, but after that he headed to son Brian’s house. Brian is known as “McGiver” - he can fix anything! They found the slipped window and the problem. They headed to the auto parts store for replacements, but parts must be obtained from the dealer. Doc, of course, had to get his coins for the day, so he claimed one penny from the antifreeze bottle display and another penny in the adhesive aisle (Coins #2&3). The van window was propped up with some scrap pieces of wood and the problem will need to be resolved on another day.

Today’s Total: 3 coins P (2), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.12

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day #277 - Determined Doc

It was a long and busy day at work. At 7:15 PM as I left the office, I realized I hadn’t even looked for a coin today. I started talking to the Penny Angels on my way to the truck. “Please let me find a coin before I get home. I don’t want to go anywhere else.” I didn’t find any coins on campus. Doc called to say we would go to Starbucks or elsewhere when I got home.

I was nearly home when I was nudged to turn back and go to the Liquor Store which I had just passed.
Tina to Penny Angels: “You are asking me to go back to the Liquor Store?”
Nudging: “Yes”
Tina: “I didn’t think Angels would encourage that”.
Nudging: “It is mostly a convenience store and right now it is convenient for you”.
Tina: “That means making a right turn, a U-Turn on this major street, then a left turn at the signal, then across traffic into the lot”
Nudging: “Correct”
Tina: “All for the hopes of maybe finding a coin?”
Nudging: “Yup”

I U-turned, parked, searched the parking lot, went inside, searched the store… Nothing! I finally bought a stick of beef jerky because I felt guilty. While ringing up my purchase, the cashier asked if there was anything else I needed, “YES! Today’s Lucky Penny Please”. He looked around the room saying “Usually there are several laying around, but not right now.” I argued with the Angels, “SEE! Why did I listen to you? Those weren’t nudgings, those were just my own thoughts rumbling around. Wishful thinking”.
As I was walking back to my truck, there was a dime. I ran inside to show the cashier and give him a business card saying “Thanks! Day #277 Penny Tale”. (Coin #1)

Lessons: “Share your desires / goals with others”
“Listen to the Nudgings”

At 8:30 Doc decided that he needed more steps on his pedometer. He announced, “I’m going walking and Penny Finding. I will bring you home some coins”. I begged him not to. I was already falling asleep and did not want to be up late writing Penny Tales.

At 8:50 Doc called. Uhh Ohh.
Doc: “What did you want? TarnX or Brasso to clean your Penny Pendant?”
Tina: “Whew! I thought you were calling to say you found a penny”
Doc: “No, it was a dime as I walked into OSH. I needed to match you.” (Coin #2)

I asked Doc to please come home. He had his coin. No more needed!

At 9:15 Doc called again. He was at the grocery store.
Doc: “Quick! Grab paper and pen and write this down …
“There was one penny by the coin exchange machine as I just walked in. Then I spotted a penny on the floor in the cracker aisle. As I bent to retrieve it, there was a dime on a lower shelf. Then a penny on the floor in cereals. Another penny in the chips and snacks aisle. Then another penny which I already can’t remember from where. (Coins #3-8).

I told Doc to quit looking and come straight home! Enough already!

At 9:16 Doc called again. He was in the parking lot.
“Another penny by the handbaskets as I was exiting the store”. (Coin #9)

I told him to get his backside home immediately. If he was finding more pennies, he could darn well write about them, journal them and archive them himself! I would do my coins; he could do his!

Today’s Total: 9 coins P (6), N (0), D (3), Q (0) = $0.36

P.S. Around 11:30 PM I asked Doc to proofread this tale. I sat on the floor next to him as he read it. I woke up around 5:10 AM and realized he was no longer reading to me.

Lesson: Penny Tales make good bedtime stories

Monday, September 21, 2009

Day #276 - Fun and Games

The Fall term began today at school. The University President kicked off the new year with his State of the University address. With the tremendous State funding issues, things are pretty serious around campus. It’s a good thing there are Penny Tales to Share the JOY!


Knowing that today would be a long and busy day, Doc suggested we Hunt at the Circle K before getting to campus. We did. Doc got coffee; I found one penny at the cold beverage cooler and another one at the back of the store by the ATM (Coins #1&2). That was Great! - God’s 2¢ worth for today.

The Penny Angels had some fun planned …


Early afternoon: I was leaving a fairly serious message for one of the campus VPs. Trying to be so strong and professional. J.R. (a co-worker) walked in while I was leaving the message. He plopped a collection of coins wrapped in a paper towel and left! Lots and lots of coins. I had this image of a caveman with his kill. “Me Hunter! Me Done Good!” I burst out laughing in the middle of my business call. So much for seriousness. J

Since J.R. shares a common office wall with me, by now he is seriously infected with Penny Fever. At first he would not tell me His Story, but I insisted. He found all these coins on the mirror shelf in the men’s bathroom! I don’t’ mean just a dozen coins, but 58 coins! Coin mine. Indirect Finds. As we counted the coins there were: 3 dimes, 11 nickels, and 44 pennies! WOW! $1.29


Later this afternoon: I had a project to re-install some window panels. Had been putting it off all summer figuring it would take me 2 hours and I just didn’t want to do it. Last week a student offered to get 5-6 guys together and take care of the job. Today he unexpectedly came into my office and said they were beginning to work, did I want to guide them or say anything? I really didn’t plan for that interruption, but went anyhow. Glad I did. It was a wonderful 10-15 minutes. As they installed the panels, we spoke of Penny Tales J We were all laughing and talking and the job was quickly finished. Shared JOY! Tonight one of the students thanked me for that time. J

Lesson: Life’s little detours can be fun instead of frustrations or delays in my schedule.


This evening I arrived home around 11:45 PM to find another one of Doc’s Love Notes on the table. I am reading it with you right now as I am typing to you. Let’s see what the man has to say…

He needed more steps so went to walk at the CVS store. Saw coke and lotto machine with maybe a nickel behind a magazine rack. Got down on one knee to retrieve a quarter. At the back of store found a penny when taking Blood Pressure reading. (Coins #3&4)

He exited the CVS and walked to find a penny at the ATM. A person was using the machine, so he kept walking. He walked around the building to return and swoop up Coin #5 despite the person using the adjacent machine.

Next he walked in the cool grocery store. There was a very shiny penny under the ATM. (Coin #6) Again it was a one-knee retrieval. He had wanted to buy some plums, but the lines were too long. As he was leaving the store, he spotted a penny at the last register. He went back to get plums so that he could pick up Coin #7 while making the purchase.

This man has a serious case of Penny Fever. His actions are financially unsound.

He retrieved a penny (Coin #8) while getting dinner at the Jack-in-the-Box drive through.

Today’s Total: 8 coins P (7), N (0), D (0), Q (1) = 32¢

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day #275 - "Keys" to New Lot

Another early day L We were at my mom’s house by 5:45 AM to clean out her fridge, disconnect her car battery, and drive her to the airport. Not even one coin found for all of that! ;-)
(Doc says that is because our eyes were still shut during that time).

On the way home from the airport we stopped at a Starbucks to fuel Doc. No coins L

Then we stopped at a 7-11 to fuel the van. There were two obvious pennies under the counter, but it was really awkward to kneel down and retrieve them. Finally one cashier went in the back room while the other one turned away for a moment so I could swoop in and get the first penny. Then fortunately Doc walked in asking for a gas receipt and I could use him as my decoy to retrieve the second penny. While down there under the counter, I noticed an additional penny. As I reached shoulder-deep for it, my amethyst bracelet (with a magnetic clasp) jumped onto an electrical connector box. That would have been a poor exchange - a sentimentally priceless bracelet for one found penny! (Coins #1-3)


The campus was deserted today, so it was a great opportunity to work without interruptions. Doc went to his office for a while, then when returning to my area he spotted something shiny in a dark hallway! His thoughts. “There is no way that could be a penny there.” But of course it was. (Coin #4)


On the way home we were driving the Park and Ride lot off Via Verde. You can just imagine the conversation…

Tina: Honey, we’ve never searched this lot for coins

Doc: It’s pretty small

Tina: And it is way too hot today. I certainly don’t want to get out and walk it

Doc: We can drive it

Tina: OK, drive slowly because I’m not even willing to search Marley Style.

The windows stay up and air conditioner on.

And that’s what two Engineers do for excitement on a Sunday afternoon cruise.


We stopped for groceries at Trader Joes. No coins there, but the cashier liked the copper pen I was using. So I gave it to him and shared the Penny Finders story. Joy shared.


New House Progress

This afternoon we were planning to work on a few special projects and try to unearth the dining table, kitchen counter and living room floor. (I have numerous ‘Take-Care-of-Me Soon’ piles all over the place). The Realtor called unexpectedly. The escrow closing check and papers (which were to arrive Thursday afternoon) had arrived late Saturday. She knew the upcoming week would be the beginning of school and very busy for us, so she suggested we meet this afternoon.

We met her for 10-15 minutes to “get the keys” (imaginary ones) to the new place. J Final step.


It was time for more grocery shopping. No coins at Sprouts. L We drove around the Munchies Snack Shack kiosk. Doc collected one rubber washer and one penny (Coin #5). At Stater Bros. I found a penny on the floor in the laundry detergent section. Next to the “ALL” bottles. (Giving it your All?) (Coin #6) Then there was one coin wedged by a return chute. I needed 3 attempts with various tools (while Doc tried to keep the cashier’s attention on ringing up our groceries). Success -- a dime! (Coin #7)


For dinner Doc went to Carl’s Jr. for his burger and a dime.

Today’s Total: 8 coins P (6), N (0), D (2), Q (0) = 26¢

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day #274 - Play Day

Waking up before 6 a.m. is so terribly disruptive to the body’s natural rhythms. I can’t even remember the penny finds from that long ago. And to wake at those hours a few days in a row is torture! Don’t know how some of you do that. My brain waves are mushed by midnight after getting up that early. J

Today there were numerous penny finds and we weren’t really making much of an effort.

The carpet installers were due at the cabin at 8 AM. We were running late, but Doc still insisted upon stopping at Starbucks. He chose one off the freeway without a drive through lane L. He tossed me out of the van so I could quickly walk the Chick Fillet drive through and meet up with him at Starbucks. Score! There was a penny within 30 seconds - before I even reached the order mic. (Coin #1). The day was off to a good start. I proceeded to the window where I found three shiny pennies - and each one was a different one of the new Lincoln series! Pretty amazing. Then there was a dime and a quarter! Wow! (Coins #2-6).

Doc was still in Starbucks so I quickly walked through the Carl’s Jr. lane. Spotted several under the window as I was approaching. There was one, two , three, then a dime, then a penny. Then I turned around to look back and spotted another one or two. Then there was one in the mud puddle near the curb (yucky), then another under the window. I stepped on something which felt like a small rock. I looked under my shoe to discover a little plastic object and a penny! Mushroom coin. Then another as I was walking away. Thirteen coins there! Coin Mine. (Coins #7-19). One more coin as I returned to the van and told Doc to “Floor it and get going!” (Coin #20).

We hurried down the freeway and were stopped at the red light on the offramp - as usual. We each looked for a penny out our windows since we have spied several Foregone pennies there. Nothing. Doc suggested I hop out and shut the rear van windows. I did and said, “Penny Angels, how about a penny while I am already standing out here on the offramp? Make it worth my while.” (Actually I was a little bolder saying: “I don’t want to get back in that van without My Penny!) At that moment I spotted a penny! Wondering if it was the Foregone one from our last trip, or a different one? Or an Asphalt Mushroom (Coin #21)


The carpet was installed by 10:30 AM and the workers departed. Then Doc and I really got to work at full speed! We wiped, dusted, vacuumed, cleaned, etc. until we could barely move. We needed to be at Grandson’s 2nd Birthday party by 4 PM. Things looked great until we were shutting down the cabin and noticed a leakage under the toilet. L Another problem - for another day.

The birthday party had the usual: food, music, kids, piƱata, and abundance of gifts, candy, cake, etc.


On the way home Doc insisted upon another Starbucks stop. I walked through the drive up lane which was deserted! I walked it three times. Nothing! I walked next door past the nail salon to a bike rack. Embedded in the dirt were three pennies. (Coins #22-24). Every parking stall in the lot was full, but a huge pickup truck backed out of its stall as I was walking past. There was a shiny! I thought it was a bottle cap, but was hoping for a nickel. Looked closer to find it was a quarter! (Coin #25). Grabbed it very quickly because the driver of the incoming SUV looked to be more focused on him getting his coffee versus me getting my coin. ;-)


Doc noticed how gorgeous the sunset was … his comment: “Let’s see how the new house lot looks/feels at sunset”. Was this a romantic thought or a data collection opportunity? The lot is less than 2 miles from the freeway, so what the heck. We walked the lot saying things like: “Here is where the doggies’ yard will be, the garage is here, driveway here, fruit trees, here …”

It was a fun few minutes.


When we exited the freeway to go home, Doc asked about pennies on the offramp. I jokingly said “Honey, you KNOW you can’t find pennies in the dark”. (We have found several that way). To which he replied: “There’s one now!” But the light turned green and there was a car behind us … Forgone penny.

I am laughing at the notes on the cassette recorder (which I had forgotten). “Doc is a very frustrated man right now. ‘No action’ yesterday at all. ;-) Then just now he thought he was finally getting a coin, but had to let it go …”

Today’s Total: 25 coins P (21), N (0), D (2), Q (2) + 1 Foregone P = 91¢