In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Joyfully, Tina

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day #558 - On Vacation

No appointments this morning, so we were free to sleep in, have a leisurely breakfast, work on a jigsaw puzzle, and just “hang” together with the kids.

In order to get ready for our day, Doc took his shower and then it was my turn. As I got out of the shower I noticed the toilet bowl had not refilled, so I flushed it again. This time it filled… and filled … and filled … and didn’t stop! I grabbed the dogs’ water bowl and started bailing while yelling to Doc (who was downstairs): “Doc! Bring rags and the toilet plunger but NO kids ‘cause I don’t have clothes on!” He brought the stuff and went back to the kids while I dealt with the ‘project’. (No picture attached). Funny in hindsight, but not at the time.


The kids wanted to go to Starbucks for vanilla steamers. We stopped at the gas station where we found our first penny (a very shiny 2010 shield penny). (Coin #1). Brandon also found a nice bracelet.

Doc now has the kids addicted to Starbucks just like he is! The kids and Doc each got their drinks; I found a penny. (Coin #2). We spent the next hour reading books at Borders Bookstore. Then we stopped at Subway for sandwiches to eat with the salads we already had at home. Penny #3 was on the floor there. As we walked outside, Ashley collected Penny #4.


We returned the kids mid afternoon - with anticipation of our next sleepover and adventure …

Then we went home, finished off the jigsaw puzzle and took a nap!

Total: 4 Pennies

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day #557 - Legoland

Perfect Weather, Legos, Wild Rides, Water, Fun, Joy, Coins, Photos and Love.

The kids were very surprised and thrilled with our birthday adventure.

We found coins at the photo kiosk after a roller coaster ride, at a snack counter, in the track of the firefighter ride and elsewhere.

Of course there were hundreds of coins in the various water features throughout the park, but those are off limits according to Penny Protocol.

Uncle Doc made two special Schmushed pennies for me as mementos. Such a sweetheart.

Total: 7 Coins
P (5), N (0), D (2), Q (0) = $0.25 + one gold Good Luck Token

Two Schmushed pennies (one was a found penny which Doc schmushed to add Legoland Logo).

Note: When Ashley checked out wheels for her race car, she was given Racer #25 - my favorite number

Monday, June 28, 2010

Day #556 - Kid Focus

This morning Doc and I worked on a few projects then he headed out for a coffee and errands while I headed to the Office Supply store to complete an ARK I have been working on for the past week. As I entered the store, I was giving a SingSong ‘Penny Angels ….’ Figured I needed to find today’s coin and get that out of the way before noon. There was a dime just inside the doorway and then a nickel nearby. As I waited at the print counter for my order, there was a penny approximately 24” under a wire display. That was a tough one to get (especially with 2-3 people watching me). (Coins #1-3). Next, I delivered my gift to the recipient and she was so excited about it. Made my day.

Doc found his penny as he left Starbucks and headed next door to Subway for a sandwich (Coin #4).


Today began the long-awaited 3-Day Birthday Adventure. Two weeks ago the twin nephews turned 9 and my niece turned 6. The original plan was to visit a new nature center this afternoon, but it was hot and smoggy so instead we saw the movie Marmaduke. Very funny. There was a penny as we paid for our tickets. (Coin #5).

Nicholas had found a penny earlier in his day when he was at the thrift store. He offered it as his find for the day. (Gift Penny).

After the movie we made a quick stop at a 7-11 (to look for coins). We emerged with 2 pennies and a dime (Coins #6-8). Our next stop was at a park to play on the equipment. Doc spotted a penny 1” from the rear tire on the van. He had literally “Stopped on a Penny”. (Coin #9)


All afternoon there were lots of “I Love Yous” and “This is fun”. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

Total: 9 Coins P (6), N (1), D (2), Q (0) = $0.31


Penny Pal J.R. is becoming stronger in his manifesting skills. Here is his email for today: “The month was 5/6th over and all I had so far were quarters and pennies. I've been verbalizing nickel for a couple of weeks (since I don’t worry about finding dimes). As I stepped out of the car at Vons, Friday, I landed on a nickel. One down. One to go. I switched to verbalizing dime, and, sure 'nuff, on the way out, next to the flower counter was the requested DIME. Another month, another cycle."

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day #555 - Seeking "Up"

This morning I promised Doc that I would go with him for coffee AFTER we finished cleaning pond filters, hosing the front of the house and a few other chores. At 10:30 AM we headed out. Doc had a Median find within the first few miles. It was at a stale red light, so he really had to scramble, to put the car into park, unbuckle, retrieve, rebuckle, and get back into gear -- all within just a few seconds. (Coin #1)

No coins found at Trader Joe’s or the strawberry stand, so we pulled into a new 7-11 store to search. I emerged with MY penny for today (Coin #2).


This evening at the grocery store there was a dime as we walked in, then a penny and a nickel by the coin counting machine (which took some really creative efforts to extend my reach by several inches), a penny at checkout, then a dime by the DVD kiosk as we were leaving. (Coins #3-7)


We had never rented a movie from a DVD kiosk, but were considering it for tomorrow night when the kids will come for a sleepover. This store did not have the desired movie: “UP”, so we headed to another grocery store to seek it.

Doc found a nickel outside the next store half hidden underneath a construction fence. There was a penny as we walked in, but a customer standing over it. So I waited politely for him to move, then scooped it up. I just smiled at the cashier and said “Today’s Penny”. He gave me the questioning look, so I told him the story and gave him a Penny Card. He didn’t think I was telling the truth about Day #555. We had fun with him and assured him we were telling the truth. By that time Doc felt guilty and bought a coffee just to purchase something. We then spotted another penny and a dime! (Coins #8-11)

Total: 11 Coins P (6), N (2), D (3), Q (0) = $0.46

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day #554 - Foregones

Worked on the yard sprinklers, then headed to the hardware store for parts. Doc insisted upon stopping and searching at the high school. He searched the parking lot while I headed onto the campus. I passed one vending machine and looked carefully around it. Nothing. I proceeded to another vending machine where Doc had once spotted a dime, but it was unreachable within the wire cage enclosure. That dime was no longer there, but as I stepped back, I spotted another dime (Coin #1). I was headed back to the car and passed the first vending machine to find a nickel next to it! (Coin #2).

Doc had to show me the penny he found. Unfortunately it was approximately 8 ft. out of our reach behind a chain link fence. (Coin #3 foregone). However, on the way to show me that coin, he spotted another penny in a dirt planter (Coin #4).

By then I was ready to leave, but Doc kept cruising the parking lot. We each found a Sit-N-Find penny (Coins #5&6)

Next Doc went to Starbucks and spotted a foregone penny in the window of the store next door (Coin #7)

Total: 7 Coins P (3), N (1), D (1) = $0.18 + 2 foregone pennies

Friday, June 25, 2010

Day #553 - Progress

This was a Furlough Day at work, so we used the time to accomplish various tasks. Our first stop was for blood tests. The second stop was for breakfast - after 14 hours of fasting it was time for a Doc Feeding! After breakfast I walked next door to the gas station in order to find a penny. One found at the pumping area. (Coin #1).

Doc was not satisfied that I had found a penny and he had not. So he stopped at a CVS store to look for his penny. Meanwhile I went next door to the Smart & Final Store to look for coins. We each returned to the van with a penny in hand. (Coins #2&3)

At 11 AM we met with the architect to begin the responses to the City Requirements. Nothing insurmountable, just need to work through things. By Noon we emerged and were heading home. While stopped at a red light Doc looked out his window to the median strip. I teased him, “You are such an addict! You have Penny Fever!” I then looked out my window, shouted “Penny!” and began to open my door. Doc held my leg and said, “too much traffic”. I hesitated, looked for oncoming cars, then made the dive. (Coin #4)


This evening we had a “date” to visit one of our former students. He is currently building a house very similar to what we are planning. He has been asking us to visit the construction site for several months. Tonight we did. What an inspiring time! Liked the style, floor, cabinets, paint colors, kitchen and overall feel of the home. It was motivational. (Especially to hear all the hurdles they have overcome). We also met his Project Manager and chatted with him before he left - that was definitely worthwhile. Nice timing!

On the way home, Doc insisted upon stopping at Starbucks for a coffee to go with his dinner. I checked out the drive through window and collected a dime and a quarter! (Coins #5&6). Then I walked through the Del Taco window to collect a dime and penny (Coins #7&8). Those were encouraging signs after visiting that construction site.

Total: 8 Coins P (5), N (0), D (2), Q (1) = $0.50

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day #552 - On Leave

This morning on the way to work, I was “nudged” to stop at the 99¢ Store to look for a coin. I of course argued back as usual. “Look Mr. Nudging, I do not feel like parking the truck and just loitering inside the store, looking for pennies!” I was reminded of the conversation I had yesterday with a co-worker who said she needed some items from that Chain store. She bought some party supplies for an upcoming function, but didn’t have enough and needed to go to another store to get more. So I parked the truck. As I walked in the front door, there was a dime in my path. (Coin #1)

Lesson: There are rewards for doing nice things for others.


This afternoon I attended a workshop. I was walking to my office and contemplating the concepts presented. I was not even thinking of coins, yet there was a penny in my path. I stopped to retrieve it and there was another, super-shiny penny. (Coins #2&3)

Thought: Blessings are placed in our path every day. Some people won’t be bothered to accept them because they may be ‘trivial’. Accept and be grateful for even the little things.


This evening when I left work, I hung a sign on my door “Tina is Out of the Office - on a ONE YEAR Leave of Absence!” That was fun. Although the campus is a really good place for Penny Finding. So the Penny Angels will need to find other creative places to plant their Pennies.


It’s been quite a while since I’ve come home to find a Love Note from Doc because we have been carpooling many of the days this past term. Today there were two roses (a bit droopy after being in his hot car for a while) and a Love Note.

“Found 2 pennies at the base of the Administration building on campus after picking up my Emeritus Parking Permit”

“Found 1¢ at CVS after having coffee with son, Stephen”

“1¢ on the cement cap of a planter bed in the shopping center”

This man has Penny Fever. He is also very detail oriented (in a few things).

He noted that the six pennies today each came from a different decade:

60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s Interesting trivia.

Total: 7 Coins P (6), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.16

P.S. Doc just disclosed from where he got those two roses -- his ex-wife’s front yard. Cute!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day #551 - City Talk

The City (according to their rules) has to respond to Review Applications within 30 days. Since today was Day #37 and we had no response yet, Doc and I decided to go meet our Project Planner to get an update.

On the way to the City, Doc needed his Starbucks fix. I walked next door past the Carl’s Jr. drive through window to search for coins. I figured I’d better get one early since the rest of the day my mind might be focused elsewhere. Two pennies were retrieved there (Coins #1&2).


When Doc and I arrived at City Hall, the parking lot was fairly empty. We wondered if it was a holiday or something? Ample parking. As Doc stopped the car I thought, “It would be nice if we found a penny in this parking lot Before we went inside. That would be a positive sign for this meeting.” Before I opened my car door, I spotted a coin. It turned out to be a dime! Would that be 10x a good sign? (Coin #3).

We met with the Project Planner and emerged with a 6-page letter with the listing of edits and requirements. Everything from adding a Mandatory 24’ x 24’ Horse Corral to narrowing the driveway to changing the window shapes and adding more stone to the house. Much to do before we can resubmit.


Yes, the rest of the day was spent dealing with incoming stuff. Trying to get shut down at work, plan a few events, deal with renter issues, help out some friends and co-workers, etc. etc. No time to think about any more coins.

On the drive home from work Doc insisted upon stopping at a gas station - not to refuel, but to find his coins since he did not have any today. He collected 3 pennies in the self-serve car wash area.

Lesson: The squeaky wheel gets noticed.

Total: 6 Coins P (5), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.15

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day #550 - Happy Feet

The day began with driving my mom to a 7:15 AM dentist appointment 40 miles from home. Getting up at 5:15 is not a reasonable way to start the day! Mom is missing many teeth, so we teasingly told her it is time to take care of some of “the holes in her head”. While sitting in the waiting area, I felt grateful to have all my teeth. Then a lady came in with two amputated legs - and I had been grumbling about a little early morning drive? My attitude was sure adjusted!

Meanwhile Doc and Sparky went for coffee and cash at the bank. Doc collected 3 pennies.


After getting Mom some lunch and depositing her safely back at her home, I headed to work. I was “nudged” to pull into CVS. I argued with the Angels, “Look - I need to get to work. Don’t bother me now”. Again the nudging. My response. “What is the likelihood of finding coins - pretty slim don’t you think?” Nudging, “Maybe not”.

I entered the CVS and didn’t see any coins at all. I was ready to leave when I spotted a penny at the copy machine. I bent to retrieve it and spotted a second penny! (God’s 2¢ worth).


This evening after work Doc wanted to stop for a Chinese foot massage. I walked the parking lot in front of the bagel shop drive up window. I slowly walked one direction and searched carefully. Nothing. I glanced back with disappointment and spotted a very shiny penny! (Asphalt Mushroom).

After a one-hour foot massage we emerged with Happy Feet!

Chomp on this thought: If you have teeth and feet, be grateful for them. Visualize for just one moment what it might be like without them. Wiggle your toes and be Happy!

Total: 6 Pennies

Monday, June 21, 2010

Day #549 - Tree Talk

There were no coins at Starbucks on the way to school this morning, so Doc drove across the street to the Chevron gas station. He found two pennies in a planter. He was telling me about those when we spotted a penny in another planter. Then an additional three pennies there! (Coins #1-6).

We were stopped at the red light to get onto the freeway when I looked out the window of the van. Sure enough! There was a very run-over penny deeply entrenched in an asphalt crack. I longed to capture it and wondered if tools might be needed. There was no time for tools with other cars approaching. I had to jump quickly. The penny was rescued and became Coin #7 for the day.


At school I needed to deliver something across campus. The Marketplace is now closed for the summer, so no more hunting inside there. I stopped to admire this huge, old tree with its roots growing above the ground looking like a tangled plate of thick spaghetti noodles. I “centsed” there was a penny somewhere in the roots, yet did not see anything. Conversation: “Penny Angels I KNOW there is a penny here, I can feel it”. And the penny was shown to me.

I stepped back to say “thank you” to the tree for that moment. As I stepped back, I noticed a nickel behind me!


Thought: Most people talk to animals. How many people talk to plants? Why not?

Total: 9 Coins P (8), N (1), D (0), Q (0) = $0.13

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day #548 - Father's Day

This morning Doc went out with Sparky and got his coffee at Starbucks along with two pennies at the high school parking lot. (Coins #1&2)

I was having a wonderful day, just taking care of lots of little things around the house. Doc and I spent the morning chiseling and re-grouting the kitchen sink. In the afternoon I spent two 30-minute shifts dog sitting down the street at my brother’s house. I finished reading “A Three Dog Life” with the new little puppy. Pure peace and JOY time.


At 6 PM I realized I didn’t have any coin finds for today! Yikes! Off we went for the weekly grocery shopping. Our first stop was 7-11. We collected a penny within 1 ft. of the van, then a second penny under the trashcan outside the store. (Coins #3&4)

Now we each had 2¢ worth and I was happy.


When we entered Trader Joe’s Doc found a dime at the end of a check out lane.(Coin #5) He said, “We now have the dime and the penny, ALL WE NEED are a nickel and a quarter to ‘Hit for the Cycle’. That would be nice for Father’s Day.” We paid for our purchases, loaded the car, and began driving away, I exclaimed, “Stop!” and Doc hit the brakes. There was a car behind him, so he pulled into a parking spot while I ran back 2-3 stalls to rescue a penny. (Coin #6).

At Stater Bros. Groceries I spotted some sort of coin in check-out lane #6, but it was way too crowded to get in there. I returned to look several times, but still could not get it. We chose lane #6 to pay for our groceries, but I did not see the coin. Then I stepped back and got down to look. Sure enough, a Nickel! (Coin #7). As we were exiting the store I spotted a dime in a closed check-out line. But I had looked there three previous times! (Coin #8)

As we were driving away through the parking lot Doc was looking sweetly at me - or so I thought. He exclaimed, “we just passed a penny in a parking stall on your side. Go get it.” Gosh he has good eyes! (Coin #9)

Now we just needed a quarter …I started talking to the Penny Angels … “Quarter, quarter, quarter …” So Doc pulled into the self-service car wash. There was trash everywhere! I have never seen it so bad. But I found a dime and a penny! (Coins #10&11)

At that point I said out loud, “Penny Angels, a dime was nice. Thank You. And this will make for an OK story. But you KNOW that if you would have delivered a quarter in reply to my request for a ‘Hit for the Cycle’ it would have made for a much better story for tonight’s Penny Tale. It really does validate the ‘manifesting and verbalizing lessons when you cooperate.

Doc said, “Let’s try one more place - the junky 99¢ store”. I replied, “We might find pennies there, but not silver.

Doc parked the van and we walked around the car wash before heading into the 99¢ store. I told Doc we were more likely to find a quarter at the car wash. I found one coin in a dirt planter bed. (Couldn’t tell if it was a dime or a penny with all the crud on it). (Coin #12). I was looking at it saying, that was one dirt planter, let’s try another. Penny found. (Coin #13). Doc looked at the pennies in my hand and said, “There should be pennies in some of these deep asphalt cracks - and suddenly there was a penny next to him! (Coin #14).

I thanked the Penny Angels and said 25 more times, “Quarter, quarter, quarter …” As I entered the 99¢ store I immediately spotted a dime under the chip display. “Thank You Penny Angels, It is silver, but I’m a little disappointed it is not the requested Quarter.” I turned the corner to the Greeting Card aisle. In the middle of the aisle with three ladies nearby was a gleaming quarter! I could not believe it! Then there was a nickel a few feet further by the balloons! Wow! Nickels are rare to find. (Coins #15-17)

Thank you Penny Angels, a “Hit for the Cycle”.

I was planning to go home and have a simple dinner. Doc drove past In-N-Out and the aroma overcame him. He told me that he would get a burger while I could get coins. So when it came time to pay at the window, I hopped out to collect 3 dimes! Then while Doc was waiting for his burger, I walked the parking lot to find a very run-over nickel! (Coins #18-21)


Thought: I asked for silver coins today instead of merely pennies.


Thought: I assumed I might find pennies at the thrift store and silver at the car wash. It was the opposite.

Lesson: Don’t limit the Penny Angels. They don’t necessarily think with human logic.

Total: 21 Coins (That’s two days in a row)! P (10), N (3), D (7), Q (1) = $1.20

Hit for the Cycle.

P.S. At 8:30 PM on this Sunday evening there was a knock on our front door. The upholsterer could not find our phone number and call us, so he just decided to drop off the chair cushions! Wow! 24 hour service and I now have one item off my “Sabbatical To Do List!” Nice!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day #547 - 1 1/2 years

Today was just a delightful day. The weather was outstanding. Our sons and their families came over and prepared Doc a wonderful Father’s Day BBQ luncheon. The house was simi-cleaned up, the pooches were fairly well behaved, our sons helped Doc with a fix-it task, and the dishes were washed before everyone left.

What a great way to Celebrate 1 ½ years of Penny Finding!


This afternoon I glanced at the “To Do List for my 1-Year leave of Absence from Work”.

Of course, building the new house is the major focus, but when I jotted down a few other things which came to mind, the list quickly included at least 100 items needing my attention.

One “To Do” task is to get the dining chair seats reupholstered (they are ‘spilling their guts’). So this afternoon I decided to get a head start on that Task List and work on the chairs. Pete, the Upholsterer is a fascinating guy. He has had so many challenges over the years. So far in just this year he has had two strokes, two heart attacks, a hernia operation, and is now living in a corner of his upholstery shop. And he was telling me how wonderful life is and how blessed he feels!

Pete was sharing with me his recent death experience and how marvelous things were on the Other Side. As we were talking, another customer, Bud, came into the shop. He had a wonderfully positive energy which projected across the room when he walked in. I wanted to hug him immediately. As those two were talking about Bud’s project, I glanced at fabric samples and spotted a copper one with circles. That, of course, led me to tell them about Penny Finders, give them each a Penny Card and tell them that today was Day 1.5 years! They didn’t know what to make of it. Next, we all walked outside - Bud to leave, Pete and I to go to my truck.

There was a Penny right in front of Bud’s truck! (Coin #1). Once again, the Penny Angels corroborated my story. It was great! Shared smiles. Pete bent down - to pick up a nail, but then spotted a penny too! Then we saw another penny, and another… It was a Penny Pickin’ Party! We were all laughing so much. I had looked in that area as I entered the shop and Pete said he had been working in the area and those pennies had not been there prior to my arrival. (Coins #2-9).

After describing the job I needed and getting a price quote, I quickly drove home to fetch the rest of my chairs. When I returned to the shop, there were five more coins scattered throughout in the alleyway by the dumpster where I parked! (Coins #10-14). Coin Mine.

I gave Pete my chair seats and then told the Penny Finding story to a lady who was in the shop. (Along with a Penny Card). When I went back outside to my truck, there was a penny by my truck tire! (Coin #15) I ran back in the shop to share with Pete and the customer.

Thought - When I give Penny Cards, it often leads to an almost-immediate Penny Find. Often it validates the Penny Finding story for someone.


This evening around 8:15 PM Doc decided he wanted to go out for the evening. “Just to have some time together”. Where could we go at that hour on a Saturday night.? We opted for Home Depot for silicone caulking followed by WalMart for paper towels and toilet cleaner. Wow! Talk about exciting.

Just before we left the house, I opened the freezer door. Guess what? Someone at this morning’s party had chilled a soda in there. The exploded contents of the can were all over the inside of the freezer. We took out and wiped down all the freezer contents, drawers, wire racks, and even had to remove the light cover because the force of the blast had soda in there as well!

We had 45 minutes of “togetherness” just as Doc had wanted!


By then it was 9 PM, but Doc still wanted to go out - I think because HE did not have a coin for today. At Home Depot we obtained the tube of caulking - and Doc found his penny. (Coin #16).

At WalMart Doc obtained his second penny as we entered the store (Coin #17). Then I found one in the notebook aisle. (Coin #18) I spotted one behind a mini-fridge (Coin #19) and was looking for an arm-extender tool. Doc came up and just moved the fridge out of my way so I could walk behind it! (My HE-man). As we were checking out (with our toilet bowl cleaner and paper towels), I spotted a penny from 27 ft. (Yes I measured it). A lady actually kicked it 2 ft. further before I could rescue it! (Coin #20). Then there was a final penny at the closed optometry area (there was only a strap barricade to restrict “average” customers from that area - certainly not Penny Finders). (Coin #21).

Thought: Life doesn’t get much better than this.

Total: 21 Pennies

Friday, June 18, 2010

Day #546 - Just 4 U

Doc suggested that we look for today’s penny on the way to school. He stopped at the Starbucks inside a grocery store. Neither of us found a coin.

We headed across the shopping center parking lot; I was on foot, Doc was driving in the van. I glanced at the outdoor patio of a pizza place. I had looked there many times, but never found a coin. Today there was a penny! I signaled to Doc and he drove over to where I was.

The coin was several feet on the other side of a railing, so I used the arm-extender tool (back scratcher). I was sill a few inches short, so I tried using Doc’s longer arms. His big shoulders prohibited his reach. So these two smart monkeys used the arm extender to rotate the plastic chair ever so carefully and then used its weight and leg to drag the penny forward! My prince presented me with the conquered penny “Just 4 U”! (Coin #1).

Doc headed to CVS to take his blood pressure reading. I have not been finding coins lately at the CVS stores, so I headed to the 99¢ store. Doc emerged with his 1¢. (Coin #2). It must have been there “Just for him”. I questioned why he had not picked up the two pennies just outside the store? He did not believe me because he had searched that patio area prior to going in the store. Guess those two pennies were meant “Just 4 You, not me”. (Coins #3&4).

At school I found 1 penny at the Subway counter as I was walking past it. (Coin #5) I had the opportunity to share Penny Finding with two people and give Penny Cards .

At the grocery store on the way home, Doc was walking in front of me. He bent over and I nearly crashed into his bum. He was retrieving a dime in his pathway. A coin “Just 4 Him”. (Coin #6). Inside the store I found a penny under the coin counting machine. (Coin #7)

Thought: Coins can be blatantly obvious for you, yet no one else seems to notice them. I guess we each have something special for which we have been called to recognize. No one else can fulfill that role. There is a special mission along with blessings in store Just 4 You.

Total: 7 Coins P (6), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.16

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day #545 - Too Busy

I retrieved two dimes at Starbucks on the way to school while Doc got his coffee. The campus is deserted this week so not much opportunity to find coins there.

Came home from work, had a bowl of soup, and went to bed.


I did call the City this morning to find out the status of our New Construction Application.

They have been too busy with other projects to get to ours. (They are supposed to respond in 30 days. It is now day 33).

Thought: How often do we use the excuse “We are too busy?”

Yes, we do need to prioritize and spend our energy on important things, but I know sometimes I say “I’m too busy” in order to avoid doing the things I really should be doing (like exercising).

Total: 2 Dimes

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day #544 - Lucky 7

Doc began his day with a penny find just a few feet outside our front door on the walkway to his van! That was a good omen. Then he and Sparky found another penny at the car wash (Coins #1&2).


Since classes ended last week and the new term does not begin until next week, the campus was pretty much deserted and everything shut down. No coins found at work today.

After work I stopped at 7-11 (to look for coins). Doc spotted one penny in a parking stall right in front of the store. He pointed so that I could retrieve it. I bent down to pick it up and spotted another penny, then another. (Coins #3-5). Our next stop was Starbucks for Doc’s coffee - and my penny (Coin #6).


We had some errands to run which put us in the area of our new property. So we visited the site of our future home and did a bit of visualizing …

We stopped at Trader Joe’s for some groceries and Robbie, the cashier commented on my Penny Pendent. So many people ask about that. He got a 60 second explanation of Penny Finders and a Penny Card. Shared smiles.

We were going down the freeway doing some calculations: Saturday will be Day #547 -- One-and-a-half YEARS of Daily Penny Finding. Wow! We exited the freeway and Doc stopped at the signal at the top of the offramp. We were discussing how amazing this Penny Finding adventure has been and all the smiles it has generated. All of a sudden Doc was out of the van. He had another Sit-N-Find! We joke about “you can’t find coins in the dark!” But yet we do! (Coin #7).

When we submitted our House Plans to the City 4 weeks ago, they said they have 30 days to respond. Today is Day #30. Tomorrow I will call…

Lesson: Penny Patience ?

Total: 7 Pennies

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day #543 - Abundance

Where do I begin on a day like today? A dozen short stories. All filled with Joy and smiles.

As an engineer, I’ll take things chronologically.

Doc took Sparky (his little Chihuahua) out for breakfast. They returned with one burrito, one penny (Coin #1) and one piece of bacon which the gal at the drive-through window prepared just for Sparky! They were Happy Hunters.


10:00 AM

I asked the Penny Angels if they ever dealt with the stock market? They seem to do pretty well with coins, how did they do with shares? I looked on line at my portfolio and said, “Well, if you are listening, how about getting my balance to $ ___ before closing today. (A good day would be a $100-$200 increase, I was asking for approximately $1,000 increase!)


11:00 AM

A colleague shared that he had been Penny Pondering some issues. The Penny Angels delivered two pennies and an Israeli coin at the grocery store as his answer today.

Lesson: The Angels will tailor your find as needed.

11:30 AM

Once on campus, I needed to return equipment I had borrowed for Commencement. I met this wonderful couple in the hallway. He had graduated 47 years ago and this was his first time back on campus. It was definitely a JOY encounter and I even shared Penny Tales with them. I had hoped to find a coin while talking to them, but found one a few minutes later. I was walking past one of the areas where a concession stand had been stationed. I could “feel” a coin. I searched the sidewalk and grass several times. Nothing. I was leaving saying, “I guess the nudging was wrong this time”. And suddenly there was a bright shiny coin in front of me! It actually turned out to be a 2¢ Euro from the Netherlands. (Coin #2)

Insert of Wikipedia information:

2 cent euro coins (€0.02) have a value of one-fiftieth of a euro and are composed of copper-covered steel. All coins have a common reverse side and country-specific national sides. The coin has been used since 2002 and was not redesigned in 2007 as was the case with the higher value coins.



I checked the balance of my stock portfolio - it was $4 shy of the challenge amount! WOW!

OK. That is close enough. Good job!


This afternoon I was having some work done at the Campus Copy Center. The gal said it would take approximately 10 minutes. I told her I would return just as soon as I found a penny.

I walked through the Student Center, but since the school term is over, everything was shut down, the tables and chairs were pushed aside, and the floors were being polished. Not a target-rich environment. Besides, my co-worker said he had just searched that area and already retrieved two coins.

I was returning to the Copy Center in defeat. Conversation: “Penny Angels you know it makes for a much more effective story when I tell people I’m going to find a coin and then you deliver. It helps to validate this Manifesting principle. Doesn’t help the credibility if I return empty-handed.” At that moment I spied a penny tucked under a leg of one of the outdoor dining tables! “Nice work Angels!”

As I passed by the Round Table pizza patio I was “nudged’ to look there. I argued, “Penny Angels do you know how many times I have walked there in the past and never found a coin? It is a waste of my time.” The Angels said to go anyhow. A few feet into the patio was a penny. There was a couple who witnessed the find. He had graduated from CPP 17 years ago. I stopped to help them get a photo (ARK) and told them about Penny Tales. I then returned to the Copy Center with Two coins and shared smiles! (Coins #3&4)


This afternoon after the stock market closed, I was anxious to see if the Penny Angels had delivered the additional $4 to meet the challenge. Boy, was I surprised. There was not just $4 more, there was $400 more!

Lesson: Don’t underestimate the Angels!


This evening as I was leaving campus, I walked past the vending machines. I had walked past them several times today. The campus is essentially deserted right now, so the likelihood of finding any coins was slim. I looked and saw nothing. The nudging said, “Stop. Don’t just give a half-hearted look. Set down your gear, get down on your knees and look way beyond the typical line-of-sight. I did -- and spotted a quarter! (Coin #5) I was almost nose to the ground to reach for that coin when I spotted another one! And this one was a $1 piece! (Coin #6)

Lesson Look beyond the standard Line-of-Sight


I made a quick stop at the grocery store on the way home. There was a penny by the change machine. (Coin #7). Then there was a penny in the check out line. The wife of a colleague was at the beginning of the line and I was at the end, but that did not stop me from conversing with her about Penny Finding -- across the other people and the cashier. There were smiles and Penny Cards passed around to anyone within earshot of that Penny Find. It was fun. (Coin #8).

Enough stories for today.

There were numerous other JOY encounters, but instead of reading mine, go make some of your own!

Total: 8 Coins P (6), N (0), D (0), Q (1) + $1 = $1.31

Monday, June 14, 2010

Day #542 - Called to Serve

This evening I was wondering what to write. On some days there does not seem to be any “attached message” with the coins.

I checked emails to find a message from a dear friend who is a little overwhelmed by his workload. He is one who pours heart and soul into his students. I was telling him how sometimes we are just “Called to Serve” although it may not be easy, fun or logical on a daily basis.

I feel as though we are here to serve -- as if we were on a Peace Corps mission. We come into a situation, give heart and soul (plus blood, sweat, and tears) and somehow believe we have made a difference. When our “assignment” is finished we will happily, as well as tearfully, return to our “real home” and the comforts we have temporarily been living without.


Today, in all honesty, I’d had enough of school. I just did not want to go there! So I stayed at home to work on student assessments and other things. Plus, I woke up with a sore throat so I think my body was saying “time out please”.

By 5 PM I realized the need to get out of pajamas. How would I find any coins by staying at home? So I headed out. There were two cars at the Carl’s Jr. window, but I had a ‘nudging’ to look there. So I parked my truck waited for the cars to leave, then swooped in for coins. Found three pennies. (Coins #1-3).

After that, I went next door to the thrift shop and spent nearly $15 on one blouse, two purses, three CDs and one basket! That is not a good cash flow diagram.


Doc spent his day grading Final Exams. For dinner, he stopped for a chicken dinner and was disappointed to not find any coins. So he drove through the high school parking lot. He spotted a Sit-N-Find penny. When he hopped out to get that one, he spotted a second penny. Then as he began to drive away, he spotted a nickel! (Coins #4-6)

Thought: What are YOU called to do? What are YOUR talents? How can YOU serve?

Total: 6 Coins P (5), N (1), D (0), Q (0) = $0.10

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day #541 - Commencement

There were so many JOY Encounters today.

I needed to be at school by 6 AM today in order to get things readied for the 10 AM Graduation Ceremony. Everything went as expected. (Which can be interpreted as: 95% according to plan with the typical 5% of “on-the-spot” problem solving).


There were 600+ graduates in attendance with 8,000 - 9,000 family and friends. The ceremony began promptly at 10 AM with Doc leading the entire parade as Mace Bearer! The ceremony was broadcast to 62 countries.

It took over 20 minutes for all the graduates to file in and be seated. During that time Doc stood solemnly and ceremoniously on the stage with the mace in hand. I managed to quickly sneak in for a moment, get up close to him, say “I Love You Sweetheart” and make him crack a smile. He was soooo not expecting that!

The ceremony was expected to last two hours. At 1.5 hours things were in place and I figured I had a conservative 20 minutes to unwind and maybe look for a coin or two. I was in a classroom, looking under computer tables and had just found a penny. Then I looked in a dusty, filthy area and spotted a coin. I was down on one knee and was stretching for the coin when there was the sound of triumphant cheering. I had to laugh! Were the Penny Angels cheering me on? I retrieved a dime to the concluding cheers of the ceremony! Nice timing. There were 3 pennies and a dime in that room (Coins #1-4).


At Noon we had a debriefing with the 15 students who had volunteered to help this morning. Tell me, WHAT would inspire college students to wake up early on a Sunday morning after the school year has ended to put on a bright yellow vest, nice slacks (versus short pants), closed shoes (versus flip flops) and stand in the sweltering sun for two hours? One guy even drove 80 miles from home just to be there! Some really special kids. Each one a JOY to Encounter.


Around 1:30 PM I was “nudged” to go get Doc some flowers. (There were so many beautiful bouquets for sale). There was a penny at the merchandise tent! (Coin #5). I picked it up and loudly proclaimed, “You have all just witnessed the Penny find for Day #541” The customer next to me was curious. So, of course I began to tell her. 6-7 other people all stopped what they were doing to listen as well! There were smiles and Penny Cards shared by everyone.

I headed home (exhausted). Doc stayed at school to work on his paper grading. He said he was “nudged” to stick his finger in one of the vending machine return slots. He was rewarded with a dime and a nickel! (Coins #6&7) The guy is getting pretty good at this “nudging” stuff as well!

I spent the next four hours driving to and from our cabin to do a bit of clean up work.

Meanwhile Doc took a nap, watched the Laker game and went grocery shopping. He returned to show me his penny (to add to his previous nickel and dime). I said, “You just needed a quarter”. He replied, “and I found one! Plus a second one!” (Coins#8-10).

Thought: The graduates have such dreams and excitement about their upcoming adventures. Are we (old folks) that enthusiastic about our futures?

What dreams are fuelling you?

Total: 10 Coins P (5), N (1), D (2), Q (2) = $0.80 Hit for the Cycle