In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day #620 - Smelly Cocktail

Doc and I had three major goals to accomplish in August. Two were completed yesterday and we almost finished the third one tonight. We were to have our Duarte rental condo totally rent-ready by today. We finished all the fix-ups, now need to do the final cleaning. Today we did so many things. As I am sitting here typing to you I feel like a “smelly cocktail”; a mixture (probably volatile) of sweat, sunscreen, cobwebs, termite tunnel dirt, leaves, grease, sawdust, paint, metal cleaner, toilet cleaner, dishwashing liquid, paint thinner, all purpose cleaner, with just a hint of barley tea. Real flavorful!


We had removed some decorative wall mirrors and hanging chandeliers at the rental condo. They had been sitting in the garage these past two months because I didn’t want to throw them in the garbage, yet didn’t know what to do with them. Today was clean out day and they needed to move. We discovered a Habitat for Humanity Rehab store just 5 miles away. Perfect! The place was a goldmine. Wish we had discovered it when we began this fix up job. It felt good to donate the materials instead of throwing them away. Doc even found a penny as he carried in the last set of mirrors. (Coin #1)

By then it was 2 PM and we were very hot and tired. Doc stopped at the grocery store for a cold beverage - and one penny (Coin #2).

We worked a few more hours and even managed a few ARKs for some of the neighbors. Late in the afternoon one of the neighbors came over with two ice creams for us and some home brewed tea. Don’t you love it when ARKs are contagious? Also since we have been fixing our condo, other neighbors have been doing a few fix ups on their units as well to keep up with us. Good deeds makes a difference!

At 4 PM Doc needed a snack. So he headed to Der Wienerschnitzel for hot dogs, French fries and soda. After placing his order, he spotted a dirt-caked penny in the planter on his side. Then I collected a penny and a dime below the pick up window. (Coins #3-5).


We had a $6 voucher which expired today for an office supply store, so we stopped there on the way home. The store was already closed. So, we wandered next door instead to the home furnishing store to buy two pretty hand towels to display on the two towel rings we hung this morning. Doc spotted a penny as we walked in the door. (Coin #6).

Doc wanted to get sodas which were on sale, so we made a quick stop at the grocery store. Dime as we walked in the doorway. Then there was a penny under the nectarine display. (Coins #7&8). I also ran into a colleague whom I hadn’t seen in months and got a really needed bear hug. Wonder what he thought of the ‘smelly cocktail’?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Day #619 - Full Submittal

Today I shut down my Cal Poly Pomona office and then we delivered our house plans (Full Submittal) to the City.


This morning around 1 AM as I was heading off to bed and turning out the lights, there was one of those “nudgings”. Actually it had been a mild nudge for the past week, but I had been too busy to follow through. This time the nudging was stronger. I went back downstairs, turned on the computer and did research for the following hour. Did not find what I was looking for and went to bed around 2 AM. Crawled in and then the ideas started popping out. It was like a Dandelion Explosion of Ideas. Good thing I keep a pad of paper by the bed. For the next hour I captured those ideas and images.

By 3AM I was still thinking, but realized daylight was approaching. But the dog next door did not care. She barked from 2 AM until ? At 4 AM I finally went outside and talked to her, but she did not care that I wanted to sleep. (This morning as I was leaving the house, she was sleeping peacefully!)


The first stop Doc and I made this morning was at Starbucks. We collected one penny, one dime, and two quarters. (Coins #1-4) Doc said: “The value of those coins is 61¢. 1961 is your year of birth, so this will be a good day for you”. Then he said, “With that great start, we just need a nickel today. You found a nickel as your last coin yesterday. Maybe the Penny Angels use any 24 hour period, not necessarily midnight to midnight”.

Ohhhh, I just remembered. The cashier at Starbucks said “Hi! You are the Penny Lady”. I knew he was a student. We found out that Ricky just graduated in marketing and specializes in social networking. He said he would call me some time about Penny Finders! Let’s put the Penny Angels to work on that project …


Our second stop was to drop off the house plans and get 20 copies made. The copy place is close to campus, so next we left the plans and went to work. I spent time showing a co-worker where I had left things, handing over some keys, taking things off my walls, and carrying out the last of my gear. At Noon I sent out an email saying my office was vacated and I took the sign off my door. L

That Door was Closed today.


We next returned to the copy shop to get all those plans. That’s a lot of paper! We passed by the architect’s office to pick up the colored elevation renderings. Wow! the house looks nice in color. (So far we had been seeing black and white). So we stopped at Staples to make a color copy, but they could not copy from the print. (Needed an electronic version). We did collect one penny. Good sign. (Coin #5)

At 2:30 we were at City Hall with a Full Submittal of our project. Yipee!!!! Doc has often commented to me on how long this City review process is taking. It has been 3.5 months of casual reviews. Today when we officially submitted our plans, the Project Planner said, “It’s amazing how quickly your project is moving! That is very unusual.” (Maybe because we have Penny Angles on our team?) We are scheduled to go before the Technical Review Board and then the Design Review Committee on September 14th.


By 3 PM we were very hungry and stopped for lunch to celebrate that our plans were turned in! There were three nice, shiny pennies at the cash register as we were paying! Were the Penny Angels celebrating with us? (Coins #6-8). Trilogy?


After lunch as we were driving down the freeway toward the condo, Doc quipped, “Hey, maybe we can get there by the crack of SUNSET to start our work!”

We arrived at the condo, made a shopping list, and headed to our usual Home Depot. It had been two days and we were going through withdrawal pangs. I found one penny there. (Coin #9) Plus Doc spotted one of the items on our shopping list in an area where it should not have been. Just a wayward item which someone must have set down there. Exactly what we needed!

We worked until after 8 PM and then realized we needed a plumbing part. So we scrambled to get to Lowe’s before they closed. Did not have the energy to work more, so headed home. Don’t know how we will finish the condo tomorrow. So much to do yet.


Doc wanted ice cream, so we stopped at the grocery store. As we got out of the car, I told him we needed a nickel to Hit for the Cycle, but I was too tired to care or seriously ask the Penny Angels tonight. I did say “Nickel, nickel, nickel about 10 times when walking into the store.” Doc got ice cream and a dime. (Coin#10) That’s nice, but it is not a nickel. We both agreed we had plenty of coins already, and weren’t real serious about finding a nickel.


The fuel gauge on the van had alarmed to say we were running low, so we detoured for fuel. While Doc pumped gas, I searched the pumping area saying out loud, “Nickel, nickel, nickel”. The cashier inside the convenience store was a bubbly and cheerful young lady who asked, “Looking for more pennies?” I had met her once and told her the story. While we were talking, I spotted a dime hidden deep under the counter. (Coin #11). I answered that actually I was searching for a nickel tonight to “Hit for the Cycle”. We chatted a few minutes more, then I returned to Doc. He said, “Look on your seat”. There was a nickel! (Coin #12). I accused him of planting it. Doc does not lie. He had found the coin over in the dark corner of the lot by the air hose pumping station. I, of course, ran back inside to Share the story. It’s amazing how many times coins “manifest” within moments of Sharing the story with someone.


As I am writing this tale, I am trying to remember some of those wonderful ideas I had during the wee hours this morning. I don’t remember them now. It’s as if they were a sudden burst of inspiration. Ah yes, it had to do with the Phrase “All Creatures Great and Small”. This morning I heard that song playing (confirmation?) as I walked out into the back yard and was greeted by a hummingbird who flew right at me in a very bold gesture. (More confirmation?)


Gosh those Penny Angels were good to us today; helping us ‘advance’ our numerous projects.

Total: 12 Coins P (6), N (1), D (3), Q (2) = $0.91

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day #618 - Deadlines Approaching

Only two more days until all three of our current major projects are “due”. The condo is to be rent-ready, I am to be cleared out of my office at school, and we are to have our official package submitted to the City for the new house. We were sure scrambling today.

This morning Doc and Sparky went to McDonalds for breakfast. They returned with calorie-ladened food and one penny. (Coin #1).

I did a few things on the plans for the new house, then we worked intensely at the condo. We built and painted a fence, moved some plants, did touch-up interior work, cleaned, etc.

At one point we were installing adhesive paper on the lower kitchen cabinets. We had removed the top drawer to gain lighting in the dark recessed corner and I had slowly wiggled and inched my way so that my upper torso was wedged pretty tightly into that cabinet. Doc was handing me tools through the 4” drawer opening. We were laughing at these new “kinky” moves. Doc had to gently pull me back out since I had no traction and no way to easily get out of there. I suppose he could have used the WD-40 which was sitting nearby. Good thing we have our physical therapy appointment this week to help straighten out those kinks!


At 8:30 as we were leaving the condo I realized we had not been to a Home Depot today! Wow! Too busy working to go off shopping. Also too busy to have gone Penny Finding. So Doc suggested we go to Ralphs grocery store before we got on the freeway.

We entered the grocery store. I didn’t spot any coins at the check out area. Doc said “there are 3 pennies in that change counting machine”. I had looked all around the base of that machine, but looked again. I still didn’t see them. Doc pointed - they were in the return chute just sitting there! And two were stuck together, so there were actually 4 pennies there. (Coins #2-5) Doc had planned to maybe get some food, but the lines were too long, so we were leaving. Doc spotted a solo penny right in the middle of an aisle! (Coin #6). We were both hungry and couldn’t resist looking at the deli aisle. No one was there and the chicken was pretty old, so it was discounted. Plus, the attendant said we could pay right there and avoid the long check out lines. Doc took a bag of chicken and I got some red cabbage salad and soup. Plus there was a nickel on the ground by the register! (Coin #7). Happy campers.

Total: 7 Coins P (6), N (1), D (0), Q (0) = $0.11

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day #617 - New Gate

This morning we planned a full day of work at the condo followed by work at school, then home by a reasonable hour.

Doc stopped at Starbucks (coffee #1) and had me look for coins at Stater Bros. and Taco Bell while he was getting his coffee . No coins.

We needed lumber, wood fence stain and other supplies, so it was back to our same old routine - Monrovia Home Depot. No coins there either.


Doc insisted upon stopping at Carl’s Jr. for another coffee (coffee #2). It had been two whole hours since his last cup. I found a penny at the window, then a penny in the dirt planter, then another dirt penny. Doc spotted a penny on his side as well. As we began to drive away, I shouted “coin!” and Doc stopped instantly near a dime. (Coins #1-5).


We worked at the condo for a few hours on the new gate. I was really hot and the paint was wet, so we decided to head to Cal Poly for the next few hours and return when the paint was dry.

At CPP I boxed up my office contents, took pictures off the walls and cleaned out most of my desk. Then we hauled the gear home. It had been 4-5 hours since Doc’s last coffee, so he stopped at the Chevron station (coffee #3). He also found a penny underneath a huge potted tree. (Coin #6). Coins may not grow ON trees, but what about UNDER trees? With the number of coins mom found in the planters at the condo, I am beginning to wonder.


After unpacking boxes at home we returned to the condo for a few more hours of work. Got the new gate hanging nicely!

Total: 6 Coins P (5), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.15

Thought: New Gate = New Openings on the horizon

Friday, August 27, 2010

Day #616 - Friday Romance?

Things often times don’t work out exactly as planned. Today was an example of that.

Doc and I planned to be at the rental condo at 7 AM in order to get significant work done on the back yard fence before it got too hot outside. At noon we would break for lunch then head to Cal Poly Pomona to pack up more of my gear. By 4 PM we would take a load to the storage unit and be home by 5 PM to take care of things on the home front. Then by 8 PM we were to relax for a Friday evening together. I don’t think any of those things happened.


At 7:05 AM we got out of bed. Then I started sending emails, then follow up phone calls and one thing led to another…

Doc and Sparky went for coffee. They collected a nickel and a penny (Coins #1&2).

We received a phone call from the head of the Homeowner’s Association saying our house plans had been stamped and were on his doorstep ready for pickup! Of course, we rushed out there to fetch those. By then it was after 11 AM.


I told Doc we needed some excitement and romance in our marriage. We’d gotten into a rut with the same old shopping places every day. So today we went for lumber and supplies at a different Home Depot! We had a shopping cart full of stuff. It was 11:45 and we got a call from the realtor - she had potential renters for us to meet in 45 minutes -- and it was a 30 mile drive! We put it in high gear and made the appointment just in time. The couple seems really nice. We’ll see if they turn in an application or not.

I had promised Doc that we would have lunch around noon today, but that did not happen due to the meeting with the potential renters. When they left, Doc insisted upon his lunch date. We visited a Mongolian All-You-Can-Eat restaurant which we had been longing to try. That was fun. The food was great, healthy, inexpensive, plus Doc got to watch TV throughout the meal. A “hot and spicy” romantic lunch together?


We spent the afternoon doing “just one more thing” at the condo (touch up paint, door knobs, cleaning). At one time we were getting silly and had a wrestling/giggle/tickle match on the kitchen floor while we were painting baseboards. I guess that is romance.

Doc was chiseling out the wood at the front door and doing a really great job. I told him how appealing that was. More romance.

We also pulled apart the sluggish kitchen sink drain to find a 1.5” diameter by 12” "log" which looked and smelled like …. (I’ll leave it to your imagination). That was really, really gross. Definitely no romance on that project.

Soon it was 6:45 PM. The tub glazing guy called and said he would be over within the hour. Doc had to have food, so he made a dinner run to El Pollo Loco while I cleaned and prepared for Fred. Doc collected a nickel, two pennies and a dime along with his dinner. (Coins #3-6).

Just as we sat down to eat, Fred arrived and said we needed to vacate the premises due to the toxic fumes. So Doc and I had a “romantic” Friday night date of fast food dinner as we were parked in the in the alleyway. Whoopeee!


Once Doc had some nourishment, he was able to drive. Radio reports said the freeway was shut down due to a major accident, so we traveled on surface streets. We were passing a huge 99¢ store which we had not yet explored. Plus I did not have a coin find yet today. I looked at Doc, he looked at me ... Such desire in his eyes … “Sure. I will if you will” … We drove another ¼ mile to a spot where we could safely do a U-turn. The store was filled with thousands of items - plus one wayward penny just for me as we entered the store. Thank You Penny Angels for that “nudging”. (Coin #7).

Doc told me I could go on a shopping spree. So I got lightbulbs for the condo swag lamp and a plastic bucket for the cleaning gear. Such romantic items.

Next we did some grocery shopping. No coins there.

So much for my plans of being home by 5 PM and relaxing after 8 PM. At 9:15 we stopped at the architect’s office where she had left the latest set of plans on the doorstep for us to retrieve and review. More CPP.

Total: 7 Coins P (4), N (2), D (1), Q (0) = $0.24

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day #615 - Project Presentations

This morning we needed to be at school and “in class” by 8 AM for student project presentations.

Doc stopped at Starbucks on the way to school. No coins! Then as he was pulling into traffic he suddenly stopped. There was a very run over nickel in front of the van! (Coin #1 - Sit-N-Find).

One of our colleagues had assigned her students a term project - based upon our new house plans. The students were to analyze the water flow systems. The teams looked into the flow of the city water, reclaimed water, collecting run-off water as well as equipment options and costs. It was interesting.

Then I spent two hours making progress in my office. The goal is to complete move out by August 31.

For lunch Doc stopped at Bravo Burgers - he got a burger and I got 2 pennies and a quarter (Coins #2-4). Then Doc spotted an additional penny as we began to drive away. (Coin #5).

We spent the afternoon working on the rental condo. Seemed like slow motion in this heat.

At 9 PM we were driving home. Doc was finally tired of fast food. So he stopped at the grocery store for frozen microwave meals. I got a dime and a penny. (Coins #6-7)

Total: 7 Coins P (5), N (1), D (1), Q (0) = $0.20

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day #464 - Too Hot

This morning our first stop was to get the landscaping drawing duplicated. I left Doc with the air conditioner running in the van while I went inside the copy shop. Doc spotted something … he ventured out of the cool car. It was merely some litter. But then he spotted a chopped-off 2/3 penny! The “In God We Trust” was still 100% there and so was the “One Cent” on the reverse.

Thought: This penny still has FULL VALUE even with a significant amputation.

We worked at school from Noon until 3 PM. I was working hard and told myself at 2:45 I would walk down to the vending machines and go Penny Finding as my “reward” for getting the work done. Just as I walked out my door, Doc arrived. He held out his hand and showed me two pennies. (Coins #2&3) “I just collected these from in front of the vending machines as I was walking over here”. Darn that man! He beat me to them.

I went for my walk anyhow. I found two additional pennies under the vending machines. I’ll show that man! (Coins #4&5).

The temperature was 108F and neither one of us was eager to go work at the rental house, but we did. On the way, Doc stopped at Der Wienerschnitzel for “hot” dogs where I collected two pennies and one quarter. (Coins #6-8). The afternoon was spent doing renovations in a “hot house”.

Tonight Doc plans to camp out in our living room since our bedroom is just “too hot” for him to tolerate. (In other words, we don’t have any air conditioning upstairs).

Tomorrow temperatures are expected to be cooler … from 108F down to 107.

Total: 8 Coins P (7), N (0), D (0), Q (1) = $0.32

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day #613 - Revving Up

Things are revving up on all three of our major projects in order to meet each of the August 31st deadlines.

This morning I was at the Blueprint Copy Center by 7:45 to get those plans ready for the Homeowner’s Association Second Review. Then it was a 100 mile drive (round trip) to take mom to her dentist appointment. We dropped off the copies of the plans on the return trip.


Meanwhile Doc and Sparky were having a leisurely breakfast at McDonalds. They collected 3 pennies and one dime at the first window which was closed and then 3 dimes at the food pick up window. (Coins #1-7).

Doc then went to the bank - 1 penny there (Coin #8) and then to the grocery store for food, 1 penny, and one more dime (Coins #9&10). Yesterday Doc was griping because he didn’t have many coins. He did much better today.


Doc called me at 11:25 to say he had set a meeting with the architect. Good news. He said we would meet her between 11:30 and Noon. Not so good news. I was starving and needed to get home to get my documents and the notes I was working on until 3 AM this morning.

We met with the architect from Noon - 12:30 and outlined what needs to happen in order to have our package ready to submit to the City by next Tuesday. Then I spent the next 2 hours taking action.


By 2:30 we were finally on our way to the rental condo to begin today’s work. Since I hadn’t even thought about Penny Finding to this point, Doc pulled next to the Carl’s Jr. Café so that I could hop out and look for today’s coin. Got a penny. (Coin #11).

Then we worked at the condo until around 7:30.

This evening I am working on the Landscaping calculations and a few other things.

CPP = Constant Positive Progress.

Total: 11 Coins P (6), N (0), D (5), Q (0) = $0.56

Monday, August 23, 2010

Day #612 - Shifting Gears

This morning Doc stopped for Starbucks coffee. Didn’t see coins there, so I ran next door to the taco place drive through and grabbed a penny and a dime. (Coins #1& 2) Whew! Done for the day. Right?

We got to the rental condo and quickly unloaded all the gear. Took the huge bathroom mirror to a glass shop for cutting. Just trying to get it into the van was an ordeal - let alone the drive to and from the shop, then carrying the piece upstairs in the condo, then installing it.

Controlled and Even movements - a skill I am learning on several levels.


Our next task was to get items out of the garage for the waste company to pick them up tomorrow. We were moving the toilets aside (yucky) when Doc said, “There is a nickel in the filth”. I didn’t believe him. He pointed it out to me and I still didn’t see it. Finally he picked it up. OK. Now I see it. (Coin #3)

This evening around 7 PM we finally called it quits and headed for our daily pilgrimage to Home Depot. Doc was determined to find a coin. He found a penny at the closed check out line of the Garden Department. I found one a few minutes later at a soda vending machine. (Coins #4&5).


New House Stuff: At 5 PM (while in the middle of hanging the mirror), Doc’s cell phone rang. It was our City Project Planner. We now have the “go ahead” to submit our plans for Round #2 of approvals. We are scheduled for the September 14th Design Review Committee meeting. We have until the end of the month to get our drawings (20 sets) and a few other items submitted. Time to shift into a different gear!



Trivial Stuff: At 1:30 AM this morning as I was going to bed, I heard strange noises from down the street. Sounded like a car hoist, chains, and 3 guys using tools. I looked out my upstairs window to see 3 figures working on a vehicle. Remember that Neighborhood Watch Map I was working on last month? I used it. Called the gal who owned the house there - Yes at 1:30 in the morning. Woke her up! She called her dad (who is also her neighbor) to check outside. I went outside too. I tried to stay in the shadows to determine if those were neighbors working on their car or if I should call the police. The guys saw me and let me know “Everything is OK here”. Sure! I believe that. Frank must have called police because two squad cars arrived within a few minutes. I could hear conversation and then the cars left, so I presumed things were OK. Also, the 3 guys were working on the car again this morning when I left the house.

Reminder to be a good neighbor and watch for unusual things.


Funny Stuff:

This evening around 9:30 PM I thought I heard a scratch on my front door. My first reaction was, “The dogs don’t scratch on the door, they have their own doggie door to go out to the yard. What was that?” I opened the door and Norman (my Dachshund and problem child) came marching in! He must of gotten out when I was unloading the gear from the van.

Nice to know that Shelton Shelter is an OK place after all. Guess our troublesome child realized that this evening!

Total: 5 Coins P (3), N (1), D (1), Q (0) = $0.18

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day #611 - Hanging Together

Doc wanted to go out to breakfast. I wanted some of his time to look at our calendars and plan this coming week. So we stopped to eat on our way to the rental condo to work. Found a penny when paying for our meal. (Coin #1).


We spent the day working at the condo. Mom was there working in the back yard. She said she found a dime under one of the paving stones, but then lost it again. She also found a penny in the dirt. The Penny Angels are having fun with her.


Conclusions during today’s work:

Hanging window blinds with cords = marital discord. After a few hours, I was ready to hang more than vertical blinds!

Most things do not fall into “standard” sizes. The kitchen ceiling standard plastic lights panels are 2 ft. x 4 ft. Our track was just a little larger, so the panels would fall out. So frustrating and time consuming.


This evening Doc and I left the condo after 8 PM. Mom wanted a hamburger, so we quickly fetched her one to keep her working for a few more hours. We also claimed a penny and a dime at the fast food drive through window. (Coins #2&3)

Mom reported that she also found a penny after we left as she was taking a load to the dumpster.

Total: 3 Coins P (2), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.12 + 3 indirects

I’ve heard that wallpapering together is tough on a marriage. So is hanging window coverings.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day #610 - Filtered

Doc stopped for his caffeine fix this morning. He tossed me out of the van at the grocery store and instructed me to find a coin while he got his coffee. So I found one penny just to obey him. (Coin #1)

Doc and I spent a few hours working at the rental condo. Mom was there working in the back yard today. She found a penny in the little planter. (Indirect Find). That is 3 days of Findings for her. This just might convince her to BELIEVE!

When Doc and I left the condo at 1:30 PM we stopped at a Hawaiian BBQ place to pick up lunch. Doc was frustrated because he did not have a coin yet today, so he walked the parking lot and searched the nearby grocery store. He claimed a dime (Coin #2).


This evening we attended a really fun Celebration. It was for a 10th Wedding Anniversary of a couple which Doc and I had helped “matchmake”. And they are still glad about it! It was a special gathering and they were surrounded by family and friends. Lots of love. At one point Kathy said, “Follow me”. So I did. She took me to the kitchen and poured a tray of coins in my hand. Those were her Finds from the past few months. 17 Pennies and 1 Dime. Gifts of love toward the Arbor of Love. That also gave me the perfect opportunity to share the Penny Finding story with several guests and give them Penny Cards.

Total: 2 Coins P (1), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.11 + Indirect P (18), D (1)


I was proofreading the Tale for today and thought, “That sounds like such a nice day”. What the readers do not see is the sunburn from working in the yard, my hands full of boysenberry thorns, the leaves in my hair and scrapes from trimming the tree, and the blood which was oozing out of my punctured hand after the next door dog bit me this morning.

I get to edit and choose what you read. Hmmm… maybe today’s lesson is in there somehow? We can each choose what we “pass on” or share with other people. Our perception and then our portrayal of a given scenario can be quite different depending on our ‘filters’ and our intentions.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Day #609 - Doors Opening

I have been asked to move out of my Cal Poly Pomona office. For the past few weeks I have been tackling that task a few hours at a time. It is physically and emotionally draining, so 2-3 hour sessions is about my limit. Today Doc was a real angel and helped me break down and move out my shelving unit. I left the office in order to bring my truck around so we could load up. I would say I was “a bit moody”; Doc would probably define it as “grumpy and tough to work with”. As I exited the building, I was feeling a bit disheartened that this “door” of my life was closing. The automatic doors opened before me and as they did, there was a penny blatantly in my path! It was so obvious I was astonished. Doc and I had just entered through that door a short while earlier and the campus was deserted today. HOW could that penny be in that spot? It was almost shouting at me: “There are doors which will be opened for you. Have Faith”.

This afternoon Doc and I worked at the rental condo. Mom had been there most of the day working on the yards. Guess what? She found a penny and a nickel today in that same little planter! Keep in mind that nickels are the rarest coins to find, plus my mom is skeptical about this whole Penny Finding silly stuff.

This evening around 8 PM mom was getting hungry so I went to the grocery store and El Pollo loco to get her dinner. In both places I purposely kept my eyes upward. Same thing at the gas station on the way home. I stayed in the car while Doc pumped the gas so that I would not find any more coins today. That way tonight’s Penny Tale would be short!

Total: 1 Penny + 2 indirect finds

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day #608 - Errands

Getting older sure seems to be taking more and more maintenance!

We had our 6-month dental cleanings this morning. No time for Doc to stop for coffee before our appointment, so he went right afterward. We claimed a dime at Starbucks. (Coin #1). While Doc was waiting for his order, I ran next door to the taco place and looked by that window. Nothing. But I could feel a coin, so I kept looking. Further down the driveway was a penny. (Coin #2)

We went home and then while I made calls, Doc ran some errands. He took cans and bottles for recycling. Penny when redeeming voucher at grocery store (Coin #3). Went for a car wash. Dime in the waiting room (Coin #4). Went for lunch. Penny in the median strip on the way home. (Coin #5).

In the afternoon, we attended Doc’s diabetes class, then a quick stop at the optometrist, another Starbucks run and then Lowe’s for rental house supplies -- and a dime and quarter at the self checkout line. (Coins #6&7).

The next stop was the jeweler. Doc’s watch band was falling apart and had been repaired 3 times already, so it was time for a new one. Doc has really big wrists and can not find watchbands at regular stores like WalMart. We found a nice band. It was marked $24.95. This jeweler is great. He used two bands to make one which would fit Doc, spent 15-20 minutes sizing it properly, then only charged $18 for the customized resulting band! Isn’t it great when you get to interface with such nice people?

Doc could not resist going to the grocery store next door just to look for coins. We found two pennies there (Coins #8&9). I ran back to share the find with the jewelers (husband and wife team). They shared the JOY.

Total: 9 Coins P (5), N (0), D (3), Q (1) = $0.60

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day #607 - Cool Finds

Temperatures were expected to soar above 100 degrees again, so we headed to the rental condo early. For adventure (and virgin penny-finding territory) I asked Doc to stop at a new Starbucks. We did. He spotted a penny on his side of the car while ordering his coffee, then we claimed a quarter at the pick-up window (Coins #1&2).

The taco place next door looked empty, so I ran over there while Doc pulled the car around. Claimed a penny. (Coin #3).


Mom arrived at the condo around 9:30 to continue her work in the front yard. By noon she had worked up an appetite and wanted a chicken sandwich. So we fetched her lunch (so she could keep working). El Pollo Loco for food, three pennies and one dime. (Coins #4-7).

Our next task was to get window coverings. Another Home Depot excursion. It was a long process to get all the blinds cut to size. Doc got tired of it and sat down to wait. He found a penny under the chair. (Coin #8)

As we were leaving the store, Doc noticed some sort of coin under the ice cream machine. Now just why was he looking in that direction? (Doc says he was merely noting the cool appeal of the machine). I fetched the dime (Coin #9)

We dropped off the purchased items, then headed off to Cal Poly Pomona where we spent the next few hours working.


Note: Upon entering Home Depot we asked the Penny Angels for a nickel. When we returned to the condo, Mom had found that nickel in the dirt where she was digging!

Mom had been digging in the dirt much of the morning. I told her to watch out for coins! She says she never finds coins. I asked the Penny Angels to prove her wrong. She found a penny, nickel and quarter in that 4 x 8 ft. planter. Dirty Finds, but “Cool Story”. If Mom can manifest things, you can too!

Total: 9 Coins P (7), N (0), D (2), Q (0) = $0.27

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day #606 - The Heat is On

Temperatures were expected to soar above 100 degrees today, so we wanted to tackle the townhouse yard work early in the day. The Heat is On. We agreed to work from 7:30 - 1:30 so that I could undertake some other projects the rest of the day.


At 7:20 AM Doc stopped at Starbucks. I walked through the nearby grocery store and collected a dime. Shared the story and a Penny Card with a cashier. (Coin #1)

My mom arrived at the townhouse at 9 AM to help out. We worked in the yard until nearly noon and trimmed, hauled, cleared and sweated! Then we went shopping for paving stones, soil, mulch, etc.

The good news is that the rental listing was posted yesterday and today there were two realtors who visited. We have committed being rent-ready by August 31. The Heat is On! Time to scramble!


We finally left the townhouse around 5 PM. I was very burned out, yet felt “nudged” to pass by the construction sight of our former student who is also in the process of building a home. It was a great detour. He and his wife were out there, one of the contractors we are considering hiring for our new house was there, a grading contractor was there as well as guys for septic tanks. That was time well spent.


Doc wanted to stop for some fruit at the grocery store. We found a penny as we approached the check out line, then one after paying. (Coins #2&3). Then there was one as we approached our van (Coin #4).

Doc suggested we go out for dinner, but both of us were totally covered in dirt and sweat, plus I had little twigs growing out of my hair. So we drove through Johnny’s burger diner instead. There was a penny in the hot asphalt which took just a little prying to release it. The Heat was On today!

Doc and I waited at the pickup window for what seemed like an eternity as our dinner was being prepared. The food finally arrived and Doc began driving away. I hollered, “Stop! Coin!” and hopped out to collect one more penny. (Coins #5&6)

Total: 6 Coins P (5), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.15

Monday, August 16, 2010

Day #605 - Delayed Find

This morning Doc and Sparky went for coffee. They obtained the quarter we wanted yesterday. as well as two dimes. (Coins #1-3)

Yesterday I kept saying, “”Quarter, quarter, quarter.” I forgot to request that we find it before midnight. Penny Angels don’t seem to use human timetables.

I spent my morning with calls on the new house, filling out rebate forms, putting away receipts, and misc. tasks.

This afternoon was spent with my mom at the dental clinic. We emerged after several hours. Mom survived the ordeal, so as a reward, we stopped for 10 minutes at the local Goodwill store before getting on the freeway. I found a penny there (Coin #4) in between two ladies in line to pay for their items. I could have waited and silently collected the penny, but that is not nearly as much fun. So I boldly said, “Excuse me, I’d like to retrieve that Penny for tonight’s Penny Tale”. Of course that led to an explanation and giving them each a Penny Card.

Mom and I stopped to get her something to eat since she was having reactions to her treatment. She slept the rest of the way home.

I dropped mom off, then headed to Lowe’s , WalMart (dime found there), another Goodwill store (found a nice lamp needing only minor repair work), and the 99¢ store (found a penny). Came home by 8 PM ready for a nap!

Doc had been at the condo doing electrical work. On the way home he stopped to check his post office box where he found a quarter (Coin #7) and then a dime (Coin #8) at the hardware store where he stopped for a screw.

Total: 8 Coins P (2), N (0), D (4), Q (2) = $0.92

Doc got a “full house” today. All silvers - 2 quarters and 3 dimes

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day #604 - Enough

Today it was back to school and the rental condo with full force. We were trying to make significant progress today, but each task seemed to have added complications. And the Penny Angels kept putting coins in our path as well.

Doc stopped at Starbucks drive through on the way to school. There was a long line, so I hopped out and walked over to the Chevron station. One really gooey penny at the air pump station. (Coin #1).

The McDonalds drive through window was very busy, but there was a slight pause between cars, so I swooped in for a penny and a dime. (Coins #2&3). Meanwhile Doc was collecting a nickel along with his coffee. (Coin #4).

We worked at Cal Poly until 12:15 PM. Stopped at Lowe’s for supplies. Did not find what we were seeking, but I did get a penny in the self-serve check out lane. (Coin #5)

Next, the van needed fuelling, so we stopped at the gas station. While Doc pumped the fuel, I searched the convenience store to find a penny (Coin #6) and share the experience with the cashier. Gave her a Penny Card.

We went to Home Depot, worked at the Condo, went to another Home Depot, worked some more. One task after another just seemed to be more complex than expected. I finally told Doc I was going home with or without him. I had had enough!


This evening around 9:30 PM we went to the grocery store. I was so tired, I could barely walk in from the car. As I entered the store, there was a penny boldly in my path. My thoughts, “Not now Penny Angels, I do not want to play.” Enough already! Then I spotted another penny. Doc also found one in a nearby check-out lane as we were paying for our items. (Coins #7-9). The Penny Angels were not cooperating and I told them so!

As we were carrying the grocery bags to the van Doc said, “I think you just walked over a nickel”. I didn’t believe him. He walked back a few steps, then presented me with Coin #10. Those Penny Angles don’t understand Enough! They continue to “Bless” (play, torment).

Total: 10 Coins P (7), N (2), D (1), Q (0) = $0.27

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day #603 - Corroboration

This morning our son Brian, and fiancée, Celeste, came over. The guys worked on the 1938 Chevy with two runs for coffee and two runs for parts. They installed a new cooling fan and switch.

Celeste and I had window tinting put on her car, cleaned out the laundry room closet, did some spray painting, etc.

At lunchtime Celeste and I made a run for Subway sandwiches. We stopped at the bank for cash. As we exited the bank, I asked Celeste if she would humor me for just a few minutes and let me pop into the grocery store to look for today’s penny. She said, “Sure!” and within 5 seconds of saying that, there was a penny right in front of us! (Coin #1) She was amazed saying, “How do you do that? I never find pennies!” I replied, “There are dozens and dozens of times where I tell people about Penny Finding and almost instantly a penny appears to Corroborate the story”.

This evening I went to a Neighborhood Watch meeting. Doc and Sparky went for food. They stopped at Target to shop - for coin finds. Doc collected a dime and a penny (Coins #2&3). Then they collected a dime at the drive through window when getting dinner. (Coin #4)


Now it’s time to follow up on the action items from the Neighborhood Watch meeting, do some things for the new house, and then pack up for the work at the condo tomorrow.

Good night!

Total: 4 Coins P (2), N (0), D (2), Q (0) = $0.22

Friday, August 13, 2010

Day #602 - Early Birds

Friday the 13th. It was a good day for Penny Finding and we weren’t really even trying hard.

This morning we needed to be at the rental unit by 7 AM to receive the new kitchen range. That meant leaving our house at 6:15 AM. Ughhh! We allowed for LA morning traffic, but were pleasantly surprised to arrive 20 minutes ahead of schedule - so Doc went to Starbucks. While he got coffee, I walked the parking lot and found a penny, then a second and a third. I spotted a fourth, but let Doc retrieve it. (Coins #1-4).

We still had a few more minutes, so Doc and I walked toward the grocery store. Doc instructed me to check the newspaper stands. “I never find coins in those”. But then I spotted something shiny - it was a slug (a very pretty one at that).

Doc suggested I look around the vending machines. Sure enough, a dime! I kneeled to retrieve it and spotted a quarter under the machine and then a penny even further under it. Had to practically lay on the concrete to get it. And then there was a penny under the other water vending machine. (Coins #5-8). Doc said, “See - you get rewarded when you obey your husband”.

We walked inside the grocery store where Doc found two pennies near the coin counting machine. (Coins #9&10)

Thought: TEN coins before 7 AM! The early bird catches the coins.


We arrived at the condo on time. As we approached the front door, there was a penny in the path. (Coin #11) I instructed Doc, “Please pick up that penny, then check around the washer and dryer.” He emerged with a dime. (Coin #12). My comment, “See what you get, when you listen to your wife’s advice?

By 8 AM we had the new stove in place, the cutting board sanded, vines trimmed, and 12 coins in our hands!

Late morning we made a run to Home Depot for a light fixture and bathroom mirror. Found a penny at the Contractor’s check out area. (Coin #13).


We worked until late afternoon, then stopped at Home Depot for more supplies. After that we took a break at the Mexican Restaurant near our house. Emilio, whom we had met two weeks ago (story on Day #587) walked in and said, “Hello Penny Lady”! He offered a trade for another Penny Card. J


We finally made it home. After unpacking gear, Doc offered to go for groceries while I fed dogs, put things away, and wrote up Penny Tales. He came home with more coins! That man has Penny Fever.

Doc stopped at Circle K for coffee (yes, that is his third stop for coffee today). He found a penny as he was driving away. (Coin #14) . He had to stop, hop out, and get it. Sit-N-Find.

Then Doc searched the high school parking lot (he claims he was just getting a few more steps on his pedometer). He was leaving empty handed when he spotted a penny. (Coin #15). Sit-N-Find

At the bank Doc spotted a penny under a bench out front. He had to lay on the ground in order to get it! Severe Penny Fever! (Coin #16). That was definitely not a Sit-N-Find. (Perhaps a Lie and Stretch)?

At the grocery store, there was a cashier waiting for customers. Doc entertained her by picking up a penny and smiling. (Wish he would distribute Penny Cards as well). Then he found a quarter as he was getting his shopping cart. Two more pennies as he was checking out. (Coins #17-20).

Total: 20 Coins P (16), N (0), D (2), Q (2) = $0.86 + a pretty slug

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day #601 - Hidden Coins

Sometimes the Penny Finds are obvious, sometimes we find Hidden Treasures.

Today we took a break from the condo work. Instead we worked at Cal Poly in the morning, then went to Doc’s Diabetes class in the afternoon, then did household maintenance stuff after that. The when Doc went to bed, I spent a few hours on new house items.

There were no coins found at Starbucks this morning! That’s not good. So Doc drove across the street to the Chevron gas station. I went inside and found a penny (Coin #1). Meanwhile Doc searched the fueling area and planters. He found a dime in a planter and a penny under three rocks (Coins #2&3). Hidden coins which he let me retrieve.

At work I was packing up some things and not wanting to deal with many of the folders. I opened one drawer with two remaining folders. I said, “Not today, I’ve had enough of this. Maybe next time”. But I was ‘nudged’ to deal with the two folders. There was a penny under them! (Coin #4) Hidden coin.

Once again - listen to the Nudgings.

On the way home from work we stopped at WalMart. No coins found anywhere. Unusual. Our next stop was Trader Joe’s with nothing spotted there either … until I questioned the Penny Angels and asked why there were no finds this afternoon? At which point I immediately spotted a penny where I had previously looked and so had Doc! The cashier was my witness as I claimed the penny and gave him a Penny Card. Fun to Share. (Coin #5)

Total: 5 Coins P (4), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.14

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day #600 - Flushed

I guess I was hoping there would be fireworks or something special in recognition of consecutive Penny Finding Day #600. That’s quite a long series! Our big “celebration” turned out to be a toilet flush with Fred, the Plumber, when our new toilet was installed!

Doc and Sparky went for their morning Starbucks coffee. They collected a dime as they were departing. (Coin #1) Then Doc was “nudged” to stop at the self-serve car spa just to look for coins. He found a penny (Coin #2).

This morning I made calls and things at home before we headed out. Our plans were to work at the rental condo most of the day. Therefore Doc stopped at a shopping center so I could Penny Hunt. There was nothing in the 99¢ Store where I looked (but I bought a new reading book) and Doc emerged from the CVS Pharmacy saying there was nothing in that store either. However, there was a penny right in the doorway near where he was standing! I bent over to retrieve that coin as Doc said, “and there is another one behind you”. (Coins #3&4)

Thought: How can we be so blind to the obvious treasures around us?

We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening engrossed in fix-it jobs at the rental house. Not exactly “marital strengthening” activities. The highlights of the day included the purring of the new stovetop vent and the flushing of the new toilet.

Thought: That’s actually a good ‘visualization’. When the ^%^%^^^ around you gets overwhelming, imagine going into the bathroom, depositing it, and “flushing” your cares away! (Humor also helps).

Total: 4 Coins P (3), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = 13¢

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day #599 - Right or Wrong?

I woke up at the cabin to hear the sound of the van driving away … Doc and Nicholas had “snuck off” for Starbucks coffee and Penny Finding before the rest of us woke up. They returned after collecting one penny at Starbucks, one penny with tar in the parking lot of the movie theatre and one penny at the Rite Aid pharmacy. (Coins #1-3).

Nick also discovered two raccoons beside the stream in town.


By 10:30 we had packed the van and were headed down the mountain. Everyone was trying to keep Ashley focused and “grounded”. We made it to the base of the mountain without incident and pulled into Starbucks for a stretch break. I spotted a Sit-N-Find penny in a dirt planter before I opened the car door. Ashley and Brandon found a beautiful shiny shield penny under the drive through window as we walked past it. Then Nicholas found a second penny in the planter right where I had found the first one! (Coins #4-6).

We planned to stop at Corky’s for lunch, but Doc just could not resist “going the extra mile” and driving past our new house lot in Deer Creek to show the kids. Doc got off the freeway and turned Right. That was NOT the way to the restaurant. Doc was “Wrong!” But was he? We discussed how Doc had a different goal, so his turn was “Right”. The kids and I had a goal to get to the restaurant, Uncle Doc had a goal to drive past the lot. His turn was a “choice”. It was neither “right nor wrong”.

Lesson: Different choices lead to different destinations.


After the detour we were turning left into the shopping center. Doc said, “There’s a Penny”! He opened his door, reached out, and collected HIS penny. (Coin #7). He can be quite the gymnast when he’s got Penny Fever! Median Find.

We returned our precious cargo to their mom at 1:28 PM - just making our 1:30 Check In time. We sure maximized every minute of our excursion.


This afternoon we returned home to find numerous emails and calls waiting for us. Geez! We were only gone 48 hours! At one point I had both the cabinet guy and the plumber on the phone simultaneously and was trying to coordinate their efforts. Doc was laughing at the conversation I was having with the two guys as I was saying “OK, Left Phone agrees to so-and-so, does Right Phone agree to that?”

Looks like it is “back to reality”.

Total: 7 Pennies

Monday, August 9, 2010

Day #598 - Mountain Moments

We had many memorable moments in the mountains today. (Most of which were pleasant). There were beautiful outlooks along the highway, interesting animals at the Big Bear Zoo, food, a water slide, and of course … lots of Coin Finds.

Today we set out with the two nephews and niece to go exploring. My plans, of course, were different than Doc’s.

I intended to drive right over to Big Bear; Doc detoured through Blue Jay where there is a Starbucks inside the grocery store. As Doc parked the van, Brandon spotted a Sit-N-Find dime! (Coin #1). Inside the store Ashley found a penny on a table with some litter. We agreed that normally coins on a table are considered tips and not legitimate Finds. But in this case, it was deemed to be a discarded penny and an acceptable find. (Coin #2). As Ashley was running to show me that coin, she ran right over another one! (Coin #3). Then Uncle Doc spotted a dime by a vending machine and needed Nicholas to retrieve it for him. (Coin #4). I said, “We just need a nickel and quarter to Hit for the Cycle”.


Next we drove to Big Bear. Four out of the five of us were enjoying the drive. Ashley got car sick. The plastic bag I grabbed had a hole in the bottom. The van was not a pleasant place to be after that. We had at team meeting to determine whether to proceed to the Big Bear Zoo or to turn back home and do something else.

We proceeded to the zoo. As we were driving through town and stopped at an intersection, Doc spotted a potential coin in a crack. He pulled aside and rescued another Crack Penny. This one was in really bad shape with a small piece of it missing. (Coin #5)

We had a great time exploring the zoo. Then we had an enjoyable lunch - which Ashley retained only until we headed back down the mountain. That was a waste of money. Two more plastic bags were buried at pull out areas along the side of Hwy 18.


We finally arrived back at the cabin at 3:45 PM. The boys had been wanting to go to the Swim Beach at the Lake. The beach was open until 5 PM, so the kids changed into swim clothes and we scurried to the lake. We were in such a hurry to get to the ticket booth, that we forgot to shut the van door. Doc grudgingly went around to shut the door and found a nickel behind the van! (Coin #6)

The first thing the boys did was to conquer the water slide. Ashley and I took photos. As the boys excitedly told us about their experience, I looked down in the sand to find the Quarter we had asked for! (Coin #7) Hit for the Cycle.

We had 15 minutes remaining in the park. I was sitting on the sand watching the kids. Other people were there with bikinis on, sun lotion, coolers, etc. I had on long pants, socks and leather shoes, no chair or sun shelter and was feeling very out of place. I was looking at the sand around me and saw cigarette buts and trash. Ashley came up, stood beside me and said, “There is a quarter by your foot!” Wow. How could I have missed that? (Coin #8) I guess the Penny Angels wanted to emphasize their point and gave us TWO quarters today.


While we were at the beach, Uncle Doc went to fuel the vehicle. He went to the 7-11 and found one penny beside the car while fueling, then three pennies along a block wall. (Coins #9-12)

At the grocery store Doc found a penny on top of a 2 ft. high wall. Then one beside the wall and one by the curb. (Coins #13-15).


After dinner we went downstairs to look at the Ping Pong table. Brandon found a penny at the lowest step. Planted Penny or Penny Angels at work? (Coin #16)

Total: 16 Coins P (11), N (1), D (2), Q (2) = 86¢ Hit for the Cycle