In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Joyfully, Tina

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Texas Time

One week ago, a dear friend left a phone message saying that he had just accepted a new job in South America and would be leaving in 10 days!  I was surprised and disappointed because for 5 years (since he moved away to Texas) I had been hoping to visit him and his family.  I kept saying “Some Day …”.  That dream now seemed impossible. 

Over the weekend I was able to call my friend and get a few details of the new job, his plans to shut down the house, etc.  We only had a few minutes to talk at that point, yet I wanted more time and information!  A crazy idea began brewing.  I said, “Might you be able to continue this conversation Friday night when you have completed your work week and are packing for
Columbia?” He tentatively agreed.  But he assumed I meant a phone call …

I had a crazy idea of flying to Texas for dinner Friday!  I shared it with Doc and the Angels.  COINcidences came together and made it happen!
·       I had no appointments scheduled on my calendar for Friday and Saturday
·       I had a plane ticket credit which was expiring in two weeks
·       I had a free overnight hotel stay from when Doc and I did all that yucky fix-up work on his parent’s house last summer (this trip made for a nice reward)

There were numerous “COINcidences” on the trip as well.  The lady sitting next to me on the Shuttle van said something casual and polite to me.  For some reason I was “nudged” to answer with … “I’ll bet you believe in miracles and Angels”.  Don’t even know why that came out of me.  So of course I told her about Penny Finding and the Penny Palace.  She was so thankful!  She had recently been struggling in overcoming hurdles for her project – building homes for low-income persons.  She needed encouragement and hope.  She said, “Now I know why my flight was delayed this morning – I needed to meet you and hear your story of uplifting miracles!”  COINcidence?

When we went to dinner, my friend dropped us ladies (his wife, his daughter, and me) off near the door of the restaurant while he went to park the car.  As I hopped out of the car I said, “Please Penny Angels, deliver a penny while we are here.  I do not yet have a penny today.  These people are not likely to drive around town after dinner to go Penny Finding with me. Plus it would show that YOU are here with us tonight”.

Making Wishes
As we were waiting for our table, little Arwen was having fun tossing pennies into a fountain.  I was thinking, “It is against Penny Finding Protocol to gather coins out of a fountain, so Angels, please deliver a ‘real’ penny find”.  At that moment I spotted a penny in the walkway by a table.  Then we spotted another penny, and another, and another.  My friend said “Let’s take a walk around the building and get a few more”.  We did!!  We collected 22 coins at that restaurant!  The Angels were definitely doing things in a BIG Texas way to show us their presence.

Note:  Meanwhile Doc was at home with HIS Penny Angels.  He collected 21 coins on his end!

P.S.:  And I got a seat in Business class with cheese and chocolate on the flight home! 

There were so many “COINcidences” and so much joy throughout the trip, that my brain and heart were on overload!


LESSON:  Angels make great Travel Agents.  They have some amazing connections which can lead to some pretty awesome adventures.