In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Joyfully, Tina

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Look Here!

Two weeks ago Doc hurt his back and knees.  As a result, he has been using daily disposable heat wraps.  Today we went to purchase more of those.  I was not in the mood to be shopping, so I asked the Angels to get the job over with as quickly as possible. 

Doc and I were going up and down the aisles in search of the product.  The aisles were 6 ft. high and long. There were hundreds of products on display.  

Suddenly there it was!  A PENNY about 3 ft. off the floor and sitting atop the product for which we were searching!  How in the world does a penny get placed several feet off the floor and on the precise box we needed?  Perhaps an indicator from the Penny Angels saying “Look Here!”

Reminder:  Take the Angels along with you.  They Love to help as Your Personal Shopping Assistant.


Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Passing Forward

This morning I had numerous places to go before getting home for a 10:30 a.m. phone meeting. I took a friend to the airport, my sewing machine in for repair, etc.  At the final stop I said, “Hey Angels, are you listening up there?  Please provide a penny in the next few minutes because after that I am going home and will not leave the house for the rest of the day.

There were no coins in the parking lot or inside the first store.  At the 99¢ Store I was ready to pay for my one item when a lady with at least 100 items in her cart (it was literally overflowing) pulled in front of me.  That did NOT help my attitude.

Let’s see if I can create a picture for you…There was only one open check out lane and cashier.  Customer #1 was just completing her purchase.  Customer #2 had at least ¾ of a cart full of items.  Customer #3 as mentioned had an overflowing cart. 

I was about to set down my one item and leave the store.  There was no way I was going to make it to my 10:30 appointment if I had to wait in that long line.  The cashier was beginning to scan the first item for Customer #2.  Customer #3 (in front of me) said to Customer #2,  “Wait!  Would you allow this lady to Pass in front of you?  She only has one item.”  I was amazed.  Not only had she offered to let me Pass in front of her, but she petitioned Customer #2 on my behalf as well!  Pretty bold move!

Customer #2 smiled and said, “Sure!”  I passed by the cart in front of me and then paused for a moment before proceeding to pass the next cart.  In those few seconds we three ladies were standing fairly close to each other and sandwiched between the two shopping carts.  I said something to the effect of “Thank You for your Act of Random Kindness, I’m sure it will come back to you”.  At that moment I looked down and there was today’s penny shining brightly between us!  COINcidence?

It was a JOY moment shared with two strangers.  Each of the ladies was given a Penny Card as a remembrance for participating in today’s Penny Find.  Such Fun.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Day #400

Let’s Celebrate!  400 Consecutive Days of Penny Finding.  Some pretty interesting finds these past few months.  So many COINcidences.

Today I had two pennies, a dime and a quarter in hand from running errands this morning.  I thought I was done for the day.  At 8 p.m. Doc suggested getting a quick pizza and salad at a place just down the street.  While there, the Penny Angels provided one coin --- a Nickel! 

Hit for the Cycle to Celebrate Day #400.  Life is Good.

Working at a big all-day event tomorrow and not likely to have a chance to go Penny Finding.
Making a run to FedEx office at Midnight tonight.  Hoping to find a coin after 12:01 so that it counts for tomorrow.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Foreign Finds

Finding foreign coins is much easier (and cheeper) to do right here in Southern California versus all the hassle of travelling to another country.

Walmart Super Stores claim to have almost anything a person needs.  Today that held true.  Doc and I were travelling the 360 miles to go see his brother for our annual visit.  We stopped at Walmart – Doc for a coffee and me for coins.

We emerged with:
One United Kingdom Coin – a 5 Pence
Five Mexican Coins – two 1 Peso coins; two 50 Centavos coins; one $10 Peso coin
Two Canadian Coins – both Quarters
Nine U.S. Coins – seven Pennies; one Nickel; one 1964 Silver Quarter!

North America includes the countries of Mexico, the U.S., and Canada.  Today we found coins from all three of those.  Fun stuff!  Plus there were an additional 12 Pennies and 2 Dimes found at other stops on our drive.

It’s a Small World After All … There’s so much that we Share …. Though the mountains divide and the oceans are wide, it's a small, small world.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Racing Angels

My 17 year old nephews were visiting this week.  They used to love to go Penny Finding when they were little.  For this visit I gave the boys a list of a dozen things to do and asked them to rank the items from 1-5 as far as their interest level.  Penny Finding now ranks only a 1.  OK.  Understood. We will NOT go Penny Finding.
When asked what they WOULD like to do to celebrate their joint birthdays, they wanted to try indoor go kart racing.  That option was Ranked #5 by both boys.
We went to K1Racing.  The boys signed up, completed the information session, and put on their gear.


The boys and other racers were assigned their cars.  At the very last minute they were asked to hop out and get into other cars.  Brandon was placed into the lead car, Nicholas in the second car, and the other racers behind them. 

Hit for the Cycle and More!

The boys were getting strapped in when all of a sudden Brandon jumped out of his car and came over to Uncle Doc and I on the sidelines.  I couldn’t imagine why?  Brandon held out his hand.  He showed us a Hit for the Cycle (penny, nickel, dime and quarter) plus one additional quarter. (25 is my favorite number)!

It was almost as if the Penny Angels were saying: “OK.  You think you are too old to go Penny Finding any longer?  So we will put the coins where you can not ignore us. We are at your side and will continue being with you”.  LOL

Who is the driver in YOUR race car and where are you headed?