In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Joyfully, Tina

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day #377 - New Year's Eve

Today began with a wonderful phone call from the hospital for “Aunt Tina”. My friends in TX (that wedding last summer) had just given birth to a baby girl. The rest of the day was house cleaning and various normal errands.

Doc had an eye appointment at the clinic in Rancho Cucamonga. The medical technician working with us seemed personable, so I shared the PennyFinders story with her and gave her a Penny Card. She shared that her mother often speaks to her deceased brother and finds a penny during those times. So many people have their own Penny Tales.

Doc could not drive after his vision test, so he became passenger for the day. Neither one of us liked the role reversal. I was not able to tackle any of the tasks I normally do while he is driving. And he was feeling vulnerable (aka grumpy) because he was impaired.

Doc wanted hot dogs for lunch. Since I was driving, I could not hop out and do my usual search mode at the drive up window. But the Penny Angels were understanding of that, so they provided a penny up on a ledge so that I could easily reach for it with one hand while paying the cashier with the other hand! (Coin #1)

Our next stop was the recycle station to turn in bottles and cans. (Our “green” action for the day). A half hour line to turn in a few dollars of trash. I grew impatient and walked through the nearby grocery store. Lots of customers and long lines. Really difficult to barge into one line and capture that wayward penny (Coin #2). Determination.

We made the long drive to Pasadena to feed the Grandfish. (Not a smart place to go on New Year’s Eve). Stopped at the Vons groceries for a Starbucks coffee. The parking lot was filled and the lines inside were very long. But I got one penny! (Coin #3)

On the way home Doc wanted to stop at Trader Joes. He found a dime when entering. I went next door to the Petco to find out about Rabies shot clinics. Found a penny there. (Coins #4&5) As we were getting into our car, we met a colleague from work. We were a little surprised since we were 20 miles from home and work. He said he had just found a penny and was thinking of PennyFinders!

As we fuelled the van, there was a penny at the gas station. (Coin #6).

We shared the PennyFinders story with people at the hot dog diner, at the grocery stores, etc. All of them smiled. How can I add those Penny Smiles to the Smile counter?

Thoughts: It really only took a very brief moment to say “Hello” and give people a Penny Card, and it was sooo worth it. Each of them had just a moment of shared JOY.

Today’s Total: 6 coins P (5), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.15

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day #376 - Heartfelt

It’s nice to have just an ordinary day. That makes it faster in writing tonight’s Penny Tale.

I had planned to be at work this morning by 10 AM but slept until 9. Oops! (Going to bed at 5:45 doesn’t provide an adequate recharge. Action Item: Find a Super Charger - maybe at an after Christmas sale? Sleep takes too much time).

On the way to work, Doc needed to stop for coffee, so he suggested I search the grocery store. I spotted a dime as soon as I walked in. There was a store manager standing right next to it. Too awkward to interrupt his conversation and ask for it. So I walked away for a moment or two. When I returned, a customer was standing there and no dime to be seen. L But then she stepped away and I could sweep in for the kill.

I also found a penny in another check out aisle.

This evening Doc went out for supplies. He came in with a cute smirk on his face and something obviously behind his back. “Here Honey. I know we don’t really exchange Christmas or birthday gifts, but I could not resist”. He sure had my curiosity up. I thought he went to the grocery store. I unwrapped the super fancy grocery store plastic bag to discover a new 2MB Flash Drive. J Wow! This is as good as the purple mechanical pencil surprise a few years ago. The Flash drive was blue and shaped like a peanut or figure 8. “I know how you like things that are a little unique. Thought maybe you would like a new drive for the class you will be teaching this term”. Very Sweet.

Thought: Gifts don’t need to be fancy, just heartfelt.

Made me think again of some of the shoppers I saw this month who were in the stores buying things because it’s expected. It seemed to be a chore; required protocol. Then it becomes just STUFF being passed back and forth. What is the Value of that?

Today’s Total: 2 coins P (1), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.11

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day #375 - Fishy Dinner

Today was a “work day” both at school and for PennyFinders. On the way to work Doc tossed me out at the In-N-Out Burgers to search for coins while he went across the shopping center to get cash at the bank. Within one minute I found one hosed down penny at the eating area and then a drowned dime on the drain cover by the drive up window. Just one slight movement and that dime would have been a goner.

I detoured for just 1-2 minutes through the grocery store on my way to meet up with Doc at the bank. No coins. Disappointing. I walked past the entrance three times - before I found a dime!

After a few hours at work, I needed a break. I walked around the vending machines. Nothing. Not surprising since the campus has been shut down since Christmas Eve. I went through the study room to ensure there was no rotting food or anything amiss. It looked as it had on Christmas Eve when I went through there. The chairs were up on the tables and it looked as if no one had been there. I walked around the deserted room and said, “Hi Penny Angels. I carefully checked this room for coins a few days ago, looks like no one has been here. I have just looked through this room carefully once again and see nothing, so I am now leaving. It would be really funny if you just made a coin appear”. As soon as I uttered those words, there was a shiny penny a few feet in front of me out in the middle of the white floor where I had just entered the room! Talk about a Mushroom Coin!

This evening Doc and I drove 45 minutes to Pasadena to feed our son’s fish. We stopped to get a take-away meal so that we could have dinner with the Grandfish. While we were waiting for our order, we walked across the street to the CVS store. Doc found a penny in the parking lot and I found a gold-colored coin the size of a penny at the pharmacy window. Could not tell what it was. Under a magnifying glass it appears to be a commemorative coin from a Mexican church? I found a shiny penny while crossing the street back to our parked van.

Today’s Total: 6 coins P (4), N (0), D (2), Q (0) = $0.24 + church token

Lesson: The same one we have seen before. Verbalizing our requests seems to produce results. So why don’t we do it more often?

Monday, December 28, 2009

Day #374 - Expectations Met

This morning Mandy and I finally got some time together. We headed out the front door of her house and went for a walk. I had promised myself I would not talk any penny business with her. However, when Mandy chose to walk a dirt trail versus through a retail area, I thought “Rats! We are not likely to find any coins on that route”. Within a few moments, Mandy spotted a penny in the dirt. She said, “I KNEW we would find a penny this morning”. She was expecting to find a coin.

My attitude was changed. Maybe we can find coins out here. We walked for another 30 minutes then crossed a busy street in order to head home. I found a very run over penny in the cross walk. God’s 2¢ worth during our walk and talk today.

Doc and Sparky of course went to Starbucks today. Doc is becoming quite the expert on Sit-N-Find coins. He found one penny while driving through the University of LaVerne Parking lot, then 2 pennies and one nickel while driving through the high school lot.

Today’s Total: 6 coins P (5), N (1), D (0), Q (0) = $0.10

Thought: What do you Expect to happen each day?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day #373 - Continued Feasting

We met our friends from Sacramento at their favorite breakfast café. Doc found a penny as soon as we arrived and hopped out of our van. (Coin #1). After breakfast we walked a different way back to the car. I found an aluminum can and asked the Penny Angels if that could count for my find today? After all, the 5¢ redemption value is much more than a penny. That was evidently not an option because within a few feet, I found a nickel. (Coin #2).

Doc had a flare up of Penny Fever, so he drove through the high school parking lot and collected a penny. (Coin #3). I walked through the In-N-Out before going into the grocery store and collected a wet, shiny penny. I saw lots of reflective spots, but they were water drops - except for one which was a dime. (Coins #4&5).

Inside the grocery store Doc retrieved a dime at the coin return and a penny in the bread area. (Coins #6&7)

We had a wonderful Christmas dinner with our son Steve, his wife and son. We stopped at Starbucks after dinner. I walked around the store to the drive up window and collected a quarter and penny out there while Doc collected a penny inside the store. (Coins #8-10)

Today’s Total: 10 coins P (6), N (1), D (2), Q (1) = $0.56

Hit for the Cycle

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day #372 - Determined

Doc wanted to go out for coffee this morning and wanted me to go along. (He hates doing things by himself). I did not want to go, but he argued that I must get out of the house in order to find today’s coin. So I went out with Sparky and him.

Doc offered to dump me at a parking lot of my choice and he would surely find a Starbucks nearby. I chose Claremont high school. I hopped out of the van and was arranging my pedometer, recording device, cell phone, etc. while Doc began driving away. He stopped after a few seconds and hopped out to collect two dimes! Then he began driving away again and stopped for another dime! Three Sit-N-Find dimes! (Coins #1-3).

As he was once again departing, he found a penny, then another one! (Coins #4&5). I asked him to be patient with me and perhaps I would find a coin within a few minutes and we could leave together. I wandered through some picnic tables and collected a nickel. Great! (Coin #6). Now we could leave.

But Doc had Penny Fever, so he continued cruising the parking lot. He found another penny and I found a dime (Coins #7&8).

Doc went to Starbucks while I cruised the Chevron gas station and convenience store next door. A penny inside the store and the opportunity to Share the PennyFinders story. (Coin #9). The coffee machine was broken so that meant we needed to find a different Starbucks.

We were traveling on Foothill Blvd., a very busy street. While stopped at a red light, Doc spotted a median penny. He hopped out to discover it was glued on a rock. So he grabbed my pocket knife and pried it off! That is a daring penny recovery. It all happened so quickly I did not even have time to get my camera out. (Coin #10). The penny still has the glue on it.

Doc dropped me out a few blocks from the Starbucks so that I could walk while he was waiting in line and then eating his breakfast and drinking his coffee. I found a penny in a video store parking lot. (Coin #11).

We needed some groceries from Trader Joes so we made a quick stop there. No coins inside, but a penny as we were returning to our van. (Coin #12).

The dogs needed their nails trimmed and I kept putting it off while we were gearing up for the Day #365 activities. So today I took them to see the groomer and there was a coin by the door of the shop. It looked very, very discolored and I thought it was a very worn penny. But it was lighter weight and slightly smaller. I think it may be a dime. (Coin #13).

There is a new, huge thrift store which recently opened. I have been anxious to explore it, but have always had Doc with me when passing there. (Shopping and Doc - not a good combination). Today I only had the dogs in the car and they were just happy to be going anywhere in the car, so they didn’t complain when I stopped. I didn’t purchase a single item for anyone before Christmas so maybe I could splurge now.

I selected a dozen garments to try on, then found out there was no dressing room in the store! How frustrating. So either I buy everything without trying it on (not acceptable), abandon all that effort of searching (wasteful), or devise something else … Hmmm …I was determined to devise a solution here. Found a not-too-traveled section of the store in the furniture area. Took a mirror from a dresser, three chairs to hold items (my clothes, rejects, and ones to buy), plus one folding screen for some privacy. Voila! A makeshift dressing room.

I was gone from home for two hours and Doc asked why so long? “Major shopping spree honey. Two pants, three blouses and eight CDs plus tax for under $24!”

Not a bad day’s Hunting. J

Today’s Total: 13 coins P (7), N (1), D (5), Q (0) = $0.62

Lesson: Determination (or stubbornness) can be the Mother of creativity.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Day #371 - Christmas Coins

A wonderful Christmas morning - NO Alarm Clock set! Doc and I slept in a little, then did some laundry and putzed around the house.

Mid-morning we headed out for breakfast and PennyFinding. This was a great day to look in parking lots and drive through windows since many of them were deserted. We headed first for the row of fast food places on the busy street near our house. Doc found a penny in the KFC parking area and then I found one at Arby’s. The score was tied: 1 to 1. (Coins #1&2). Doc said he had driven through the Taco Bell parking stalls and did not spot any coins. I then proceeded to find two pennies at that location. (Pennies #3&4). There were three men sitting outside there at a table, so of course I had to Share the Penny Finders story with them and give them a card.

Doc looked briefly for coins at the self serve car wash, but came back empty handed. I looked and found one penny in a wash bay, then Doc found a penny and nickel by the vacuum pumps, then I found another penny as we departed. (Coins #5-8).

We quickly drove/walked through Johnny’s burgers and found zero coins there, so headed next for the 76 gas station. Doc tossed me out to search the gas pump area while he headed for the car wash zone. No coins by the gas pumps, but I found one penny to the right of the door into the convenience store. That led me to looking by the trash can to the left of the door and there was a penny there as well! (Coins #9&10). Doc found two pennies by the vacuum hose area about 3 ft. off the ground on the concrete support. Someone would have to intentionally place them up there. Score 2:2 at that stop. (Coins &11&12). We then spotted another set of vacuum canisters. I collected 7 pennies and two dimes at that spot! Wow. (Coins #13-21).

Next, we collected my mom in order to take her out for brunch at Coco’s. It looked like there might be a waiting line to be seated, so I did a quick walk at the Wendy’s next door. There was a nickel at the first window, two pennies at the second window, then three pennies in various cracks. Doc found one penny as Mom and he were entering the restaurant. (Coins #22-28).

Mom had brought along a copy of yesterday’s newspaper from her area - with an article about the Salvation Army gifting. She asked why I hadn’t told her about this event? Perhaps because she has not been much of a “believer” in my PennyFinding?

What to do after a Christmas brunch? Hmmm. .. Of course! Let’s go Penny Hunting. We’ll show mom just how much fun this is! It takes no preparation, no equipment and lasts as long as you want it to … So off we went!

Where could we search on a Christmas morning? The In-N-Out burger place was just across the parking lot and closed for the day. Very rare. Mom captured her first two pennies there! (Coins #29-30). Doc is a typical guy - he likes to cruise in his spiffy mini-van. So he cruises the parking lots at the breakneck speeds of 3-5 mph. He found the next coin in the Home Goods lot. A Sit-N-Find penny. (Coin #31)

Doc insisted upon driving through the Home Depot contractor’s loading area. He spotted three separate Sit-N-Find pennies and had us ladies fetch those for him. Then I found a penny and a dime under a bench by the entrance. (Coins #32-36).

At this point we began saying, “Quarter, quarter, quarter…” to get a Hit for the Cycle.

We were taking mom home, but could not resist pulling into a 7-11 store on the way. There was one penny on the sidewalk in front of the store and then another in a parking stall. (Coins #37&38). There was also a highway patrolman sitting in his car and mom was walking all around his car in search mode. Probably looked a little strange. There was a huge pickup truck in the stall immediately in front of the store. I had a mild nudge to look there, so I casually glanced that way, but did not pursue it. Doc looked more intently and spotted something shiny. Maybe … so when the truck pulled away, Doc sent Mom in for the kill - and got today’s Quarter! (Coin #39).

It had been one hour since breakfast and so after took Mom home, Doc needed more coffee. Starbucks stop. While he was using the bathroom and getting coffee, I walked. A rosy colored lens for sunglasses caught my eye. I stopped to look at it and saw two pennies next to it. How could I have missed those? I was walking away and shaking my head that I had not seen the pennies until I was literally standing over them. I glanced back in bewilderment - and there was another penny in that spot! Are there places where asphalt pennies just appear? How many times has that happened over this past year? (Coins #40-42).

Doc had Penny Fever pretty intensely this morning. (Plus he was avoiding the tasks we had planned. We were supposed to go straight home and clean up - Doc with his teaching notes from this past term and me with all the PennyFinders piles and projects which are all over the house right now).

Our next stop was the CVS store. Two pennies within the register area (Coins #43&44).

I walked around the shopping center and past a row of newspaper racks. I looked around the racks with the conscious thought, “Why do I bother looking here? Doc finds coins in the stands, but I don’t”. I spotted something shiny way in the corner behind the last stand. It was a quarter! Don’t you love how the Penny Angels like to make me eat my words? (Coin #45)

The In-N-Out diner was closed, so Doc drove up to it. He spotted another Sit-N-Find penny. (Coin #46). He spotted the two embedded pennies (which I had seen on numerous other walks), then a third semi-embedded penny. I planned to leave it. The great Penny Hunter could not. He got out my pocket knife saying “Just a few more cars running over this one and it too will be permanently entombed in the asphalt.” So Doc rescued that penny and brought it home for safe keeping. (Coin #47).

When we got home we took afternoon naps. The dogs loved the snuggle time. Then Doc finally did some cleaning of his office while I did household chores, checked emails, wrote Penny Tales, etc. Nice to have zero appointments today.

Today’s Total: 47 coins P (40), N (2), D (3), Q (2) = $1.30

A Double Hit for the Cycle

Lesson: Some coins are just waiting and ready to be found. They are easy to collect and can immediately be put into action. Others may be stuck in their ways and take some “encouragement” to set them free. Then, they might even take some cleaning with a strong solution before they are ready to be set forth again.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day #370 - Christmas Eve

The campus closed at noon today. As we were leaving the parking lot, Doc tossed me out of the van with instructions to find today’s coin. I found a penny as I exited the van, then a second one as I bent to retrieve the first one. Meanwhile Doc found a Sit-N-Find penny. (Coins #1-3).

Our Penny Fevers had been activated. I figured the Park & Ride lot would be a good Hunting ground since holiday commuters might be preoccupied and not paying attention to fallen coins. I did not find a single coin! But Doc found two Sit-N-Find pennies, one was on a white painted line which made it easier to spot (Coins #4&5).

Our son Brian and his fiancée invited us for a lovely and healthy dinner at their house. It was relaxing and delicious! What a treat. When we left it was 8 PM and too early to just go home … so we went Penny Finding! Besides, it would be fun to Share the JOY and pass out Penny Cards.

So as we traveled from Brian’s house to the freeway, we made a few stops.

At the CVS I walked into the store looking for coins. Walked right over one on the white tiled entryway. Doc was right behind me wondering how I could be so blind? Doc spotted another penny at the check out area, then one at the back of the store by a vending machine. We laughed. He was “my pointer”. He spotted the coin, stopped in his tracks, pointed and panted like a well-trained dog! (Coins #6-8).

Next there was Popeye’s fast food chicken. Two Shiny pennies under the window. (Coins #9&10). One penny at Walgreens (Coin #11)

7-11 stores are often good places to search. There was only one penny under the counter by the register. I retrieved it and then gave a Penny Card to the security guard who was wondering what I was doing. I Shared the PennyFinders story with him and a penny manifested by the ATM machine as if to validate what I was saying. Nice. (Coins #12&13). I needed to Share with at least one person today.

We stopped at the Chevron gas station near home in order to fuel the van. Doc found one penny in a concrete crack. (Coin #14)

Today’s Total: 14 pennies

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day #369 - Applied TLC

Doc and Sparky went for their morning coffee run to Starbucks. Once they had their caffeine and muffin fix, they cruised the high school parking lot. They found two pennies and called me at work to tease me.

The campus was almost deserted today. But that provided a good chance to get caught up on emails, class prep and other things.

Doc did come to campus for a few hours, brought me a snack, and made good progress on several projects. He called me as he was departing campus. He found a dime and a penny while driving through the parking lot. It is frustrating how the man can sit on his B### and find four coins that way today!

When I left campus, I said, “Penny Angels, I want to go home and am really not interested in looking for pennies or writing Penny Tales tonight. I will make ONE stop for you. Take it or leave it.”

I pulled into the Chevron gas station on the way home. Searched the gas pump area, the air hoses, etc. Found one plastic bottle. “Hey, Penny Angels, that bottle has a 5¢ redemption value. Does that count? Could I just take the bottle and go home now?”

Didn’t think so. “OK. I’ll go into the store, but that’s it!”

I entered the convenience store and did not see any coins near the cash register, coffee area, beverage station or refrigerator areas. Hmmm. And then …. right in the middle of an aisle - a Bright shiny penny! VERY noticeable. OK. Got it!

As I was exiting the store, I saw the slightest sliver of something under the magazine rack. Probably trash. I went and looked closer. Could be the edge of a coin. OK. Fingernail retrieval. Yes! A nickel! Those are the rarest coins. OK. That is better than the plastic bottle.

Got home at a reasonable time so Norman and I could install those new parts in the clothes dryer. It has been nearly a year since the dryer has been making those increasingly worse chirping noises. That wasn’t such a tough fix. Merely new drum supports and some lubricant. What an incredible difference! The dryer sounds great now. After 27 years it’s still working just fine.

Today’s Total: 6 coins P (4), N (1), D (1), Q (0) = $0.19

Lesson: Amazing how small things can make such an irritating noise in our lives! Many times they just get worse and worse if we continue to ignore them. Maybe just a few minutes and a little TLC could make our drum rotate quieter and more effectively.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day #368 - Gift Services

This morning on the way to work I stopped to get copies made of the floorplans for the new house. Need to spend a few minutes on that project if we are ever going to make progress. Found one penny.

The campus is really deserted and everything is pretty much shut down. Not likely to find coins there this week.

Doc went into downtown LA today with son Stephen to conduct some business. Afterwards they stopped at a Mexican restaurant for lunch. Doc found one penny inside the restaurant and one on the way back to the van.

This is a short Penny Tale because:

a) There is not much to share today

b) I took my clothes dryer apart (it’s been making terrible moaning noises for about a year now) and I am anxious to get the replacement part and put the device back together.

c) I want sleep and the dogs want to cuddle J

Thoughts: Give services, not things.

(Hang Christmas lights, fix a clothes dryer, wash a car)

Today’s Total: 3 pennies

Monday, December 21, 2009

Day #367 - Afterglow

Some nice emails today.

There were congratulations from readers in Australia and China.

There were great stories as well:

I have been reading your blog; we are sooo encouraged by the stories. Every year in June, we raise money and donate it to HOPE Worldwide in Mexico City. So far, the money raised by our church members has built a health clinic. This penny collecting is something our young son can participate in. We want to start our own penny jar to help others. Thank you for your inspiration. I will start praying for coins to keep appearing so that we can be a light in this world.”

A co-worker said her granddaughter and friends are now collecting coins.

One reader said: “Congratulations on reaching day 365 and thank you for sharing your inspirational stories. Your gift to the Salvation Army was heartwarming. It is one of the organizations that reaches so many needy people. I sent a contribution a while ago but am going to make a donation again today in honor of PennyFinders.”


Back to work today. The students are gone for the Holidays and many of the campus employees have taken the week off. The eating establishments are closed and the vending machines don’t get much traffic. Slim pickings.

The student study room was deserted and the floors had been cleaned. All except for one shiny little silver spot under one of the table leg cross bars.

Doc has Penny Fever and can’t go a day without his fix. He cruised the parking lots and found HIS dime. Today the score was tied!

Today’s Total: 2 dimes

Penny Fever is spreading and people are getting inspired to “Gift a Penny”.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day #366 - Desperate for Sleep

Yesterday was both exhilarating and exhausting. Today I needed to sleep in and give some attention to many other things which had been ignored these past two weeks.

Doc wanted to go out to breakfast and celebrate with Carol, our favorite waitress at a local coffee shop. She was part of the Day #200 Celebration as well.

There was a Carl’s Jr. on the way, so we cut across that parking lot and I did a quick search. One penny and a quarter! (Coins #1&2). As I bent to retrieve the coins, a Carl’s employee came around the corner with a broom and scooper to clean up the trash. Timing is everything!

After breakfast, Doc felt that HE needed a coin too! So we drove through the high school parking lot. Doc found a penny within moments of our arrival - a dark, yucky penny (Coin #3) I was ready to go home; he was not!

I spotted a penny behind the chain link fence and indicated that to Doc. He hopped out of the van with the arm-extension super duper coin retrieval tool (99¢ backscratcher). As he hopped out, he gathered two dimes! Meanwhile I picked up a penny in the sheltered bench area. Doc realized the retrieval tool was a few feet short of what we needed. I sucked in the gut, and squeezed other parts of me through an opening in the fence, ran for the coin, and got back out faster than I thought possible - with an attitude of gratitude (that I did not get wedged)! (Coins #4-7)

We were driving away when Doc spotted a dime! We had almost escaped the lot when he spotted a quarter! (Coins #8&9)

Today’s Total: 9 coins P (4), N (0), D (3), Q (2) = $0.84

What a great beginning for next year’s giving!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

DAY 365

If this note is long today it’s because I’m trying to document it here in case this should ever become a movie!

Words can not begin to define the events for today. How can I possibly share even one drop of the JOY that was generated?

The Gifting Ceremony at the Salvation Army Kettle was scheduled for 10 AM. Doc and I just knew someone would ask if was had found today’s coin yet. So precisely at midnight, Doc and I grabbed a flashlight and headed out to get today’s coin.

The ceremony at the Red Kettle was wonderful. We wrapped up there and then Doc and I “hit the streets” for the next 7 hours. We logged nearly 20,000 steps, collected 70 coins and bills, and exposed dozens and dozens of people to Penny Fever!

I wish I could share each of the experiences with you. There were silly stories, and tender stories; smiles and laughter. If I could somehow bottle it up and give each of you just One drop of it, it would light up your day!

To write all these stories from today is overwhelming; to NOT write them would be wasteful. There is so much JOY to share.

I wrote for 3 hours last night, then collapsed. Had to sleep. Resuming this morning.

Pomona NOW story

See 2 minutes of the Gifting Ceremony on YouTube


12:00 AM Doc and I grabbed a flashlight and went Penny Hunting.

12:05 AM No coins to be found at KFC, Arby’s or McDonalds, but one at Taco Bell.

We were done. We could have gone home at this point. But Doc said we should go see Tony at 7-11. We first stopped at the newly opened Chevron station. Met Robert (Photo #1) who shook the floor mat at the register so we could look for coins! We collected a dime from the mat, a penny inside the store, then one in the gas pump area.

12:30 AM Tony was not working, but we collected a shiny penny under the counter at 7-11, then a second penny in the threshold as we were leaving.

12:40 AM As we were heading to the bank, a skunk ran across the street in front of us. Always a good sign when you see an unusual animal.

So 6 coins today before we went to bed. (1 dime, 5 pennies)


We woke up with anticipation of today. ONE YEAR of consecutive penny finding.

So many stories contained in that little jar (Photo #2 of jar). EVERY PENNY HAS A STORY TO TELL.

As we were driving to the event, I was regretting that I didn’t fill a water bottle to drink. Doc said so romantically, “It is such a special day, maybe we’ll splurge and buy you a fresh bottle of water today!” Wow - big spender.

As we drove into the Whittier shopping mall, the store in front of us was Nickel, Nickel. We laughed. Nickels are the rarest coins to find so I said out loud, “Hear that Penny Angels? Nickel, nickel, nickel, nickel…. Are you going to deliver some of those today?”


We parked by JC Penney where the Gifting was to take place. We were scouting the area and Doc found a nickel (which is the rarest coin to Find) right in the spot where the ceremony was to take place! (Coin #7) What a Good Omen!

The Salvation Army Marketing Director Dawn Wright, Lt. Robert Davidson, Pat Burns, the children bell ringers and several newspaper reporters were on hand. We presented the jar filled with 3472 Coins and paper money, plus the PennyFinders check for the double match. That made a total of $550! The kids were singing, the bells were ringing, the cameras flashing. JOY!

The gifting and ceremony took less than one hour. There was so much of the day remaining…


At 10:45 the ceremonies had concluded and Doc and I were left with HUGE, bursting out JOY. What to do with it? We looked at each other with that knowing grin -- Penny Fever!. It was time for Penny Hunting!

We headed down Whittier Blvd. to see where the Penny Angels would lead us.

First stop: Breakfast at Polly’s Pies. We shared the story with customers in the waiting area, our waitress, and Annelise as we were paying our check. She was so delightful. As we were talking to her, a penny manifested right under us! (Coin #8)


Our next stop was the Quad at Whittier - a HUGE shopping mall.

We parked and Doc walked down one parking aisle while I walked the other. He collected a penny. (Coin #9)

At Petco there was a penny waxed into floor. Even using a key, we could not budge it. (embedded penny)

At Rite Aid Doc found a penny in the liquor section. (Coin #10) .

* He said we still needed to find a Quarter today.

At Ralphs there were two pennies in front, one inside. Doc walked right over that penny, but his focus was the nearest bathroom. While waiting for Doc, I shared the story with the boxboy, cashiers, customers. Gary was repairing a vending machine. There was a dime next to him, so I asked for it. He says dimes appear for him (he must be more experienced. I am only at penny finding). As he moved the door of the vending machine to wipe it, a quarter appeared! * Now we had a Hit for the Cycle! (Coins #11-15)

Dollar Tree: three pennies, no smiles (Coins #16-18)

Staples: one penny at Register with Nicole as witness. Another penny behind a copier and over a half wall (Coins #19&20)

Penny at the base of the planter where Doc had just been sitting. (Coin #21)

Burlington Coat Factory. Obtained: No pennies, but a copper colored jacket as a souvenir for the day.

We went back out onto Whittier Blvd. and started driving…

CVS: a dime tilted vertically under a toe kick, nickel in the threshold of the automatic door. (Coins #22&23)

Del Taco - bought an ice tea, but no coins

Burger King 1 penny (Coin #24)

Rite Aid: Doc found a $5 bill WOW! We have found $1 and $20s in the past, but never a $5 or $10. (Find #25)

Food for Less: one penny (Find #26)


We hopped on the freeway and headed toward home.

Doc had a nudging to pull off and go through the Starbucks in West Covina. P (3), N (2), D (6), Q (2) (Finds #27-39)


Back on the freeway. Shouldn’t we just go home and collapse now?

Nope, let’s pass through the San Dimas area on the way home ...

Starbucks: No coins

CVS I was looking along the check out area. Planned to turn right. Nudged to turn left. Quarter found on the left. (Find #40)

3:15 Albertsons Dime in magazine area

There was a penny waxed into floor. Needed pry tool to extract. Bell ringer was nice. Dropped some spare change there. (Finds 41&42)

Circle K Had to stop and Celebrate this day with Margita. She had been part of Day #200. She said she told her granddaughters about the Penny Lady and now they collect and save up pennies to donate. Found 2 pennies there. (Finds #43&44)


Next through the La Verne Area

Rite Aid There was a little boy with ice cream who witnessed my penny find there.

Spoke to the man in the car parked next to ours. He was really nice. He had a kitten and we talked about his wife and other cat. He said, “You must be the Penny lady I read about in the paper today!” Fun. (Find #45)

3:50 99¢ store Another Nickel! WOW! Remember the nickel request from earlier today? (Find #46)

4:06 Vons Grocery store. There were 4 pennies inside then a dime outside which I just KNEW was not a dime. Penny Angels like to play. Nice manager there who was offering his help (since I looked lost). As we were leaving, Doc managed a double median find. This day was full of surprises! (Finds #47-53)

4:15 Stopped by the ATM machine and then the Stater Bros. I found 1 penny and announced it to everyone within hearing range. Customers perked up. One gave a high endorsement of the Salvation Army efforts. Nice bell ringer outside. Doc found a 10 cent piece from Singapore. Foreign find. (Finds #54&55)

4:20 Jewelry store to say hello to our friends. Shared with all the customers in the store.

4:25 Albertsons: by lottery area. Penny under a lady’s shopping cart. (Find #56)

4:35 Carl’s Jr. drive through nothing

Can you tell I have lost track of the coins we have been finding? Too many, too fast, and too many interesting stories from people. I’m getting behind on the documentation of all this.


Next through the Claremont Area

4:40 7-11: Tony was working! Yipee! Hugs 4 pennies + nickel under the counter. Tony was so thrilled to be included in this Celebration. He pulled out two special coins from his pocket to give me: they were $1 gold coins. My heart melted. (Find #57-61)

5:00 Sprouts grocery: Lots of smiles and cards distributed

Kindred Spirits Open House: Hugs and Cards

5:20 At Trader Joes, Brussel Sprout Jodi remembered us from our Nov 14 visit. She said she had told others about PennyFinders. She was excited about today. She loudly rang the bell at her station so that everyone in the check out area got to share the JOY! It was fun.

5:40 At the next stop I wandered through the coin laundry. There was only one person in the room. He was fixing his chainmail bracelet so I showed him the copper one I was wearing today for good luck. I found a penny on the floor (Find #62) and he was my witness, so I told him about PennyFinders and the Salvation army gift. Chuck said, “Let’s see if I have any pennies in my pocket.” Understatement! He had 62 pennies which he offered to “gift”. So I thanked him and then carried the coins to the red kettle outside in front of the grocery store. The bell ringer was nice. Such JOY.

5:45 At the grocery store I found 4 pennies. As we were checking out the manager asked about my shirt. (It has PennyFinders on it). I told him the story. He laughed, tossed a penny in the aisle and said, “There you go”. I told him that would be cheating and we put it in the collection box on the counter. Doc found a dime as we were leaving. (Find #63-67)

6:10 HOME!!! Dinner, Dogs, Unpacking, etc.


7:00 - 11:30 Phone calls and journaling this day

There are still 3 pennies and a dime sitting in front of me! (Finds #68-70). I haven’t a clue as to where they fit in this day! I was having too much fun talking to all those people. The coins, themselves, were not the point of focus. Sharing JOY was.


Pomona NOW Link

See 2 minutes of the Gifting Ceremony on YouTube

Lesson: Nothing is Impossible

Today’s Total: 68 U.S. coins P (45), N (6), D (13), Q (4) = $3.05

Plus $5 makes it $8.05

Plus a 10¢ coin from Singapore and one embedded penny

(That total would only cover about ½ the price of the gasoline used!)