In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Joyfully, Tina

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day #954 - Tea Party

This morning I wanted to review our July activities and plan for August. Doc wanted to go for breakfast. So we set out to do both at a local café (Angel’s). We agreed to mail a few letters en route, but then Doc unexpectedly detoured through the high school parking lot. I did not appreciate that and told him so. He already searched there yesterday and I wanted to get going with our day. We cruised through most of the lot when Doc said, “Maybe the Penny Angels aren’t producing any coins due to your negative attitude”. I squelched my desire to respond out loud, but quietly said to the Angels, “Would you please get me a coin in the next 2-3 minutes before we leave this lot. I would sure like to shut this man up!” Within moments I spotted a quarter. (Coin #1) Yes! I grabbed it and said, “Here is the Angel’s response to my request. Can we leave now?”


This afternoon I attended a bridal shower. It was an Alice-in-Wonderland Tea Party with mismatched China, mixed up signage and other thematic food and décor.

The high heels, summer dresses, bare legs, chatter, makeup, and lingerie exceeded my estrogen toleration point. The bathroom provided the only retreat for a few moments.

I promised Doc to be back home by 6:30 so we could conduct the weekly grocery shopping and then I could take care of some additional tasks this evening. I wanted to finalize the garage door order, design some fireplace shrouds, etc.


Doc and I went on our routine Sunday night 3-store shopping trip. It had been weeks since we had done that. We finished at the first store and were headed back to the van. I said, “Hi Angels, Doc gives me a bad time when we don’t have a Penny in the day because it really is better to have a Penny vs. only other coins. Could you provide one please?” There was an ugly dark blob by my car door. I thought it was a gum blob. It was the requested penny. (Coin #2).

At the third grocery store I found two dimes and two pennies. (Coins #3-6). Doc found a token -- his only coin for today. (Serves him right).


Looking forward to this coming week. It will be exciting.

Total: 6 Coins P (3), N (0), D (2), Q (1) = $0.48 One token

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day #953 - Off Peak

I woke up at 5 a.m. thinking “Is it Monday? I want to get back to work! Rats, it’s only Saturday”. Our solar car team members used to feel that way -- we were always anxious to get back into the lab because we had a burning desire. Do you feel that way about your job? Are you excited to be there every day?


Doc and Sparky went for their coffee this morning. They also cruised the high school parking lot where they found two pennies. (Coins #1&2)

This morning Doc and I investigated some solar panels and did some other project-related tasks. Then at 1 p.m. we headed out to the jobsite. There were no cars at the Carl’s Jr. window, so Doc parked nearby while I ran past the window and retrieved 2 pennies (Coins 3&4).

There was no one working today at the jobsite, so it was merely a brief visit. Doc was taking rooftop measurements for the solar panel design. He was wondering if we could add an additional row of panels off the peak. I was trying to choose the stain color for the trusses. What is your vote? (See video)

We stopped at McDonalds before getting back on the freeway. Lunch, seven pennies, one dime. (Coins #5-12)


Next we went shopping for two upcoming bridal showers and two weddings. I like to shop “off peak” times and Saturday afternoon was not that time. It took much longer than expected. Being practical people, we purchased things like a step stool (mini-ladder to us), trash can, drawer organizers, etc. Lingerie? Crystal? Fancy kitchen gadgets? No way!

When we returned home, I sat on the sofa - and woke up three hours later! Eeks! Doc said, “Nice Nap?” I replied “No nap -- merely the second half of the 3.5 hours of sleep from last night”. I get a lot more done during the hours when Doc is sleeping so it is more efficient to work “off peak hours”. Doc is merely complying with Edison’s request to run your high energy devices during off peak hours.

And tomorrow is ANOTHER weekend day. Rats! Anxious for Monday.

Total: 12 Coins P (11), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.21 Lucky 21

Friday, July 29, 2011

Day #952 - Fireplace Chat

Doc spent the morning assisting son, Stephen on electrical work at his new house. En route Doc stopped at McDonalds for breakfast and a penny. (Coin #1) I spent the morning sorting and preparing the construction expenses for July.

Some out-of-state friends were driving on the freeway near the Penny Palace. They called to see if they could drop by to say hello. So Doc and I took a break from our respective tasks to give a Penny Palace tour. Charlene is a dear friend who has been dreaming this house with us for 25+ years. She last saw the property when it was only bare land. Needless she was astonished at the changes over the past six months.

It was fun to have guests sitting and standing around the future fireplace for our first Fireplace Chat.

On the way back home, I stopped at a Walgreen’s for supplies and to look for today’s coin. I did a SingSong as I hopped out of the truck. There was a dime in my path. There was a penny before I reached the front door of the store and then another. One more just after I said, “Thanks Angels, any more?” (Coins #2-5)

There was a phone message when I got home. “The windows have been delivered to the lumber company”. That is sooner than expected. We need to get the framing and roofing done so we can install those windows

I spent the afternoon and evening chomping through the July construction invoices, some rental issues and other accounting tasks. The growing pile of invoices means that much is happening right now!

Total: 5 Coins P (4), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.14

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day #951 - Instant Manifesting

Doc wanted to be on the job site early this morning, but we kept getting emails and phone calls.

We finalized the exterior doors order. Some scrambling to get the details correct. The roofer called and said he would leave a drip edge sample on site for me to look at this morning. The brown drip edge was a perfect match with our stain order.

On site the framing crew and HVAC crews were both working. I chalked out the furniture for the Grand Room.


This afternoon Doc and I took the van to the auto shop. Funny noises from the engine. The mechanic took things apart, evaluated the situation, changed the oil, put everything back together and gave us the verdict. It was not happy news. We were expecting to pay appropriately for his diagnostic services. He charged merely $25 for everything! Again that magical number of 25.

During those few hours when we were waiting for the van servicing, we investigated garage doors. Placed the order for two of those. One less decision to make.

We stopped to fuel Pippy. I collected one crack penny. (Coin #1)


We rushed home by 5:45 to shower, change and drive out to a 6:30 meeting. It was the Annual Homeowners Association Meeting. There was a raffle where each person won wine, dinner vouchers, shopping sprees, coffee cards, etc. We won the centerpiece from our table.

At the end of the meeting I asked the Property Manager about the current policy on rooftop solar panels. They are now allowed! That means we really need to scramble since we are supposed to be roofing the house next week. Much to do in the next few days and see if we want to install a system now.


9 p.m. We were at the traffic signal just before arriving home. Doc was lamenting, “I need a coin for today”. He looked out his driver window and there was a penny on the Median! Instant manifesting. (Coin #2)

Doc dropped me off at home so I could begin emailing, returning calls, writing Penny Tales, etc. He went to the gas station to fuel the van. One penny and one nickel. (Coins #3&4). Then he went to the grocery store for a few items and a penny. (Coin #5)

Total: 5 Coins P (4), N (1), D (0), Q (0) = $0.09

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day #950 - Growing Money

This morning we met with Daryl (Project Manager) to review the project status. Things are really moving now.

On the way to the jobsite we stopped at a paint store to look at stains. Then we detoured into a 7-11 to look for coins. I found a dirt penny in the planter as soon as I hopped out of the van. That was all I needed. But Doc said, “That is just an old dirty coin, you need something better than that.” So I walked inside, looked under the counter, and came out with a shiny penny for him. (Coins #1&2)

We next stopped to fill the drinking water jugs for the workers. There was no line at the Carl’s Jr. drive up window, so I ran over to search. There were no coins under the window. I glanced at the planter bed in hopes that I would find a coin. There was a penny, and another, and another. There were newly planted flowers and it almost looked like the pennies had been intentionally sown. Someone was trying to grow money in addition to the flowers! I collected 15 badly chewed pennies and several pieces of a 16th one. (Coins #3-18) Coin mine.

At 7 p.m. we visited Framer Danny’s current house. He has been telling us about it and he is moving out this weekend. Thus we wanted to see it. Very nice detail and décor. Hope ours will look that nice.

Doc went for dinner and one penny. (Coin #19)


Penny Palace Progress:

The fireplace box was framed.

Vent covers installed around the exterior of the house.

The front decorative trusses were begun

I located placements of furniture and decorative posts.

Total: 19 Pennies

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day #949 - Looking Up

So much is happening at the construction site. As we arrived we Looked Up to see the roofing team finishing the felting. Then we Looked Up and saw that outriggers were temporarily placed on the garage to see if we liked the cut. As we passed underneath the everyday entrance, we Looked Up to see that knee braces had been installed! Once inside, we Looked Up to find an archway leading to the Aussie suite and another one in the Master suite.

At 1:30 we met with Danny (framer), Daryl (project manager), and Rick (stone mason) to review ideas for the fireplace. A few hours later, Danny and crew had most of the frame created. It’s great how the line of the fireplace causes your eyes to Look Up to the heavens.


Ran numerous errands this morning with no coins found. At the jobsite there was one penny on a framed wall and another on the floor where the kitchen sink will be. I am considering these to be ‘planted pennies’ and will not count them as legitimate finds. They will get donated later with the found pennies.

Doc and I stopped for dinner on the way home. We chose to eat inside the diner, but I couldn’t resist running outside to the drive up window when there was a break in traffic. As I ran around the building I was doing a SingSong. Sure enough, there were two pennies.

Total: 2 Found Pennies (+ 2 planted pennies)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Day #948 - Scrambled

We awoke today with only 5 hours remaining on our special trip with the Boyz. Our goal was to pack up the cabin and be on the road by 8:30 a.m. We scrambled and were rolling out by 8:13.

Of course Doc needed his coffee and the Twins wanted a Vanilla steamer, so Starbucks was our first stop. As Doc opened the door to walk inside, he found a silver in the threshold. (Coin #1). While the guys enjoyed their drinks, I quickly scrambled next door to the del Taco for 3 pennies and a dime. (Coins #2-5).

I searched around the convenience store and found two pennies. (Coins #6&7). A lady in a parked vehicle asked what I was doing. I explained and gave her a Penny Card. She threw two coins out her window for me and I scrambled to get them. I told her those would not be ‘finds’, but I would gladly accept them to add to the donation jar.

We had breakfast at Corky’s where they serve 12” pancakes and scrambled eggs. Found one penny there. (Coin #8). As we were finishing breakfast, Daryl called to say there was much happening at the jobsite. So we scrambled to join in the festivities. The Boyz were amazed at the progress since their last visit.

Scott, the Structural Engineer, was there when we arrived. He inspected the framing and signed off on his report.

Yipee! It was the first day for the roofing crew. They were laying felt. The framers continued working on details such as the decorative beams in the ceiling of the dining room.

It was great to be amid all the activity, but we had to scramble and get the Boyz home as promised. We made our noon deadline and tearfully hugged them goodbye. I was bawling as we drove away knowing that would be our last play session for a long time. Scrambled emotions - such great Joy in our wonderful weekend, yet such sorrow in saying goodbye.
Doc dealt with his feelings (and growling stomach) by stopping for lunch on our way home where he found two additional pennies. (Coins #9&10)

Total: 10 Coins P (8), N (0), D (2), Q (0) = $0.28

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day #947 - Triple Terrific

Every moment of today was Terrific! A day of pure JOY with three of my most favorite guys and a Triple Hit for the Cycle!

We woke up at the cabin to chirping birds and with much anticipation of a day to just explore and have fun.


The first stop was for breakfast at the Belgian Waffle Works on the shore of Lake Arrowhead. Doc found a dime before going in. (Coin #1). The waffles were Terrific - so we ordered a second round! After breakfast as we made our way back to the van, Doc found a quarter and a penny laying boldly in the walkway. Then he looked over the railing in the bushes and saw a dime and a penny which Brandon scrambled to get. (Coins #2-5). So we all began saying “nickel, nickel, nickel”. Within a few minutes Doc found a nickel in the parking lot. (Coin #6). That was Terrific. Hit for the Cycle.

Brandon then did a Sing Song “Penny Angels find a coin for Aunt Tina”. Within a minute we had a penny and it was a double (two stuck together). (Coins #7&8)


We headed to Big Bear Lake and the Animal Park there. Uncle Doc needed a snack, so we stopped at one 7-11, then another. Collected 6 pennies and one dime. (Coins #9-15)

At the Moonridge Animal Park Uncle Doc found a penny in the parking lot. (Coin #16). An animal handler was walking a tortoise and we noticed a dirt penny right next to her. So we traded her a Penny Card for the dirt penny. (Coin #17). A Quarter by the Timber Wolf exhibit which Brandon easily retrieved. (Coin #18)

There was a wishing well to collect coins for the animals. The boys threw in some coins. Two little girls nearby also wanted to toss coins, but their mom didn’t have any change. So we gave them each a penny and their mom a Penny Card.

It was noon and the Boyz were ready to leave the Animal Park. We made reservations for a 4 p.m. boat tour, then went exploring. Doc drove all the way around Big Bear Lake just for a scenic drive. That was fun.


We had lunch at a little café in the tourist part of Big Bear City. There was a traveling carnival across the street. The Boyz wanted to go on some of the rides so we bought them a book of tickets. They chose to ride the spinning buckets three times consecutively. Triple Terrific Fun! (It’s a wonder they didn’t lose their lunches).

Kmart for some supplies and two pennies. (Coins #19&20) I was “nudged” to buy sunscreen, but logical voice said “you already have so many, don’t buy another one”.

We arrived at the boat dock at 3:30 for our Pirate Ship cruise. Doc hopped out of the van to nearly step on two quarters! (Coins #21&22).

After getting checked in, we were told that the seating was all topside with zero shade for the entire 90-minute tour. That was not good news. Five minutes in full sunshine and I would be fried. At least Doc had a sweater in the car which I could use for arm coverings. The store at the dock was out of sunscreen. The store at the RV park didn’t carry any. We had 12 minutes until sail time so we drove quickly back toward town for the nearest convenience store where we paid $10 for a bottle of sunscreen! I should have listened to that earlier nudging.

We had a terrific narrated cruise on a pirate ship! Afterward the Boyz played in the nearby park while Uncle Doc went to the snack store for peanuts and a dime. (Coin #23) Doc then said “I need a nickel, nickel, nickel, to have a double Hit for the Cycle. That would be really special for this weekend.” A few minutes later, son Stephen called and while he and Doc were talking, Doc pointed to this very dark spot on the shore line. It was the requested nickel! (Coin #24).


Stopped at our cabin to change shoes, get our camera and get ready for evening fun. We headed down to Lake Gregory where Doc and Nicholas dropped Brandon and I in a parking lot so we could begin our hike around the lake. As I hopped out of the van, there was a dime. (Coin #25).

Uncle Doc and Nick went to the grocery store for two pennies, one button and dinner groceries. (Coins #26&27). Then they went for coffee, two dimes and a nickel in one parking spot, a dime under the pay phone, and two pennies in another parking spot. Terrific Find! (Coins #28-33).

That makes a Triple Hit for the Cycle!


The evening was spent back at the cabin eating BLT sandwiches, playing games and folding paper airplanes. Lots of love and laugher. What a Terrific Day!

Total: 33 Coins P (18), N (3), D (8), Q (4) = $2.13

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day #946 - Fun and Games

Doc and Sparky found one penny out in the street in front of the house as they drove out to for their morning fun. (Coin #1)

At 8:30 a.m. we headed to the Penny Palace. Work is proceeding at full speed. The Phantom Plumber was there. He has a ‘real job’, but likes to do new construction plumbing as his “fun and games”. The HVAC team put in a full day’s work. They don’t yet know about Penny Finding, so they are still in a ‘work’ mindset.

Doc and I had fun marking out the base of the fireplace and the outline for the dining table. (Envision Beauty and the Beast at opposite ends of a long table).

We left at 11 a.m., then made a brief stop at Stevie’s new house where they will be moving in tomorrow.


At 2:30 p.m. we picked up the two nephews for the Boyz sleepover. Our first stop was Chuck E. Cheese (CEC) for them to redeem the hundreds of coupons they had been collecting for many months. Fun & Games there. I went next door to CVS for a few moments while they were playing games to search for MY coin for today. Found two pennies. (Coins #2&3)

Doc spotted one penny under a table at CEC where a woman was seated. I traded her a Penny Card for the coin under her chair. (Coin #4)

We drove up the mountain to our cabin retreat. We planned to go for Mexican food overlooking the lake, but at the last minute, the Boyz chose Chinese instead. We had the little restaurant totally to ourselves. (Not sure if that is a good sign on a Saturday night). The food was really good!

While Brandon and I went for a walk at the Lake, Doc and Nick bought groceries. They also collected one penny in the parking lot and three inside the store. (Coins #5-8)

Our next stop was a Starbucks inside a different grocery store. Brandon spotted a penny under a display from about 20 ft. away! Then I found a dime. (Coins #9&10)

Next it was back to the cabin for Fun and Games. We played UNO and folded paper airplanes to launch from the loft.

COINcidence? As I was packing my bags for this trip, at the last moment I was “nudged” to throw in a ruler (straight edge). I questioned the reason for it? At the cabin when we read the instructions for the paper airplane folding, they said to use a straight edge to score the fold lines! There was the reason!

Total: 10 Coins P (9), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.19

Friday, July 22, 2011

Day #945 - More of Day #944

Today seemed to be a continuation of yesterday.

Doc and I took care of a few things in the yards, then he was off to the auto shop for an 8:30 smog check appointment. At 10:30 we headed for the jobsite with several errands en route.

At the jobsite, things seemed to continue at an accelerated pace this week. Framer Danny had numerous questions for us. The HVAC guys had tacked the air registers in each room until they could get our approvals for each placement. Of course, once I explained where the various furniture pieces will be placed, they understood the need to move several of the vents. We also added three registers.

I found a penny on the floor of my future office. Makes me wonder if the workers are playing with me. They solemnly swear they are not. (Coin #1)

At noon, son Stevie called and asked if we were busy today. Understatement! “No son, we are just sitting here at the beach drinking Margaritas, what do you need?” He is moving into his house this weekend and needed our assistance. Not According to Plan.

Stevie arrived at the jobsite at 2 p.m. He brought lunch “to keep up our strength as we are working”. For the next few hours we helped him pick up some orders he had placed.


Doc and Stevie dropped me off at home so that I could make at least a dozen calls before the end of the business day. Then at 6 p.m. I headed out to run errands. I had a voucher to redeem for the recycle items Doc turned in last month. It expired yesterday, but was still honored. Yipee! Found three pennies and three dimes there. (Coins #2-7).

Got dog food and a penny at the next store (Coin #8).

Doc found a few coins as well. One penny at the gas station and one penny in the flower bed at Starbucks (Coins #9&10). A penny, quarter, and dinner at McDonalds. (Coins #11&12).

This evening we are scrambling and trying to further refine the fireplace drawings, develop a finish carpentry list, verify exterior door details, review the painting and stucco contracts, etc.,

Next we will pack our suitcases in anticipation of our sleepover with the nephews.

Total: 12 Coins P (8), N (0), D (3), Q (1) = $0.63

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day #944 - According to Plan

I prefer to have my day planned ahead of time in order to be more productive and not forget things I need to do. Today the Universe was just not operating According to MY Plans

It was the morning of our sleepover with the two nieces. We woke up and tried a new activity - blowing out eggshells and then coloring them. The eggs were made into breakfast burritos and then devoured. After breakfast as an activity the kids assembled 3 jigsaw puzzles. Then I parked the girls with Doc for an hour while I dealt with some “Not According to Plan” emails. Note in the photo that Doc shared his favorite activity with them - TV watching.

We headed to a local park for a bit of play and then to Denny’s for lunch. Arrived home to find my mom (Oma to the girls) and cousin from Germany in the house. That was not According to Plan. We had left the dogs in the house and they don’t appreciate strangers coming in.

Doc and I had plans for the afternoon, so Oma took the girls and gear back home for us. We planned to head right out to the construction site, but found out that no one was working today! So we delayed a little until it was cooler outside.


Received an email from Ian and Wendy (friends and former student) who recently finished building their house. For months we have been wanting them to visit our construction site and they said they could meet us at 6 p.m.! That was sure “Not According to Plan”.

We arrived at the construction site around 5:45 p.m. Shortly thereafter, son Steve along with wife, two kids and mother-in-law dropped in! That was “Not According to Plan”. Since this was the first visit for wife and mother-in-law, I felt obliged to tour them. Then Ian and Wendy showed up for our “date” and I was trying to tour them as well. The great part is … the two little boys (Ethan and Landon) connected and had a GREAT time together!

We had planned to have a quiet Chinese dinner with Ian and Wendy. (A chance to catch up with them). At the last minute we chose to go to Corky’s for dinner instead. We were seated at a booth -- right next to our son and his family! The two little boys sure had fun playing with each other over the booth wall! Another “Not According to Plan”.


Penny Palace Progress

The City Inspector signed off on the roof nailing today. Yipee!

Hearth framing completed.

Additional construction perimeter fencing installed.

HVAC units in the attic


Penny Finding

Almost forgot to do that.

Doc found one penny under Danny’s work shelf at the Penny Palace. I have written to Danny to ensure that was a “find” and not planted. (Coin #1)

At 9:15 p.m. we stopped at the grocery store. I said, “OK Angels, get me at least one coin”.

Doc spotted a quarter through the window before entering, then a quarter in the vending machine. I found a penny as we walked through the doors. (Coins #2-4).

As we walked past one closed check out station, I noticed several coins. I grabbed them and walked away before opening my hand to reveal: 3(P), 1(N), 2(D), and 2(Q)! WOW A Hit for the Cycle in a single pick up. (Coins #5-12).

That was much more than the one coin I had requested.



We may think we have “good plans” for our day, but the Universe sometimes has even BETTER plans for us.

Total: 12 Coins P (5), N (1), D (2), Q (4) = $1.30

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day #943 - Action

Had an 8 a.m. meeting with the roofer this morning. He walked the roof to determine the final details of the job. There are a few additional things he would like in place before he begins. The framing guys were working on the remainder of the sheeting and the City Inspector is expected tomorrow to sign off on the roof nailing.

The HVAC equipment arrived today. We expected it at 10 a.m. but the driver got lost and didn’t arrive until after 11. Took an hour to offload the truck and move the gear appropriately.

A neighbor, Ed came over to introduce himself. Turns out he is retired from CPP and I recognized him.


This morning it was breakfast and one penny at McDonalds. Three pennies and lunch at a Mexican restaurant. One dime at Chuck E. Cheese’s. (Coins #1-5)


Today would typically be our bi-weekly Play Time with the nieces and nephews. Since this is the last session before the kids move away, we decided to make it a sleepover. The girls are at our house tonight, the boys will come on Saturday. One of our activities was to go to Chuck E. Cheese’s and cash out the vouchers they had been collecting for many months.

The girls demanded 100% attention for the entire 6 hours until bedtime. How does a mother get anything done? Not sure which is tougher - working a construction site, or entertaining two little girls?

Total: 5 Coins P (4), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.14

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day #942 - Autobahn

It feels like we have been traveling on the Autobahn these past 5 weeks - no speed limit! Must be doing at least 150 kph. A cousin arrived from Germany today. Hopefully we will get a "break in traffic" to see him while he is here.

Every day there are dozens of things to determine, decide or design for the Penny Palace.

8:30 meeting with a Finish Carpenter. We spoke of shelving, baseboards, door moldings, hanging interior doors, etc.

9:30 worked with Danny to design the fireplace hearth and first level.

10:30 Crissa arrived to finalize placement of the fireplace box

11:00 Steve and Brian began working on the HVAC system and review things with us.

1:00 Headed out to Highland to sign roofing contract

2:00 Roofing Supply Center to place order

2:30 Stone Yard to investigate fireplace stone

4:00 Storage unit office to pay for additional 6 months rental (flooring is in storage there)

4:45 Solar Tube Office. Closing at 5 pm. Owner not in, but leaving for vacation Thursday. He was called and agreed to meet us as soon as we could get to the job site.

5:30 Back to jobsite to meet and place order for Solar Tubes

6:45 Water store for H2O for workers

An evening of emails, reviewing bids, designing things like the chimney shroud, making phone calls, paying bills, and then preparing for tomorrow morning meetings.

Is there a ‘rest stop’ on this Autobahn?


Penny Finding? I am too busy building the Penny Palace to go out of my way to search for coins or write Penny Tales. But the Penny Angels put the coins in my pathway despite my objections. Let me try to remember today’s finds …

At noon Doc stopped for a Starbucks coffee. He found a dime (Coin #1). We then walked over to the Taco Bell so I could sit and write up my notes from this morning. There was one small car back at the order mic, so I quickly ran past the drive up window while it was clear. Two pennies (Coins #2&3). At the stone yard while I was focused on the stone samples. Doc found a dime. (Coin #4) Again he had 2 silvers and I had two coppers.

On our way home from the lot (the second time), Doc stopped for his dinner at Carl’s Jr. I was planning to eat leftovers at home. While his attention was on the order window, my attention was out my window. I spotted a dirt penny in the planter and hopped out to get it. Then there was another penny, and another, and another, and another … For once I hoped Doc’s order would take an extended time. I kept collecting pennies until he had his food and we needed to move out for the next car. As we drove away I counted the pennies in my hand - 20! Coin Mine.

Total: 24 Coins P (22), N (0), D (2), Q (0) = $0.42

Monday, July 18, 2011

Day #941 - Hot Stuff

Today was Doc’s birthday. He now qualifies for Social Security benefits.

There was plenty of Hot Stuff going on all day …

Doc and Sparky collected coffee, a breakfast burrito, and a penny at Johnny’s Burgers (Coin #1)

Before leaving the house at noon, Doc and I worked with the HVAC guy to place the order for the air units to go in the attic. There should be some Hot Air Action pretty soon.

We ran a few errands, but did not find any coins. So we stopped at the 7-11 store where we recently re-discovered Tony. I found a penny and a dime inside; Doc found a penny outside by the service door outside. (Coins #2-4). Tony pulled a quarter out of his pocket to add to the kitty, but that does not count.

The next stop was at the Plumbing Supply Center. We purchased the tankless water heater and Heater Treater. Now Doc can be in Hot Water ALL the time!

Doc needed his Hot Coffee, so we visited a Starbucks. The line was slow, so I ran across the street to the taco fast food while waiting. Three pennies lined up nicley on the curb, with a quarter under the drive up window. (Coins #5-8). Doc claimed a nickel and two dimes in the Starbucks line when paying for his coffee. (Coins #9-11). Hit for the Cycle at that one stop! Nice Birthday surprise.

We took things out to the jobsite and found that no one had been working out there today. Not good news.

Next we headed for the fireplace shop in Riverside. Finally placed that order. Soon we will have Hot Flames.

For Doc’s Birthday dinner he wanted a steak. He suggested Sizzler; I proposed something more unique. We discovered the Black Horse Tavern just off the freeway in Norco. Great food and waitresses in Hot Pants.

There was a 7-11 in the same shopping center, so I couldn’t resist walking over there to search. Spotted two pennies and a dime under the counter. Had to dodge several customers as I dove for each of those. I turned to leave and there was a dime between me and the door! How did that get there? Mushroom Coin. (Coins #12-15)

We stopped for petrol on the way home. Looked around the vacuum canisters, but at first did not see any coins. After my eyes adjusted and I re-focused, I found three dirt pennies. (Coins #16-18).

That makes 18 coins for Doc’s birthday on the 18th. What a COINcidence!

Total: 18 Coins P (11), N (1), D (5), Q (1) = $0.91

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day #940 - Fully Engaged

It was Day #2 of the 2-Day Women’s Conference in Riverside. I was Fully Engaged there all day. While other women were wearing summer dresses, sandals and hats, I had on a Penny Finders shirt, steel-toed boots, and my Dragon Lady hard hat!

Stopped at home for a quick shower and change of clothes. Then at 8 p.m. headed out for an Engagement Party. Dinner was served at 9:45 p.m.

Left the party at 10:30 p.m. in order to get to the grocery store before it closed. I found today’s penny (Coin #1). Doc spotted a dime which I had to retrieve using a business card (Coin #2). Again - I find copper, he finds silvers.


While I was at the conference, Doc went to school for a while. He collected 2 pennies there. (Doc #1&2). Then he went out to the jobsite and spent a few hours watering the dirt. A tedious task in the full sun. A McDonalds run yielded lunch and 5 pennies. (Doc #3-7)

Total: 9 Coins P (8), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.18

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day #939 - Conference

I spent the day at a conference at the historic Mission Inn in Riverside. It made me very appreciative of my supportive spouse and friends.

On the way home at 6 p.m. I stopped at a CVS store to look for today’s coin. I hopped out of Pippy saying, “OK Penny Angels, do your stuff”. Found a shiny penny before walking into the store. (Coin #1)


Doc had a 10 a.m. meeting with the HVAC sub on site. They went over the details of where to run the ducting. Also on site today was the Phantom Plumber. (See video)

Doc found two pennies inside McDonalds where he ate lunch.

Total: 3 Pennies

Friday, July 15, 2011

Day #938 - Bee Hive

Like Queen bees in a hive, the Aussie guests today once again attracted much activity around them. They visited the Penny Palace before flying home and created a final commotion.

Since we didn’t have any significant plans for today, this morning we let the guests sleep late. Doc and Sparky quietly slipped off to get their coffee and a dime (Coin #1).


We expected to visit the Penny Palace jobsite for just a few minutes to take some photos. I was going to compare the stone veneer samples in hopes of making a decision. So much for that idea. I placed the stone samples side by side to do some comparisons and suddenly the fireplace rep, Crissa was standing next to me. Where did she come from? Then a few minutes later I turned around to discover our architect, Debbie standing behind me! She had never visited the site and chose this morning to pop in. I was trying to carry on conversations with these two persons when a new person appeared on the scene. Turns out that he is part of the HVAC team and was out to do a preliminary assessment of the equipment and parts which will be needed. Of course he wanted to discuss venting options and things. Meanwhile the framing crew continued to hoist beams into place and work on the detail timbers. Neighbor Craig noticed the party and also decided to join in. What a Bee Hive of Activity today!


On the way home we stopped for petrol. I hopped out of the van and asked the Angels for today’s penny. Found it inside the convenience store. Doc found one in the gas pumping area. (Coins #2&3)


This evening we said goodbye to our Aussie friends. Our drive to LAX was completed in less than an hour - even with the potential delays due to Carmageddon. It was a tearful parting, yet our hearts were filled with joy and wonderful memories from the time spent together.

Total: 3 Coins P (2), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.12

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day #937 - Chit Chat

Today we kept the Aussies out of the shops and had them socializing instead.

While Merril and Doc headed out to the jobsite, Shirlee and I headed for the post office. She has knitted two caps for Michelle’s Place cancer center and wanted to post those before flying home.

There was a little discount store next to the post office, so we ventured in there looking for coins. We searched for coins carefully around the entrance and inside the store. No coins. As we were leaving, there was a very shiny penny, heads up which just gleamed in the doorway. Definitely a mushroom coin. (Coin #1)

Upon returning home, Shirlee stopped briefly to Chit Chat with several neighbors.


Doc and Merril stopped at a Starbucks on the way to the jobsite. Merril went next door to investigate the Chick-fil-A. Doc collected one penny. (Coin #2).

The framers are now working on the details. There is roofing over the every day entry. There are some decorative beams in the Grand Room ceiling. Doc found a penny in the Grand Room and Merril said “What about the penny right next to it?” (Coins #3&4)


We had leftover Chinese food for lunch, then Merril headed for the TV, Shirlee for a nap, and Doc to Starbucks for a coffee. He also found a dime. (Coin #5)


I left at 3:15 to meet up with friend Norma and her family. They were in the area and wanted to see the Penny Palace before meeting up with Shirlee. What great fun to give them a tour. The new house is looking good.

While I was gone from the house, former solar car raycers Roseanne, Dave, and Erika came to Chit Chat with Shirlee. They brought a new baby, grandma, apricot pie plus 79 pennies and a dime which Mrs. Marquez had found.

At 6 p.m. I returned to the house with Norma and Family. It was now their turn to Chit Chat with Shirlee. She sure is popular.


Doc and Merril attended a live baseball game - Rancho Cucamonga Quakes vs. Lake Elsinore Storm at the EpiCenter. They found one penny there. (Coin #6) Of course there was much Chit Chat when they arrived home with the tales of their adventure.

Total: 6 Coins P (5), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.15

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day #936 - Eat, Love, Shop

Our Aussie guests continued to bolster the US Economy by eating, loving, and shopping their way through another day.

Since pancakes at breakfast are a rarity in Australia, our guests once again chose IHOP for breakfast. After eating, Doc and Shirlee found a penny under a table. (Coin #1).

Last year I discovered a batch of teak wagonwheels and benches from Thailand which were stored in the back of a local warehouse. They were impressive. Big, heavy, items which each seemed to exude stories. They “spoke” to me. I returned a few months ago to see them again. Said I would be back for two wheels once we had the house built. Today I just had to show Merril and Shirlee the items. Shirlee bought one of the wheels for the garden of the new house! That will be such a special remembrance every day when we drive up to the house. A welcome also to each person who approaches the front door.


We went home for an hour or two to take care of some business for the new house, then it was off and about for the afternoon. We stopped at a few places to search for shipping boxes. (The Aussies have bought so much stuff, it will not fit into their suitcases).

Then we headed for the mall to experience a Macy’s store and a bookstore. Of course there were dozens of shops to explore in between those two intended destinations. Lunch was at Barnes and Nobles while surrounded with all those books. (Merril was a librarian). They found many things of interest to them. I didn’t find a single coin in the mall. On the return to the van, Doc found a penny. (Coin #2)


We left the shopping mall at 4 pm and headed for Pasadena. We parked, then took the Gold Line into Union Station, downtown LA. While Doc visited the bathroom, I was determined to find a coin. Found two pennies and a quarter under the counter at the convenience store while Shirlee was buying post cards. (Coins #3-5). As we walked out of Union Station, Shirlee was nearly trod upon when she stooped over to fetch a dime. (Coin #6).

We now had three of the four coins needed for a “Hit for the Cycle” so we were all saying, “nickel, nickel, nickel…”

We headed across the street to explore the carts and shops along historical Olvera Street and Mexican village. Doc found a penny and handed it to me. (Coin #7) I carried it for a few minutes, then finally paused to put it in my shoe. As I bent over to do that, I was able to see quite deeply under a nearby cart. There was OUR nickel under it! It was deep and required a 2-knee retrieval to capture it. (Coin #8). We found another penny before leaving there. (Coin #9)

We hailed a taxi for the one mile journey to dinner in China Town. The taxi driver recommended the Full House restaurant. The food was delicious and plentiful! Our bellies were definitely full. One penny found as we rolled ourselves down the hill back to the Metro Station. (Coin #10)

Another wonderful day enjoyed with good friends.

Total: 10 Coins P (7), N (1), D (1), Q (1) = $0.47