In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Joyfully, Tina

Friday, April 30, 2010

Day #497B - from Michelle

A little background here:

TEN years ago Doc and I lost a special friend, Michelle Watson, to breast cancer. Note: She was only 26 years old.

Michelle was an outstanding student, athlete, nature lover, caring person and so many other wonderful things. At age 21 she detected a lump in her breast, but was told it was nothing to worry about. A few years later she was planning to do work oversees with the Peace Corp. and during her physical exam, the lump was examined. It was cancer and it was already at an advanced stage.

Her family channeled their grief into helping other women who were dealing with breast cancer; primarily those under 40 years of age. At first they provided comfort and information. Then they began arranging for testing and medical procedures. Now they have a center Michelle’s Place offering a whole variety of support services.

Tonight’s Penny Tale:

This evening Doc and I attended a fundraising auction and dinner for Michelle’s Place. Throughout the evening I shared the PennyFinders story with a number of people. As we were leaving someone asked, “Did you find any Pennies here tonight?” We had not. The event was outdoors in an area of grass and trees and bark pathways. Not likely to find coins there.

As we drove away from the event, Doc said, “Let’s stop at Starbucks for a coffee and let’s find coins in Honor of Michelle.” We stopped at the first Starbucks. Doc got his coffee, but no coins were found. I said out loud, “Penny Angels, Please send a coin in tribute of the 10th year anniversary of Michelle’s passing. And please make it a DIME so that we know it is for her”.

Doc and I were led to go next door to the grocery store. The store was getting ready to close, so it was a very quick run through for us. At first, no coins. Then I spotted a penny. Then a second penny as we were leaving. God’s 2¢ worth. I was thankful, but disappointed - it was not the dime.

There was a CVS Pharmacy across the parking lot and Doc and I both headed there - we KNEW we needed to look there. As we crossed the parking lot we were both looking for coins. We laughed because we have a joke “You CAN NOT find coins in the dark in an asphalt parking lot!”

I was saying OUT LOUD, “Penny Angels, Dime for Michelle. Dime for Michelle. Dime for Michelle PLEASE. It would make for a really good story tonight.” I must have said “Please -Dime for Michelle 100 times”. As we walked through the CVS doors, we saw a very long line of people at the cash registers. And there was a beautifully illuminated new shield penny on the floor! Then another penny in front of the people in line. I boldly claimed both coins. Again God’s 2¢ worth.

Doc and I searched throughout the rest of the store. There were no more coins to be found. Then I said, “Michelle, I know you can hear me. These PENNY Angels are only delivering Pennies. Would you help out here and deliver a dime? Confirm that you are here.” Doc and I went to exit the store. I was straggling a bit behind him, so he paused and turned to look back toward me. He froze. I Knew. There was a shiny silver dime in the middle of the dark blue carpet where dozens of people had just been standing and where Doc and I had searched just moments earlier when we entered the store! Wow. Coincidence? What do you think?

Doc and I were ecstatic and headed to the van. Couldn’t wait to get home and share tonight’s Penny Tale with people. Then we both noticed something reflect a gleam of light. Another penny! We proceeded a little further and then another penny! More of God’s 2¢ worth. We were laughing because everyone knows, “You can’t find coins at night in a dark parking lot”. (The Penny Angels have often proven us wrong on that statement).

Doc unlocked his side of the van and I was about to get in on my side. I was ‘nudged’ to turn away and walk to the other side of a nearby planter. There were 6-7 parking stalls there. I stood there said, “So WHY am I here?” Then I spotted it - a Dime! “Michelle. Is this from You?” Doc saw the look in my eyes and Knew what I had found. I hopped in the van and held out my hand - 2 dimes and six pennies. That totals 26 cents- Michelle’s Age when she crossed over. I was both elated and in tears. Coincidence? You decide.

Thought: Michelle’s Life had meaning and even the Angels were Celebrating it Tonight.

Total: 8 Coins P (6), D (2) = $0.26

With Joy,

Tina Shelton

Day #497A - Obedient Wife

This manifesting stuff is really working! This morning we found a dime at Starbucks. Nothing extraordinary about that one. (Coin #1)

We went to school for half the day and had agreed to leave at lunchtime for this evening’s function in Temecula. I was packing up my things when two students came to my office asking for help. Delays. One of them asked the other if she knew about Penny Tales. She did not, so I gave Penny Cards and briefly explained the story. They smiled. JOY Shared.

Doc called my office to say, “Time to leave! Give me a few minutes and I’ll be there to pick you up. Why don’t you go find a penny before I get there?” I figure I had 3-4 minutes so I said, “Penny Angels, would you provide a coin so I can be a nice, obedient wife please? I was led to exit the building from a door that was not the closest one to the pick up point. There were TWO shiny pennies as I walked out of the building! This was in a very heavily traveled walkway! God’s 2¢ Worth. I was laughing. (Coins #2-)

Then I found another penny under a vending machine. (Coin #4) I was so excited! I poked my head into the student study room just in case …. Sure enough! The two students with whom I had just shared the PennyFinders story, were in there. I told them the latest story. JOY shared.

Doc and I went home and changed clothes for this evening’s function. We arrived in the area a little early, so we went to Lowe’s home center to get a few things on our shopping list. Doc and I each checked for coins in the cash register area - several times. The place was nearly deserted. No coins. After paying for our items, I paused to talk to the cashier. There was a penny right next to us! (Coin #5) Mushroom coin. Told her about the Penny Pendant and gave her a Penny Card. JOY shared.

Total: 5 Coins P (4), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.14

Thought: SOMETIMES there are rewards for obeying your Husband J

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day #496 - 4x4x4x4 Got It!

What an amazing day implementing the Laws of Manifesting.

This morning Doc stopped at the Starbucks drive through by school. There was a car ahead of us at the window, but Doc and I could see TWO silver coins. Anticipation! This was a good start to the day. The car drove away exposing two dimes, a quarter and a nickel! WOW!! Almost a “Hit for the Cycle” (Coins #1-4)

I arrived at work and showed my co-worker JR. He is a bit competitive. He has been close (but unsuccessful) with a Hit for the Cycle a few times recently. He said, “You won’t find your penny today. Nope, I won’t let you do that!” I told him I would have my penny very shortly.


After my 9:30 AM meeting I was returning to my office and stopped in one of the study rooms (to get that penny to show JR). I searched diligently. Nothing. But then in between some boxes and gear I found the penny! Yippee! I turned to leave and was ‘nudged” to check under the sofa cushion. There were two more pennies plus a quarter! (Coins #5-8). This was fun.

I showed the coins to my co-worker and claimed my Hit for the Cycle. He almost had one today but needed the nickel. (The rarest of the four coins to find). I stood near him and said, “Penny Angels, please bring JR a nickel”. A few hours later when I returned to my office, there was a sticky note on my door saying, “GOT IT!” JR got his nickel!


Mid afternoon I needed to pick up some platters of sandwiches and cookies for my class. (This is the mid-point of the term, so we had a little celebration for that). Although those items were from Subway, I felt nudged to quickly walk through the Marketplace building. While walking there I said, “Penny Angels, I’d like 4 coins before I leave that building!” Usually I find coins at the cash register areas of the various food stations. Not today. Zero! I walked through the various dining table areas. One penny under a pleasant female student. I asked permission to get the penny and gave her a Penny Card. The next penny was under three students who were studying. Exchanged three Penny Cards and smiles for that coin. One more under a table. I needed to get going and said as I was leaving, “Thanks Penny Angels, it wasn’t the FOUR I requested, but three is nice”. And the 4th penny appeared! (Coins #9-12).

Why am I still amazed at this manifesting stuff? We have proven it soooooo many times!

The next stop was the food court of the Student Center to get those platters. As I walked into the building, I said,

“Hi Penny Angels. So far today’s story is 4 x 4 x 4. That’s kind of cute.

Would it be considered Bold? Brash? Rude? Demanding? Greedy? to say ‘How about four coins from this building as well?’ I realize that is pushing it a bit, so I can understand if you don’t manifest it. Although it would make for one heck of a story if you did!”

I looked for coins by each of the cash registers in the food court. No coins. I was passing by some dining tables and noticed one which was particularly piled high with trash. I was thinking how absolutely disgusting. How rude that diners do not clean up after themselves. I did not even want to look at that table because it was so unappealing. I couldn’t resist looking … could those people have left any coins there as well? I wish I had my camera. There were FOUR pennies in a perfect little row on the table amid the trash! Is that manifesting or what? I stood there absolutely stunned! (Coins #13-16).

It was sure fun to SHARE Penny stories with many people today.

Total: 16 Coins P (11), N (1), D (2), Q (2) = $0.86

Thought: My Engineering Mind is still saying, “Does not Compute!”

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day #495 - 19th Hole

This morning Doc chose the LaVerne Starbucks for his coffee. He approached from a different direction which led us to drive through much of a parking lot. He was driving quickly so I said, “Doc, how the heck will I find today’s coin at this speed? It’s bad enough you are expecting me to obtain a Sit-N-Find, but there is NO WAY I can see anything at this speed. Slow Down!” “On second thought, STOP! I see two!” There were two pennies in between two parked cars! (Coins #1&2) Then a dime at the Starbucks window. (Coin #3). OK. Time now to go to school …

This afternoon was our bi-weekly Play Time with the Kids. We so look forward to those moments of escape. We all went miniature golfing. That was a neat experience. Ashley (5 yrs old) hit a score of 6 (the worst) on almost every hole. She was happy and proud of that! On the 19th and last hole you win a free game if you hit your ball straight into a little pipe. Ashley did! She scored when it counted!

We went to IHOP for dinner. Each kid ordered a meal and munched on a little of Doc’s and my meals as well. And they were still hungry! So we ordered a second round of meals - this time it was pancakes and eggs and fruit and bacon. Guess they won’t need breakfast tomorrow?

Around 8:45 on our way home, Doc and I stopped at Trader Joe’s for some salads. Found a penny as I walked in. Then at check out there was a penny, dime, and quarter at the end of the lane! Nice find. (Coins #4-7).

Total: 7 Coins P (4), N (0), D (2), Q (1) = $0.49

Lesson: Score where it counts.

Do we spend our time and energy where it will count most?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day #494 - New Phase

Running on fumes tonight, so let’s make this a short Tale ….

This morning was our weekly meeting with the architect. Doc suggested stopping at Circle K on the way. I looked inside the store, he walked the parking lot. Nothing. So we returned to the van. I spotted a very shiny beautiful penny a few feet from the car! Doc couldn’t believe it because he had just searched there! (Coin #1)

Next Doc quickly drove through the parking lot of a grocery store. I said, “Oh sure Doc. Do you really expect to find coins like this? Cruising and sitting on butts? STOP! I think I see something!” He was laughing and asking if I was serious or not? Yes! “There is a For Sure penny and Possible dime!” I hopped out and retrieved the penny, but could not see the other coin when standing so close to it. I had to stand back a little in order to see it again. (Coins 2&3. Sit-N-Find).

Doc wanted to find coins too. (The score was Tina 3: Doc 0) He pulled up to the CVS Pharmacy. There were two pennies under tables outside the store. Then he found a nickel on the white aisleway inside the store. (Coins #4-6). The score was now tied 3:3

We met with the architect. Progress! She had the color board finished. The next step is to take the board, along with 3 sets of the house plans to the Homeowner’s Association Architectural Committee for their review and approval. Needless to say, I was calling the Pres. of the committee before we left that parking lot! He said I could bring the plans to his office this afternoon. Not good. Work until 7 pm. So we went to his house and dropped off the plans after work. His house is about 20 houses down the street from our house-to-be. (Almost neighbors).

We have moved from Design Phase to Approval Phase!

Oops. I get excited about the house and forget about the pennies. I just remembered the two pennies in my left shoe (from when I ran through the Student Center after a meeting this afternoon). Plus a penny in my right shoe. That one was standing upright (at attention?) along the beverage fridge at the gas station. (Coins #7-9)

Total: 9 Coins P (7), N (1), D (1), Q (0) = $0.22

Are the Angels asking for our Attention?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Day #493 - 1K

Doc was being “reasonable” (also termed pessimistic) about the cost of the house we are building. I told him to focus on the outcome, not the hurdles. He said we needed to be wealthy to build the “mansion” I want. I told him the Penny Angels are in charge of this project and I am following THEIR lead to build this ark!

Wondering what creative things to write today…

Doc insisted upon his Starbucks coffee on the way to work. He ‘let me out’ to walk the In-N-Out Burger place and the grocery store before meeting back up with him.

Things had just been hosed off at the burger place and were looking way too clean for pennies. Except for one little guy which was holding on to the corner of a picnic table. I can imagine him hanging tight with a raging river of water around him, then sighing with relief when the waters subsided. He was wet, but unhurt. He’s safe now.

The second penny was in the water down stream where cars had also run over him. He was very rough and tumbled. Looks like he took quite a battering.

We almost always find coins at the grocery store. Didn’t spot any and was preparing to leave. Spotted a folded up piece of paper at the toe kick of one of the check out lines. Grabbed it and went outside to unfold it. What is your guess??? Did the Angels have something to say with this find?

Total: 2 Pennies + $10

Thoughts: When you get sassy with the Penny Angels, be prepared to get a response!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day #492 - Angel Music

Today was nice. We spent time this morning with our son and his family.

This afternoon we met with the Landscape Architect, Rod. Last Monday we had that “Heavenly Arranged” meeting where Rod gave us his initial design concepts. We reviewed those plans and today met to take the project to the next level. I am so excited about the plans for the new yards….

Since Rod had a booth at the Ontario Home Show we met him there. There was beautiful piano music playing at the entryway. What a lovely beginning to our meeting. I was thanking the Penny Angels for such a nice welcome. I stopped to speak with the musician, Steve Hall. He had at least 12-15 albums and I was debating whether or not to splurge and buy one (or two). As I stood there trying to decide, a penny appeared before me. (Coin #1) I guess that was a “Yes”? Besides, with CD Titles such as: “An Angel’s Touch”, “Angels Among Us” and “Divine Light”, I guess the Penny Angels were in good company.

I am now previewing some of his music on the website:

WOW! That fills my soul!

Doc and I had all the usual Sunday night stops at the grocery stores. Very barren with only one dime to be found in the parking lot of the first store. (Coin #2)

Total: 2 Coins P (1), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.11

Thoughts: One form of JOY is beautiful music.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day #491 - Angel Repairs

Doc insisted that I go out with him this morning to get his coffee. (He pretty much refused to do yard work and other things with me until I cooperated). He wanted a “breakfast deal” from Jack-in-the-Box. Yuck. He said it was a 24-hr place, so almost guaranteed I would get my coin for today.

Doc found a median dime! on the way to breakfast. (Coin #1) There were zero coins in the drive through, but it was taking considerable time, so I wandered to the street and bus stop. There was a planter with litter and reddish lava rock filler. I was thinking, “What are the chances there is a penny in here? Besides, it would be camouflaged here.” Chances -- 100% (Penny #2). Angels love a challenge!

I was ready to head home, but Doc was not. He detoured through the high school parking lot. Sit-N-Find penny upon entering the lot. Doc said, “We should be able to find some silver today.” Within moments I spotted a dime. Hopped back in the van and a few minutes later found a nickel. (Coins #3-5)

Stopped for a coffee at the Shell Gas Station. I went in the store and carefully searched the small area. Noticed the wet floor sign and stepped carefully in that area. I went outside and found a penny around the air hose canister (Coin #6). Doc emerged from the store with a penny. (Coin #7) He had “found it by the wet floor sign!” No way! I looked there!

ARK = Acts of Random Kindness. Our son and fiancĂ©e stopped by late morning just to fix Doc’s stationary bicycle! (It’s been inoperable for almost 3 years and I have been unable to get a replacement part after trying numerous sources).

Detour story here … a few weeks ago on the night we chopsticked the quarter from the car wash drain grate, Doc also found two cables laying in the car wash bay. His comment, “These look like the bike cable we need”. My reply was, “If one of those cables work, it would be one heck of a good Penny Tale” Yup, you guessed it, one cable worked!

A small ferrule was needed for the bike repair, so a quick trip was made to the hardware store.

Repair parts: 40¢

Labor: approx. $40.00 (in the form of Starbucks coffee and lunch)!

We stopped at Subway sandwich for a take out lunch and took out a found dime as well (Coin #8).

Thoughts: After two years of waiting (and asking and begging and threatening and …) for Doc to repair that bike, even the Angels got impatient! Heavenly Angels dropped the cable at Doc’s feet and son Brian Angel provided the helping hands!

Total: 8 Coins P (5), N (1), D (2), Q (0) = $0.30

Friday, April 23, 2010

Day #490 - Weed Pulling

The line at Starbucks was way too long this morning, so Doc settled for coffee at the Chevron across the street. He drove to park near the door and spotted a penny before he even turned off the engine! He had his find for today. I went inside and found my penny near the register. Score was tied 1:1

At school today there was a presentation of the Apollo 13 Mission. Students presented on their research into some of the mission failures. Several engineers from that project were present. Doc and some of the other (older engineering) faculty really enjoyed that. I found two pennies while traveling to and from there. (Coins #3&4).

This evening Doc and I were grading homework papers. I had a goal to finish a certain amount of papers by 7 p.m. and then we were going to go out for a few hours. Phone calls came in and things got CHANGED. Instead we needed to spent the evening doing school stuff. I was not happy. Went for a walk outside. I was Penny Pondering at the neighbor’s little flower bed which I planted for her when her teenage son was killed. I was thinking, “Tomorrow I must get out here and remove the weeds. Same thing with my attitude tonight - need to pull the weeds out!” And incredibly a penny appeared in the dirt in front of me. Yes, Penny Angels, I hear you. Thanks.

Total: 5 Pennies

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day #489 - Lead

Needed to mail a letter this morning so headed for the post office -with a detour through KFC, Taco Bell and Arby’s to look for coins. None to be found. The window at McDonald’s is usually packed in the morning, but today it was wide open! I quickly ran through there and collected two pennies and a nickel. (Coins #1-3)

Doc could not stay in the van. He ventured next door to the self-serve car wash.

Doc was showing me a penny that he found. There was a gentleman washing his car and our Penny Fever made him smile. So we gave him a Penny Card and noticed a penny beside us. And then another and another. The guy drove away and we found a dime! The reward of sharing JOY. Eight coins there. (Coins #4-11).

Doc wanted to find a quarter so he pulled into CVS. Only one penny to be found in the parking lot (Coin #12).

When we exited the freeway at the top of the offramp Doc spotted a penny. The light was already a stale red, so I was questioning his intelligence in diving out of the van. Doc rescued the penny(Coin #13) and grabbed again for what he thought was another penny. It was a lead piece!

Reminder: Do as you are LED to!

Another thought: Don’t be afraid to LEAD and then show others how to do whatever you are being LEAD to LEAD! Gosh the English language is confusing!

And the red light was probably an L.E.D.!

At school I needed to delver a memo to an office within the Marketplace. I saw my colleague JR (an expert Penny Finder) emerging from the building. My thoughts, “Rats! There won’t be any coins for me to find!” Wrong! There was a dime as I walked in. Also a penny at the salad bar. (Coins #14 & 15)

After class tonight Doc found a penny on the way back to his office. (Coin #16).

Total: 16 Coins P (13), N (1), D (2), Q (0) = $0.38

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day #488 - SingSong

I expected to be in meetings and appointments from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. today. As I was walking from the parking lot to my office I uttered a SingSong: “Hey Penny Angels won’t you come out to play, come out to play, come out to play? Hey Penny Angels won’t you come out to play and find us a coin today?” There was a penny in my path before I entered the engineering building. (Coin #1)

11 pm. That was going to be my story for today and I was now going to work on some chores and then review the landscape plans. Doc just informed me that he also has coins ….

Doc found one dime at Starbucks with Sparky this morning. (Coin #2) Then two pennies, one dime and dinner at McDonalds on his way home from work. (Coins #3-5).

Total: 5 Coins P (3), N (0), D (2), Q (0) = $0.23

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day #487 - Blast in Class

Class today was such a Blast! Teaching students about Life Principles and Success Skills is so much more interesting than thermodynamics, strengths of materials or vibrations. How do you teach about Penny Angels in an Engineering Class? Indirectly! J

How can YOU tell about Penny Angels in what YOU do each day?


New House:

This morning Doc and I had our weekly meeting with the architect. As you’ll recall, last week she had to cancel, so this week I had a double batch of “homework” ready for her -- including those darn electrical plans! J

This afternoon there was an email with the first quote from one contractor. Doc is now doubting again, “We can’t do this. This is not reasonable!” I am saying that 487 Days of Consecutive YESES means we don’t have a choice but to OBEY!


On the way to the architect Doc suggested we stop at the Circle K store to look for coins. He spotted a penny as he opened his van door, then another penny in a parking stall. (Coins #1&2).

Doc then went to Starbucks while I wandered for coins. There was one penny under the shopping carts of the 99¢ store. As I emerged from that store I saw Doc going into the CVS Pharmacy. My thoughts, “Darn! He will beat me to the coins!” And a penny appeared right on the sidewalk in front of me! Then a moment later there was a penny at a picnic table right outside the store. Doc emerged from the store with zero coins! Plus he said he had searched the patio area where I had just picked up that last penny! (Coins #3-5)

While I was searching, a very nice lady asked me if I had lost something, did I need assistance? I shared the Penny Finding story and gave her a Penny Card. Joy shared.


This afternoon my students were really alert and we had a Blast in Class. I teased them that 75% of the females in the class had met the Sunday afternoon Design Challenge, and 0% of the males made it.

This afternoon I dropped into Doc’s Honors Statics class - right in the middle of his lecture! He was deep into writing equations all over the chalkboard. 75% of his students are students I knew from the class I audited in the Fall term. At that point we were at around 320 days of Penny Finding. I just had to tell them about the Day #365 Celebration, give them each a Penny Card and tell them we are now approaching Day #500. Talk about SMILES! Those smiles could have lit the building! Such a Blast in Class.

Thought: Are you having a Blast with your “work”? How can YOU make it sparkle?

Total: 5 Pennies

Monday, April 19, 2010

Day #486 - Meeting Arranged

This morning I was thinking about the week ahead and the various projects to be juggled. I was expecting that we would need to meet with the Landscape architect when he called and I was wondering how that would squeeze in between all the other appointments. The Penny Angels made it happen sooner than expected.


As we were driving to school and approaching the freeway, I looked out of my car window to see a penny! I was surprised. Hopped out while the signal was red. (Coin #1)

We stopped at the printing shop to get copies made of our electrical blueprints. While those were being run, Doc HAD to go for coffee. That Starbucks did not have a drive through, so I walked the outdoor tables. There was a huge water fountain with lots of pennies in it - plus one nearby penny which must have escaped the drowning. (Coin #2)


We returned to the printing center. There was a colorful landscape plan on the counter. I was admiring it and wishing our Landscape Architect would call. It has been 3+ weeks since our first meeting with him and I am anxious to see his concepts. I heard a familiar voice nearby. It was our Landscape Designer! He was on his phone and had not noticed me, so I snuck up and hugged him. (Imagine a Santa Claus looking guy and personality). It was fun. Turns out the landscape plan I was admiring was MY plan! He was calling us to find out when we could meet with him! Is NOW soon enough? We went outside and had a tailgate meeting. J


Two pennies in the drive through lane of Bravo Burger on the way home. (Coins #3&4)

Thought: It’s great to have angels arranging your meetings.

Total: 4 Pennies

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day #485 - Delays Happen

Today was dedicated to meeting a Challenge with my students. By 3 PM I was supposed to complete the wiring diagram for the new house, they needed to complete their essays.

This morning Doc insisted I go along with him when he went for coffee. I did not want to go because I needed to get my homework done. Grrr…Plans Delayed.

We grabbed Sparky and headed out. Doc deposited Sparky and I at the high school parking lot and instructed us to find coins before he returned. Sparky complied and found a dime. (Coin #1). I was being ornery and told Doc what he could do with his coffee.


We went home and I was frantically working to finish my homework by the deadline. Our son Stephen called and said that he, his wife, and two-year-old son would be at our house in 10 minutes because, “Ethan wants to play with Grandpa”! Yikes! We urgently tried to kid proof the house and get the dogs out. Original Plans Delayed.

The next hour was spent with the little guy in the house. One time I caught him throwing my homework in the trash can! So much for progress.


After they left, we had to work at double speed. Just barely made the deadline. Whew! That was at least a working draft. I then continued to spend the next 3 hours preparing the actual plan to submit.


Then it was time for the weekly grocery shopping. En route to the grocery store, we noticed no cars at the Carl’s Jr. window. No coins in the lane, but a penny in the planter (Coin #2).

Just for fun we stopped at the 7-11. Tony was behind the register and I smiled at him. I looked for coins. None were found. When I turned back to look at the counter, Tony was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly he popped up like a ground squirrel out of a burrow with a BIG smile and three found pennies from his side of the counter! We all just laughed. Some of the customers wondered. Who cares? We were having fun. (Indirect 3 pennies).

At Traders Joe’s Doc found two pennies while I was paying for our groceries. (Coins #3&4) There were 2 pennies as we walked into the grocery store. (Coins #5&6) For dinner we drove through Johnny’s Burgers and collected Coin #7, a penny.

This evening I planned to prepare for classes and write Penny Tales from 8 PM - 1 PM. A call at 8:30 meant again Plans Delayed.


Lessons: Expect Delays - they are part of life

Delays are not necessarily a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ thing, they just ARE.

Stay cool, chart a new plan of action.

Don’t procrastinate!

Total: 7 Coins P (6), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.16 + $.03 indirect

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day #484 - Old and New

This morning Doc and Sparky went for a morning coffee and penny hunt. They detoured to the high school and cruised the parking lot. They spotted a penny on one white line, then a second penny nearby. They walked a little and found a nickel and a penny (Coins #1-4). At Starbucks there was a 1953 wheat penny in front of the van when they parked. There was another penny as they emerged from Starbucks. (Coins #5&6)

Back in December our bank manager had ordered some new, shiny pennies for us to glue on the Penny Cards. Those pennies finally arrived and today I went to fetch them. I stopped at the 99¢ store on the way home merely to collect a penny. (Coin #7).

Later this afternoon I ran to the nearby copy center to make copies of house blueprints. There was a penny on the floor behind the cash register so I offered to trade a Penny Card for the coin. The owner agreed and the exchange was made. (Coin #8)

Lesson: Old and Worn or New and Shiny. Still worth 1¢

Total: 8 Coins P (7), N (1), D (0), Q (0) = $0.12

Day #383 - Old and New

This morning Doc and Sparky went for a morning coffee and penny hunt. They detoured to the high school and cruised the parking lot. They spotted a penny on one white line, then a second penny nearby. They walked a little and found a nickel and a penny (Coins #1-4). At Starbucks there was a 1953 wheat penny in front of the van when they parked. There was another penny as they emerged from Starbucks. (Coins #5&6)

Back in December our bank manager had ordered some new, shiny pennies for us to glue on the Penny Cards. Those pennies finally arrived and today I went to fetch them. I stopped at the 99¢ store on the way home merely to collect a penny. (Coin #7).

Later this afternoon I ran to the nearby copy center to make copies of house blueprints. There was a penny on the floor behind the cash register so I offered to trade a Penny Card for the coin. The owner agreed and the exchange was made. (Coin #8)

Lesson: Old and Worn or New and Shiny. Still worth 1¢

Total: 8 Coins P (7), N (1), D (0), Q (0) = $0.12

Friday, April 16, 2010

Day #483 - Seven From Heaven

This morning Doc made the Starbucks run. He got coffee, I retrieved a penny (Coin #1).

Busy day at work. Had to run across campus for a meeting. The campus marketplace was already closed, but there was a penny under the backside of a student studying on an outdoor table. It would have been really awkward for me to dive there without asking first. So I exchanged a Penny Card for a smile and the coin. (Coin #2).

I had planned / hoped to leave work by 5 PM today. Not the case. At 7:00 Doc got impatient with me. He went for a drive in the upper parking lots. He saw something, but it was too thick for a penny. Upon closer inspection he found that it was TWO pennies stuck together! (Sit-N-Find Coins #3&4). Today’s score was now tied 2:2.

At 7:30 PM I was still not ready to go home, so Doc headed for coffee at the vending machines. He looked for coins. None to be found. A colleague stopped to chat with him. As they were standing there talking, a penny appeared to Doc, and then another. Doc mentioned the coins. The other professor bent to retrieve one - it was a Third One! Not the ones Doc had seen. That has happened to me several times in that area. It’s like the Devil’s Triangle in reverse - things APPEAR versus disappear! Mushroom Coins. (Coins #5-7). Seven from Heaven

Total: 7 Pennies

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day #482 - Tax Day

This morning Doc made the Starbucks run. He got coffee, I retrieved a quarter (Coin #1). As we headed onto the freeway, there was an accident on the onramp. We had a choice of sitting there and waiting for emergency vehicles and the path to be cleared, or turning about and going the wrong way on an onramp.

Lesson: Sometimes it becomes necessary to make a U-Turn and retreat in order to make forward progress.


At school Doc found a penny in the hallway of his building (Coin #2).

There was a Career Fair on campus today, so I spent a few minutes there. Could not resist a quick detour through the Campus Marketplace to look for coins. Found three pennies at various cash register areas. (Coins #3-5).

I spotted 3 pennies under and near one young lady.

I said, “Excuse me, I’d like to reach over and retrieve those pennies, if that is OK.”

She replied, “OK, I just dropped those.”

As I was picking up two of the loose coins, I said, “Oh, then I guess there are yours.” She replied, “Go ahead. I am not a Penny Person”. Hmmm… maybe we can CHANGE that!

So I retrieve the three pennies and two additional ones. (Coins #6-10) Gave her a Penny Card and we exchanged smiles.

A few tables further along there were two pennies stacked upon one another. God’s 2¢ Worth there. (Coins #11-12). Then there was a penny under a lady sitting at one of those high tables and chairs. I asked to retrieve the coin and gave her a Penny Card. (Coin #13). Shared smiles.


On the way home there was a little daylight left. I thought we were headed straight home, but Doc detoured through the Park and Ride lot by the freeway. He had Penny Fever and wanted ‘a fix’. After 15 minutes of cruising the lot, I was getting impatient with him. I figured I could either nag him, or enlist the Penny Angels. Thus, “Penny Angels, Penny Angels, hear my plea. Get his penny so I can go home and pee!” Doc replied, “Make it a dime!” A few minutes later we found his dime! (Coin #14).


We stopped to fuel the van and found a penny at the gas station. (Coin #15) It felt slightly lighter in weight that the other pennies. Maybe because it had been run over so many times it had lost some of its volume - but not its worth.

Incoming pennies from the Angels, but outgoing dollars to the IRS. Don’t think we can break even financially on that equation. But Penny Smiles are worth a fortune.

Total: 15 Coins P (13), N (0), D (1), Q (1) = $0.48

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day #481 - Kids' Call

This morning Doc and I had errands to run before work. Doc and Sparky found a penny under the ice machine at the grocery store and I found one when we searched the Carl’s Jr. drive through (Coins #1&2).

At Starbucks there was a penny on a concrete pad out by the electrical box, a penny on the curb by the ordering speaker, and then I collected 2 dimes under the pick up window. I wondered why Doc hopped out of the van - he had spotted a nickel which I never even saw! (Coins #3-7)


Today was our bi-weekly Play Date with my niece and nephews. They wanted to do various things. We headed for the Arboretum, but it was closing at the time. The kids suggested Jump ‘n Jammin instead. They proposed to first spend time in the bookstore, then search the mall for pennies. I told them if we found a quarter today we would “Hit for the Cycle”. So they made up Singsongs to Call the Angels.

Ashley (5 yrs old) - Penny Angels, Penny Angels, let’s find a penny Let’s find a penny and have some fun!

Nicholas (8 yrs) - Penny Angels, Penny Angels, let’s have some fun, now you can show me how it is done!

Brandon (8yrs) - Penny Angels, Penny Angels, what do you say? Let’s find a quarter, a Quarter today!

I was very strongly asking the Angels to fulfill those prayers and validate the Laws of Manifesting. (I was also thinking it would be a better story for Penny Tales tonight if that quarter was found).


While the kids were happily playing on the climbing walls and equipment, I, too was ‘climbing the walls. I was grumbling to the Angels, “this place is horribly noisy, there are kids everywhere, constant commotion, I want out!” Then I spotted a penny at the feet of a nearby woman. I asked her for the penny and exchanged it for a Penny Card and traded smiles. (Coin #8). Thanks for being here Penny Angels.

Doc and Nicholas found a penny as they cruised the food court area. (Coin #9). We went upstairs to the parking lot area and were just ‘exploring’. Doc said, “Let’s put some steps on the pedometer and find some coins”. Within 60 seconds we found a penny (Coin #10). Then Ashley found a penny near one of the little sales carts inside the mall. (Coin #11).

We had dinner at California Pizza kitchen. Another place which had loud music and constant commotion.


The kids begged to go to Chuck E. Cheese. I shuddered. Ugg. We went. While they played on the numerous games, I walked and walked. Looking for coins and trying to shut out the bombardment of noise and sensory overload. I was talking to the Penny Angels again, “Please, be with me here. Help me to focus on something nice. What I see and hear is so annoying to me”. At which point I spotted a Canadian penny! Were the penny Angels taking me on a mini trip? Thank You! I then spotted another penny - it was on the floor in front of the cash register. There were several families in line so I had to wait patiently for that ‘window of opportunity’. That ‘killed’ some time. Then I spotted a very shiny penny behind one of the ticket redemption machines. A little girl was busy there, so again I had to wait patiently and that killed a few more minutes. I was laughing at the Penny Angels and how they were helping me to focus on them, instead of the annoying things. (Coins #12 -14).

I told the kids it was time to leave and I headed to the exit. There was a penny in the middle of the aisle! Mushroom coin. (Coin #15). Doc also had collected a penny. (Coin #16). The boys were finishing up their last games so I headed over to watch them. There was a Quarter shining like a beacon on one of the bench seats! It was almost radiating! OKAY Angels! We got it! Celebration! (Coin #17).

Total: 16 US Coins P (12), N (1), D (2), Q (1) = $0.62 US + one Canadian penny

Hit for the Cycle

Lesson: Ask, Verbalize, Believe, Manifest

Lesson: Focus on Penny Angels (or higher source) so that the commotion of the world fades away and is less irritating.

Lesson: The Penny Angels are interesting Travel Guides. You never know where / how they will lead you. Always a new adventure.