In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Racing Angels

My 17 year old nephews were visiting this week.  They used to love to go Penny Finding when they were little.  For this visit I gave the boys a list of a dozen things to do and asked them to rank the items from 1-5 as far as their interest level.  Penny Finding now ranks only a 1.  OK.  Understood. We will NOT go Penny Finding.
When asked what they WOULD like to do to celebrate their joint birthdays, they wanted to try indoor go kart racing.  That option was Ranked #5 by both boys.
We went to K1Racing.  The boys signed up, completed the information session, and put on their gear.


The boys and other racers were assigned their cars.  At the very last minute they were asked to hop out and get into other cars.  Brandon was placed into the lead car, Nicholas in the second car, and the other racers behind them. 

Hit for the Cycle and More!

The boys were getting strapped in when all of a sudden Brandon jumped out of his car and came over to Uncle Doc and I on the sidelines.  I couldn’t imagine why?  Brandon held out his hand.  He showed us a Hit for the Cycle (penny, nickel, dime and quarter) plus one additional quarter. (25 is my favorite number)!

It was almost as if the Penny Angels were saying: “OK.  You think you are too old to go Penny Finding any longer?  So we will put the coins where you can not ignore us. We are at your side and will continue being with you”.  LOL

Who is the driver in YOUR race car and where are you headed?

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

New HFC Record

My nieces are here for a two-night sleepover.  We have about 34 waking hours to conquer everything on our “to do” lists.  When Ashley (age 14) was asked what SHE would like to do, her reply was, ”Whatever”.  Jamie (age 11) was determined to do two things FOR SURE – go to Rockin’ Jump trampoline park and go Penny Finding! 

Uncle Doc and I picked up the girls yesterday precisely at 10 a.m.  One of the first stops was a sentimental visit to Chuck E Cheese’s where we used to take them when they were young.  Next a stop at Sprouts where each girl was given $10 to buy some snacks for the rest of the trip, then they “checked in” at the Penny Palace.  Uncle Doc took a nap, then it was off to 2+ hours at the trampoline park.  Don’t know how they could do some of those maneuvers – and to do it for hours! 

Of course the girls were starving after all that exercise, so dinner was next, followed by the movie Anne of Green Gables.

A pretty nice haul yesterday:  9P, 3N, 4D, 5Q and 16 Chuck E Cheese tokens (worth 25¢ each).
That made three Hits for the Cycle on Day #1.

Hit for the Cycle = Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter
This is Day #2 of our adventure.  Jamie asked what my record was for Hits for a Cycle in ONE day.  I told her “four”.  She said she was going to beat that today!

We went coin searching in the morning.  Found coins at the grocery store, car wash, 7-11, etc.  A total of 15 P, 4 N, 6 D, and 7 Q!   WOW!  That made FOUR Hits for the cycle.

This afternoon we did the Big City Scavenger Hunt in Riverside.  That was a neat experience.  We were looking for clues and for coins.   

Jamie noted how we had enough pennies, dimes and quarters, but really needed some nickels.  I replied “Take a look at the sidewalks and gutters where people are hopping on and off buses.  Sure enough within 60 seconds we had a nickel in hand!  Manifesting at its finest!

This afternoon we collected 8 P, 1 N, and 2D. 

That set a new record of FIVE Hits for the Cycle in One Day. (Just two more nickels would have made it seven HFC).

EIGHT Hits for the Cycle in two days!  Pretty Exciting!

Lessons:     Always Strive to be Better
                       Set High Goals
                       Persistence Pays!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

No Place Like Home

As Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz would say: “There’s No Place Like Home,” and today I would add: “We are NOT in Canada any more”.

Doc and I recently spent three weeks in Canada.  Sure the food was great, there were numerous fun experience, and the scenery in the Rockies was incredible!  But as far as Penny Finding, the Canada terrain was BLEAK!  Canada discontinued pennies many years ago, plus most establishments now take cards versus cash.  Thus, wayward coins are quite rare.  It was a real challenge to find even one coin each day. 

On average days Doc and I find 2-10 coins as we are conducting our normal activities.  I just found 38 coins at my only stop today. It’s exciting when a Coin Mine is found (12+ coins at one location).  So today the equivalent of three Coin Mines were found in that one spot.  Also on last Saturday 7/7,  I found 38 coins in a single stop.  Each of those days there was one quarter, three nickels, several dimes and LOTS of PENNIES!    LOL   That also means a Hit for the Cycle (P, N, D, Q) each of those days.

This sure beats the Coin Finding in Canada. 
It’s good to be home!

Thursday, July 5, 2018


Can coins really change from pennies to dimes within minutes?  Magicians can do such things.  I am not a magician, but it happened in my closed hand today!

Pippy (my pickup truck) had not been driven for the past four weeks.  She was filthy so I drove over to the local gas station in order to wash off her windshield.  With temperatures over 100 F, I sure did not feel like doing any penny finding outdoors. I asked the Penny Angels if they might provide a penny inside the convenience store.  I went inside and spotted a very obvious penny on the floor by the register.  I picked it up and noticed two more pennies a few inches under the counter.  Since I was already down on one knee to collect those two coins, I dared to look a little deeper.  There was a dime!  Thanks Angels.  That was quick and easy.  Three pennies, one dime.

When I got back to Pippy I opened my hand to discover three dimes and one penny! Huh?

Alchemy?  According to  Alchemy is defined as the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, sometimes in a way that cannot be explained.”

I had my eyeglasses on when I collected those coins.  I have no explanation for how those coins were changed!