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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Traveling Angels

Even though Doc and I are on vacation, the Penny Angels are traveling with us.
Rock Washing

Remember the red clay dirt covered rocks we collected last night and my mud saturated shoes?   Doc had a brilliant idea ... a self-serve car wash!  So this morning we headed out in search of one.  Within 1/2 mile from our hotel Doc turned down a road which lead to a dead end -- at a car wash!  It was a deluxe facility and worked spectacularly for cleaning my shoes and the rocks.  Doc and I were laughing.  For $2 we had such a fun morning!

Next Doc wanted to go to next door to WalMart for bananas.  I was not excited about going there and wasting our vacation time, but realized that coin finds would be much more likely in the store than in Snow Canyon State Park where we were planning to spend the afternoon.   We found 2 pennies and a dime at WalMart. (Coins #1-3).

We were trying to get a little bit of the feel for St. George, so we visited the Chamber of Commerce and embarked upon a walking tour of the Historic Downtown area. We made it one block before I found a wonderful consignment shop with some things I had been seeking for the Penny Palace!  Thanks Angels!    Had to then shuttle those goodies (and a few additional items) back to the van.

As we proceeded on our walking tour we found 3 pennies and a nickel.  Doc spotted one of the pennies under a bench at the old jail.  (Coin #4-7).  We discovered the Painted Pony Restaurant for lunch. Delicious!  Initially we were the only ones there.  Doc spied something glistening about 30 ft. away ... sure enough -- a shiny penny!  (Coin #8)

Doc  insisted upon getting a Starbucks coffee (it had been several days without one by now) before embarking on a hike of any sort.  So we drove to the outskirts of town.  While Doc got his 'fix', I walked the parking lot and found a penny (Coin #9).  I was disappointed to find no quarters.  Doc came out of the shop with his coffee -- and a quarter he had found on the floor inside!  (Coin #10 and Hit for the Cycle!)

Snow Canyon State Park was next on our agenda.  The young lady who checked us into the hotel recommended it.  Doc and I were not expecting much.  Wow. We were astonished.  Spectacular scenery.  Hiking trails of various distances and difficulty.  We were thrilled.

On our hike atop the Petrified Dunes we discovered little pellets all around us.  We wondered how those originated on top of the hills?  Surely the strong winds and rains would wash them off the slopes?  There was no one in sight in any direction.  An "Angel" appeared just then.  He told us about the Moki Marbles. He visits the park each year from Germany (where I was born) because the park calls to him.  Was that merely "COINcidence"  that this man should appear?  After providing our answer he was gone ...

Penny "In the Brush"
We only saw about a dozen other cars in the entire park.  On the brief hike along the Pioneer Names Trail Doc "went behind a bush for a moment".  I heard him laughing. He called to me "Come here.  You gotta see this".  Keep in mind we were 1/4 mile from the road and well into the brush.  I wondered What he could have discovered?  Sure enough, in the mud was a Penny!  (Coin #11)  The Penny Angels definitely have a "cents" of humor!

It was 7 p.m. and getting dark, but too early to go back to the hotel. Doc and I went cruising.  Stopped at a little country store in Ivins, UT for a sandwich and some fruit for dinner.  I spotted a penny even before opening the van door and Doc found a penny inside the store.  (Coins #12&13)

The Penny Angels make such Great Traveling Partners.  Penny Finding makes for inexpensive and hilarious entertainment.

Coin Count:   13 Coins            10 (P), 1 (N),  1 (D), 1 (Q) = $0.50

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