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Monday, December 23, 2013


Two Pennies -
can't be good for drainage
Very Gross "Log" of sludge
These past few weeks Doc and I have been fixing up our rental house in Montclair. Today we took apart the P-traps under the two bathroom sinks.  In each there was a solid black “log” of really smelly hair, crud and whatever else.  I was wearing rubber gloves and trying to relieve the “constipation” in the pipe piece.  Guess what I found?  Two Pennies!

On some days “God’s 2¢ Worth” is downright unappealing and I don’t even want to accept it.  Today’s Find was really gross!


On a nicer note ….
This morning on our first trip to Home Depot, I was “nudged” to get flowers for a couple with whom we had not spoken in several months.  We were supposed to be on the jobsite at 11 a.m., and Doc was anxious to get there.  Buying the flowers would mean driving back in the opposite direction for several miles not even knowing if the people were at home (they often spend holidays with family elsewhere).  So I argued with the Angels.

The Angels convinced me to get the flowers and that it was important.  As Doc drove, I phoned ahead to see if the couple was in town this morning.  Perfect timing. Our friends had just made a very difficult life-changing decision so some cheerful flowers (and a loving phone call) were greatly appreciated. Angels were “right on”.


And on a silly note…
On my afternoon run to Home Depot, we were losing daylight and I was in a hurry. I had on knee pads, dirt, sweat, remains of the P-Trap encounter and looked like something from a horror movie.  I hoped I would not see anyone I knew.  Of course when I parked the car, the driver of the van which pulled up right beside me was Barbara, a former colleague!  A very talented lady whom I have always admired.   We chatted as we walked across the parking lot into the store.  It wasn’t until I got home and took off the filthy clothes that I realized -- I was wearing the T-Shirt from the event which She and I coordinated for several years.  We hosted a Girl Scout Day at the University with the Theme “FINDing Your Spot in Engineering!”  COINcidence that at the very last minute this morning I changed to THAT shirt from the one I had intended to wear?  

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