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Joyfully, Tina

Friday, October 17, 2014

Back in the U.S.A.

International Travel is full of adventure and new scenery.  But when it comes to Penny Finding, there’s no place like home.

We were on a Penny Finding streak of 439 Consecutive Days before we flew off to Australia.  Western Australia (WA) is pretty sparse as far as population.  There were zero Starbucks  (much to Doc’s dismay) and coin finds were rare.  Heck, we saw many more wallabies than wayward coins over there!

In the 41 Days we were in Australia we found only 64 coins.  That is less than 2 coins per day; however, the total value was $14.55. That averages 35¢/day.  Pretty Nice!

Our first seven days of Coin Finding back in the U.S. yielded: 78 coins.  That is an average of 11 coins per day! Total value of $1.97.  (That is less than one of the Aussie $2 coins).  That averages 28¢/day.

Tuesday:  Arrived home from Australia approximately Noon after way too long on a plane.  That evening we headed to the grocery store.  Only one Penny. (We were pretty tired).  Warming up again.  Been a bit out of practice.

Wednesday: Grocery Store P, D
Thursday: Restaurant  P, D
Friday Starbucks, Gas Station, Dry Cleaner   P(4), N

Saturday:  Car Wash  P(50), N(3), D(7)
THIS was Penny Finding at its Finest!  I found a few coins, Doc found a few, then we went to wash them off and found a few more and a few more and a few more….gobble, gobble, gobble!

Sunday: Target, Grocery Store   P(4), D(2)
Monday: Target   P, N

It’s Great to be Home and back to the Penny Palace!


Anonymous said...

Welcome HOME!!!! The Pennies Await!!! Karyn

Meerkat said...

But look at the company you had in WA . Must make up for the lack of finds ?