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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Rainy Day

Rainy Day and Sell Day almost got me down …


We were headed to our cabin to say goodbye to it.  (More on Tales from the Penny Palace).  As we left home Doc suggested we stop at the nearest car wash (which would be closed do to the rain) and look for the day’s coin.  I hopped out and found a penny within a few minutes.  That put me in a slightly better mood.  The song “Pennies from Heaven” came to mind. 

“Every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven
Don't you know each cloud contains pennies from heaven?
You'll find your fortune's fallin' all over the town
Be sure that your umbrella is upside down…”

So I playfully turned my umbrella upside down and said (outloud), “OK Angels, I’ve got the Dismals today.  Do something to make me laugh!”  I looked over in a dirt area. It had been recently raked and there were several piles of debris.  At first did not see any coins in the dirt, but then a dime, and a nickel, and a penny, and a penny, and a nickel, and a penny ….  There were 16 pennies, 2 nickels, and a dime.  That made a Coin Mine (defined as at least 12 coins found at one location).  I was laughing with the Angels and thanking them.  As I turned to leave, I noticed a small raked cluster of debris.  Right on top of everything was a quarter!  That made a Hit for the Cycle!  Thank you Angels for your humor and “attitude adjustment”.

And just what was Doc doing while I was out in the rain gobbling coins?  I had told him to stay in the van and stay dry – I would just be gone for a few minutes.  He promptly ignored me, grabbed his umbrella, and then held my umbrella over me while I was playing with the coins in the mud!   What an incredible partner and Best Friend.

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