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Monday, January 23, 2023

Biggest Find Ever

Today Doc collected our biggest one-day find ever!  That would be in Quantity versus Value of coins.  124 coins. They were in a coin counting machine.  We are wondering if the machine belched or something?  This was a better payout than the slots in a casino!  And not one single token, foreign coin or metal washer in the batch!


Almost all the coins were silvers (versus copper pennies).  We were guessing there would be at least a dozen “Hits for the Cycle”, but that was not the case.  There were only TWO quarters in all that.  Nickels are the rarest coins to find, yet there were 57 of those!  That’s more nickels than we found in all of 2022.


Last year we found 555 U.S. coins so that averages 1.52 coins/day.

So far this year our total is 139 coins.  That would be an average of 6.04 /day!


Now if the rest of the year could just continue at that rate…..

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