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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Captain Norman

It’s been 9 days since Norman and I had that unexpected “date” at the Emergency Pet Hospital.  Despite the plastic cone on his head, he has devised some very ingenious ways to scratch his face and eye area.

Today Doc and I did a bit of work at the Montclair rental house.  As we exited the freeway and were stopped at the offramp red light, Doc flippantly asked, “Any coins on your side?” I spotted a penny, then a quarter!  Crud.  I was torn.  I told Doc I did not want to jump out of the car with the leg boot hindering me.  Dangerous enough with two good legs.  He insisted I retrieve the coins. I argued for a few more seconds, but then obeyed.
Captain Norman

Norman could not be left at home with the other dogs and could not be kept in his cage while we were gone, so he went to work with us today.  He loved it!  At Home Depot he looked like a proud Ship’s Captain as he steered our course from his position in the shopping cart.  He realized his cone was not a liability - it was an asset to attracting attention from people!  He was like a performer on stage and thoroughly enjoying himself.

At the rental house, Norman inspected our every move to make sure we did quality work. 

Norman’s “handicap” has him crashing into many things, but it has not affected his feisty attitude.  Plus our little “cone head” has come up with some hilarious ways to obtain his food!   A lesson we can learn from Norman:  “setbacks” can be major or minor depending on how we deal with them. Often times the needed “healing” is more in the form of an attitude adjustment versus a physical improvement.

Two coins found later in the day for a total of 3 Pennies and a Quarter

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