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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Under the Mark

These past few weeks Doc and I have been fixing up our rental house in Montclair. There have been daily trips to Home Depot and I have frequently wondered if I would see Mark (a former co-worker whom I greatly respect and admire) there since it is near his house.

This evening we stopped at Home Depot to shop and to find today's coin.  I was thinking VERY strongly of Mark as I was in the store.  I almost felt as though he were near.  I felt I should make contact with him.

There was no coin at the Home Depot or the gas station next door.  As we were driving home, Doc unexpectedly stopped at a Staters Grocery store so I could find a coin.  As we walked through the door, I spotted a penny.  Yipee! Then there was a dime.  Doc went for bananas while I headed to the check out area.  I found another penny - just behind (or under) my friend Mark!  That was a great Find!  Mark paid for his groceries and then we chatted for a while.  COINcidence???

We also found a Panamanian 1/10 Balboa today.

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JR said...

Too bad you didn't find an old Deutschmark.
November Total: 25 Coins P (8), N (4), D (3), Q (10) =$3.08