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Joyfully, Tina

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Coffee, Crap and Coins

Doc has been sick for the past five days and has refrained from Starbucks coffee during that time.  The man was experiencing serious withdrawals.  This morning he asked Norman, Dundee and I to go with him for a coffee run.  Of course the dogs were all for that idea! They love to go for walks and crap where the grass is greener …  I, of course, planned to keep eyes open for coins.

While Doc went to get his coffee, I walked the dogs and dealt with their crap.  Of course, that is not so fun, but that was more pleasant than the pain in my heart.  This morning I received a very hurtful email from someone of whom I thought very highly.  It has been a really great 11-year relationship and she has chosen to end that.  She is attempting to do something which I perceive as immoral and quite controversial.  I can not agree with what she is doing and questioned her about it.  She plans to continue on her course which will knowingly hurt many people.  Crappy.  My heart was very heavy during my walk as my thoughts were on her.

The dogs and I walked around one fast food place.  I saw only one penny and was disappointed.  I turned to look back at where I had been.  There was a penny!  And a dime! And another Dime!   Thought:  “Wow!  Looking back can sure change how we see things”.

The dogs and I next walked through the gas station.  I spotted one penny and was content with that.  As we walked away, I looked back. There was another two pennies and a nickel!  Thought: “Hindsight gives us a different view of things”

Doc’s interpretation of this morning, “You can’t see very far if you are just looking at the crap.  Look beyond it”.

Lesson:  “What we are seeing today, may look very different when we look back on it.”

Coin Count:   8 Coins                      5 (P), 1 (N), 2 (D), = $.30


Anonymous said...

Very insightful Tina. Lesson: "When we do look back, we should do it with our eyes wide open because we'll see everything we missed the first time" also, sorry to hear about your friend. Truth & righteousness should always prevail in everything we do. Just be the best example you can be and we always have to let people choose for themselves, be it wrong or bad, they have the right to choose. But remember, accoutabililty is are part of ALL our lives. Let's all try to be good examples.

Paul Hadobas said...

I love how you BOTH think!

Chaz DeSimone said...

Interesting to know what it is she plans to do. I wonder which side I would take. Maybe someday you'll tell us more.