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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Nottoway Mansion

For the past 13 Days Doc and I have been traveling in Tennessee and then down the Mississippi River on the American Queen.   
Of course we have been finding coins every day of the journey.

Today we disembarked at the Nottoway Plantation and Resort.  We hopped on a shuttle bus parked just a few feet from the base of the gangway.  Of course we were searching for coins in that short span.

We arrived at the Plantation at Noon.  We toured the Mansion, then walked the grounds.  We enjoyed the facility while keeping eyes open for today’s coin. None were found in the café, conference areas, under the benches, in the planters, in the parking lot or at the gift shop.

The climate was extremely hot, horribly humid, and blindingly bright.  We were ready to get back to the boat.  The 1:30 p.m. bus was about to leave.  Doc was planning to go. I told him I could not leave without today’s coin!  He was not thrilled and walked across the street to investigate the levee (and get away from me).  I walked through the gift shop (again).  Did not want to go out in the heat, but had to.  I started walking toward the mansion and talking to the Penny Angels.  “Look, the people at our dinner table, and even Captain Willits are likely to ask about today’s coin finds.  Don’t you want to show them your stuff?”

When I reached the courtyard fountain, a beautiful dragonfly flew in front of me.  I asked it to show me a coin.  Taking coins out of a fountain is against Penny Protocol, but sometimes people miss the fountain and perhaps I would find a coin in the planter under the flowers.  I followed the dragonfly. Look where it led me.  Not just ONE coin, but a number of them scattered in the bark!  I think there are 39 Pennies, 1 Nickel, 1 Dime and one foreign coin.  Won’t know until I get them cleaned of the mineral deposits.

It turns out that while Doc was walking along the levee, he was also asking for Divine Intervention.  (So that he could get back to the boat sooner).

When I showed Doc where I had found the coins, he looked and found HIS 2₵ worth for today.

COINcidence?  Manifesting? Answer to Prayer? Law of Attraction?  What would YOU call it?

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Anonymous said...

Just ‘cause you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you get to short-change the blog.

You need a coin count (in case you forgot what it looks like, I had to go all the way back to 2/12/15)
Coin Count: 8 Coins 5 (P), 1 (N), 2 (D), = $.30

and labels for: dragonfly, finding rate(needs calculating), coin mine, 2¢ worth, Penny Angels, coincidence, dirt coin, foreign (if it is),and penny protocol.

Happy hunting. It barely got above 70 here on Friday.