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Sunday, July 12, 2015

More about Norman's Crossing

Here is a little more to yesterday's story of Norman's Way.  It had me in tears.
My friend Mandy just read the Tale.  She and her new husband were away for a nice weekend getaway.

Mandy has a gift and has helped numerous souls (usually human ones) "cross over".  For all of you who have ever loved a pet, her email will warm your heart.


Mandy wrote~
I loved this story and thanks so much for sharing!

Yesterday after you let me know Norman had gone, I cried a little and Kyle and I went on to check in at the hotel. We gathered our stuff to go sit out on the beach and relax. As I laid there, I quietly meditated to see if I could sense Norman yet.

As I tuned in, I saw Norman come forward and I watched and could tell that he was already understanding where he was and then he kinda looked to the side and just behind him I saw Sparky. They both wagged their tails at the same time!!! And I smiled because I could see that they were together! 

I almost emailed you last night but wanted to be careful about sharing this... After reading your story and hearing how he wagged his tail, I just knew! Wow!!!

Be looking for signs from them! Norman was so smart, he's probably coming up with fun ways to connect with you!

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