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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Norman Talking?

Today we took Dundee to PetSmart for a bath and to get his nails trimmed.  At 7:45 p.m. Dundee was ready for pick up.  As Doc pulled into a parking space, a ray of sun lit up a penny and made it shine like a beacon in my path. I shouted, “Penny!” but Doc had not seen it and had parked over it. 

Doc and I went into the store to retrieve Dundee.  Trainer Zach who had worked with Norman and Dundee last year was there.  Norman loved going to Zach’s training and anger management classes.  We spent a few minutes reminiscing about Norman and his “uniqueness”.  Norman was a great talker and could speak almost in paragraphs! Dundee who has always been a very quiet dog, this week has been speaking more.  He even began speaking to Zach tonight!  I was sure missing Norman at that point and wishing he could speak to me.

When we got out to the car, I waited for Doc to move the van so I could retrieve the penny which I knew was there.  I also KNEW it would be a 2015D – a sign from Norman in response to that conversation we just had inside the store.  Sure enough!

So was that COINcidence or Norman "Talking"?

Note:  We found 12 coins throughout the day.  Three pennies were more shiny and looked newer than the Special One.  However, those pennies did not emit the same energy which the Special Penny did or bear the 2015D minting stamp.

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That's so cool. Norman is such a smarty pants