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Monday, June 11, 2018

Divine Delivery

Stray coins in Canada are essentially non existent!  I must have walked over 10 miles today in search of a coin - ANY coin!

At 7:30 p.m. when the other passengers were sitting down at the restaurant for dinner, I went for a walk.  All day I had been searching for coins.  We stopped at two very busy Travel Centers, quaint towns, several Starbucks, Tim Horton's and other places.  Not a single coin was found.

By 9 p.m. when the bus dropped us off at the hotel, I was desperate for a coin.  I asked the bellhop Nicholas for advice.  He suggested walking down Elgin street.  Lots of construction, uneven cobblestones, scaffolding and cigarette butts.  Not a single coin.

At last Doc said, "That might be something."  It was caught on a concrete ledge about 16" below the sidewalk grating.  What could we possible use to serve as "long chopsticks"?  We found two .5"x 2"stakes and tried at least two dozen times to lift the dime with those.  Doc snapped one of the stakes to make it shorter and we tried many more times.  No luck.

Envision Doc and I sitting/laying on a downtown sidewalk at 9:00+ p.m. with our noses down into a metal grate.  Some people were stepping around us (as they would in trying to avoid a homeless person) others were asking if we were okay?  Had we lost something of value?  I tried to explain that I NEEDED to get a coin TODAY!  My Readers were demanding it!  LOL

Finally I stepped back and did some serious talking to the Angels.  I said, "Hey guys (or gals), I have been faithfully searching for a coin ALL day.  I have completed MY part, I need you now to do yours.  What we really need is perhaps some duct tape.  That solves a lot of things.``

Within 1-2 minutes a couple and their dog walked past.  They stopped.  They did not ask what we were doing.  Instead the lady said, "Do You Need Some Tape?"  I replied, "You are joking right?"  She said, "No really.  We have a roll of tape here!  Would that help?"  and she pulled a roll of clear packing tape from the small bag they were carrying!  No kidding!  Who in the world takes a large roll of tape along to walk their dog?

Doc and I had tried for 30+ minutes to get that coin.  With the "divinely delivered tape", we had the coin in less than a minute!


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Anonymous said...

Your Penny Tales always make me smile but this one made me laugh out loud. You two are hilarious.