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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Low Fruit

I had been working hard at home all day, so around 7 p.m. I decided it was time to get out of the house and get some fresh air.  Doc’s vehicle needed fuel so we went to the local gas station.

While Doc was fueling his van, I hopped out to look for a coin and take Dundee for a quick walk.  There was a penny practically under my foot as I stepped out of the van.  Done!  I told Doc we could leave since I had found my Penny for Day #324.

The car wash next to the gas station had closed for the day, so Dundee and I headed over there to do our respective duties.  I was thrilled to find a few pennies, then a nickel and a penny under a bench.  I checked the area carefully including the area around a hose bib.

When Doc was finished fuelling his car, he walked over to the car wash in order to log more steps on his pedometer.  I told him I had checked the area thoroughly and was ready to go home.  He had fun checking the area after me while I walked over to the convenience store and collected 2 pennies and 2 dimes in one parking spot! 

I was sitting in the van impatiently waiting for Doc thinking: “OK Smarty Pants!  You are wasting MY TIME!  I have already searched the car wash areas.  I want to go home and get back to work.  I found pennies, a nickel and a few dimes.  I dare YOU to find the quarter for a Hit for the Cycle.”

As Doc got near the van he started talking: “So you carefully checked the car wash, right?  So you didn’t expect me to find any more coins, right?  What about these 12 coins?  I found them in various cracks and such.”  (Shown in left hand) That makes a Coin Mine which I overlooked!

Doc went on to say: “I thought you looked around the hose bib?  It appears you missed a few!  Looks like someone washed these 24 coins off for me and left them in a pile!”  Then, as Doc was bragging about all his finds, he looked down to see a quarter at his feet!  

Doc quipped, “YOU were looking for the easy, low-growing fruit to pick; I was looking higher”.
Nice Lesson.

We made a brief stop at the grocery store where Doc found another quarter!  I guess he took it as a Double Dare to find that quarter!   LOL

Final coin count for today:    45 (P), 3 (N), 7 (D), 2 (Q)   57 Coins       Two Hits for the Cycle

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